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Now that Crystal has redone the chamber to fit her style she needs a victim
Crystal on the Prowl
It was two months since Crystal disposed of Jason and began transforming the place and herself to more suit her needs. Unless someone was really looking close you’d never know she used to wear lip and nose rings. She removed them immediately after deciding to make this place her own. Her hair was now almost shoulder length and back to her natural brunette color. Looking in the mirror she was very pleased with her look. So maternal looking, with her Maroon long sleeve jacket and matching skirt, and the neatly ironed button up white blouse. The reading glasses she bought gave her the appearance of a respectable business woman or teacher and the soft lipstick and eyeliner only reinforced this look. She now drove a Lincoln Town Car and with the tinted windows it was virtually impossible to see inside unless you pressed your face against the windows and peered in. Crystal smiled, knowing her true self was complete opposite of this outer appearance she now had and it made her feel that more powerful.

Inspecting her toys and what she liked to call her tools of the trade she was pleased with the additions she had made to Jason’s original batch. She now had a large variety of estim gadgets to shock and stimulate her victims as well as a nice seven foot deep water chamber. The chamber was specially made and had full length glass sides so she would be able to see every movement her prey made as she lowered them into it. The only other major addition was her assortment of needles ranging in diameter of the common sewing needle to over a quarter inch in size. The lengths went from less than two inches to over a foot long and all of them regardless of diameter or length had tips honed to a sharpness to penetrate the body cleanly.

She would be perfect for Crystal’s first interest and guinea pig. Every day for the past week as Crystal watched her, she would walk to and from school alone and always took a side trip on the way home to sit on the bank of the Licking river and just stare at the water. Crystal guessed she was around 15 or 16 at the oldest and probably a Freshman or Sophomore in high school. Hair like spun gold and like Crystal’s just barely covered her shoulders. The girl didn’t use any lipstick or eye shadow that Crystal could tell and had very firm looking small breasts that made Crystal’s mouth water. Being a private school, the girl wore a uniform and that in itself excited Crystal. Something about a uniform, whether worn by male or female intrigued Crystal although she couldn’t explain why.

The area was quiet and Crystal noticed it carried very little traffic and there was a blacktop parking area she could pull the Lincoln into. As she neared the girl, the girl turned and looked surprised to see someone else coming to her private spot. Crystal introduced herself and told the young girl she was with the EPA and was checking the river for pollution. The girl introduced herself as Shelby and told Crystal she just loved to sit her and listen to the soft rustling of the water as it flowed. Crystal asked Shelby if she mind coming back up the path and giving her a hand with her instruments. As they neared the car Crystal popped the trunk. Crystal turned and with the syringe she had concealed in her hand, she gave the girl a shot of a powerful sedative and held her as she went limp. Placing Shelby in the trunk of the Lincoln, Crystal touched her own crotch as she felt the dampness coat her panties.

When Shelby woke up eight hours later, other than a slight headache she didn’t seem the worse for wear. She was lying on a soft bed but when she went to move it was then she realized her wrists and ankles were attached to the headboard and footboard. Shelby also noticed that although she was still wearing her blouse and skirt, someone had removed her bra and panties. She had only hollered out once when the door opened and she recognized the woman standing in the doorway as Crystal. “Why am I here and how come I’m bound to the bed” she asked in a timid and yet forceful tone. When Crystal didn’t answer immediately, Shelby screamed at her and demanded she be let go. The pain was excruciating as Crystal’s fist came down with full force, striking Shelby’s pelvic bone and crushing her little clitoris. “You keep you fucking mouth shut and do exactly as I say, then we’ll get along just fine.” “However, if you so much as raise your voice to me again, you’ll wish you were dead by the time I’m through with you.” With that, Crystal seemed to magically mellow out and raising Shelby’s skirt, she lowered her mouth and began to kiss and lick Shelby’s bruised and aching clitoris and pussy lips. Even with the intense pain and the fear of never leaving here alive, Shelby’s body reacted to Crystal’s expert licking and within minutes the girl experienced her first orgasm brought on other than her own hands. Crystal smiled to herself, knowing she’ll manipulate Shelby with bouts of pain followed with loving touches and kisses until the novelty of the girl wears off. For the next two hours, Crystal kept Shelby on the edge of orgasm by licking, sucking and fingering her until the girl was a blubbering sex toy.

