I finally managed to finish the last chapter of the story. Sorry it took so long but I've been sick for several weeks. Hopefully I'll be able to get back to my other stories soon. Enjoy and let me know what you think.
Chapter 9

“Good morning, Shaggy,” Velma said, straddling the rail thin boy so that her milk dripping nipples hovered just above his mouth. “Ready for a pre-breakfast snack?”

“Like, I’m always ready for your milk, Velma,” Shaggy said before he stuffed Velma’s left nipple into his mouth and started sucking.

“Make sure you drink as much as you can,” Velma told Shaggy, “you didn’t drink me dry yesterday and I started leaking during Algebra class. I had to ask for a bathroom break so I could milk myself and return for the rest of the lesson.”

“Aren’t you worried about leaving enough for the baby?” Shaggy asked as he switched to Velma’s right, “after all, she’s due to arrive any time now.”

“Shaggy, as much milk as I’m producing you can drain me right now and I’ll have enough for the baby in about two hours.”

“Okey,” Shaggy said, “as long as you have enough for the baby I’ll be happy to milk you dry.”

While Shaggy sucked the milk out of her breasts Velma rested her pregnant belly on Shaggy’s firm one and rubbed her pussy up and down Shaggy’s slowly hardening cock as they both moaned with pleasure. “Are you as horny as I am?” Shaggy asked as he switched tits again.

“Even hornier,” Velma groaned, “I’m ready for a good hot morning fuck.”

“Me too,” Shaggy agreed. “Lift your pussy up a little so I can put my cock where it belongs.”

“Oh yeah,” Velma hissed as Shaggy’s prick slid into her pregnant cunt. “Fuck me, Shaggy, fuck me with your baby maker.”

“Baby maker,” Shaggy snickered as he patted Velma’s swollen belly, “I like that one.”

“Well it is appropriate,” Velma said as she stroked her belly, “and you know this won’t be the last one.”

“I hope not,” Shaggy said while Velma continued to ride his cock so hard that her milk filled tits bounced just above his head, threatening to knock him out with their weight every time Velma slammed her pregnant pussy down on his cock. “I’ll be happy to give you all the babies you want, no matter how many you want.”

“Good, because I want as many as I can get,” Velma panted, she could feel her orgasm starting to build in her belly, but this time something felt different and she wasn’t sure what it was.

Shaggy could feel his own orgasm building with every stroke of Velma’s pregnant pussy and he did his best to drive his cock as deep as it could go in Velma’s fuck hole. Shaggy wasn’t sure if it was him or Velma who shouted they were cuming first but he could see his lover’s pregnant belly jumping as her cunt clamped tight around his cock and milked every drop of cum from his prick.

“Wow, you were even hornier than I thought,” Shaggy gasped, “just look at all that pussy juice coming out of your cunt.

“Shaggy, that’s not pussy juice,” Velma said through clenched teeth as her belly rippled. “My water just broke. I’m going into labor.”

“Zoinks! What do I do?” Shaggy asked, pulling his softening cock out of Velma’s pussy and pushing himself to the edge of the bed as Velma fought to catch her breath after her first contraction.

“Get my dad,” Velma told Shaggy, trying to calm him down before he panicked. “Tell him I’m in labor and he needs to drive us to the hospital. Then call the doctor and tell him what’s happening, and then call Fred and Daphne and tell them to meet us at the hospital.”

“Right, your dad, the doctor, and then Fred and Daphne. “I’ll do that, you just stay calm.”

“Stay calm,” Velma muttered, holding her belly as Shaggy ran screaming from the room, “it’s kind of hard to do that when I’m about to give birth.”

By the time Shaggy returned Velma had managed to get dressed in spite of enduring a second contraction that made her whole belly ripple while she closed her eyes against the pain. “Oh good, you’re almost dressed,” Shaggy said, running back into the room and grabbing his own clothes before he helped Velma with the last of her clothes. “Your dad’s bringing the car around right now. Your mom’s staying here with the new baby but she says she keep in touch with us by cell phone. Fred and Daphne can’t get out of school but they’ll come by after class this afternoon.”

“That all sounds good,” Velma said as Shaggy grabbed her bag and guided her toward the door, “but what about the doctor?”

“He said he’ll meet us at the hospital,” Shaggy said. “Actually he’s already there, a late night delivery and he hasn’t even been home yet.”

