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Set in pre-revolutionary France a story developed by Princess Amy and Tryme101010
16 year old Amie Joubert is in her boudoir when the summons to report to her master the Comte Du Martial is delivered by his man servant. Amie the daughter of a whore and a girl who has whored since the age of 8 marvelled at the wonderful transition to her life since she became the Comte’s favourite courtesan.
Although young Amie recognised long ago that she would one day fall from favour and so set her sharp mind on other ways to serve her master, ways of subtlety that a person of her profession instinctively learns. In return Martial invests time and monies in Amie’s education; honing her skills to the extent that he is able to pass her at court as his niece, even presenting her to the aging king. He looks on amused as His Majesty crudely fingers the young harlot under her gown, Amie making all the correct protests expected when your monarch is trying to work two fingers into your pussy. The next day Amie is rewarded with a gold broach by Martial and a jewelled necklace from the king, thus cementing her position within the court. Forever the diplomat Amie immediately seeks an audience with the king’s favourite mistress to assure her she has no intention to usurp her position. Of course on the back of Amie’s acceptance into the court Martial’s influence flourished.
Checking her appearance in the mirror she dismisses her maid and makes her way downstairs to her master’s study. Although living in his household Amie does not presume to enter the room until summoned.
Martial hears the gently knock and checks toe expensive mantel clock, he will make the slut wait five minutes, just to remind her who is master and servant. Outside Amie expects nothing else and continently waits at her master’s pleasure.
Amy enters the room and glides to a position in front of the Comte where she delivers a low curtsy allowing the Comte to feast his eyes on her ample breasts, breasts that he has kissed, suckled, bitten and even when to mood took him whipped; although he was controlled enough to ensure he left no permanent mark that would blemish the perfect orbs.
“Yes my Lord”.
“Your service will be required tonight”.
“Of course my Lord do you have any special instructions or requests”?
“You will accompany me. I will be dining with M. Dufour; he is just a merchant, but a very astute merchant who has accumulated a fortune in the Indies. He will do anything to mingle with people close to the King. I am going to give him a taste and you are part of that taste”.
“Yes my Lord; a taste he will savour and want to sample again and again”.
“Exactly, my little whore, you have the requisite experience. Of course these.... Merchants ... are not what you are used to. So you might be a bit more entrepreneurial.
“And my lord how do you suggest I present myself to M. Dufour”?
“Wear the dress you wore for the King, the revealing one. You will play my dear little cousin for the night”
“A young and innocent cousin, who is ripe for his enjoyment”?
“Precisely... I will leave you alone at some point after dinner. He will not know what it proper and you will have to 'guide' him.
“And my Lord you want to catch him in the act of raping me so that you can challenge him to a duel or take him for every cent?
“He is young, and has not taken wife yet. If he thinks that there is even the chance of putting a baby in you to become ...related; he will do it. You will have to seem willing but concerned with what goes inside you...and where it goes”. I trust you know what else to offer.
“Oh my lord I have so much to offer, my ripe titties to enthral him, my tiny shaved pussy to encourage him, my tight ass to deliver him forever in your debt.
“I knew you were the best choice, now go and prepare for tonight”.
Looking at her master Amie see’s that the discussion has aroused him causing a large bulge in his breaches, a bulge that her professional pride could not allow to go untreated
“My Lord is there a service I can render before I prepare”?
“Umh... yes, why not. I need a little leisure since the night is not going to be as pleasant as I would like”.
Amie crosses the room to a large bureau and selects a leather handled riding crop from the wide range of whips and instruments of torture. Handing the crop to Martial she positions herself with her feet on the floor and her body lying along the length of his great oak desk. Years of studying her master have allowed her to correctly gauge his every mood; after all her future, if not her very life depended on it.