Lying next to Shelby, Crystal whispered in her ear if she liked all the attention she had been giving her the past couple of hours. Shelby admitted to Crystal that it felt wonderful and she never knew a woman could make another woman feel so wonderful. Crystal was about to leave her for the night, figuring she would start the pain and torture in the morning after taking the girl from the cabin to the chamber. As she got off the bed and turned to leave, Shelby once again raised her voice and demanded to be set free. Pouncing like a mountain cat, Crystal landed with both knees driven into Shelby’s chest as her right fist landed squarely on Shelby’s right cheek. The next two punches closed Shelby’s right eye and Crystal’s weight on her chest was making it hard to breathe. Gasping and turning a nice shade of blue, Crystal looked into Shelby’s face and told her that was her final warning about keeping her fucking mouth shut. With one more solid punch in the mouth for emphasis, Crystal stormed out of the room as Shelby wept herself to sleep. As Crystal masturbated herself to orgasm from the rush of beating Shelby’s face in, Crystal’s mind was already conjuring up sadistic images to make a reality the next day.

With a shock collar firmly in place and demonstrated so Shelby knew how painful the jolts of electricity could be, Crystal allowed the girl to use the restroom and also take a shower. While she was in the shower, Crystal couldn’t resist giving her a jolt of electricity every couple of minutes and almost had an orgasm watching Shelby’s body jerk and slam into the wall with each jolt. Not wanting to get shocked again, Shelby quickly got out of the shower and when she went to pick up her clothes, Crystal shocked her again and told her she would no longer need clothes.

Having her walk a few steps ahead of her, Crystal’s mouth watered watching Shelby’s 15 year old firm ass move as she walked. Shelby stopped dead in her tracks as Crystal led her into the chamber, her eyes wide with fright as she saw the chains and cuffs hanging from the rafters, the jail like cells to one side of the room and the wall decorated with whips, knives, chains, torches and so many other menacing looking items. “No,No, No” is all she could say when she finally got her voice back and immediately felt the sole of Crystal’s boot as she kicked her hard enough to lay her out on the cold concrete floor. As she tried to lift herself up, Crystals pointed toed boot with it’s metal plate caught her in the ribs and she could feel and hear some of them break. Three more kicks, strategically placed to inflict the most pain and Shelby lie there curled in a ball like an infant. Attaching a leash to the shock collar, Crystal dragged Shelby to a large wooden armed chair and told her to get on it. As Soon as Shelby was seated in the chair, Crystal secured her with the built in wide leather straps. The chair was wide enough so when Crystal strapped Shelby’s own legs to the chair legs, they were open allowing full access to that young and still virgin cunt.

As Crystal slowly pushed the head of the 12 inch long dildo into Shelby’s tight cherry intact cunt, she brought her lips to Shelby’s and began kissing her like one lover would to another. Shelby knew if she turned away she would be punished so she slightly open her own mouth and let Crystal’s tongue dance inside hers. The dildo went in slow and steady and as it pressed against Shelby’s intact hymen, Crystal kissed her with more passion as she slammed the dildo home, tearing through the hymen and ripping her cervix open like a sardine can. As her screams were muffled with Crystal’s mouth it was all Shelby could do to retain consciousness as the pain grew more intense by Crystal’s brutal jabs, with the intruding dildo. Once her cunt was nice and open and her nerve endings exposed, Crystal inserted another dildo into the young girls’ cunt. This one was 14 inches long but not quite as thick so it slipped into her womb easier and Shelby welcomed the smaller diameter fake cock. Just as she was relaxing her body Crystal turned a knob and the jolt of electricity shooting through Shelby’s womb caused her body to stiffened and jerk violently and Crystal’s evil grin widened when she heard Shelby’s wrist snap. She had only turned the knob to intensity 5 and it went up to 10 and Crystal couldn’t wait to see how Shelby’s body reacted to full charge. Spinning the switch from 0 to 10 in an instant, Crystal’s pussy spasmed in orgasmic release as Shelby’s head banged against the back of the chair and her mouth bled profusely where Shelby had bit off a large piece of her own tongue. Three or four more full force shocks and Crystal had to stop. Although breathing and not permanently damaged Shelby’s body was completely lifeless and nonresponsive to the shocks.