* * * * * * * * * *

Velma smiled down at the bundle in her arms and let out a deep sigh that turned into a soft groan at the slight twinge of pain that passed through her overstretched pussy. “She’s beautiful,” Shaggy said, looking down at the bundle.

“She sure is,” Velma said, kissing the top of her daughter’s head. “Eight hours of labor, but she was worth every minute of it.”

“She sure was,” Shaggy agreed.

“Shaggy, you have no idea what you’re talking about, but I’m going to let it go this time because I’m too tired and happy to care. So when is the rest of the gang going to get here?”

“The gang should be here any minute,” Shaggy said, giggling at the way his daughter instinctively gripped his finger when he placed it in her hand. “Fred told me they were going to stop and pick up Scooby on the way and that was about fifteen minutes ago.”

“You know they’re never going to let Scooby in here,” Velma pointed out.

“When has that ever stopped Scoob from sneaking in when no one’s looking?” Shaggy chuckled. “Besides, he said he wants to bring his new puppies along to meet us.”

“Is everyone decent?” Daphne asked, poking her head around the corner of the door.

“Come on in, Daph,” Velma called, “I was just asking about you guys.”

“Sorry we took so long,” Daphne said as she and Fred entered the room and settled into one of the chairs with a sigh as she patted her pregnant belly. “We promised to give Scooby a ride, and we wanted to pick up your gift while we were at it.”
“Here you go, Velma,” Fred said, handing Velma a large flat gift box. “My aunt knits these and we thought you’d like it.”

“Let me guess,” Velma said sarcastically, “baby booties?”

“Not quite,” Daphne said, “it’s a baby afghan – or blanket if you prefer.”

“Really?” Velma said, opening the box and pulling the knitted blanket out to look at it. “It’s beautiful, thank you.”

“A beautiful blanket for a beautiful girl,” Daphne said as Velma moved her daughter into her new blanket. “So, what is her name?”

“Daphne Blake, Fred Jones, meet Daphne Blake Dinkly,” Velma said, holding her daughter up so her friends could get a good look at her. When little Daphne began to whimper Velma knew what she wanted and pulled one side of her hospital gown open so so her daughter could suck on her nipple while her friends watched.

“Of course it will be Daphne Blake Rogers once we get married and I officially adopt her,” Shaggy chuckled.

“So you named her after me?” Daphne said with a bemused grin.

“Of course,” Velma said, “after all, when the four of us retire we’ll need a Fred, Daphne, Shaggy, and Velma to take over Mystery Inc for us, right? Who better than our own children?”

“She’s right, Daph,” Fred said. “And we were talking about naming our baby after Shaggy or Velma.”

“I know, but I didn’t think they’d beat us to it,” Daphne sighed.

“Psst, riss the croast clear?” a voice called from just outside the door.

“Coast’s clear, Scoob, come on in,” Shaggy called. With a lab coat draped around his body Scooby Doo scuttled into the room and looked around with a sight of relief. Once he was sure no one else was around he opened his lab coat to reveal several puppies he’d managed to smuggle into the hospital with him.

“Scooby, are those your puppies?” Velma squealed as the pups started investigating the room.

“Rost of rhim,” Scooby said, scrambling to bring the pups back in order. “Rhis is Scooby Junior, rhis is Scooby Dum, rhis is Scooby Dee, and rhis is my nephew Scrappy Doo.”

“Nephew?” Velma asked.

“I’ll explain later,” Shaggy promised in a whisper. “Let’s just say that Scoob and his sister didn’t recognize each other until after they woke up the next morning.”

“Where’s that nurse that told my Uncle Scooby he couldn’t come in here? I’ll give her a left and a right, I’ll show her she can’t tell my uncle what to do.”

“No, Scrappy,” Scooby cried, catching his nephew before he managed to run out the door.

“Yeah, Scrappy,” Shaggy said, “the nurse was only telling you guys the rules. Besides, she still let you come in, right?”

“I guess she did,” Scrappy agreed. “But she better not try anything else or I’ll let her have it.”

“Relax, Scrappy, I’m sure everything will be fine,” Shaggy told the pup. “Besides, if you make a fuss the nurse will have to kick you out instead of ignoring the fact that you’re here.”

“So, if your plan is to make our own replacements,” Shaggy said to Velma as he ran his hand over her body, “when do you want to start the next one?”

“I plan to start fucking as soon as my pussy stops aching,” Velma said with a grin, “the next baby can wait a while.”

–The End–

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