A middle aged man
Things were going great, I had gotten a great job, after years of being unable to use my degree. Over the last few months I had gotten medical issues dealt with, paid down most of my debts, and was finally acquiring a decent wardrobe. I could be angry that I wasn't further ahead in life at 38, but at least things were going in the right direction. I had decided to stick it out in my crumby apartment (which wasn't THAT bad) to sock some money away before upgrading.

I had always gone for older women when I was young. Started as a sophmore dating a senior then a senior dating a college girl and so on. I also was a naive church goer and never made the moves on any women until I caved when I was in my third year in college and she was a lovely woman in her early thirties. While I had had enough good looking women, they were never young, and now that I was getting older and putting on a few pounds, I feared I would never get one. Why would a young hottie want a older, fattening, barely any money saved mid life crisis? My mind had been fantasizing about 22 year olds and I was even considering trying to find out how to be a sugar daddy to get some younger flesh.

The apartment across from me was another two bedroom, and the complex was open air. For some reason the dipshits always got that apt. And a few months later would have an eviction notice for not paying rent. Last week I had met the latest tenants as they were moving in. Julio, Juanita and their daughter Maria. I had a quick hello with them and figured by their language and accent that they may be illegal immigrants, and figured even more so when the last two days I had seen them coming and going in multiple service industry uniforms. I didn't get much of a look at Maria that first day as she was behind them and wearing a hoodie.

Four days later, as I was pondering paying for sex from a young lady, Julio and Maria appeared on the lawn in front of the complex and not far from my window. The young Latina, who looked to be about 15 in the face, but more like 20 in the body. She didn't have classic bean pole model type beauty, and her face wasn't the prettiest, but the body was just what I liked and suddenly my brain screamed to me that I had never had sex in high school and never fucked a high school girl. Julio and Maria started throwing a softball back and forth. She was a bit of a tom boy and didn't wear makeup, but she could play, and my Co-Ed softball team always needed a girl or two for the next season. The gears turned and I had a plan.

I ran outside and started chatting with Julio (glad I knew some Spanish), and after a while asked Maria if she liked softball. Maria, who spoke English very well told me she loved it and was good at it but her parents couldn't afford to pay for a league and her school didn't have the sport. I told Maria that we could use a girl on our team for the City League and that if she agreed to play I would pay her league fee, buy her uniform and get her a new glove. Julio thanked me for being so nice to his daughter and Maria was excited about playing. It was an unseasonably warm October and softball would not be around for 6 months. But I told Maria we could practice and then she would be ready for the League.

After getting her on the team, I would start buy getting out my hit away and using my hands to show her just when to twist her hips to hit the ball, and guide her steps by moving her thigh. Then we would work on throwing showing her how to bend her arm, and then get behind her, holding her arm and my other hand on her hip, pressed up against her, letting myself get the slightest of hard ons, just a slight chubby so she could feel it when I innocently had my crotch pressed against her butt as I showed her proper technique.

Maybe I should describe her too. She isn't nearly so pretty in the face, has definite Indian or Mayan or Inca blood which gives her the darker mocha skin and long black hair in long ringlets. Full bodied hair that she loved to pull back in a pony tail with bangs out front. She is about 5 foot 1, with breasts that are a bit big for the age she looks but that's a Latina for you. They aren't huge but they are very pronounced and very shapely, plus they are high on her chest which I love. She seems to be very athletic and her stomach seems taught, but her hips are what give away her sexual maturity. They are quite pronounced, if she cinches her sweat pants above her hips, they are never falling off, lol. Her legs are long compared to the short upper body she has and very much athletic. Nice and rounded with plenty of curve, though I bet she looks sexier NOT wearing heels because they would seem too thick. Which is a bummer because I love a gal in heels.

So this body, when I am pressed up against it would be a struggle to not get a full hard on, but it would be worth the struggle for the prize and to not scare her off. We practice an hour after school/work and for a couple hours on weekend days over the winter and spring (as long as it isn't snowing). She comes to trust me a lot and a few weeks before softball season starts I get an invite to her quincinera. She wears the most sexy long white gown with white lace gloves and even a tiara and looks just like a bride. I can barely contain myself and have to jack off in a bathroom stall just to get my hard on to go away. Later that night I get to dance a dance with her and finally hold her to me like I have longed to do. Her body is so firm and at the same time has the young woman baby fat that only makes her more supple. When she opens her gifts she sees I got her a laptop, her family's first computer it turns out. Her parents are so grateful and she is so excited. Later that week she comes to my apt and asks for some help setting her computer up.

