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Alice confesses her feelings to Mary.
The Devil's Pact
by mypenname3000
Copyright 2013

Chapter Twenty-Eight: Alice

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Giggling, we burst into the Wedding Lace, a bridal shop near my house. It was Tuesday afternoon, and I was here to for my wedding dress's second fitting. The seamstress was finished with the alterations and we had to make sure that her adjustments correct. Her name was Bonnie, and she was a purple-haired beauty covered in piercings. Even her cunt was pierced and I remembered how I played with the silver ring in her labia as I ate her pussy out during the first fitting. And her tongue piercing, I shivered just remember ho great it when Bonnie ran it through my slit. I was getting a little wet just thinking about it.

My three bridesmaids were with me: Mark's younger sister Antsy and my two sisters, Shannon and Missy. We were also going to select the bridesmaids dresses and get their fittings taken care of. My maid-of-honor, Alice, was also meeting us here. I hadn't seen her in a week, not since she found me in the motel up in Seattle and drove me home after the big fight I had with Mark. Mark was under this spell from a nun and it almost drove us apart. All week Alice has been bugging me to get together and she sound so happy to be able to see me today when we spoke on the phone.

“Remember ladies, be on your best behavior,” I warned my bridesmaids. “Alice, doesn't know about any of this. I want her to be kept away from all of this and be normal.”

Shannon frowned at me, slipping into her mother role. When our whore of mother left us, Shannon had to take her place. She had to grow up a little too quickly and liked to forget I wasn't a child anymore. “You didn't keep us away from this,” Shannon pointed out. “I seemed to remember how eager you were to get me and Missy into bed.”

“Mark and I needed your help,” I explained, half apologetically. “And, well, that left you vulnerable to our enemies. Alice is under no commands. I told her to ignore my orders and Mark hasn't given her any, either. So, she has a silver aura so she can't be touched by a nun.”

“I had a silver aura,” Antsy pointed out. The latest nun, her name was Theodora according to Antsy, tried to break Mark and I up. The nun's spell made Mark and Antsy obsessed with each other. I guess the nun wanted to split us apart to to make it easier to pick us off. And it almost worked. But, Mark's behavior changed too radically and I became suspicious and found a way to break the spell.

“Well...” I trailed off, frowning. Antsy was right. There was a lot we didn't know. The sooner Sam, our newest slut, finished translating the Magicks of the Witch of Endor, the better. “Well, Mark and I are protected against that spell, now. So it would be pointless for any nun to go after Alice that way.”

We entered the Wedding Lace and Bonnie smiled and walked up and boldly kissed me. Alice was in the back and she was glaring daggers at Bonnie. She pushed past Bonnie and kissed me, just as boldly, and for twice as long. The kiss was great, her lips soft and left me a little breathless, but I wondered what has gotten into her, lately. She just seemed so possessive of me.

“Why am I not surprised that you sleep with your bridesmaids, too,” Bonnie giggled.

Alice answered, “Well, not all of them, I hope.” There was an edge to her voice. Jealousy? No, that couldn't be it. “Two of them are her sisters.”

I laughed and ignored the comment. “It's great to see you, too, Alice,” I told her with a smile. “And you know Shannon and Missy, of course.”

“Hey, Alice,” Shannon said, hugging her old friend from High School. “It's good to see you.”

“I hear you're engaged,” Alice said, kissing Shannon on the cheek. “To George, right.”

Shannon beamed. “Yeah, I guess I'll need to come back and start shopping for my wedding dress.”

“Well, I'm happy for you,” Alice told her and gave Shannon a warm hug.

Shannon held her tightly, and bent down to whisper, “So, you'll bang my little sister but not me.”

Alice flushed. “I...what...”

Shannon laughed. “You are so easy to tease, Alice.” Shannon gave Alice a kiss on the cheek, and asked, “And how's Dean doing?”

Alice ignored the question about her husband, and instead ruffled Missy's hair. “How's it hanging, pipsqueak.” I knew Dean and Alice were having martial problems. Dean worked too much and did not spend enough time with Alice. His neglect had already led her to have one affair with her yoga instructor.

Missy scowled at Alice, patting at her hair. “I'm fifteen, now,” she complained. “Not a little girl anymore.”

Alice hugged her. “But you'll always be my little pipsqueak.”

I could see Missy grinding her teeth. She desperately wanted to be treated like an adult now that she was fifteen and I wanted to head off a Missy-tantrum before it started. “C'mon, let's look at the bridesmaids dresses. Unless you want me to put you in something just ugly.”

“You wouldn't!” Missy gasped.

“Well, it's my special day and I do not want my little sister looking hotter than me!” I grinned at Missy.

We started browsing the shelves and I handed Alice a ruffled, pale blue dress. “Let's see how this looks on you,” I told her.

“But I like this cream one,” Missy complained, holding up a dress.

“Then go try it on,” I told her. “And we'll see which dress looks nicer.”

Alice took the dress and walked into a changing room. “Um, Mary, could you help me with this,” Alice called.

I smiled, she was so transparent. I slipped into the changing room and found Alice naked, a smile playing on her full, kissable lips, lighting up her round face. Black curls framed her face, drawing the eyes to her perfect features and enchanting, hazel eyes. Her breasts were perky, about my size, and her hips curvy. Her pussy was freshly shaven and moist with excitement.

“I just need you so badly,” she whispered. “I've missed you so much.”

“I know, it's just been so busy,” I sighed. “How about tomorrow, at the usual spot?”

Alice's eyes lit up. “I'd love that. Now kiss me you sexy vixen!”