During the 30 minutes Shelby was out, Crystal sucked on the young girls nipples and pussy. She realized if she ever was to get into a real relationship it would probably be with another woman. She loved the way Shelby’s nipple felt in her mouth and the taste of her sweet young cunt juice as she sucked on the cunt like a hungry animal. Moving Shelby’s lifeless form from the chair to the middle of the room, Crystal had Shelby’s body hanging limp from the rafter chains. In this position, Crystal was afforded the luxury of having complete access to that tight sweet ass and as she pried open the ass cheeks with her hands, her tongue licked and sucked the sweet nectar Shelby’s ass offered. Gripping her thighs, Crystal buried her tongue in Shelby’s ass and sucked and probed until Shelby woke up and eventually began to moan with unadulterated passion. “Yes, Yes, of god Yes” lick my ass” Shelby moaned without even realizing it. Crystals probing tongue sent shivers of pleasure through Shelby’s body like none she ever felt before, and she secretly wish it would last forever. Crystal was ecstatic with Shelby’s response and it was exactly what she was hoping for. The torture was so much more rewarding to Crystal when it was sadistically delivered after making her victim feel so wonderful only minutes before.

Shelby’s eyes were still closed from the afterglow of having an orgasm from Crystal’s ass tongue sucking when the piercing pain shot through her midsection. Opening her eyes and looking down, she saw the point of the needle coming through her navel. Crystal had run a foot long and ¼” diameter needle from her back and out through her navel. Crystal then pulled the needle back through and shoved it again, putting another hole in Shelby’s stomach. Crystal continued this act until Shelby’s stomach looked like a pin cushion. With fifteen to twenty holes bleeding from her stomach, Crystal soaked a rag with rubbing alcohol and held it against Shelby’s stomach as Shelby bucked and convulsed and when she began gagging Crystal knew she was going to vomit. Crystal stepped to the side just as a full stream of vomit shot out of Shelby like a volcanic eruption. When some of the vomit splattered onto Crystal’s boots she went ballistic and while screaming and cursing at Shelby, Crystal shoved the 14 inch electro dildo all the way inside Shelby’s virgin ass. The intrusion alone almost made Shelby pass out again, but when Crystal turned the shock factor to ten Shelby was sure she was being fried inside out. Crystal let the jolts last for a full five minutes and by the time she turned it off, Shelby’s bladder had completely emptied itself. When Crystal undone the wrist shackles, Shelby crumbled to the floor and just laid there in her own vomit. Crystal hosed her and the floor down with the garden hose including flushing Shelby’s cunt, ass and mouth out with the water.

Shelby didn’t know where she found the strength but she finally made it across the floor and onto the table as Crystal ordered. In her weakened and broken state, Crystal decide there wasn’t any need to strap Shelby to the table and just climbed on top and squatted over Shelby’s face. Holding Shelby’s head by her hair, Crystal began a nice steady flow of golden hot piss and Shelby drank every drop without as much as a whimper in protest. Once her bladder was emptied, Crystal rubbed herself over Shelby’s face and forced her to eat her pussy until she cum. At this point Shelby was just going through the motions and was just looking for the time when Crystal would let her go home again. Yesterday afternoon she was sitting and watching the peaceful Licking river flow and now her ass and cunt had been raped and almost destroyed, she bit half of her own tongue off and broke her wrist from convulsions. Her insides were on fire and probably already becoming infected from the open wounds and several ribs were broken or cracked. Realizing this, Shelby knew there would only be one way she’d be leaving and it didn’t involve walking out. Keeping her eyes shut and letting her mind wander to happier times, Shelby’s tongue lapped at Crystals cum soaked cunt. Shelby kept telling herself, tomorrow will be a better day, maybe she’ll still be here but surely the torture will stop. About an hour later she felt herself being dragged across the concrete floor and then heard the heavy door close as she curled herself into a ball in her cell.

