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The year is 2157. The first half of the century had been spent rebuilding America after the war. Until about ten years ago, no one had really realized the effects all the radiation would have on people. Due to this ignorance, many cities were built over what the doctors were calling "mutation hotspots." In these zones, one out of every three people suffered from some sort of genetic mutation.

Emilia was the daughter of two doctors famous for their research on mutations. Her father Gregory devoted most of his time to learning about how life style can impact mutation; most people didn't even realize that they were mutated until they hit puberty. Every day, Gregory seemed closer and closer to proving that certain aspects of your prepubescent life would affect what mutation grew within you.

Her mother Marietta worked on a team of researchers whose main goal was to identify the mutated genes to prepare a possible treatment plan.

Little did either doctor suspect, their daughter (conceived and born in New York City, the greatest radiation zone in the eastern half of the United States) was just as susceptible to mutation as everyone else.

Emilia was sixteen before she got her period. Her mother routinely examined her blood, hair, and saliva for any signs of possible mutation. However, Emilia's mutation wasn't easily found within her genes and Marietta eventually gave up, assuming her daughter would remain healthy.

Emilia's sex drive was healthy for someone her age, perhaps leaning toward overactive. Her mother, remembering her teen years, was supportive and encouraged her daughter's sexual health. When Emilia was thirteen, her mother bought her a small vibrator to pleasure herself with. "I'd rather you do it to yourself than go find someone else to do it for you," she told her one morning when Gregory was still fast asleep after giving her a small box containing the vibrator.

She was apprehensive at first, thinking her mother was trying to say that she had seen the web history on her laptop and knew about the porn sites she visited almost daily. She waited about a week before using the vibrator. After about a month, Marietta asked her about it. Emilia sheepishly admitted to using it a few times; a lie considering that it sat under her pillow, waiting for her nightly visit.

When that vibrator died from excessive use, Emilia found a better one on the internet. A remote controlled bullet. She wore it to school often and turned it on whenever she got bored of learning about the nuclear war that changed America's future. Lucky for her, it was very silent.

Needless to say, Emilia spent a lot of time masturbating before her body even decided that she was able to bear a child. At sixteen, Emilia wasn't very interested in boys. She'd seen enough porn to know she probably wouldn't enjoy having sex with a guy.

Not that she couldn't if she didn't want to. With perfectly tan skin, curls that framed her face beautifully, a bust girls her age would kill for, and an ass to match, she could have had anyone. Yet, she hadn't had anyone. Bullet vibrators were enough to keep her happy. She had tried fingers, liked it even, but didn't particularly like doing it to herself and didn't want to try to come up with the money for some sort of machine do pump a dildo in and out for her.

Emilia was really a quiet girl, not many friends, but she didn't mind being that way. Her best friend, Bianca, was still a pretty distant one.
Like plenty of other girls who didn't take too much interest in boys, Emilia had checked out her best friend more than once. In fact, they shared a drunken kiss on more than one occasion. Nothing awkward or noteworthy, but certainly a memory that Emilia thought about from time to time as she massaged her clit before bed.

Emilia had her period a few times now. She had noticed a few changes in her body since her second or third period. Her breasts were tender, and her bras didn't quite fit right anymore, the cups weren't big enough. The tenderness wasn't a bad one, though. One night as she pulled a cool t-shirt on over for bed, she felt an incredible sensation in her nipples. Of course, she touched them and felt a clench in just the right spot. She pinched and twisted until her clit was throbbing so hard she could feel it twitching on her labia.

'Wait, she thought, 'what's that feeling down...' She let her fingers slide down her body to her clit, which felt more sensitive than normal. More sensitive and '...Swollen?'

She was able to stroke her clit like she never could have before. It was poking out from under the clitoral hood much more than it ever had before. Not only did it seem longer, but it felt '...Fatter?'

Emilia didn't have a small little button clit to begin with, but on this particular evening it felt particularly overgrown. She chalked it up to the nipple stimulation, something she had never done to herself before. With Bianca on her mind, she exploded into a few orgasms, liking the way her clit's sensitivity had swollen with its size.

Emilia spent the whole morning before school masturbating. No matter how many times she came, her clit kept throbbing. She was playing with it so much that It seemed to swell more by the time she had to pull on her shorts and run to the bus stop.

In between classes, Emilia took a bathroom break to try to masturbate. She never had quite enough time though, and by lunch she was so horny she had to keep her legs tightly crossed to stop herself from putting her hands between her legs.

"Hey, Em. What's up?" Bianca sat down with her tray. She ate lightly, two bananas and a salad.

Emilia wasn't eating at all that day; better to avoid the urge to stick her hands down her pants in line. She regretted not spending the lunch period in the bathroom. She shrugged at Bianca, who arched her eyebrows. "Aren't you going to eat?" she asked, peeling her first banana.

