She thought she would be alone
Jenny had no family and normally spends her Christmas alone at her flat , she has long straight brown hair and brown eyes , her body shape is between slender and curvy and about 5 foot 7 .Little does she know the she will not be spending this Christmas alone at all.

It was 17:00 on Saturday 12th December 2013. There was a knock on the door and with the call carol singers with out putting the catch on she opened the door, four white men force their way inside, they were all wearing black combat trousers and jackets , one knocks out Jenny with a cloth whilst the others lock the door and brought in some bags . They drag Jenny to her bedroom and cuff her to the double bed , they cut off her jeans t shirt and film as the cut of her knickers and bra , one man says " nice likely a large C" .

When Jenny came to she was being doublely penetrated one guy under her one on top . The one under her had all ready blow his load she could feel watery substance inside of her pussy. The man on top was still going in and out of her ass. It was only five minutes but for Jenny it felt like hour before the top man came in her ass. The top man climb off and the bottom man rolled her off him. 

Jenny had all ways considered herself good in bed and apparently the men agreed as they made her clean herself ready for more.

There was a knock on the door , the cameramen answered it, it was Sophie she has blonde her and blue eyes and pale skin about 5 foot 7the man looked at her large breasts before letting her in and knocking her out with the cloth .

Sophie woke up naked on the floor of Jenny's bedroom.
Jenny was lying on the bed with toffee sauce on her tits and one of the men liking it off her smooth skin, The man started to finger her , the man was early 20s brown hair and brown eyes ,Jenny quite liked rough sex and had even enjoy the double penetration by the men hurting her friends terrified her. The man looked into he eyes "did you like the little present I left in you earlier" he asked before kissing her"now I'm going you more"he said climbing on top of her.

A new man came into the room he was carrying a ak47 "OK ladies you belong to me , you do what we tell you and we will look after you but if you try to escape I will fuck you with this rifle" he said then he walked out .

Sophie was forced on her hands and knees by a guy in his last 20s ,black hair, blue eyes maybe5 foot 10 .She felt a cock being forced inside her and a pair of hands on her waist. She relaxed and let the man do his work. He fucked her hard and fast.

Jenny wasn't doing much better ,she was in the missionary position. The man on top of her said "Tell me you want it"
"Fuck me , fuck me hard" she called out , so he did. 

Sophie's guy was nearly there "tell me you want my cum"he said 
"I want your cum"Sophie mumbled
"Oh you can do better listen to your friend"
Jenny was screaming "fuck me give me your cum"
Sophie yelled " give me your cum , let me have your baby"Sophie felt his load burst into her pussy. 

Jenny's guy empty his load into her and climbed of her. Both men left the room and Sophie pulled herself onto the bed. The two girls lay side by side their backs against 

In the living room 2 more of Jenny's friends stood nude Grace was 5 foot 6 inches and had
golden brown hair blue eyes , her tits where medium sized , her ass was small and she was cleanly shaven.

Rachael had slightly curly brown hair , brown eyes and tanned skin, she was the same height as Grace ,her tits and ass were a little bigger that Grace's.

The men inadvertently chosen a group of girls who were a bit sluty and liked it rough in fact they were all in a rough sex club.

Two new guy both nearly 6 foot with black hair ant blue eyes , both no older that 20 came into test out the girls .

Grace's guy pushed two of his fingers into her wet pussy. "You wet? Slut" he asked rhetorically.

Rachael's guy was busy fondling her breasts . He started to move down her body.

Grace's guy made he kneel on the sofa with her ass facing him and Rachael's guy soon followed suit.

Rachael's guy gently push his large cock a though the lips of her pussy and started to fuck with his full length slowly at first but getting faster and faster .

Grace's guy wasn't so considerate , he slammed his cock into her and fuck at high speed , his in and out motion was taking less that a second . Grace was breathing heavily and her pussy was wet. The guy balls were smacking against her ass. She sensed his cock throb inside before she felt his warm cum shoot though her pussy. 

Rachael's guy sped up and grabbed her by the neck "enjoying it slut?" he asked
"Yes I love it" she asked 
"Good maybe you'll like pregnancy". He grabbed her waist and pounded her hard before blowing his load in her.

The last girl to walk though Jenny's door was Emma and she actually walk though door because Jenny answered it. 

Emma was a 5 foot 6 playful redhead with blue eyes.

Emma stood there in jeans and a t shirt her light red hair was slightly curly and went to her shoulders.
The boss got behind her and grabbed her tits "lets see if you a true redhead ,strip girl" 

Emma pulled off her t shirt and undid her jeans. She stepped out of her jeans , she was left in her plan black knickers , she pulled down her knickers and stepped out of them.

She stood there completely naked . She was slender, her skin was pale and soft ,her tits were small , she had a red pubic hair arrow. 

The boss had stripped and now sat on the sofa. Put her knees on ether side of his legs and with her hands on his shoulders she guided he pussy down on to his cock.

"Real redhead hu you'll be popular" he said. She lifted herself up and down on his cock. He put his hands on her waist and started to lift her to fuck her faster.

"This has been lovely my dear but I prefer doggy"
He lifted her off him and had her go on to her hands and knees on the floor . He kneel behind and fucked her hard . Emma was breath heavily. The boss ball sack was smacking against her ass. He ran his hand over he soft skin. He grabbed her tits "you body is near perfect a lot of people will love you". He put his hands on her waist and sped up , he was close to releasing his load his sperm exploded into her pussy. 

They made all the girls dress in black overalls . They left the flat at mid night . They led the girls down the back stair well to a door that open in an alley were a van waited. 

They were transported old castle in the middle of no where.

None of the girls remembered the journey because they had been knocked out using a gas in the van

They each woke in a 9 foot by 13 foot , each room contained a double bed and a bedside table. Off to one side was a small bathroom with a sink and toilet.

Over the next week they would go through rigorous train ready for Christmas and new year. 
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