An evil smile crosses Martial’s face as he flexes his right arm swinging the crop in a wide arc. He pours a large brandy from a cut glass and silver decanter and enjoys the sight of Amie’s body as he savours the spirit. Amie trembles as she watches her master, then shivers s he moves behind her lifting her dress and layers of petticoats. He expresses his pleasure on finding that Amie has not worn panties, the slut is always in tune with his needs. He gently caresses the firm ass cheeks “Good slut” he mutters as he kneels behind her his lips planting small kisses on her ass.
Standing he swishes the crop loosening his muscles, Amie waits expectantly for the first blow to land, her tormentor knowing how to draw out the encounter to ensure maximum satisfaction. Even so Amie is totally unprepared for the first blow, a strike so fast and so hard it steals her breath. Martial feels Amie shiver and this gives him as much pleasure as seeing the first red made by his riding crop on Amie’s pale ass. He waits a few seconds before delivering the second blow; he wants to see the redness increase. He strikes again exactly in the same spot, a process he repeats over and over and over.
When Amie’s orgasm rips through her body causing her to moan in pleasure it is too much for Martial, throwing the crop to the floor he rips open his breaches and demands that Amie orally pleasures him.
Despite the pain Amie kneels before her master taking his swollen phallus in her hands and with seductive tongue movements brings him to full arousal. Taking his cock fully into her mouth she gently caresses his heavy balls until she hears his breathing becoming laboured by a mix of excitement and expectancy and she has the first delicious taste of pre-cum on her tongue. She gently pushes a finger forward, firstly applying pressure to and then penetrating Martial’s anus and is instantly rewarded with a rush of salty cum that floods her mouth. Martial waits for Amie to swallow every drop and then lick his cock clean.
“You may stand slut; now go and get ready, little cousin”
Amie delivers another perfect deep cutesy and glides from the room; martial shakes his head in wonderment at how a 14 year old learnt such skills, then putting her from his mind he concentrates on the affairs of his office and his role as the Kings protector.
At the appointed hour Amie is seated in Martial’s coach awaiting her master, she has bathed and her maid shaved her before dousing her pussy in perfume then using rough highlighted her vulva. Amie felt this wasteful as it was not in preparation for an evening with the Comte, but it aroused her to the level she needed to be at in order to consider copulating with a merchant.
Finally the Comte leaves the chateau’s front door and climbs into the coach and in greeting says
“You remember what to do tonight whore? Tell it back to me”.
“Yes my lord; I am to act as your young cousin and I am to encourage a merchant I am to encourage him to seek to be alone with me and then submit to his will, if necessary using my skills to keep him aroused. I am to allow him to enter me when you are nearby and then cry for help”.
“Perfect my little slut. Remember that you will be rewarded well if you perform well and punished if you fail me”.
“It is a shame I do not want to spoil the pretty rouge on your lips otherwise you would have taken your usual place on the carriage floor”
“May I suggest we take my niece Jeanette my lord? She is young, only 14, but experienced in certain ways and she is by the servant’s door awaiting your command”.
Impatiently Martial consults his fob watch; it will be good to keep the merchant waiting and travel can be so tedious; and if the whore’s niece is only have as good as her young aunt at performing oral it will be an enjoyable journey. Calling his groom he demands Jeanette’s attendance on him.
Jeanette stands outside the carriage wrapped in a long cloak, the groom on his master’s instruction remove the garment allowing the Comte to gaze on the child’s body the only covering being a translucent chemise. He feels his cock swelling and the thought of this young girl sucking his shaft as Amie watches. Looking at the child he also contemplates her as a successor should he tire of Amie.
Amie was indeed one of the best 'investments' and her hand in marriage to someone close to the throne is not an impossibility, particularly if he can pass her off as noble born and as he creates fake identities on a regular basis this should not be problematic. However Jeanette will need to be observed more closely if she is to replace Amie.
As long suspected by Martial his slut has been looking for advancement, the chance to secure her position in the world; he did not however know that she has been secretly preparing Jeanette for several months, instructing her in the arts of oral pleasure and most of the males in his household staff have been drained by this little beauty on more than one occasion.
