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I hope you enjoy my story. I look forward to some feed back
Sarah and I had just been married. It was a her dream wedding, everything she wanted, I agreed to. It was hard not to considering her Dad was paying for the bulk of it. But whatever made her happy I was all for. You know the old saying, "Happy Wife, Happy Life". I tried for the most part to adhere to this motto through our entire relationship. Thats not to say I didn't put my foot down on occasion when I needed to, but we rarely argued and I think we have a pretty good thing going.

So the ceremony and reception were over, we'd said our goodbyes to our family and friends and retired to our room where we consummated the marriage… again and again… I didn't let her take her dress off for round one, she looked so beautiful in it, round two she stripped down to her bridal lingerie, a white strapless half cup bra that her nipples were just peeking over the top of and a sheer lacy thong. Sarah has an amazing figure, DD breasts, a flat stomach, and then a big hips and a juicy ass, tapering down to her long legs, she's a bit of a barbie doll I suppose, only not as tall in comparison to the dolls measurements. Anyway, for round 3 Sarah got down to her birthday suit and rode me until we both came and we collapsed in a heap, falling asleep. We'd had a big day so we'd definitely earned the rest. We woke up the next morning to the maid placing our breakfasts on our respective nightstands we had both slept on top of the covers, both naked. I looked up at the maid, and she looked down at my morning glory, Nothing to spectacular, I'm about 7 inches with a decent bit of girth. She smiled and said "You're wife's a lucky woman" I just smiled back and Sarah rolled over and added "I am aren't I" and kissed me good morning, We thanked the maid and she left us to enjoy our first morning as Husband and Wife.

After we ate, we got our things together and got in the car and headed for the airport. We arrived with plenty of time and checked in and made our way through security. We stopped for a coffee before we went to our gate and picked up a few magazines and such for the flight. We were headed to Thailand for our honeymoon, Sarah had been before, but it was my first time leaving the country. Not long after, we boarded our flight and settled into our seats, before long we took off and were on our way. Sarah asked the flight attendant for a blanket and after she'd gotten that, she rested her head on my shoulder for a sleep. I dragged the blanket over me as well and closed my eyes to.

I have no idea how much later it was but I could feel cock being worked softly, I opened my eyes, Sarah was just grinning back at me, "I thought that might wake you" she said playfully, "I'm going to the ladies if you want to join me" she added. I smiled and gave her a minute and then followed. We got into the cubicle, which was nothing short of compact, but it was the best we could do. She sat down on the toilet and proceeded to unbutton my shorts, she slid the zip down and released my turgid cock from my underwear. She extended her tongue and starting from my balls ran it up the length of my shaft before devouring my cock into her mouth. I can safely say hands down Sarah is the best and most enthusiastic cock sucker I've ever had the pleasure of experiencing. I reach into he tight cotton singlet and groped at her breasts, Sarah was cupping my balls with her left hand and had her right hand on my butt pulling me into her throat. There was a knock on the door… "Just a minute" I said. My bride didn't even break rhythm she just kept going, saliva was trickling out of her mouth and down her chin, she let go of my balls and scooped up some of the escaping spit, with her other hand she pulled my ass cheeks apart to give her access and inserted two freshly lubed up fingers into my arse.

We'd been experimenting with a bit of ass play the last six months or so, she thought if I got to fuck her arse
it was only fair that that she got to fuck mine. I really had no legitimate argument. It began as just her fingering my arsehole, but eventual she came home with a feeldoe, sort of like a strap on only its kind of bent and half of it goes inside her pussy and it vibrates, it was painful at first but with plenty of lube and her pulling my dick at the same time, to tell you the truth, I really started to enjoy it. A few times I've even put her end of the feeldoe in my arse and its like I have two cocks and I've used it to Double Penetrate Sarah which she loves.

Anyway, so here we are in this cubicle on a plane and we've just got a knock on the door, Sarah's got 2 fingers in my arse milking my prostate and I'm balls deep in her warm, wet mouth. Sarah knows just what buttons to push and in just a few seconds I'm exploding in her face, she swallows every drop and cleans me up. I button up my shorts and head back to my seat, passing the lady who must've knocked on my way out, She steps towards the door into the cubicle but is startled when it won't open, its locked behind me, I look back and the lady is looking at me with contempt. I return to our assigned seats and I keep an eye out for Sarah, I can't help but laugh when a minute later she walks past the same lady. The lady is throwing daggers at Sarah with her eyes. I slide over and let Sarah have the aisle seat she looks at me with a smirk and then we get comfy back under our blanket and put on another movie to get us through the rest of the flight.