I download all the latest drivers and set it all up, the whole time telling her how pretty she looked at her party. As we are shutting the computer down she sees a half smoke bowl on the end table and asks if that is marijuana. I reply yes and tell her not to tell her parents because they might not let her be on my team. She promises not to, and I am stoked because I want her used to keeping secrets with me. I lead her to the door and she thanks me again and I give her a hug and a quick kiss on the cheek, hoping she didn't notice how my let my hand fall from her waist and graze the top of her left ass cheek as I release her from the hug. She heads off, excited for next weeks game.

We go through the first 6 weeks of the season, week 7 is the break but I haven't informed her or her parents. I have printed up my own sheet for them of the game times knowing they work too many hours to attend. I get my girl (let's call her Maria) used to going to games at least an hour early to warm up on the field and what not. I have put on the schedule sheet that week 7 game is at 8 and tell Maria its time to work more on her swing and that we need to head out at 5 instead of 6 next week so we have time to go to the batting cages and time to warm up before the game, knowing that if all goes according to plan, i will need some time.

We meet up right as I get home from work. Its the first week of July and its quite warm out. She is wearing a black sports top under a t-shirts with the sides cut along the seam and tied in a not on each side to allow plenty of air, the sports top perfectly outlines her shapely chest. She is also wearing the too short shorts that naive teens don't realize are a magnet for older men's eyes. Her extra tanned legs are topped off with high socks and cleats. Despite her feminine frame she is kind of a tom boy and isn't afraid to get dirty.

We head off to Boulder to the fields, and as we approach she says, "I thought we were going to the batting cages?"

I tell her I forgot and no problem, we will cut through the complex to get to the cages. As we drive by the fields I comment on how odd it is no one is out warming up. We go by the sign for the park and it announces that they are closed till after the July 4th holiday.

"Oh man, that stinks! Why did they put it on the schedule?" she asks, bummed she won't get to play today.

"Oh well, tell you what, let's grab some grub and come back here to eat and when we are done, we can play come catch and work on your throws, then go to the batting cages before we go home."

"Ok, that sounds great!" she says.

We go to Good Times and head back to the field with our dinner. I park so that the sun is behind us and pull the back seats down and open the hatchback on my 4Runner so we can sit back and stretch out our legs.

We chat about mundane things as we finish off our food and I ask her if she would like a beer to top it off. She is a bit taken aback and tells me she is too young for beer and her parents would be mad. I say, well I have all this beer in the ice chest for the game, I thought it would be nice to have one.

Eventually I convince her that just one isn't going to get her in trouble and that we will play some catch and do batting so by the time we get home they would never know. She finally agrees, admitting she wants to find out what it tastes like. She doesn't like it much but I tell her I don't want it to go to waste and she needs to finish just the one. It takes a few minutes but she forces it down and soon after is showing the effects of the first alcohol on such a small younger woman.

Next I pull out my pipe and load a bowl and say, "well since you found out what alcohol is like, why not beer? You will find most stuff you aren't supposed to do is not such a big deal and people do it since its fun"

She is really nervous but with her inhibition lowered a bit from the beer she agrees to try it. She only takes one drag and coughs to the point I fear she may vomit. Thankfully she doesn't and by the time she settles back down I can tell she is really on another plane. She is more intoxicated then she has ever been and starts giggling like crazy. At one point she laughs so hard she ends up laying down and clutching her stomach.

I see this as a perfect opportunity and reach over and tickle her tummy. Her shirt has ridden up just a bit and her stomach is toned, tanned and bare. It looks so yummy I want to lick all over but content myself with the tickling. She continues to laugh, pushing my hand off her tummy and I keep coming back until she is unable to breath.

I lay on my side next to her while she catches her breath and let my hand fall to the ground, brushed up against her gorgeous brown thigh. Rounded and firm. Before long I tell her a story about college and slowly move my hand up till its on her thigh. She is obviously well intoxicated and I am not sure she even notices where my hand is.