Jeanette is assisted into the carriage and seated facing the Comte; she calmly unfastens the bodice of her chemise displaying her tiny titties to which rouge has been applied to the nipples. The garment is short displaying an expanse of young thigh.
Pleased by the view, the Comte smiles at the pretty young thing in front of him then directs the groom to proceed.
“'Beauty must run in your family my child; now let us see if skills do as well”.
The carriage starts to move and Amie nods her head. Jeanette kneels in front of the Comte, keeping her eyes lowered she unfastens his breeches and gently frees his semi erect penis. Keeping her deferential pose she gently manipulates the phallus until it is fully hard at which time she looks up for his approval to continue. Slowly closing his eyelids he nods for her to continue then turning to Amie favours her with a smile.
Although nervous Jeanette is a good learner and skilled in her new found art, the ministrations of her tongue to the Comte’s balls and shaft have him you oozing precum and when she flicks her tongue over the head he nearly ejaculates. She continues to flick her tongue driving him to new heights of arousal. Finally surrendering to the child’s mouth; he cums abundantly in spite of his earlier encounter with Amie, he expects her to swallow his load and to clean his cock after she has finished and he is not disappointed not a drop is spilt or wasted. The young whore lifts her chemise to show the wetness surrounding her tiny pussy. The Comte is now wishing it was a longer journey.
Amie asks "Does my Lord wish to feel what is on offer"
The Comte feels the need to remind Amie that it is he who controls, and that it has not been long since she was just entertainment for the journey.
"I will have a taste, but I do not drink from a fountain before sitting to dinner. I will have you bring me her taste on your fingers whore"
Amie beckons Jeanette who stands before her holding her chemise high, an exceptional fete given the movement of the carriage over the rough country roads. Amie pushes a finger onto the girl’s vulva before slipping it into her virgina. She presents the Comte with a glistening finger.
The Comte lightly licks Amie's finger while looking her in the eyes, he knows she is up to something but he is sure he can turn her plans to his advantage should he wish. The taste of a girl has always aroused him. His eyes are still fastened on Amie when he reaches for Jeanette firm ass and starts playing with it. He soon has his thumb deep into her pussy while grasping her ass firmly. Amie knows that the thumb will soon be taken out the wet pussy and it will disappear in the young girl's tight anus.
"If you perform well tonight whore I will grant two favours, one for you one for your niece."
“My Lord you are so gracious”
Jeanette lets out a soft moan as the thick thumb penetrates her anus; she squeezes her internal muscles, her rectum holding the thumb in place. An evil smile on his lips the Comte pushes his thumb even further and expects the inevitable moans of the young girl as the bumps in the country road make her feel stabs of pain.
"You are serving me well, and your niece is a nice surprise. She will need to spend more time with me, but I see you trained her well." The carriage slows and then stops; as the door opens the Comte slowly retracts his hand allowing the groom to see how his master takes his pleasure.
Stepping from the carriage he accepts his short blade from the groom and having strapped it to his waist offers his arm to Amie.
"Shall we go little cousin”?
Jeanette discretely hides herself in the dark corner of the carriage, the Comte sensing that the return journey will be particularly rewarding. Offering his arm he leads Amie into the merchant’s home sneering at the poor taste of the decoration and the slovenly behaviour of the liveried footmen.
The Comte’s eyes see everything; he has to properly gauge the man before meeting him. He certainly wants to let people know he has money, he thinks of himself a lover of the fine arts even if the decorations betray his bad taste and that his desire is simply to show off. Interestingly all the maids they have seen so far look young and very pretty. This should make Amie's task easier. They finally arrive to what they hear a servant refer to as the 'great hall' as in the Britannic fashion. The Comte sincerely hopes that M Dufour has left every other countryman habit in Brittany.
The Comte displays his best smile as he waits for the official introductions to be clumsily made by Dufour's servant. Dufour is older than Amie expected, the fact that he has not taken wife is now more surprising and maybe he really expects that he will be permitted to marry with nobility. The room can only be described as an eye-sore with lacquered-wood where there should have been marble and poorly chosen paintings. Dufour is over playing his position and when Amie performs her curtsy he cannot take his eyes from her milk white breasts, he is almost drooling when he kisses her hand, his saliva staining her glove.