So we land in Bangkok and and spend the next few days doing all the touristy things, tiger temple, floating markets, getting wasted on cheap cocktails and fucking one another stupid every chance we got. Then we set off to Koh Samui to spend our last week relaxing around the pool at the resort drinking more cocktails and lying on the beach getting massages. One of the locals we'd met in a bar told me of some great diving spots around the island and told me about a couple of boats that could get me out there. So I went down to the marina and organised a trip for the next day. Sarah wasn't interested in diving and decided to continue drinking in the sun which I didn't mind because it gave me a chance at a bit of time to myself. The next day I did my diving trip, it as't the most exciting dive I've ever been on, but it was good to get in the water and have a few hours of the booze. On the way back we dropped the pick at a little reef break a few miles short of the port and the skipper unstrapped a few surfboards from the bimini and the deckhand, another diver and myself jumped over the side and paddled over to where the waves were breaking. It wasn't big at all, lucky to be four foot, but it was pretty consistent and the waves held up nicely so it was fun little surf for an hour or so. After that we weighed anchor and continued back to shore where a few of my new friends convinced me to join them at the bar. I agreed and called the resort we were staying at and left a message for Sarah letting her know I got back safe and what I was doing now. After four or five Singha's I decided it was time to head back to the resort and find Sarah.

The sun was still up so I walked back along the beach thinking I might find my wife on the way, I still hadn't seen her by the time I got to the gate into the resort pool, so I figured that'd the next place to look. Sure enough there she was laying back in the shallows, tanning with a large cocktail glass filled with a red smoothie looking concoction with chunks of pineapple and kiwifruit hanging of the rim. She'd made a new friend as well, a gorgeous brunette in oversized sunglasses with big bottomed lips that looked like they were made for eating your cock on. The Brunette was lying on her belly with but up on her elbows, if you know what I mean, giving me an awesome view of her big tits which were clearly bolt-ons, but they looked fantastic in her bikini which consisted of a couple of small triangles of lycra that barely covered her nipples. She had a great bronzed tan, her arch back looked sexy as hell, as my eyes fell further down her frame I noticed her bikini bottoms didn't have much more material than the top. It was half way up her arse and showing of her large firm cheek which led down to a long lucious sets of pins.

As I approached, Sarah rolled over and said Hi and introduced me to her drinking buddy who I found out was Lenka, she spoke with a eastern european accent I later found out was Romanian. Sarah told me Lenka was holidaying alone and that she'd invited her to have dinner with us. There was no way I was complaining, two beautiful women to escort for the night, I couldn't have asked for more. I said I was going back to our room to clean up, I leant down and gave Sarah a quick kiss and told her I'd meet them back there.

I went back and had a quick shower and got dressed, as I was buttoning up my shirt, the girls burst through the door, giggling at something or other as somewhat intoxicated girls do. I just smiled and made small talk as Sarah scoured through her dresses hanging in the wardrobe. They'd obviously stopped by Lenka's room on their way back because she was wearing a sexy little green cocktail dress that plunged low at the front showing off her ample cleavage, open back which told me she wasn't wearing a bra and a hemline that just made it to the top of her thighs, she was definetely a stunner. Sarah eventually settled on a purple one shoulder cocktail dress that having seen her in it before, I new clung to her body, leaving nothing to the imagination about the body she was hiding underneath it. Right in the middle of the room, she undid her bikini top and dropped the bottoms, right in front of our guest. It didn't bother me really, I figured girls do get dressed in front of one another, no big deal. Sarah pulled her dress over her head and shimmied it down over her hips then picked up her purse, took Lenka by the hand and headed for the door, looking back grinning and motioning for me to follow. I just smiled back at her stepped into my thongs (flip-flops for the non-aussies) and caught up.