I pressed her up against the wall, kissing her on the mouth. Her lips were soft and tasted sweet. Her tongue fenced with mine as I trailed my fingers down her side, following her hip and sliding down to the wet furnace between her legs. Her body twitched as my finger's lightly caressed her clit, then I slid them up inside her juicy depths.

She moaned into my mouth, her eyes closed tight as she writhed on my fingers. I found her hard clit with the heal of my hand, slowly grinding on the sensitive pearl as I fucked my two fingers in and out of her wet tunnel. Her hands gripped my face, pulled me tighter against her lips. Her body spasmed beneath me, the little minx was so hot for me she was already cumming. I pulled my sticky fingers out, broke the kiss and licked the juices slowly off my fingers.

“Thanks,” Alice gasped. “I needed that.”

“And what about what I need?” I asked her archly, pulling up the front of my skirt, exposing my wet slit.

Alice glanced nervously out the door. “What about your sisters and that other girl?”

“They won't care.”

“Okay,” she sighed happily, kneeling down before me.

Her hands were almost trembling, the poor dear, as she spread my thighs. I leaned back against the dressing room wall and sighed as she licked up my slit. Her tongue was rough velvet on my pussy, feeling just delicious. A second swipe across my cunt, and this time she brushed my clit and I shivered in pleasure. Then her tongue dug eagerly into me, lapping hard at my pussy. Alice was a like a starving girl, feasting on the delicacies of my pussy.

Her hands gripped my plump ass, squeezing my cheeks as her tongue dug up inside my cunt. My breath quickened. If the little minx kept this up, I'd be cumming in no time. I let out a soft moan as her tongue flicked rapidly at my clit. Then her lips sealed over my little bud and sucked hard as she shoved two fingers up inside me, curling about and finding my G-spot. My orgasm exploded through me, quaking through my entire body and a loud gasp escaped my lips.

When I slipped out of the dressing room, Shannon and Antsy applaud. “Sounded like a good one, Mary!” Antsy smirked.

“Thanks for making my little sister happy,” Shannon hollered into the stall where Alice was slipping on the blue dress.

“Uh, you're welcome, Shannon,” Alice answered back, sounding uncertain.

Missy came out in her cream dress. The shoulders were ruffled lace, gathered to look like flowers, with a scooped neckline that showed off Missy's rather small cleavage. The arms were left bare and the dress hugged Missy's torso then flared at the hips into a flowing, satin skirt.

“Oh, don't you just look gorgeous,” Bonnie cooed.

“You look hot,” Antsy purred.

Missy flushed bright red. “Do I really?”

“Yeah, Missy,” I told her. Alice came out in the pale blue dress and it just didn't compare to the cream one. Even Alice agreed. “Then its settled.”

We laughed and giggled as each of the girls was measured. Antsy and my sisters were taking after me, and stopped wearing underwear. All their tits were perky enough to get away with it, though Shannon's tits were only barely able to. She was starting to sag, but it wasn't that noticeable. Bonnie seemed to have fun accidentally brushing the girls.

“Umm, you have skilled fingers,” Antsy purred as Bonnie “measured” her inseam for a very long time. The tape measure kept slipping out of her hand when she reached Antsy crouch and Bonnie's fingers kept rubbing through her shaved slit.

“I have to get Mary's wedding dress out of the back,” Bonnie said when she finished Antsy, the last girl to be measured.

“Oh, let me help you,” Antsy said excitedly.

We all giggled as we heard their moans of pleasure from the back, even Alice. “Mary, where did you find this seamstress?”

“I just get lucky with the ladies,” I told her with a wink.

Another loud gasp came from the back room and Alice had a flush on her cheeks. She looked so cute, I pulled her into my lap and started to kiss her. Her tongue played with mine, dancing about inside my mouth as I tasted her sweet lips. Out of the corner of my eyes I saw Missy sit in Shannon's lap and my sisters started to make out. They were supposed to be on their best behavior.

Well, I would need to keep Alice distracted. She was wearing a tight blouse with delicate little buttons down the front. My fingers deftly undid her blouse, exposing her black bra cupping her breasts. I slid my hands behind her back and unclasped her bra exposing her beautiful, small breasts and their hard nipples.

“What are you doing?” Alice hissed, breaking the kiss. “We're not alone.”

“That's what makes it fun,” I giggled and pulled her back in a kiss.

Her bra was off and her perky tits were exposed, her aerola pink and wrinkled and a hard nipple thrust out of the center. I fingered a hard nipple and just had to suck on one. I broke the kiss and bent down to suck a nipple into my mouth, rolling it around my tongue. Alice moaned softly and the gasped in alarm.

“Mary your sisters are...” she started to shout, but I cut her off with another kiss.

Missy had her shorts pulled down, bunched around her ankles and Shannon was fingering her little cunt. There were only a few wisps of light, red hair between covering Missy's teenage pussy. Missy was a late bloomer, her breasts just budding and her hips were still boyish slim.

“Expressing their love for each other,” I finished when I broke the kiss. “Aren't they beautiful together?”

“I guess,” Alice muttered then a suspicious look filled her face and she stared at me accusingly.

“Yeah, I've expressed my sisterly love with them,” I answered.

Alice frowned then she was kissing my passionately, her tongue shoved into my mouth. I grasped one of her breasts, playing with it in my hand. I enjoyed the way a woman's breasts felt when you squeezed it, soft and firm, and topped with that sensitive little nub. I rubbed her aerola in circles as her hands pushed into the bodice of my dress and started playing with my freckled tits. Her fingers felt amazing on my nipples.

