I had family that I never knew about until Mom announced one day that I had an uncle and aunt and cousins coming to visit.
I am working on uploading a pic or two of me but cannnot seem to get the sizing right. Hope to have it very soon.

Well, I never knew I had family until one day Mom announced that I had an aunt and uncle and 5 cousins coming to visitt one summer. I was not really looking forward to it but decided that I would make the best of it. Darryl was my Uncle, Mom's brother and his wife was Jade who was Asian with long black hair down her back and beautiful all over but she had more tits than I had usually seen on Asian women. She was a 36DD and was really beautiful, but I said that. The kids were all half and half and there were two girls and three boys, all very polite and very nice looking. The girls were twins so they were almost inseparable and the boys all were always into things. The girls were 13 and the boys 15, 16, and 18. Gem and Dawn were the girls and Phil and Rick and Donny were the boys. They came in one day as I had just come from the pool and I heard them so I slipped on a robe since I was swimming and sun bathing naked. I was now a buxom 38DDD and my hips were 38 too, my waist went in to only 30 so I was a little on the buxom, plump side as everyone said.

We were all introduced and hugged and such and sat down after they got settled in. The girls were in my room and Darryl and Jade in the spare room since Jill was not there at the time. The boys were in the basement rec room and so everyone seemed happy with the arrangements. All went boringly normal for a couple days until I was coming out of the shower one morning and Darryl opened the door to the bathroom. I stood there and did not cover up since I was not used to covering up and had a towel in my hands and Darryl stood there his mouth open. I had forgotten to lock the door and so we stood there for a little few seconds and finally he sputtered that he was sorry and left. The next morning I was again in the shower and the door knob jiggled and I said, "Be out in a sec." and Jade answered back, "Okay, but it is just us girls you know." and laughed. I opened the door with the towel around me and she stepped in with her towel and bath things and smiled, "Good morning." and I said "Good morning" back. She looked at me, "You gave my husband a real start yesterday." she smiled. "Really, Did not mean to, was just finshing my shower and I forgot to lock the door. I usually don't have to." I said. "Oh, well, if that is the problem then..." and she stepped to the door and locked it. She turned and smiled, "Don't want anyone walking in on us do we?" she said and there was more to her saying than I had thought. "You know you really got Uncle Darryl all stirred up yesterday, so much so that he banged me twice last night." she said and I know I turned red.

I decided to play along to see what would happen and so I let me towel drop and stood there a few feet from her, "Well, if this got him going I can't wait to see how things go the rest of the visit." I said. She smiled and took off her gown and tossed it to the rack and her panties and had the most beautiful tone of skin and not a flaw anywhere. Her long black hair fell over her shoulders and made her look almost unreal. "I can see why he got excited seeing you," she said, "And I think I am getting turned on too." She stepped towards me and reached her hands out and took my tits in her hands and massagged then and then stepped till our bodys were pressing against each other. Her face was inches from mine and she kissed my neck softly and then harder. She moved me to a dressing bench and sat me down and looked at me. She sat next to me and began the most passionate kissing I had ever felt and I found I was dripping juices before we really got started. "You know, I have not had breakfast yet and I am starving>" she whispered. "Wel, I am available it seems, want all you can eat?" I asked her. "Oh, yes." she whispered again and her mouth was on my nipples teasing them and biting and making them rock hard. Her fingers found my pussy entrance and touched the lips so lightly that I felt a shiver go all over me then she worked into me slowly. My hips wanted to buck agains her hand but I decided to let her do it the way she wanted to which, so far, seemed to be better than I had ever done before. Her hands were all over me and her fingers went in and out and teased my clit and lips and dove into pussy and soon I exploded with almost no warning. I sprayed her hand and wrist with my juices and she licked them, "Oh we have a squirter do we?" she said and her face went between my legs. She sucked in my clit and played with it with her tongue and sucked it into her lips and her fingers played with my pussy while she ate me slowly. Somehow, I began having orgasm after orgasm spraying her face and soaking her chest and hair and face. The more I had the more she would not let up and then her fist slipped into my pussy and she began pounding my insides. I was going crazy with what can best be descried as non-stop orgasms, one after another. We moved to the floor on some towels and I dove for her pussy and began doing for her what she had done for me. She was all over the place and the towels just let us go all over the floor.