We went to dinner, then migrated to a nearby club our waiter recommended and enjoyed some more drinks, Sarah and Lenka got up on the dance floor and were dirty dancing with one another, giving all the guys in the place a good show, as I looked around every set of male eyes were pointed in their direction. I just smiled as Lenka beckoned for me to join them. I'm not much of a dancer, usually I'd rather play pool or just hang by the bar, but how could I refuse an offer like this. I went over and the girls started grinding on me, a girl on each leg. I put one arm around my wife and held her ass as she swayed with the music. Lenka grabbed my other hand and planted it on her ass then ran her hand up my shirt. I looked to Sarah who just smiled back encouragingly. I liked where this night was heading. We continued dancing then Sarah leant over and kissed Lenka, a deep passionate kiss, intertwining tongues, it was hot. I felt all eyes on us and I'm sure every guy wanted to be me at that point, Then Sarah broke away from Lenka and brought her lips to mine and kissed me the same way, then leant back brought Lenka and my lips together and we shared another lip lock. This was really happening.

After a few more rounds and several other guys making moves on my girls to no avail, we decided it was time to take the party back behind closed doors. It was an understatement to say I was excited. Sarah and I had a great sex life but it had always been just us alone. The thought of seeing my wife with another woman drove me crazy. On the walk back I had a girl under each arm with both of them running their hands over my body. As I fumbled in my pockets for the swipe card to our room the girls embraced and were kissing insatiably again. I finally managed to activate the door and we fell into the entry way, Sarah pushed the door closed behind us then both girls in unison took position on their knees in front of me. My Wife took charge, unbuttoning my shorts and unzipping my fly, letting them fall to my ankles. She took my cock in her hand and pointed it towards her new playmate. Lenka brought her face forward and let the tip rest on her tongue for a second before sealing her soft lips around my cock and inhaling it til her nose was being tickles by my trimmed pubes, the first of my 7 inches nestled snuggly in her throat. She kept up the suction for around 10 seconds before she started bouncing her face off my groin. My cock had her slobber dripping off, falling to the floor in long, sticky strings. I looked at my wife who was staring intently at the sight before her, seemingly enjoying it. With one hand on Lenka's shoulder and the other reaching down pleasuring herself, she had several of her fingers buried to the third knuckle, withdrawing them every so often to stimulate her clit. Lenka kept up the pace on my cock until Sarah greedily pulled it from Lenka's mouth with a 'pop' and took my pre lubed member in her own mouth, sucking with such enthusiasm as if to show the fake-titted brunette she wouldn't be out done.

I could feel my seed boiling in my sack, but I wasn't ready to cum quite so soon. I took both girls by the hand and led them to the bed, kicking my shorts from around my feet on the way. I grabbed the bottom of Sarahs dress and tore it over her head only to remember she hadn't worn any underwear. Lenka was kneeling on the bed behind me and helped Sarah remove my shirt which she hastily cast aside. Lenka was now giving me a reach around while I kissed my wife. Lenka repositioned herself so she could get her mouth back to my dick. I fell back on the bed taking Sarah with me. I pulled her hips up to my face and she turned around so she was facing her cock suck adversary and lowered her wax-smooth pussy onto to waiting lips. She was already dripping with anticipation, I grabbed her arse and pulled her to me and lifted my neck to meet her and lapped her hungrily, licking her from her clit to her asshole, burying my tongue between her folds and getting my fill of her lady juices on my way past before reaching her puckered asshole and tracing gentle circles making her quiver with each revolution. She leant forward and joined Lenka attending to my appendage. Having the two of them working it at the same time was the most surreal sensation, lips sliding over my shaft and gently tugging at my sack while hands massaged my inner thighs and groin. All the attention was amazing. I heard Sarah say "I want to see you sit on his cock." Lenka stood up and I lifted her dress over her head, I couldn't see much past Sarahs ass but I got a good eyeful of Lenka's big titties, they were amazing, huge and sat right up with zero sag. I could feel her climb back onto the bed and straddle me, Sarah spat on my cock for some added lube and then I felt Lenka lower herself onto my cock which sarah was still holding to guide it in. It was so tight, it was fantastic, I knew it wouldn't be long before I came. Lenka bounced up and down, with Sarahs face right there. she must've been getting quite the view, seeing my cock disappear into another woman. Lenka felt great.