“Ahem,” Bonnie said, clearing her throat loudly. “If you're ready, Mary.”

I broke the kiss and saw a flushed and disheveled Bonnie, holding my beautiful dress. Behind her stood Antsy, a pleased grin on her face as she licked her sticky lips. Alice pouted that we had to stop kissing then perked up as a stripped naked and stood up on the little plinth.

Shannon kept right on fingering Missy. “Umm, are you gonna cum for your big sister?”

“Yes, yes!” Missy moaned. “Ohh, fuck, make me cum, Shannon!” Missy shuddered on Shannon's lap, throwing back her long, strawberry blonde hair as she howled out in pleasure. Pleased, Shannon pulled out her sticky fingers and licked them clean.

First I had to try on the hosiery and undergarments. Bonnie held a beautiful, strapless bra. “Well, dear, you nipples should be nice and hard so we can see the full effect of the bra,” Bonnie said, her purple hair swaying about her face as she cocked her head, staring hungrily at my breasts.

“My nipples are hard,” I started to tell her, when her mouth sucked a breast into her mouth, her tongue swirling around my rock hard nubs. Her tongue felt amazing, warm and soft, contrasting with the hard, metal point of her tongue stud. She switched sides, giving my other breast the same, lavish attention.

Shannon sat next to Alice and put her arm around the black-haired woman. “What are you doing?” Alice asked, uncomfortable, her arms moving up to cover her bared breasts.

“Remember when we were seventeen and you were spending the night and I dared you to french me?” Shannon asked. Alice nodded, a fond smile appearing on her face. “Well, I wish I had the courage to do this.” Shannon kissed Alice while her hands reached out and fondled her breast. Alice stiffened, her eyes sought mine out and I smiled and nodded. Alice relaxed and began kissing Shannon back. Seventeen, huh. Was that the night Alice saw me stepping naked out of the shower when I was thirteen?

Bonnie released my breast and slipped the bra on and I smiled, modeling in the mirror. The bra cupped my breasts perfectly, two satin hands cradling my perky tits, lifting them up just enough to make it seem like I had larger breasts.

Bonnie picked up pair of bikini-cut satin panties, and frowned. “You're all wet down there,” Bonnie said with annoyance. “Let me clean you up.”

Bonnie bent down and put her face so close to my pussy her warm breath tickled me. Then her tongue was swiping wet through my cunt. I shivered in pleasure as her tongue stud slid through my pussy and brushed my clit. Her hands grabbed my plump ass and she buried her face into my cunt, swiping her tongue over and over through my slit.

“Oh fuck!” I moaned. “Clean my pussy up! Fuck, you're cleaning my pussy so fucking well!”

I saw Missy giggle as Antsy was whispering in her ear, playing with my little sister's strawberry-blonde hair. Then Antsy was kissing at her neck, sliding her hands up and down Missy's thigh. Missy slipped off the chair and spread Antsy legs and dived under the jean skirt Antsy wore and began vigorously tonguing her cunt.

Shannon was also on her knees, eating out Alice's delicious pussy as Alice watched me, playing with her nipples. I smiled at her, one hand in Bonnie's hair, holding the seamstress's face into my cunt as her tongue stud drove me crazy with pleasure. Alice licked her lips at me, her eyelids fluttering with pleasure from Shannon's ministrations, soft moans escaping her lips.

The room was filled with the sounds of women cumming, a beautiful symphony of sighs and moans and gasps, and even the occasional squeal. And the smell, I cold have died and gone to heaven. All our musk filled the room into a heady smell of horny cunt. I wasn't going to last long on Bonnie's tongue, and that amazing tongue stud, and soon gripped her purple hair and creamed Bonnie's eager lips. She kept licking until all my juices were gone. Alice writhed silently on her chair, staring at me the entire time she came on Shannon's face. Antsy screamed like a banshee when she came, grinding her cunt hard into Missy's little face.

“Well, you're all clean,” a breathless Bonnie said as she pulled up the satin panties. The material felt cool against my pussy. I glanced in the mirror and loved the way the panties clung to my ass. Then Bonnie slipped on the lacy garter belt and carefully pulled up the white hoses, hooking them to the garter. Then I slipped on the heels I would be wearing.

Antsy gave me a catcall. “My brother is a lucky guy,” she called.

“You look so sexy, Mary,” Missy said in awe.

Alice had a dreamy look in her face and I wondered what she was thinking about. Maybe her own wedding. I knew she was having problems in her marriage to Dean, and I wondered how it was going. She seemed so happy when they got married last November, it was sad that six month's later she was disappointed in her marriage. She even confided in me that she cheated on her husband and almost left Dean for her yoga instructor. Unfortunately for Alice, the yoga instructor was cheating on her.

Of course, Alice is cheating on Dean with me, a little voice whispered. I frowned, was it cheating, really? We were just two friends giving comfort to each other. Alice needed some intimacy that she wasn't getting from Dean, and I was happy to fill that void for her. Friends with benefits, they called it.

Finally, I put on the wedding dress. It was strapless, the bodice covered in white lace that then wrapped diagonally around the my torso until it reached the skirt. The skirt was made of a beautiful, ruffled fabric, that fell in many tiers, giving the skirt an elegant, bell shape. Finally, Bonnie set the veil on my head, a simple, white gauze that fell about my shoulders and covered my cleavage.

