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the happenings between my cousin and me while on vacation
This is an almost forgotten story from many years ago. Just recently I met someone who lived just a couple of miles from the place where a cousin of mine had lived and that brought back memories of how , many years ago, I was on holiday with her on the south coast of England. So here , with a few details and the names changed is the almost true story of the happenings during my 2 week vacation with my cousin Brenda.

So, we had arrived at the bungalow on the south coast which was to be our holiday home for the next 2 weeks. The bungalow had been extended and could conveniently take 5 people, but there were 7 of us so it was going to be a bit of a squash. There was my mother and me, my older sister and her boyfriend, my aunt and uncle and my cousin Brenda. The squash would improve after 3 days when my sister and boyfriend would be leaving as they only had a few days off work. I had just reached my teens and Brenda was 11, but she was very well developed and could have passed as a 13 year old any day. Right from the start she flirted cheekily with me and my mother noticed. She said something to my aunt about it who just said “Oh, ignore her, she’s harmless” or something like that.

I had to share a bedroom with Brenda; it was a small room just big enough to take 2 single beds and at bed time one of us changed into our night attire in the bedroom while the other used the bath room. Then when we’d been “tucked in” one or other of the adults would peep round the bedroom door every 10 minutes or so until they were satisfied that we were both asleep. They said that was to make sure that we were “alright”. Now in common with most other healthy 13 year old lads, I was in the habit of giving myself a pleasure fix at least once a day and usually just before I went to sleep. However, with this arrangement that was bordering between difficult and impossible. I tried staying awake till all the adults were asleep but that didn’t work and Brenda moved around a lot in her sleep so I could never tell if she was awake. In the end I gave up trying to have a wank and just got more and more frustrated. My dick was hard more often than not and my testicles started to ache. (At that time in my life I had not heard of “blue balls”). To make matters worse there was this precocious young female who would ply me with loaded questions every time the adults were out of earshot.

I soon came to the conclusion that Brenda knew nothing about sex but that given the opportunity she would be very willing to find out. That opportunity came at the week end when we were left alone for a couple of hours. Another aunt and uncle were going to join us for a couple of days and after being met at the station they were all going for a drink before returning to the bungalow. Brenda and I were left playing some game, I think it was table billiards (there were no electronic distractions in those days) and the adults left for the station.

After about 5 minutes the questions started again, only this time I was able to give some sort of answer. “What’s the real difference between boys and girls; why do they keep peeping into our bedroom; why do we have to change in different rooms ; what was that bulge in your pyjamas” and so on. I decided that I would have to give her a quick lecture on where babies come from and how they get there. At the end she was a little surprised but quite prepared to believe as it all fitted in with rumours that she’d heard. “There’s still one question” she said “The bulge; you’ve got one again now. Why”. I explained how in order to plant the seed the “planter” would have to be stiff in order to get it in and that when it wasn’t required it sort of folded away. “That still doesn’t say why yours is stiff now” she said. I think by then I was getting a little red in the face but this conversation was going the way I wanted and I was determined to keep it on track.

It had been over a week since I had jacked off, so my sperm sacks were full to overflowing, my seminal vessels were full up and my system was turbocharged with testosterone, and I felt that Brenda was ready for some practical experience. I said “We’re not in complete control of the mechanism which controls the stiffness of our dicks, sometimes it only takes a sexy thought about a pretty girl and it happens automatically”. Brenda went red in the face as she said “So is that bulge the result of you having sexy thoughts about me”. I laughed and said “That could have quite a lot to do with it”. Brenda’s face got even redder as she put her hand on mine and said “Can I see it”. Now we’re motoring I thought, and I led her into a bedroom where there were no large windows.

I stood looking at her for a moment, wondering if I should give her a kiss but she was ahead of me and said “Go on then, undo your trousers”. I released my belt and pushed my zipper down so that my trousers fell down round my knees leaving my boner tenting my underpants. Without being invited she dropped to her knees and pulled my pants down so that my dick sprang up hitting her under the chin. She shot backwards, gasped and said “Wow that’s beautiful and much bigger than I expected; can I t”--- . I think she was going to say “touch it” but her enthusiasm got the better of her and she wrapped her hand around my shaft and gently fondled it. I was in heaven and thought I was going to blow it there and then and I struggled hard to keep myself under control. I remembered a little trick I’d heard about and I tried hard to wee, knowing that I couldn’t while I had a hard on, and it worked; it stopped me Cumming.