I couldn't hold out any longer. I let go of my wires arse and reached down and put my hands around Lenka's toned butt and pulled her harder into me as I shot my load deep inside her. I slowed my rhythm and relaxed catch my breath. "Was that good Baby?" Sarah asked. "So good, best wedding present ever Darlin" was all I could muster as I started flicking her clit with my tongue bringing her to climax, she came hard and I could feel her sweet nectar run down my cheek and past my ears. I lapped it up, She tasted so sweet. She lifted her leg and rolled off me, coming to rest on the bed next to me. I looked at her lovingly, taking one hand off Lenka ass and placing it on my Sarah's thigh, running it up to her moist hole giving her clit a quick tickle which made her jump, she was always quite sensitive after she came, she flinched and brushed my hand away and we laughed, I cast my gaze over Lenka who was still rocking on my cock as it softened. we looked in each others eyes and she smiled. I lowered my yes and had another gawk at her massive tits. As my stare dropped lower, I froze. There sitting between Lenka's thighs was this 8 inch cock. My mouth dropped. I couldn't take my eyes off it. It was a little longer than mine but almost half as thick. What the fuck just happened. It dawned on me that I'd just fucked a bloke. My cock was still inside him. A rush of panic hit me which Sarah must've seen "Its OK baby, Its alright, calm down, look at me." I looked at my wife lying next to me naked. She sat up and ran her hand up my chest, "Didn't you enjoy that?" She asked. "Well… yeah… but I didn't know… She has a… He's a… What the fuck??" I said with a slightly raised voice. "Ive been a woman for the last 10 years now, I just still have a cock" Lenka chimed in "I'm quite attached to it as I'm sure you can empathise with" She joked, I couldn't help but let out a chuckle. Lenka started stroking her cock, I was still feeling uneasy when my bride turned her body and I watched her take 8 inches of ladyboy cock between her lips and glide her tongue over its length. Lenka grabbed a fistful of my wifes hair as she sent her seed blasting down my brides throat.

Lenka climbed off me and my semi-flaccid cock sucked from her asshole and slapped back onto my belly and lay down on the other see of me as Sarah ran the back of her hand across her mouth, wiping away the remnants of our new friend. She leant into me and kissed me. I was conflicted to say the least. Tasting someone else's semen in my wifes mouth was something new. I never considered myself bisexual, I still don't. There was no denying Lenka was an incredibly attractive woman. "I Love You Tom" Sarah proclaimed "And I know you Love me, Otherwise I wouldn't have done this. You get your threesome and get to fuck another woman and I get another cock, we both win" she continued with a smirk. I grinned back and I couldn't really disagree. "It was just a bit of a shock is all Darlin" I replied. "I know, I'm sorry" she said, I just smiled at her and said "Its OK Darlin', I just want you to be happy, enjoy yourself"

With that, Sarah climbed over me and started sucking Lenka's cock again. I was mesmerised watching this cock grow in her mouth, she reached back over to me and started jerking me off getting the blood rushing to cock again. I turned my head and looked at Lenka with a sheepish look on my face, I apologised and she said she understood and then kissed me while my wife worked both our cocks back to being hard. I bent down and took Lenka's closest tit in my mouth and sucked on her nipple. "Get up here" she directed Sarah, who obediently did as she was told. Sarah through a leg over Lenka and impaled herself on her cock. I looked at my wifes face and could tell her new toy was hitting a place inside her womb I couldn't reach with my own cock. I divided my attention now between both women tits, Lenka's,, whose were firm and tight and sat up on her chest like beautiful beach balls, and Sarah's whose hung down naturally and were soft and lucious. I had the best of both worlds, which I suppose was the case entirely with Lenka. We could enjoy her as a couple. And it was a real turn on seeing someone else fuck my wife.

"Fuck my Ass" Sarah commanded. I needed no encouragement. I whipped around behind her and watched intently for a few seconds as Lenka's shaft slid in and out of my wifes pussy, I spat on my hand and rubbed it into her anus, lined my cock up and eased it into her backdoor. I could feel Lenka through the thin layer of skin separated our cocks as we both pleasured the same woman. Sarah was writhing around grinding against us. Leaning on Sarah I reached around and grabbed her left breast and let it wobble around in my palm, with the other hand I groped Lenka's left chest cannon. It was quite the contrast feeling both women. My wife leant down and pressed her lips against the sexy Romanian shemales lips and they kissed deeply, I took this opportunity to reach down and start making little circles around Sarah's clit and had her convulsing with delight as was filled with cock and she collapsed lifeless onto Lenka as we both kept pounding her holes like she was a piece of meat.