I started at myself in the mirror and started to get misty-eyed. I was so happy, I couldn't wait for my wedding day and for Mark to see just how beautiful I was. I pictured the bouquet of white snapdragons and daisies, pink orchids, and a couple of deep purple anemone for a splash of vibrancy and imagined Dad walking me down the aisle, through the wildflower meadow on the slopes of Mount Rainier. And the happy look in Mark's blue eyes and the boyish grin would be painted on across his face.

And unlike my whore of a mother, I won't leave my family.


I drove my Mustang down I-5, nearing the 705 exit to downtown Tacoma. I had Desiree and Alison with me. Alison was up front and gave me two great blowjobs on the drive over. I loved the way her tongue stud ran across my cock's head. Desiree cheered her fiancee on while fingering her pussy in the back. In front of me was a Tenino cop car, a pair of our new bodyguards in the car. Behind us a University Place cop car followed.

Yesterday's tryouts went well. We had over seventy cops show up and the entire family was involved in narrowing down the candidates. We took twelve from King County and twelve from Thurston County, tripling the size of our guard. I assigned a few to guard our plane, and then others would guard our family members. Anyone leaving would have two bodyguards with them and for Mary and myself, four.

When Mary left for her bridal fitting, a whole parade of cop cars followed. The media was camped outside our house. It was a daily occurrence, now. And not just the media, the paparazzi were starting to follow us. We were making national headlines, and I had to turn Jessica into our press secretary to keep on top of everything.

Libertarians lauded our no government should interfere policy in regards to the bigamy stance Mary and I have taken, Conservatives lashed out against our sexual politics, and Liberals were happy with our social conscience, as demonstrated by our Charity to help poor women get free gynecological help. And the Occupy Movement saw me as some sort of Robin Hood, sticking it to the 1% and getting away with all those bank robberies. This isn't what I wanted when I got these powers. I just wanted to have fun, screw a few girls, but I was starting to think I could make a real difference. Maybe make this world a better place.

There was an open seat in the State House of Representatives up for election in November and Mary was urging me to throw my name in. We have a fund raiser coming up this Friday for our charity. It would be the perfect place to announce my candidacy. We already had Julius Prescott III, the billionaire I bout the plane from, on board with our charity and last night, over the phone, he promised a number of big names to show up. His wife, the beautiful Monique, had also been working to get people to come.

We arrived at the courthouse building on Tacoma Avenue. It was a large building, right next to the Pierce County Jail. The building doubled as the Pierce County Superior Court and the Tacoma Municipal Court. We walked through security, though the cops on guard duty gave my slutty bodyguards questioning stares even after they produced their badges. All of our bodyguards were still cops, still on the payroll with their departments, just on permanent assignment to protect me.

People in the courthouse stared as I marched in. Some people recognized me, shying away or staring in curiosity. Next to me, Alison swelled up, thrusting out her chest. She was wearing a too tight T-Shirt, pink, that said, “Daddy's little girl,” only the word girl was crossed out and and “slut” was written in its place. It was the shirt she wore when I met her, back in the Hot Topic. She was such a little slut, she fucked me willingly and was excited to be my sex slave. About her neck was her gold choker, her name written in diamonds. Desiree, on the other side, was dressed more elegantly, in a tight, golden dress and heels, her nice Latina ass swaying sexily, a gold choker set with onyx tight about her throat.

“Ready to be a single woman?” I asked Desiree when we reached family court.

“She won't be single for long,” Alison said, happily.

We were here to annul Desiree's marriage with Brandon. Brandon disappeared to France and we haven't heard from Doug, either. The nuns probably got to Doug. Brandon was heading to Rennes-le-Château, to the nun's Motherhouse. And Doug wasn't the only persons that had gone missing. It had been over two weeks since our slaves, Chantelle and Lana, set out on their Honeymoon. They were supposed to be back last Friday, but we haven't heard from them in over a week. I had Chasity, the head of the bodyguards, and Noel, our FBI slut, tracking them down. I had a bad feeling that the nuns got to them, as well. We didn't know about the Zimmah spell when we parted with Chantelle and Lana, so they were vulnerable to a nun's powers. Hell, we didn't even know about the nuns back then.

We pushed into the courtroom, a few people were waiting. You could tell the couples getting divorced because they kept glaring at each other across the aisle, shepherded by their lawyers. I saw one woman, early twenties, with green eyes and black hair, that filled out her blouse quite nicely. I sat down next to her, Alison and Desiree on the other side of me.

“You're a pretty thing,” I whispered to the girl. “You want to make that soon to be ex-husband real jealous, why don't you bend down and suck my cock.”

The woman smiled, her face was quite beautiful when she smiled. Her lawyers gasped, “Macy what are you doing?” as the woman bent down and unzipped my jeans.

“It's okay,” I told her lawyer. “Just pretend likes nothing is going on back here.”

“It's true what they say about you, Mr. Glassner” Macy whispered as she pulled my cock out. “That you get people to do whatever you want?”

“Yeah,” I told her as her lips sucked my cock in, her head bobbing up and down. “You'll have quite the story to tell all your friends.”

Her mouth sucked hungrily at my cock and I saw her soon to be ex-husband glance over and his eyes widened in shock and disgust. He stood up and, “Just ignore us,” I said, loud enough for everyone in the court to hear my commands. Her soon to be ex-husband suddenly wasn't sure why he was standing up and his lawyer pulled him back down.

“Alison, Desiree, you don't have to ignore me,” I said softly, realizing my two sex slaves were suddenly not watching.

They both had big smiles on their faces and Desiree pressed up against my side. “Is she pleasing you,mi Rey?”

“Very much so,” I moaned. “Why don't you help her out.”