"Remember to eat plenty of potassium and massage your legs like this", as I start squeezing and kneading her thigh. "If you don't you might get cramps in the middle of the night and they are horrible to deal with"

"oh, don't worry I know, I have played sports forever." Maria says, still giggling every other breath from the pot. "I feel all tingly." she says.

"Do you like it?"

"Yes its a cool feeling."

For the next few minutes I continue to massage her leg every 30 seconds moving a bit higher until I am at the edge of her shorts and soon just under. Maria hasn't protested and is still giggling a lot until I move up so high one finger goes under her shorts and one finger touches hair. I suddenly realize she isn't wearing any underwear and I ask her about it.

Maria suddenly realizes where my hand is and bolts up, "oh my god, what were you doing?"

"I was just massaging you, and was surprised you didn't have underwear on. Why not?"
"I-I-I-I don't like the way it impedes me when I run, so I wear netted shorts."
she stammers, clearly embarrassed and confused.

"Oh, ok, makes perfect sense. See I don't wear underwear when I play either" I say as I pull the top of my shorts over my hip with the hook of my thumb for a second. No reason to be embarrassed." I console her.

"Oh, well, I-I, ok yeah."

I can tell she is still not sure what to make of everything so I talk about mundane things again and then some jokes and she starts giggling again and the tingling sensation seems to have returned. I convince her to take another pull off the pipe and this one sends her from high to stoned and mixed with the beer, she has now dropped all her contention from before.

"Here, let me help you relax," I say as I move to her back and start to massage her shoulders. "wow you are really tense, that happens when you don't ever smoke pot" I joke and send her into giggles again. I keep massaging her, noticing her head bopping with the massage and I realize she is completely relaxed and content.

I slowly pull back on her shoulders while massaging and after 10 minutes she is half asleep and has let me pull her back to where her body is half resting on mine. I casually re-position myself until her butt is against my crotch. With my hands on her body, my eyes staring down into the cleavage created by her sports bra, and while I avoid drooling staring at those heaving brown mounds, I start getting a hard on. This time I am not trying to keep it at bay, nor to I move myself from Maria. Slowly but surely it grows and gets harder than it has been in years I am so turned on by the situation.

I continue to rub her, her subtle movements, along with my own massaging my hard on through my shorts and I force myself to focus, afraid I might ruin it all and pop right then and there.

Maria continues to relax, apparently to into the feelings of the drugs, booze and massage to notice my fully erect member shoved up against her behind. She has let go enough that all her weight is on me and she seems to almost be in a dream state.

With each squeeze of my hands I move more down her front. Her high sitting breasts first just lightly touched by my finger tips. But before long my lust has overtaken me and I move my hands to take her breasts fully in hand and begin massaging those lovely lumps.

I feel Maria head stir on my chest and she looks down sleepily at the sensation she has been enjoying before resting her head full on me again and turns her eyes upward, staring at me with a mix of drowsiness, confusion and a feeling she hasn't felt before, horniness.

"M-Marc, what are you doing?' she asks half mumbling and in a very squeaky reserved voice.

"Caressing the one I love," I say, looking deep in her eyes as I lean down and give her a long deep kiss.

It is obvious this girl really was a tom boy and hadn't given much thought or effort to intimacy as she didn't quite understand how to use or control her tongue. But she was a fast learner and for the next few minutes we kissed passionately. I reached under her knees and pulled her down into a laying position and laid half on top of her, still massaging one breast as I probed her mouth with my tongue.

As our make out session continued I moved my hand to her tummy, then her waist and before too long, I snuck my fingers past her shorts top until my hand had reached her most precious spot and began to massage all the of the area around her labia.

Her tongue became incredibly active and moans began to escape her throat, muffled by my tongue and lips. My finger continued to play, closer and closer until I slid one finger inside her. Soon it was two and I was giving her her first penetration. Her breathing became so labored I had to let her lips go so she could get air and I just watched her lips tremble and her eyelashes flutter.

I pulled my fingers out and moved to her backside and started massaging her bottom while also pushing her shorts down. Once I had her shorts down to her mid-thigh I began to kiss her neck and made my way down her body until I reached her honey pot.

From here I pulled her shorts down and off over one shoe, so they now hung on one ankle. I reached over to the ice chest and pulled out the half frozen bottled water. I unscrewed the lid and set it next to Maria. I gently pushed her legs apart, her resistance no longer seemed to exist in any manner.