Crystal had Shelby get on the table and put her feet in the stirrups as if she was preparing for a gynecology examination. Once Crystal strapped her feet in place she then done the same with Shelby’s hands. Taking a rubber bone like you would give your dog as a play toy, Crystal put it in Shelby’s mouth sideways and told her she might want to bite done on it if the pain was more than she could bear. Crystal remembered how much it excited her when she put fear in her mother’s and step father’s eyes the night she killed them and she was getting that same warm glow in her cunt seeing the terror in Shelby’s eyes. Crystal coated one end of a small plastic tube with oil and told Shelby how she was going to push it into her urethra so she would still be able to empty her bladder. Shelby practically bit the bone in two as Crystal began pushing the tube inside her about an inch and a half. Laughing and saying they don’t want any leakage around the tube, Crystal took a pair or pliers and squeezed the tip of Shelby’s urethra so it would swell and hug the tubing. “Oh, I bet you want to know why you need a tube to piss don’t you?” Shelby said in an evil filled tone. “Well, my love, I’m going to fill your cunt full of these thumbtacks and then sew your lips together to remind you that I own you completely. As Shelby screamed and tossed her head from side to side, Crystal just whistled while she put over a half cup of tacks inside Shelby’s cunt and then began sewing the lips together with heavy upholstery thread. At one point Crystal had to revive Shelby by giving her a few bursts from the electric collar. Once she had Shelby’s cunt sewed, she forced her to get from the table and walk across the floor. The pain on Shelby’s face was all the satisfaction of a good well done that Crystal needed as she forced Shelby to her knees and made her suck the juice from her cunt once again. The blood was dripping from the gaps between the stitches and Crystal would kick Shelby in the cunt repeatedly just to hear her scream while she kept her head tight against her cunt. “Suck it, bitch and push that deformed tongue inside me deeper” Crystal ordered Shelby.

With her insides on fire from the needle piercings and her cunt feeling like it went through a grinder, Shelby looked up at Crystal and begged her to end it all now. Crystal wrapped both hands around Shelby’s neck and pressed her thumbs deep into her windpipe as a wave of relief began to come over Shelby’s face. The feel of Shelby’s windpipe crushing from the force of her thumbs and the involuntary jerking of her body turned Crystal on more than ever. As the light in Shelby’s eyes got dim and glazing over Crystal had the most explosive orgasm then she could ever imagine. Quickly covering Shelby’s mouth and nose with the mask, Crystal forced oxygen into her lungs until she coughed and regain consciousness. Once she was fully revived, Shelby looked at Crystal in a pleading way but didn’t say a word. She could see the flushed look of Crystals face and knew she had an orgasm and only brought her back to life so she could do it again later. “You fucking worthless bitch” Shelby screamed, hoping Crystal would lose her temper and beat her to death. “You are a sick bitch and if I get loose I will kill you” she continued. Crystal grabbed a whip from the wall and brought it down across the shoulders of Shelby. It was a strand of barbed wire set in a wooden handle and the ½ inch barbs ripped her open like a knife. Again and again the barbs came down, tearing more skin from her body. “You’ll wish you were dead, but not just yet” “I warned you to never raise your voice to me again” Crystal shouted as the barbs ripped across Shelby’s face this time damaging both corneas to the point where she would never see again. Kicking her across the floor and beating her until she couldn’t even protect herself anymore, Crystal picked her up by the hair and tossed her into her cell. No more than 15 seconds passed before the ice cold water from the hose was battering her bleeding body and she just whimpered as Crystal shoved the hose up her ass and filled her so full she thought she would explode. With the hose removed, Crystal kicked Shelby in the stomach and let the water spray from her ass, as vomit gushed from her mouth.

With her stomach full and just masturbated herself twice while watching the videos of earlier that day, Crystal decided it was time to make the video that all of her clients would pay the maximum for. With the torn cornea’s destroyed all Shelby could see was shadowy images but she knew Crystal was back and braced herself for the next wave of pain and torture. Shelby knew her body couldn’t take much more but she was sure Crystal would take advantage of her every waking moment. Crystal led her to the big wooden chair and strapped her in it. Every inch of her body inside and out hurt and her bladder had shut down and she could feel the pressure of it being full. Taking a sponge, Crystal wiped the dried blood tenderly from Shelby’s lips and then she began kissing her so softly. Shelby’s mind was racing, wondering how a woman who could be so delicate in her kisses and touches could also be more evil than Satan himself. Crystal cut the arteries on both of Shelby’s wrists and then resumed kissing her softly. Shelby could feel the blood draining from her body and yet she felt loved by the touch of Crystal’s lips, kissing her so tender and holding her head in a loving manner. The last seconds of life in Shelby was spent being kissed and caressed and she died strangely enough feeling fulfilled. As her lips kissed Shelby one last time, Crystal felt the juices coating her panties once again, and she knew without doubt she had found her niche in life.

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fucked up story u need a doc to cure u

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I'm not one for torture and snuff,but I want to see the next girl she takes


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whos gonna wipe them off the planet? people like us :)

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