“Ooh, I'd love to,” Desiree purred and bent down, licking at my shaft.

Desiree's lips found Macy's and she licked at the black-haired woman's mouth. Macy sucked up my cock and the two ladies teased my cock with their tongues, flicking at the rim of the mushroom-shaped head. Pleasure surged down my cock and I leaned back into the bench and enjoyed their ministrations.

Out of the corner of my eyes I saw movement and glanced over to watch Alison hike up her fiancee's skirt, exposing her full, Latina ass. She spread her nut-brown cheeks and bent over to lick her tongue across Desiree's pink asshole. Alison sealed her lips over the puckered anus and shoved her tongue inside her ass.

“Hmm, mi Sirenita Desiree moaned. “Lick my ass.”

Macy's lips were sucking my cock back into her mouth and Desiree licked down and started sucking on my nuts. Playing with the sensitive balls as Macy sucked and bobbed her head. I moaned, the two sluts were getting me closer and closer to cumming.

“You fucking sluts feel great,” I moaned. “Oh fuck, here it cums!”

White cream shot into Macy's lips and Desiree was ready to kiss the girl and get a taste of her Master's cum. Macy sat up, licking the last of the cum off her lips as Desiree began to moan louder and louder. Alison was sucking on her ass and was playing with her clit, rolling it softly between her fingers. Desiree threw back her head as she came on Alison's hungry lips.

“Macy, why don't you pull those Capris down and let me stick my cock up your ass,” I ordered.

Macy gave a throaty purr and stood up, unbuttoning her cerulean Capri pants and pushing them off her tight ass. “You like my ass?” she asked, wiggling her firm butt in my face as she pulled down her white panties. “I've been doing yoga to get my body all nice and tight for the next guy who comes along.”

“Well, it's paying off,” I told her, giving her firm ass a squeeze.

“All rise,” the Bailiff shouted, “the Honorable Judge Harriet Severijns presiding.”

I rose up, spreading her ass cheeks and finding that puckered hole. Macy braced herself against the back of the bench in front of us as my cock rammed into her ass. “Oh, fuck!” Macy gasped and I could see a heavyset woman in black robes and badly dyed, red hair, waddle from her chambers and walk up to her bench. “Umm, fuck that's nice!” Macy moaned wantonly, her voice echoing off the courtroom walls.

The judge frowned and then her eyes opened in surprise and she slammed her gavel down. “Bailiff!” she shouted.

“Ignore us, Your Honor!” I shouted as my balls slapped against Macy's taint. Her ass was velvety tight on my cock.

The judge froze, holding up her gavel. The Bailiff looked questioningly at the Judge. The judge shook her head, confused, then she turned to her law clerk who handed her a docket. The judge called up the first case as I pounded Macy's ass.

“Hmm, you got a nice, tight ass!” I groaned.

“Thanks,” she purred, looking over her shoulder at me, her green eyes sparkling with lust.

“Fuck her slutty ass, Master,” Alison moaned.

I glanced over to see Alison's top off, her hard nipples pierced by silver barbells heaved as Alison writhed on Desiree's tongue. The Latina slut had slipped to the floor and pushed up Alison's skirt to eat out her tight, teenage cunt. I could see Alison's tattoo that read, “Cum on in” above her pussy, with an arrow that pointed down so it was crystal clear just where Alison wanted you to cum.

I watched Alison pinch and pull on her nipples as Desiree ate her cunt. Macy was moaning low and loud, almost a throaty purr, as I pounded her ass. My balls were starting to churn, getting ready to cream the soon-to-be divorcee's ass. Just a few more strokes and I would be there. In and out went my cock, her anal walls squeezing like a tight fist on my cock. Slam in and pull out. I grit my teeth, slammed in and exploded in her ass.

“Ohh, fuck!” she moaned. “Ohh, fuck, oh fuck! Oh goddamn fucking fuck!” She bucked and squirmed in my arms, her ass spasming on my cock as an orgasm rolled through her body.

Sighing happily, I pulled out of her ass, white cum leaking out of her puckered hole. “Umm, pull up your panties and enjoy my cum up your ass all day,” I panted, sitting down on the bench.

“Oohh, let me clean you up, Master,” Alison purred, and bent down to lick at my dirty cock. Her tongue-stud felt amazing as it rubbed hard across my cock as Macy pulled up her panties and Capris and set down, squirming in her seat.

“Desiree Fitzsimmons,” the judge called out, boredly.

Desiree was going to town on Alison's cunt and Alison was moaning around my cock as she bobbed her head. My cock was long clean of Macy's ass, but Alison wanted a taste of my cum. She was sucking hard, and I would soon be rewarding her effort with a load of my cream.

“Desiree Fitzsimmons!” The judge sounded irritated, now. “Is Desiree Fitzsimmons here?” The judge looked around the courtroom. “Fine, case...”

“Give us a minute, Your Honor!” I groaned. “We're almost finished back here.”

The judge frowned, but she waited patiently as Alison just gobbled my cock. I gripped her bubblegum pink hair and fucked her mouth with short thrusts of my hip. Alison started to convulse on the bench as her orgasm rolled through her body. Desiree took one last lick through Alison's cunt, sending a last shudder through the teenage slut's body.

“You're doing great, Alison!” I moaned as Desiree stood up, licking at the cunt juices staining her lips. “Here it cums!” I exploded in her mouth and Alison drank it all down like a pro.

“Thank you, Master,” Alison sighed happily and stood up and pressed her body up against Desiree's and gave her fiancee a taste of my cum.

