The current went thru my body and I was jerking all over...
The current had caused my body to jerk all over and I was like I was out of my body and watching it happen to someone else. But then I laid there and had orgasm after orgasm as Dan filled my ass with his cock that seemed to grow. After they had finished with me they secured me so that I could not move anything. My ankles, thights hips and waist and middle torso my chest above and my shoulders and elbows and wrists my neck and head all secured so that I could not even move my hips in rythum to the play that would happen to me next. They did this then left me for about an hour. I fell asleep and was shocked awake but a probe to my legs. "Oh shit, that hurt." I yelled and Dan told me to shut up. "Janet dear," he said, "Don't you have to piss." and she laughed and said, "You know, I do, all that wine has to go somewhere." and she spread out over my face right over my mouth. "Open up dear." she said and slapped my tits hard I did and the stream of her piss began and quickly filled my mouth and all I could do was swallow and gag and try to take it down as much as I could. Finally she stopped and I was sputtering trying to clean my throat and breathe.

I heard a low growl and saw out of the corner of my eye three labadors, all sitting patiently near by. "Hold on boys, she will be ready in a moment." Janet said and then she got inches from my face. "Now Dear, these boys have not had any pussy in ages and they all are horny so you will have to take care of them all. They will fuck you and you will suck them and will only stop when they and we are finished. Understand?" "Yes, I do." I moaned and felt excitement growing between my legs. I was untied and helped up and laid on a pad in the middle of the floor. "Now lay there dear, you would not want them to get mad and bite you for real. Once they start they will not stop until they are done." and I saw that their cocks were peaking from their sheathes. Dan called one and patted my pussy between my wide spread legs and he came and began licking driving me into a jerking of my hips as his tongue hit my sensative clit. He licked more and more and an orgasm sprayed his face and he licked more. Then Dan turned me over and elevated my hips on a sort of pad and the Lab mounted me and with a thrust he was inside my pussy making me gasp. He was well hung and his cock found the target the first time and he hoded on with his paws digging into my flesh and began humping. Then the knot grew and pounded for entrance and then forced into me making me cry out. He pounded away with short strokes now, humping faster and faster. It took a while but I felt him filling me with his cum and after another long while the knot shrank and he popped out and was licking himself and Janet said, "No boy, that is her job" and she laid him on his back and I began sucking his cock and licking him. It tasted salty and I found my body tingling all over and as he got up Janet got me in position for the second Lab. He wasted no time finding my gaping pussy and was soon locked into place and humping like crazy. Dan was under me sucking and biting my tits and Janet was stroking and encouraging the Lab as he finished and popped out and again I took him into my mouth and sucked him and cleaned him up. Number 3 was on me in an instant and filled my ass. Oh I was going crazy and having orgasms about every ten strokes it seemed. I know I was yelly and screaming to be fucked and have puppies but that is all I could say later on. He finished and popped out and I cleaned him up and the other two were sitting watching and Dan led one to me, "Suck him and get him hard and let him fuck you again." he said and I was happy to do it. It did not take long and he was riding me again and then the second and third. Al three were laying down now and resting but I was wanting more.

Janet had left and soon came back. I was laying all spread out on the mat and with her were 7 or 8 guys, all hunks it seemed. I laid there not even covering myself. "Okay guys, she needs all the cock you can give her and no hole is off limits. Do her anyway you like as much as you like. I was lifted up and was grabbed and squeezed and kissed and my nipples were being biten harder and harder and I had an orgasm and they had not even began fucking me yet. Then one was in my ass as I was laid on his hard cock and laid back and another was on top and his cock slipped into my pussy. I was laid back and another was in my throat and I was just there in the middle being fucked in all my holes. They were slapping my tits and ass and just pounding me inside til I turned to mush. Still they fucked me over and over and filled me with cum and shot loads all over me. I found myself grabbing cocks and putting them in hols that were vacated and feeling them fill me with hard cock and then hot cum. Dan and Janet were fucking next to us and she was watching me take the men's cocks. I do not know how long or how many times but I was well fucked for a long long time. I laid there and the lights were out and a blanket was over me and I slept. I do not know for how long but Janet came in and was fully dressed and helped me up and we walked to the breakfast table and there were eggs and toast and bacon and orange in front of me and I found I was starving for something beside cock and cum for once. I looked at myself as I sat there naked and there were bruses and bit marks and and other marks I did not know what caused them all over my body. I finished and Janet led me to the shower. Nice and hot and pulsing. I stayed there what seemed like hours and when I got out felt much better. She told me to dry off and brush out my hair and go to the living room. I did and it was filled with men of all kinds, shapes and sizes. I do not know how many but I felt them all staring at me and my pussy getting wet all over again. I walked to one and did not even ask but was on my knees pulling out his cock sucking him. "She is ready for anything now." Dan said and a man got behind me and slammed into my pussy and his hards grabbed my tits hard as I pushed against his cock. They both filled me and I stood up, "Can I get three at a time from now on please, I need to get the hell fucked out of me and I need it now." I said and soon I was impaled on three nice hard cocks that were all moving in and out of me and filling me with cum later. Another and another trio filled me and filled me and I felt dizzy from the fucking I was getting. My head was spinning and I found I was passed out and just Janet and Dan were sitting on each side of me carressing me all over and kissing me. I was sore all over and in my body and they kissed me. "Time to rest now Dear, Mommy and Jill will be over in the morning to get you." they said and I fell back asleep. I woke to Mommy kissing me and Jill kissing me and I got up slowly, sore all over still. They helped me shower and dress and we got to the car as Dan, Janet and Mommy and Jill kissed. "

I think we have a nymphomaniac now Dear." Dan said and Mommy looked at him, "Oh, I think it was alread in her she just had to have it brought out. We drove home and I slept some more and woke up finally nursing my bites and bruses and feeling wonderful and sore all over.

That was the time that really molded who I am now and how much I love sex of all kinds. It started my way on an awesome life and so I think that everyone should do what they know will feel good to them and find ways to make it feel the best that it will ever feel. I will write about having a baby later on. It was my Daddy's and mine cause Mommy could not have kids after me and still wanted one so Daddy got my pregnant so it could be ours. So, Tony is my brother and my son but he thinks he is only my brother. That turned out to be more complicated than we could have imagined ever. When he was 14 I realy had to have him and he thought I was just his sister and he gave in finally. We fucked everywhere were could and one day, you guessed it, I got pregnant by my brother/son. More later all.


2013-12-27 20:15:10
Just so everyone knows especially the one person, yes, I have had sex more times than I can remember, not my problem if you do not think so. If I did not write it out well then I apologize but it all happened and more than once. I hope everyone is doing well and has a Happy New Year.

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2013-12-27 01:31:44
This was horrible! Seriously. Have you ever had sex? With anything? Because not only was this impossible, it was so over done that it stunk to high heaven.

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2013-12-13 08:09:39
I still call BS; however, it is worth reading.

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2013-12-12 13:09:11
Very good. Thanks for sharing.

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2013-12-12 01:45:28
Damn your stories always get my dick throbbing ! Wish i was part of your family u can have phone sex with me @520 484 7667

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