I took a quick pull off the water bottle to make my tongue cool and took a quick turn around her labia with my tongue. The sensation caught her and she bucked her hips, nearly smacking me in the face. She settled back to the SUV bed and I went to work, licking, pushing, nibbling and breathing on her beautiful holiest of holies and intermittently would take swigs of water to change the temperature and send her closer to the edge.

Finally the waves of orgasm over took her and her whole body shuttered as she moaned, and I was thankful I had gotten her to a place where no one would hear. She squirted all over me as she came, her body seeming to convulse until she went limp. Her legs splayed half hazardly, her chest heaving with deep breaths. Her head slowly going from side to straight and back to side, her lips and voice mumbling something I could not discern.

I had been containing my lust for the past hour and felt like a caged beast, and knew there was no way I was going to be able to let this blossoming woman out of my sight until I had plowed her field to what ever depth my member could reach.

I climbed up and over her, her legs split beside me, my manhood hard as rock and pointing directly at her opening. I leaned in close to her and whispered, "Maria, please understand that I have to have you my darling. I promise to give you any amount of pleasure I can now and forever, but now, at least this once, I am going to make you a woman, and be your first lover. Are you ready baby?"

She opened her eyes halfway, still slightly panting and I don't think she really knew what I was asking but she said, "Mmmm, mmm, ready." Barely able to get words out.

I moved her feet till her legs were both forming triangles with the bed of the SUV. I took one hand and gently spread the lips between her hips and plunged, already feeling bad that I wasn't going to be able to give her a slow intimate first love making experience. But my dick was barely holding onto its cum as it was, and I wasn't going to leave that evening without feeling her from the inside, and it wasn't going to be love, this was a full on fuck.

I was stunned to realize she had no hymen as I met no resistance as I shoved my member through her tight virgin tunnel straight up to the hilt. The instant I entered her, Maria's eyes opened wide, she was no longer in a dream world and looked down at me entering her.

"wha-wha-wha . . oh, oh oh my god, what are we doing!" she cried, fear visible in her eyes.

"It's okay baby, I love you too much to stop!" I panted as I put and arm under her neck and pulled her head up to meet my kiss.

I pulled back and slammed home again, unable to wrap my head around the feeling stirring in the bottom of my testicles.

"Oh, oh, oh, hu- hu-" Maria said in a whisper, I am not sure if she was trying to say something or just reacting to the moment. Her hand flattened across my chest as I feared she was going to try to push me away and I knew I was so close. But she put only the mildest pressure to it and I realized she was actually helping support my weight while I ravaged her.

"Oh god, oh my sweet Jesus!" I said, knowing my climax was only seconds away. "M-M-Maria, oh god, wra- wrap your legs around my waist.

She obliged and for an instant it felt like we were long lost lovers, perfectly in sync. That was all I could handle, and a mere 120 seconds after I entered her, I felt my dick spasm as I came deep inside her, the tingling orgasm enveloping my body so completely that I lost the strength to support myself and crashed down on to her, my body completely limp, and I was unable to summon the will to move. My head craddled in her breasts. The beautiful mounds I had never gotten out in the open to ogle, suck and worship.

There just hadn't been the time. My thoughts briefly went to panic of the chance of her getting pregnant, before the remainder of the flood of exhaustion a man gets from an orgasm washed over me. Just as my orgasm was more intense than any I remember, so was the after effects and I quickly fell into a deep slumber.

An hour or so later, the sky now dark, I slowly emerged from my slumber, my head still cushioned on top of her wonderful chest. Maria was stroking my thick hair until I lifted my head, feeling in a daze.

Maria smiled back at me and said "Hi baby. I really think I need to get home before my parents get suspicious."

I gave her one more long kiss, cleaned her up and got her dressed and took her home. As we reached her door, I wished her good night, and as I started to walk by her on to my door, she reached out and grabbed my member with a quick playful squeeze, winked and giggled as she went through the door.

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I call bullshit on the title. Obviously a portion of the male population are pathetic enough to have lame fantasies of drugging little girls to have sex with them, and some are even evil enough to actually do it, but definitely not "all" men are that worthless. So don't lump the rest of us into the same pathetic group as you sadistic assholes.

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