Alison bent down to pull on her shirt, but I stopped her. “Your tits are too beautiful to be covered up, Alison.”

She flushed. “Thank you, Master.”

Desiree walked up to the podium and Alison and I followed, my hand on the little slut's waist, her naked breast brushing against my side. “I'm Desiree, Your Honor.”

“And who are those with you?”

“I'm Mark Glassner,” I interjected. “Just do whatever Desiree wants.”

“And I'm Alison Hertz, Desiree's girlfriend.”

The judge frowned. “And where is your top, young lady.”
“My tits are too amazing to be covered up!” Alison declared, cupping one of breasts.
“People wear clothes in my courtroom,” the judge snarled, grabbing her gavel. “I find you in contempt of...”

“Your Honor,” I interrupted. “No woman should have to cover her tits up if they look as amazing as Alison's. Don't you agree, Your Honor?”

The judge nodded in agreement, her fleshy chins wobbling. “You're right, Mr. Glassner. A woman should be free to expose her breasts.” The judge paused. “And those are a beautiful pair of breasts, young lady.”

“Thanks, Your Honor,” Alison said, posing like a pin-up model.

The judge flushed and cleared her throat, looking down at her documents. “Mrs. Fitzsimmons, you are seeking to annul your marriage of four months to Brandon Fitzsimmons.”

“Yes, Your Honor, I would be really happy if you would grant the annulment,” Desiree answered. “Brandon...he is not a good man. And he is never around. And, well, I just married him for his money.” I blinked at that. Desiree never told us she was just a gold digger. Well, it did explain how she ended up with that fat, little man.

“Granted,” the Judge answered. Her law clerk glanced in shock at the judge when she took the docket and handed the Judge the next one. “Next on the docket is...”

Alison happily hugged Desiree and we walked out of the courthouse and drove over to the County Auditor's office on 35th Street, to get the marriage licenses. I needed to get one for Mary and myself, and Alison and Desiree were eager to get theirs as well. We each paid our $64 dollar fee and were told our license would be mailed to the house in a few days. On the drive home, Desiree got to sit in the front seat and suck my cock while Alison cheered her on.

Jessica was waiting for me when we got home in her slutty, office-lady outfit. Very short miniskirt, sheer, white blouse that you could see her breasts and nipples through. About her neck was a gold choker set with sapphires. “Master, there are several interview requests. The Today Show would like you to fly out to New York next week as well as several other interviews that can be done by satellite.”

I sighed. “Okay, set them up.”

“And then there's this news report,” Jessica said. “The Altgrave August Alfred Bernard was found murdered last night in his home in Cologne, Germany. They say he had been dead almost a day before he was found.”

“Suspects?” I asked.

“None,” Jessica answered.

I sighed. Fucking Brandon Fitzsimmons. “Tip the authorities in Germany about Brandon Fitzsimmons,” I ordered. “The bastard most have the book, now.”

Who would have thought that Desiree's husband would be capable of murder. A chill went through my body. That book told a person how to summon the Devil. What if Brandon made his own Pact. That would not be good. Fuck, that's another problem we would have to deal with.

“Anything going on tomorrow?” I asked Jessica.

“Um, no sir,” Jessica answered. “Would you like to me to set up some interviews tomorrow morning, after you get back from jogging?”

“Yeah, sure,” I sighed and waved her away. “But nothing after that. A nice, peaceful day would be swell.” I could spend some time with Mary. She wanted to watch some TV show called Once Upon a Time. Some Fairy Tail bullshit she just got into. But, the company would be pleasant, at least.

Chasity walked into the living room and stood before me. “Master, I have an update on Lana and Chantelle.”

“What?” I asked eagerly. Lana and Chantelle were a pair of fun girls. They had just gotten married when Mary and I met them on their honeymoon and we just had to have them.

“They were staying at a cheap motel in Seattle for a week,” Chasity answered, consulting her notes. “The, uh, Rain City Motel, until Friday morning. There has been no activity on their credit card since then. They have not back to their house in DuPont and none of their friends or family have heard from them since they left on their honeymoon.” Chasity glanced at her notes. “Lana's mom told me they were expected home over a week ago. The, um, fourteenth of June.”

I frowned. “Chantelle texted Mary and said they were on their honeymoon until last Friday.” I Frowned, thinking. “That would be, what, the twenty-first?” Chasity nodded. “So, Chantelle lied to us?”

“I don't know, Master,” Chasity apologized. “That's just what Lana's mom said. She hasn't heard from Lana or Chantelle and filled a missing person report on her daughter and Chantelle with the DuPont police department. I'm sorry I don't have better news, I'll keep searching for them.”

Chasity was looking quite lovely in her outfit and Jessica perched on the chair, talking quietly on the phone looked just gorgeous. My cock was stirring. “Jessica, hang up. Master needs to fuck you two naughty sluts.”

Jessica beamed at me, hanging up and stood up, stretching her caramel-skinned body, running a hand through her honey-brown hair as she walked over to me, standing next to Chasity, who was shaking her long, blonde hair out of her bun, falling about her shoulders. Chasity smiled and grabbed Jessica and kissed her fellow slut on the lips with gusto.

I stood up and pulled of my shirt. “Hmm,” Jessica murmured, eying my chest. “Master, you are looking better and better.”

“I know,” Chasity purred, reaching her hand out to run it across my chest. “Your jogging has really paid off, Master.”

I pulled both women to me, feeling their bodies soft bodies pressing against me and kissed them each on the lips. I slid my hand down and squeezed both their asses. “Tops off ladies, but leave the skirts.”