The gathering is a mix of nobility and merchants and with the exception of the Comte both groups seem uneasy in each other’s company. With satisfaction the Comte observes a footman hastily rearranging the place settings, it would appear Amie has delivered the desired response and once they are invited to the table Amie finds herself seated between Dufour and the Comte.
The food is as bad as the decor and soon into the poorly cooked meal the Comte nudges Amie and she starts to work on Dufour. Resting her hand in Dufour’s lap she congratulates him on the unusual taste of the soup, the Comte choking as he tries to avoid laughter. Pleased with Amie’s initial success the Comte is now most anxious about the slut’s principal task. After having endured the first part of the evening in such low company he cannot wait for his plan to be set in motion. Whilst discretely listening to Amie's conversation with Dufour he starts a mild flirting with the daughter of Dufour’s lawyer. The lawyer’s presence is a stroke of lick given what Martial has planned and his daughter’s presence will provide an excuse for him to disappear later.
Amie’s hand is now squeezing the bulge in Dufour’s breeches; his face is blood red and he completely entranced by this beauty who whispers.
"M. Dufour, I would love to see your garden and I am sure there is so much you want to know about my cousin".
"Cousin dear, M Dufour has invited me to see the exquisite specimens in his garden; you don't mind do you”?
With a look that tells Amie that yet again she has exceeded his expectations and speaking loudly so that all will hear
"My Dearest, of course you should go. I wish Mademoiselle Lesous had not enthralled me with her beauty so I could join you, but I am a slave of her grace now".
Amie stands and curtseys to Martial and Mlle Lesous allowing M. Dufour to lead her from the room. Dufour is still unsure why he is showing Amie the gardens, but wants to know more about the Comte, knowledge that he can use to his advantage. He immediately starts asking questions only to be interrupted in mid speech
"M. Dufour, please give me a minute, I find your company so intoxicating, I just had to be alone with you, such a worldly man. You make me weak with desire".
He almost yelps when Amie touches his crotch, her skilled fingers arousing him. When he bends and kisses Amie she instantly responds before taking hold of one of his hands and placing it onto her firm breasts. As they deeply kiss she loosens his breeches allowing them to fall. Her fingers curl around Dufour’s cock which is surprisingly hard. Getting to her knees Amie takes it into her mouth almost gagging at the unpleasant taste; she thinks does this man never wash. Dufour is moaning and pushing his cock forward and Amie is frightened he is going to cum too quickly so she releases her hold.
"M. Dufour - I need to feel your monster snake inside my body, where can we go so that we will be unobserved"?
Looking round Amie observed the Comte and Mlle Lesous on the terrace; Martial slowly nods acknowledging that he has seen her. Mlle Lesous is incessantly chattering part through nerves and part through being in the presence of one of the most powerful men in France. The Comte merely has to utter a short response to allow the conversation to flow; he is intently watching Amie’s progress.
Martial looks on amused as Dufour now holding up his breeches leads Amie further into the gardens; he positions Mlle Lesous with her back to the balustrade so that he can follow Amie’s journey and watches as Dufour leads her into the Orangery. Taking Mlle Lesous gently by the hand
“Let us walk in the garden my dear it looks so pleasant”
All the time he is thinking he now has a credible witness that will make his task much easier. Taking his time Martial leads his talkative companion towards the Orangery.
Amie allows Dufour to lead her to bench, she lays down and allows him to watch as she removes her drawers’ unknown to Dufour Amie has already ripped them to simulate them being forcibly removed’ she throws them to the floor, Dufour’s eyes feast on Amie’s shaven pussy, his breeches again falling as he presses his cock against her opening, he quickly penetrates the girl and is encouraged when she wraps her legs round his waist. He looks on bemused as she rips her bodice exposing her breasts and then alarmed when she starts to scream for help. He tries to pull away but Amie’s firm thighs have trapped him and her pussy muscles constrict around his cock causing him to ejaculate, his cum flooding the girls opening.