Watching Bianca take that first bite of the phallic fruit made her lips water. "I'm just a bit distracted today,"

Emilia told her, clenching her thigh muscles even tighter as her clit twitched and throbbed.

"How come?" Bianca asked, taking a slow bite of banana. She took the peel the rest of the way off and gripped it in her fist.

It took all of Emilia's will power to not dry hump her seat for stimulation. Her mind was going crazy with thoughts of Bianca slowly raking her teeth across her skin like the banana. All the way down to her clit. Her mind was so crazy with thoughts of sex she blurted out "Have you ever been with a woman?"

"Um, no? Other than you, sort of." She blushed and took another bite.

"Sometimes I think about trying stuff with another girl." Emilia clenched her fists around the hem of her tshirt to stop herself from unbuttoning her shorts.

Bianca didn't respond, nly turned a deeper shade of red. They sat in silence until Emilia couldn't take the tension anymore and hurried off to the bathroom.
In the stall she unbuttoned her shorts and leaned against the wall. She started stroking her clit, thinking about Bianca's sensual mouth on the banana. Of course, one orgasm wasn't enough, and it was all she had time for. She cleaned up her sticky fingers and went to class.

It wasn't until Bianca caught up with her that Emilia remembered they were supposed to work on homework together that night. She cursed internally for shortened amount of time she would have to masturbate.

"Are you sure you're okay?" Bianca asked as they boarded the bus.

"Horny," Emilia mumbled. She immediately bit her tongue, however Bianca responded with a confused

"Nothing." She blushed and spent the entire ride home staring out the window.

When they got up to Emilia' room, it was clear that Bianca wasn't going to partake in any sort of homework or studying until Emilia spoke honestly to her. "Really it's nothing," Emilia lied as she hurried to the bathroom.

The pulsating between her legs had only gotten worse throughout the day, and she was getting a strange feeling between her legs. It was almost f her lips were being spread by a finger. It was a tantalizing but alarming feeling and when she had locked the bathroom door and stuck her hand in her panties she was shocked.

Her clit felt like a fat sausage. Its tip was nearly inside of her tunnel. she shuddered as she felt it, wanting to understand but also desperate to rub it. She pulled off her shorts and panties and when she stood up and spread her legs her elongated clit felt from between her pussy lips and hung between her thighs like a small dick.

Scared and too horny for her own good, Emilia touched it. The sensation made all of her other pussy muscles clench. She rubbed it a bit and it stiffened a bit.

Without even thinking through what was really happening, Emilia gripped her clit in her palm and squeezed. Something oozed from the tip into her hand. Instead of inspecting it, Emilia used it as lubrication and encouragement. She vigorously began stroking her overgrown clit until it had swelled to nearly twice it's previous side. With it gripped in her fist, the tip and nearly an extra inch stuck out. She didn't inspect it further until after her first few orgasms. When she finally wasn't crazed with the feeling of jacking off her clit, she held it in her hand and realized her mother was wrong.

Emilia's genes had been mutated after all.

There was a knock at the door. "Emilia?" It was Bianca. "What're you doing in there? Are you okay?"

Emilia panicked. Her mutated clit was still hard; with this much length it stood up like a regular man's dick.
"I'm fine," she said, pulling on her panties and shorts. She was still throbbing and dripping. The tip of her hard clit stuck through the top of her shorts.

It was a snap decision, but she decided it would be easier this way. She opened the door and pulled Bianca inside. It didn’t taken Bianca long to notice the new bulge in Emilia's shorts. She stared, but didn't ask questions.

"I don't know what's happening," Emilia said, feeling embarrassed now that Bianca was staring. She unbuttoned her shorts and let them fall to her feet. Her clit was throbbing and twitching so much her panties couldn't really do a good job of restraining it. She let those fall to the ground too. "I think I'm scared," she whispered.

Bianca looked nervous. She licked her lips. "Can I … touch it?" She didn't look at Emilia's face. Only stared her mutated clit, which seemed to feel a little heavier with ever twitch. Without waiting for a response,
Bianca dropped to her knees and grasped the thick clit in her hands like a cock. It was nearly big enough for Bianca's two fists to grip it and still have the tip poking out.

Emilia's vaginal muscles clenched. She felt her juices dribbling out of her hole and start trickling down her leg. Bianca started moving her fist slowly up Emilia's shaft. She had to lean against the wall to keep from collapsing from the pleasure. "My God..." she breathed, "do it faster!"

The pseudo-cock was already well lubricated and still dripping from the tip. Bianca's fist moved faster and faster until Emilia's body was overcome with pleasure.

A few streams of cum shot out, landing perfectly on Bianca's waiting tongue.

Emilia was beside herself with pleasure, shaft still standing at attention. She gripped Bianca by her hair and pulled her face to her crotch. Bianca willingly took the hard shaft in her mouth, rubbing one finger up and down Emilia's labia.

Just as she was about to cum again, Emilia heard the door downstairs open. "Hey, kiddo," her dad's voice called, "you home?"



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