After an hour or so there was a lite tap at the door and she got up leaving me like a wet rag on the floor. It was Uncle Darryl and he stepped in and locked the door and his shorts fell exposing a cock the size of a horse. It was half way to his knees and as thick as a beer can if not more. Jade was on her knees bowing to him and said, "She is ready for you Master." and he patted her head. "Good, go to the corner and watch." she told her and she did. He got on his knees between my legs and smiled, "Well, you see that I am interested in your pussy and now that Jade has gotten you ready I will take care of it." With that and no warning his cock went to the entracnce and plunged into my pussy making me cry out. "Did it hurt?" he said. "No, it felt fucking great. Do it again, pound me good Uncle Darryl." I said and my arms were around his neck. He was there a second and then drove into me again scooting us across the floor and my head was bumping against the wall as he rammed my pussy hard and deep. He fucked me like crazy and then he told me to turn over on my stomach and I did on my knees and he rammed into pussy from behind and found new territory. "Oh yes, yes Uncle Darryl, fuck me." I was moaning and Jade was playing with her self in the corner. "Yes, fuck me." I was crying out. Orgasms sprayed his cock and balls and puddled on the towel and then he grunted and pulled me all the onto him and his load filled my pussy. It seemed to never stop and when he did Jade came to him and cleaned off his cock and then played with it. After that e moved it to my ass and then Jade guided him in and he again rammed into me, my ass streach to take him in. He bottomed out and again and again plunged into my ass each time it felt like he was ramming harder. I do not know for how long but finally he filled my ass with a load as if he had not cum for days. He slipped out and I took his cock and cleaned it up and saw that there was some blood on it and so he seemed proud that he had torn my ass some. He took Jade and got in the shower and I left and she said later that he fucked her before they left.

My ass was sore at supper that night and I moved to try and make it better and so that night I laid in bed thinking of him but more of Jade. The next day I got in the pool early and had on a string bikini. Soon the boys came out and jumped in and started playing, pulling me under and jumping on me splashing and more than once my tits came out of the top as they dragged me under the water. Finally one time after they had popped out Donny said, "Why not take it off since they look like they wanna be out anyway." and so I did and tossed the top to the side of the pool. They all looked at me smiling and laughing and then I knew it was planned and so I decided to take off the bottom too and tossed it. "Wel guys, I am naked, how about you all." and they took off their suits and there we were naked and I was getting hot again cause as I dove under and we horseplayed I saw some very nice cocks stiff as a board under the water. I decided to get in the middle of all three and let them have their feel and anything else they wanted. I was pushing them under and telling them to swim between my legs and when they did I caught them and wrapped my legs around them. One time Darryl had just gone under me and he was facing up to get a look at my pussy and I went down and placed myself right on his hard cock. We came up with my legs around his hips and with a small move I had him inside me. He was shocked but not too much. The other two saw what was happening and got closer grabbing and touching. "Anyone wanna fuck my ass while I am at this?" I said and soon there was a cock in my ass too. I was almost passing out from the pleasure and they mode sure to drive as deep as they could until I had another orgasm and they filled me with cum. The other got in place and I took him in and he did not last long but had a huge load of cum for me. We played in the pool for a couple hours and after I was well fucked and had sucked off thre nice cocks. At supper that night we all laughed and giggle and I saw the sister looking at me and I winked and they gave me a nervous smile. As I got up I leaned over between them and said, "You two are next." and so, later on, the bedroom door opened and they came in, soft gowns and no panties and I laid between them. Slowly they touched and kissed and we all mode love softley, not fucked or had sex, but made love. Bother had some experience but they were open to learn so I had them fisting me and sluppering up my orgasms and kissing and sucking my nipples which were bigger than their whole tits. They stayed all night and we fell asleep in each others arms and went to breakfast with gowns on. AS we came to the kitichen Mom and Darryl and Jade and the boys were all naked at the table and so our gown hit the floor and we sat to eat. That was the beginning of the best Summer visit I have had.
Move later all,

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