The timing was perfect, the scream reach the Comte and Mlle Lesous shortly after their arrival in the garden. The Comte hopes that the shocked face on the lawyer’s daughter is reflected on his. He moves quickly toward the origin of the sound sure to be followed when he reaches the bench his eyes are wide his hand grabbing the handle of his decorative short sword.
"M Dufour, is this how you repay my kindness in accepting your invite? I challenge you"
During the next few moments the scene becomes so ridiculous that the Comte is struggling not to laugh. Dufour falling to his knees with his soft and cum coated penis dangling comically. Mlle Lesous fretting around Amie trying to cover the girl’s exposed titties and ravaged pussy; the look of horror on her face when she discovers the torn drawers; Amie demonstrating her consummate skills as an actress crying and wailing as she claims Dufour has taken her virginity. Finally Mlle Lesous calms Amie and gently leads her to the waiting carriage.
An hour passes and Amie sees the Comte striding towards the carriage, his face a mask of fury and clutching some documents to his chest. As soon as the carriage is moving the frown slowly changes into a smile and totally out-of-character, the Comte kisses Amie on the lips.
'You were superb, the idiot still doesn't have a clue, he would have agreed to anything to keep his head firmly attached to his neck. As promised, one favour for you and one for your niece. Of course, I will show my gratitude with some little present as well".
“I am always yours to command my lord, WHATEVER HAPPENS”.
A smile appears on the Comte’s face and a plan starts to germinate, what if instead of marrying her off just to gain favour, she became his ears and eyes in a very important palace?
"Can I trust you will always be loyal to me?"
“My lord I am wholly indebted to you, you have no reason to doubt my loyalty”.
Martial motions to Jeanette to move closer, the success of the night has aroused his passion.
Jeanette bends to pleasure him with her mouth, but the Comte needs more. He releases his cock and then signals her to turn he lifts her onto his lap his thick penis against the girls tiny pussy.
"Let’s see just how well trained you really are”.
He pushes up, his cock sliding inside the child. Amie watches knowing she may only participate if invited.
"My lord asks if I have a wish that he may grant if it pleases him".
Taken by the pleasure of the young girl's pussy he says: "You may ask”. He emits a low moan of pleasure as his shaft fully penetrates Jeanette’s tight opening.
“My lord your service to our glorious majesty places you in a position of constant danger, if something happened to you I would be ... would be vulnerable to your enemies
A knowing smile passes the Comte's lips, a smile not totally arising from his certainly pleasurable exercise. He continues pounding the young girl until with a groan he ejaculates deep inside her. As soon as the Comte falls back on the seat Jeanette turns and cleans him with her mouth, exactly the way Amie had taught her.
“Then slut it is in your interest to serve me well, as my well being guarantees your protection. Now amuse me, I want to watch you eat cum from your niece’s cunt”.

Please let us know if you liked the story and if you wish us to further develop the characters

Libby JeanReport

2017-01-26 21:25:49
The very first words are "16 year old Amie"...but when she leaves the study after being summoned and then beat with the riding crop, 'martial shakes his head in wonderment at how a 14 year old learnt such skills'. So is she 16 or 14? I thought all "participants" in the stories had to be 18? Also noticed it mentions Amie's maid bathing her and perfuming her pussy, 'then using rough highlighted her vulva'...shouldn't that be rouge? ;-) Sorry, I was an English major and little inconsistencies always catch my attention. Very good story though. I look forward to part 2.

anonymous readerReport

2013-12-12 02:27:20
A change from your usual stories...but enjoyable


2013-12-10 02:10:14
Amy - you continue to surprise me with your diverse skills. Really wish i has collaborated with you in a story. Please giver us more xx

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2013-12-10 00:03:28
Yes. Continue please.

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