It's been nearly a decade ago but the experiences I had with my ex-wife's niece left a very profound mark on me.
She was very young at the time and I was in my 20's. It all started one day when I went to her house to help her father with a car he was working on.
Once she got home from school she couldn't wait to show me her new ATV she had gotten for her birthday.
She and I had always been very close I think because she had sort of a crush on me.
Anyway she insisted that we go for a ride and she had to drive.
They lived on a large wooded area so we took off some pretty rough trails which required us to ride really slowly.
Having her butt pressing into my lap and the fact that I was only wearing a pair of basketball shorts caused me to get an erection.
Needless to say I was a little freaked out because I was sure she could feel it.
Once we got down to the clearing she hopped off and told me to take off on it.
I made a few circles around the clearing and unknown to me my shorts had ridden up a little on the right leg and had allowed the head of my penis to be exposed.
I finished my last lap and rode back up to where she was standing, as I did I noticed her eyes drop straight to my lap when I came to a stop shutting it down.
I glanced down myself and realized she was looking at my exposed penis.
I quickly covered myself and apologized to which she shyly responded with "that's okay. I never seen one in person before and I didn't see much"
That's the second it started...I had no idea what would come over me or why I would say and do the things I did next.
I then said "really? Well do you want a good look at it?" And without waiting for a response (I had stepped off the ATV) I pulled my shorts down to mid thigh exposing my semi erect penis.
Her eyes locked, mouth dropped open, and she started to speak but nothing came out.
The spectacle was such that it caused me to become almost instantly erect. "Whys it growing?" She asked.
"Because it likes it when pretty girls look at him" she giggled.
I reached down and gave it a stroke.
"Why did you do that?" Still just staring at it but now acting a little more shy.
I explained to her because once it grew and became hard I needed to ejaculate. As soon as said it I just started stroking it.
"Hard? How hard does it get?" Still stroking I said why don't you touch it and find out"
"Well stop doing that and I will"
She then very shyly reached out and wrapped her hand around the shaft giving it a little squeeze. Her touch was exquisite and I moaned...
"I'm sorry! Did I hurt it?"
"No darlin it felt wonderful!!! Would you please do it again and this time move back and forth like I was doing?"
"I don't know...."
"Please. It would feel so good"
Again she reached out her hand and took it. And started to slowly stroke it.
"The skin moves on it!" She said with amazement in her voice.
"Yes it does and your doing it very well but it feels even better if you go a little faster"
She takes me at my word and starts stroking me feverishly.
"Is this gonna make the stuff come out"
And indeed it was because no sooner then those words passed her lips I thrust my hips forward and fired a huge thick stream into the air.
It startled her and she moved her hand away. I sort of barked at her "NO don't stop" she instantly started stroking me again as I fired at least 6 strong steams.
I told her to slow down as the final little bit came out, eventually taking her hand slowing her to a stop.
"That was the best handjob I've ever had" I told her as she held up her sperm covered hand and said "THAT was soooooo cool!!!"
I gave her the speech about how and why she could never tell anyone and she understood.
Things progressed slowly with us but nevertheless they did move into other things.
She is doing well now. I ran into her not long ago and we spoke for a while. No mention of our sexual past just small talk.
I tell you this story to open up about how those experiences left me with forbidden desires and fantasies. thank you for reading

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2013-12-09 13:07:28
I'm 6 yrs. older than my cousin, and when she graduated from high school, she moved in with me while she attended college. During that time and for the next 10 yrs. we fucked our brains out. Now we visit one another twice a year, and find a motel room and continue to fuck like it was our first time. Always thought we should've moved to one of those southern states where you can legally marry your first cousin. But we didn't. I think seeing her a couple of times a year has kept our relationship strong sexually. That first fuck on the first night we see each other is a marathon. I think if I lived with her like we did way back when, we would be dead from fucking to much. I love her and miss her daily and always look forward to the next meeting, like a kid on Christmas morning.

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