Chasity laughed, unbuttoning her slutty cops blouse, her lovely breasts spilled out. Jessica's blouse was hanging open, her perky tits topped with those dark nipples came into view. I bent down and sucked on her nipple. Chasity, not to be left out, rubbed her breasts on the other side of me and I sucked one of her pink nipples in.

“Ooh, Master,” moaned Chasity.

Jessica slipped down and I felt her fish my cock out of my pants and I moaned about Chasity's nipple as Jessica sucked my cock into her delightful mouth. Her head bobbed up and down, and I ran my fingers through her silky hair. I found Chasity's waxed cunt with my fingers and slipped them up inside her wet hole while my thumb rubbed her clit.

“On your back, slut,” I barked at Chasity.

“Yes sir,” Chasity moaned and lay back on the floor, stretching her legs out. She looked so sexy in her thigh-high black boots and short, blue skirt. I could see her cunt peaking out between her sleek thighs.

I pulled my cock out of Jessica's mouth. “Sit on her face.”

“Oh yes, Jessica,” Chasity moaned. “Let me eat that sweet pussy.”

Jessica straddled Chasity, lowering her cunt down and moaning as Chasity's tongue licked up into her twat. I knelt before Chasity, grabbed her legs, lifting her ass up. I lined my cock at her wet, pink hole and thrust my cock into her wet depths. She was tight and felt velvety smooth on my cock. I stared into Jessica's brown eyes as she rubbed her pussy on Chasity's eager mouth, her caramel breasts heaving in pleasure. I bent over and captured one of Jessica's dark nipples as I thrust into Chasity's tight cunt.

“Umm, that feels so nice, Master,” Jessica moaned as I nibbled on her hard nipple.

The front door banged open. “Master!” an excited Korina called. “Where are you, Master!”

Jessica moaned in disappointment as I released her nipple. I was about to call out to Korina when the excited slut practically skip into the room, trailed by a smiling Willow. Korina had a doll's face, sparkling blue eyes and black hair. Her arm was out of the sling since yesterday, although it still hurt some for her, but the gunshot was almost all healed and her physical therapy was going well. Only a puckered, red scar marred her otherwise flawless skin.

Willow had a happy grin on her cinnamon face. She was our doctor, running our Charity, the Women's Health Organization for Reproductive Empowerment. The new medical office was being renovated thanks to Julius Prescott's generous $13.5 million donation to our charity over the weekend. It was half the money we paid him for his plane. With the Charity, we could stop robbing banks and have a more legitimate means of getting money. Or, at least, one that wasn't so blatantly illegal.

“Master,” Korina squealed, kneeling down next to me as I thrust into Chasity's cunt and threw her arms around me and kissed me on the lips.

“What're you so excited about?” I asked, curious.

“I'm pregnant, Master!” she shouted happily and threw her arms around my neck. “We made a baby!”

I was speechless. I stopped thrusting in Chasity's cunt. I glanced at Willow and she nodded. “It's not a Lilith baby or anything,” she answered. Karen was lying unconscious in the hospital with a baby Lilith planted in her belly. The baby was growing seven times as fast as a normal infant. “I put her date of conception at June ninth, sixteen days ago,” Willow continued.

“The hotel in Seattle,” Korina giggled. “Or the night before during the orgy.”

I smiled. The night I proposed to Mary. We had a wild orgy at the Sky City Restaurant. Chantelle and Lana were with us that night. That was the last time we saw them, I realized with a pang. We had six of the pretty servers attend us as our fuck-waitress. And we fucked them good and hard. We ended up keeping Xiu, Fiona, and Korina as our sex slaves.

“I'm going to be a dad?” I gaped, the news finally sinking in. And not like my dad. No drunk father that hits his kids and their mother. I stroked Korina's face and kissed her. “I love you, Korina. Not as much as I love Mary, but I love you.”

A tear was trickling down Korina's face. “I love you, too, Master.”

“...that was so hot, Antsy,” Missy said as the front door opened. It sounded like Mary and our sisters were back.

I turned to see Mary, Missy and Antsy stride into the living room. “I see you're as horny as ever, big bro,” Antsy said, rolling her eyes.

Missy rolled her eyes too. “You're almost as bad as Damien and our math teacher.” Damien was Missy's boyfriend and the math teacher was Damien's sex slave, Mrs. Corra.

I pulled out of Chasity and stood up, putting an arm around Korina and then hugging Mary to me. “We have some news,” I told her.

Mary glanced at Korina and then her eyes widened. “You're pregnant!” Mary gasped.

“How did you...” I trailed off.

“Woman's intuition,” Mary said, mysterious.

“I texted her,” Willow answered and Mary shot her a look that promised Willow was in store for a spanking.

Mary stroked Korina's face. “I'm so happy for you, Korina.”

Korina seemed relieved. “I thought you might be mad, Mistress.”

“Geez, bro, you firing silver bullets out of the cock?” Antsy asked. “You knocked her up on the first go.” Apparently, I was the last to find out. But I didn't care. I was going to be a dad.

“Well, let's hope I didn't fire one into your little pussy,” I joked.

Antsy laughed, then glared mockingly at me. “You better not have. I'll be very mad if you knocked me up, Mark!”

Mary smiled. “I'm just jealous you get to have Mark's child before me.” Mary took Korina's hand. “Mark, you might want to finish Chasity off, she looks so eager to have your dick back in her. I'll take care of our little expectant mother here.”