I let her carry on playing with me for a little while and she fondled my balls and kissed the tip of my dick. Then she moved to a crouching position and spread her legs wide apart, quickly followed by closing them and pressing her thighs together. She repeated these actions 2 or 3 times then gave her pussy a little rub. “I don’t know if I’m weeing myself” she said “but I feel a bit wet”. I told her that it was normal for a drop of lubricating fluid to be released when she was sexually excited. I said “It’s a bit like the little drop of pre-cum that’s on the tip of my dick now”. She looked closely at the little bead which was about to drip off and I said “It’s ok you can lick it if you like; it won’t hurt”. She thought about it for a couple of seconds then touched it with the tip of her tongue. “It tastes a little bit salty” she said and she took another lick and then wrapped her lips around my glans and swirled her tongue round and round. Again, I thought I was going to blow my load so I stopped her and said “You know how we were talking about the difference between girls and boys, well isn’t it time we made a direct comparison”. She hesitated for a couple of seconds then hoisted her skirt up round her waist revealing her knickers with a damp patch. She straight away pushed them down and showed me her smooth young pussy, the bottom of which was wet and glistening from the dribble of her vaginal juice which had leaked out. As I watched she opened her legs then closed them and pressed her thighs together causing her outer lips to open and close a little. “That feels nice” she said and proceeded to give the top end of her pussy a little rub.

Now at that time my knowledge of the female anatomy was sadly lacking; a pussy was a pussy and that was it. I doubt that I had ever heard of a vagina or a clitoris, so when she pulled me up against her and my dick head slipped just inside the top of her outer lips I thought I was rubbing against her entrance. I loved the feeling and my pre-cum soon made it slippery, causing Brenda to make a series of moans and squeaks. After a while I decided to try to enter her, so I straightened my dick and pushed. Nothing happened so I pushed harder, then not knowing that I was aiming about an inch too high, I pushed even harder and this caused Brenda to shout “OW STOP”. I decided to give up on that and went back to rubbing my dick up and down her slit. We kept that up for several minutes and then Brenda pulled back and took my shaft in her hand and said “that’s way too big to go in my little hole, you’ll just have to fuck my hand” and she started wanking me. I was experiencing intense pleasure and knew my orgasm was only seconds away and I tried to give Brenda as much pleasure as I could by rubbing with my finger where my dick had just been. I found that the top part of her slit was getting dry so I ran my finger down to the bottom part where I knew she was wet, and of course I found the entrance to her vagina.

I pushed my middle finger in and wiggled it around, making Brenda pant and moan and then my own orgasm ,which all this time had been building, burst through and I shot one large jet of cum onto the varnished wood floor just inside the bedroom door. I think I almost passed out; the feeling was the most intense I had ever experienced and I had a job to stop my knees from buckling.
Brenda stood transfixed staring at the spot where my jizz had landed then she just exclaimed “Wow” then looked at me and asked me if I was alright. By then I was rapidly recovering my composure and I said “I’m fine”. “Good” she said “In that case you can carry on where you left off, it was lovely”.

After a little experimenting I discovered that Brenda liked having the top of her slit rubbed at the same time as being fingered at the bottom. So we ended up with my finger in her while she rubbed the top part. In other words, I finger fucked her while she frigged her clit. After a couple of minutes she started to breath more heavily and jig around. Her moans got more urgent and she started to pant, then the walls of her vagina gently gripped my finger 4 or 5 times and she shuddered all over. Her knees gave way and she started to sink to the floor so I grabbed her round the waist and pulled her into a sitting position on the bed.
I left her to get her breath back while I dashed to get a hand full of loo roll as we were both rather wet. After we’d cleaned up Brenda said “Oh dear, that feeling’s gone, I was hoping it would stay for ever”. Then she enthusiastically wrapped her arms around me and gave me a big kiss.

While we were in the embrace I realised that I had developed another boner and it was pressing into her tummy. She was quick to notice it and said “This thing of yours is still frisky; can we make it happen again”? I didn’t know if I could bang another one out after the amazing explosion I’d just had, so I said “we could try”. She said “Well since you nearly collapsed like I did, why don’t you lie on the bed”. So I led on my back with my dick pointing skywards and Brenda knelt over me and started to lick. It was not long before she took my dick head into her mouth and started to suck, and I soon realised that I was on the way to another orgasm. As I started to breathe more heavily, Brenda got braver and tried to swallow my penis. She did extremely well causing me to wonder if she really was as innocent as she had led me to believe. From the growing tingle in my crotch I knew things were about to happen so I told Brenda that I was cumming. She pulled off me and taking my dick in her hand gave me a fast wank and I shot my cum into the air. The orgasm was only a shadow of the previous one and the puddle on my tummy was only a quarter of the one on the floor. But it was still most enjoyable and just what I needed after a week of abstinence.