"Get off" Lenka barked at me. I rocked back and sat on my heels. Lenka grabbed around Sarah's arse and without taking her cock out, flipped her onto her back and started back pounding her, I suddenly started feeling a little left out until Lenka looked back over her shoulder and said "What are you waiting for??" I din't need to be told twice, I seemed to have gotten real comfortable with the whole situation now I dove straight in. Her arse was still well lubed from earlier and I slid right in. I fucked Lenka's arsehole as he fucked my wires pussy. I had a perfect view of my wifes face from this angle, her eyes rolling back in her skull as the weight of two bodies pounded on top of her, Lenka bouncing back and forth between me and Sarah, she also seemed to be enjoying herself. Simultaneously, both ladies started breathing heavily and picked up the pace, my wife wrapped her arms around Lenka and gripped her tightly, they came together and all but stopped just holding one another, I kept thrusting steadily until Lenka pushed back into me, forcing me deep inside her then quickly moved herself forward and off my dick, it was a tricky little move she seemed to have perfected. She lay down to recover next to Sarah, leaving me on my knees with my dick waving in the air with her ass juice shining in the light. So I lay down on the other side of my wife and contemplated all that had happened since stepping off the dive boat earlier in the day.

Sarah's voice cut through my thoughts. "Baby, tonights been amazing" she said, "I couldn't agree more, I was certainly amazed" I joked "Seriously though, its been fun Darlin', thank you." "There's one more thing we could try" she said cautiously. I could see where this was headed. I looked at Lenka as she looked at me with a grin and began stroking her cock. "You've fucked my ass tonight, aren't you going to return the favour" she said with a devilish smirk. "Please Baby, I'd love to see that" Sarah pleaded. "I suppose I'm going to have to" I said reluctantly.

I rolled over onto my belly and Lenka grabbed my arse firmly with a hand on each buttock and parted my cheeks and began lubing my hole with her tongue and when it was suitably oozing she pulled me up onto my knees and pushed me forward so I was on all fours. My wife set up some pillows against the bed head apparently ready for the show. The tranny behind me fingered my asshole loosening me a little, preparing me as Sarah sat before us fingering herself. I rested my head on her thigh, staring at her sweet opening being worked intently as I felt the head of Lenka's cock push up against my anus, as I said before, my wife and I have experimented with assplay and she'd fucked me with her feeldoe, so the wasn't entirely new, but the feeling of a real cock entering my hole, the warmth, the way it was hard but had a softness to it at the same time. I was surprised at how good it felt. Lenka was quite gentle, only easing an inch or so in with each thrust and slowly going deeper and deep until her balls rested against mine. She relaxed her grip on my arse and dropped one hand and wrapped my cock in her fingers and gave me a reach around at the same rhythm as she fucked my arse. I couldn't hide how good it felt, and lifted my eyes to meet Sarah's. She looked happy, satisfied, content. She threw a pillow under my belly and swung herself around underneath me and replaced our lover's hand with her mouth. It wasn't the same as she'd sucked earlier, it was softer, more comforting. Between the cock gently pressing into my prostate and my wife milking me with her lips, I was overcome with pleasure and erupted into Sarah's mouth, she just gulped it down with every spurt that I released. The sensation of my anus contracting on Lenka set her off as well unleashing a tidal wave of spunk inside me, it was an interesting feeling, I suppose one that both girls were used to, but it was new to me, the heat of her seed in my ass. It felt nice, adding more lube and making it even slipperier as Lenka took her final pumps.

We all collapsed in a naked heap on the bed and drifted not a deep, well deserved sleep.

We awoke the next morning and all showered together, I took the opportunity to feel Lenka's dick in my hand. I felt it go from completely soft to rock hard, something I'd felt my own cock to but it was weird being someone else's. Sarah just stared as I jerked off this beautiful women with a dick. I knelt down to get a better look and saw her sack tighten and a lightning bolt shoot up her cock as she shot rope after rope across my face and chest, I just laughed and stood up and washed it off. Lenka returned the favour and worked my cock til i exploded all over her tits. All the while Sarah just continued to stare and smile as she lathered herself up, paying particular attention to her nether regions.

After our shower we got dressed and headed down to the garden for breakfast. It was all just a bit of fun now, sitting with two scantily clad women at a tropical resort , enjoying one another's company, laughing and carrying on like we were old friends who'd known each other for years. This really was paradise.

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