Brenda said that she needed a wee so she scooted of to the loo leaving me to clean up myself and the puddle on the floor. After making sure that we’d covered up all traces of our activity we returned to the lounge and carried on playing some board games, and then about 20 minutes later our parents returned. I don’t remember anyone peeping into our bedroom that night but that was probably because I fell asleep very quickly. In the morning I came to my senses thinking about the moans and squeaks that Brenda had made while I was playing with her pussy and I lay there holding on to my dick. Then I realised that I was actually hearing those sounds for real, so I rolled over and saw Brenda with most of the bed covers pushed back, happily frigging her pussy. I immediately got a raging boner and started to go across to join her, but then I thought better of it. We could get a visit from any of the adults, so I just lay there quietly rubbing my dick as I watched her climax. After she’d calmed down, I waited a few seconds then quietly said “You enjoyed that, didn’t you”.

She jumped and said “How long have you been awake”. I said “Long enough, and you’ve made me as horny as hell, I’ll have to get some paper hankies from my suit case”.
The beds were very close together and as I stood up with my boner sticking out of my pyjamas Brenda reached over and started wanking me. I knew that I should have gone straight for the hankies but I didn’t want to lose the feel of her hand and I stayed there enjoying it. I suddenly realised that she’d got me to the point of no return and I leaped to the bottom of my bed where my suit case lay open on the floor. I ejaculated into my hand as I dropped to my knees and grabbed a handful of tissues. Just then the bedroom door opened and in stepped Brenda’s father. Fortunately Brenda had covered herself up by then and my dick was hidden behind the bed. I was holding a paper tissue in my hand which I quickly put to my nose and started to blow. “Just came to see if you were awake” he said “Need you up early as were off on a trip”. Then looking at me he added “Hope you’re not getting a cold” and he left. I looked at Brenda and said “Wow that was close”.

With the excitement of the previous evening, the after-glow and the hurry to clear things up, there was one thing that I forgot about. I did not swear Brenda to secrecy and that was my undoing. The following evening, Brenda, in her enthusiasm to practice her new found pleasurable hobby decided to frig herself in the bath. Unfortunately her mother waltzed in and caught her. She was duly reprimanded and in order to share the blame around, she “told” and I got into a lot of trouble. For the rest of the week I was not allowed to get within 10 feet of her and our sleeping arrangements were changed. Brenda stayed in the small back room and I was moved to the front where I shared a king size bed with my mum. This had certain advantages though as the adults didn’t retire until 2 hours after us kids were packed off, so I now had time and space to have a wank.

The following week we all returned home; I was grounded and the atmosphere was very frosty. Nothing much was said until the following week end when mum said something to me from the kitchen as I was walking down the stairs. I didn’t hear all she said, but I just caught “thank your lucky stars that Brenda is too young to have a baby”. I rushed to the kitchen door and said “What was that mum”. She replied “I was just saying that it’s fortunate that Brenda is too young for you to have got her pregnant after your escapade last week”. I put on a shocked expression and said “Oh mum, how could you think I would be so stupid; maybe we did show one another our bits but I most certainly did not fu--”. (I just stopped myself saying it). “Did not have intercourse with her”. “Well that’s a relief” said mum, “but why did your aunty Viv say that you did”. I said “Well I suppose Brenda told her something and she assumed the rest. Either that or Brenda was bragging”. Mum had witnessed some of Brenda’s flighty antics and was inclined to believe me. She went thoughtful for a minute and said “Well, I suppose we were asking for trouble by putting the two of you in the same room”. I realised then that I was on a downhill slope and after chatting with mum for a few more minutes managed to persuade her that it was all Brenda’s fault, and she let me off. I couldn’t believe my luck.

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2013-12-11 16:52:32
That was a nice story 9 out of 10 by me

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2013-12-11 10:24:30
I love stories of two people at around the same age discovering sex together. This was a very nice read and I rate this an 8 out of 10. I would have preferred more paragraphs but I'm being too picky.
Brenda 'telling' reminds me also of how girls sometimes can't keep their mouths shut. I had a similar experience with a neighbor girl who embarrassed me incredibly because she just couldn't keep her trap shut!

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2013-12-10 23:02:48
Damn, that really sucks that she blew it… oh well hope you had a nice time during imyour endeavours with your sister.

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