I knelt back down and slid my cock back into Chasity's cunt as Mary spread Korina's thighs. “Hmm, a pregnant pussy,” she murmured. “I can't wait till your belly starts to swell. I bet you'll look so beautiful, Korina.”

“Oh, thank you, Mistress,” Korina smiled and then moaned as Mary took a swipe through her cunt.

Willow knelt behind Mary and the Native America slut lifted Mary's skirt and started rubbing her cunt. “Don't think you can finger me to get out of your punishment,” Mary warned.

“I know, Mistress,” Willow answered. “I just thought your little cunny needed some attention.”

“It does,” Mary moaned. “Umm, tease my clit. Ohh, yeah. Just like that.”

Mary dove back into Korina's pussy, lapping at the black-haired sluts cunt as Korina writhed on Mary's tongue. Willow slipped her finger up inside Mary and then bent down and started licking at Mary's pussy, shoving her tongue deep inside Mary's tight pussy. I kept fucking Chasity and she kept eating Jessica's cunt. Jessica's eyes were squeezed shut and she pinched her nipples.

“Oh fuck, Chasity!” she gasped. “Oh fuck, right there you nasty slut, keep licking me there!”

Chasity drank Jessica's cunt juices as the bi-racial slut came on Chasity's sweet mouth. Jessica slid off Chasity, smiling happily and I bent over and captured Chasity's mouth in a kiss tasting Jessica's sweet, sour flavor on her Chasity's lips as I fucked her harder and harder. Chasity bucked beneath me, her cunt squeezing on my cock as she came hard, sucking on my lips. I thrust into her again, and again. My balls tightening and then that sweet explosion as my cum shot into her, filling her slutty pussy.

“Oh, thank you Master,” Chasity gushed. “Hmm, that was a great cum.”

I pulled out of her, leaving a creamy mess. Antsy and Missy were making out on a chair. Missy sat in Antsy's lap and my little sister finger Mary's little sister. From the doorway I saw Fiona and Xiu watching us. Fiona had her arms wrapped around Xiu, her fingers rapidly fucking in and out of the busty, Asian slut's cunt.

Korina was squirming on the couch, clutching Mary's face to her cunt. “I'm cumming! Oh yes! Mmhh, Mistress you sure know how to make me happy! Yes, yes! Thank you, thank you!”

I sat on the couch next to Korina and kissed her on the mouth. Mary smiled up at me and crawled on up, straddling my waist. “Willow's got me nice a primed for you,” she whispered, hotly. “Ready to give your filly a good ride.” My cock was rising beneath her, poking at her cunt. “Mmhh, I'll take that as a yes.”

As Mary slid my cock into her tight sheathe, I kissed her, tasting Korina's sweet musk. I moaned softly as Mary sank all the way down on my cock. I put an arm around Korina and pulled her against me as my fiancee rode my cock. I could hear the sweet sounds of women making love all about me. Chasity gasping as Jessica began to clean her dirty cunt with her tongue. Missy's moaning as Antsy slipped to the floor and gave her pussy a good licking. Xiu was panting as Fiona fingered her to an orgasm with one hand, and pulled hard on her pierced nipples with the other.

Mary kissed and nuzzled at my neck, and then whispered, “My period comes on Friday. When it's over, I'm going off the pill. It's not fair you knocked up one of the sluts before me.”

“Well, we'll have plenty of babysitters,” I joked and Mary threw back her head and laughed and then rode me hard until we were both gasping in pleasure.


Wednesday morning dawned beautifully. The media was gathered outside, as usual. Well, really the paparazzi at this point. We jogged by with our jogging sluts getting our pictures taken. A few of the more attractive female reporters, including Debra Horne-Dannell from Q13 Fox, were joining us, now. People would be waiting for us as we jogged by. Some protesting our nudity and others encouraging us, holding signs to show their support. Any attractive woman could join us and jog naked it they wanted to.

When we got back, Mary and I gave two news interviews via satellite with some local news, Q13 and KING 5. It was in interesting experience with the hot lamps in our faces and this thick, almost pancake makeup shoved on our faces so we looked “normal” on the camera. We promoted our charity and Mary let some subtle hints drop about me running for that empty State Representative seat.

“Why don't you run?” I asked Mary between interviews, half-joking and half-serious. I wasn't sure I wanted to get into politics.

“You're the better liar, Mark,” Mary said with a grin. “Plus, then I get to be the power behind the throne, so to speak.”

“And, how are you going to control me?”

The smile on Mary's face turned mischievous and she reached out and grabbed my cock. “With the joystick between your legs.”

I laughed and kissed my sweet Mary, and then the next interview started up.

Finally, we got to eat some breakfast and Mary and I settled down on the couch and watched this Once Upon a Time on Netflix. And to my surprise, it was good. Somehow it skirted this fine line between corny and schmaltzy. The show had heart and I found myself getting into the show. Once Upon a Time reminded me, weirdly, of the first season of Lost.

The fifth episode ended and Mary stood up, stretching, and then walked upstairs. I frowned, and I almost asked her what she was up to when the next episode started. I paused it, glancing upstairs and wondered what was taking so long. I was excited to start the next episode. After a few minutes she came downstairs dressed in a simple, flowery sundress with thigh-high boots that came just to the hem of her skirt, leaving only an inch of pale thigh was exposed.

“Well, I got to get going, hun,” she said and kissed me. She was wearing a flowery perfume that she must have just put on.

“Where to?” I asked. “I'm bored, maybe I'll come along.”

She gave me a confused look. “I told you I was seeing Alice today, right?”

Alice. The name left a bad taste in my mouth. I'd met her once, the day we bought all the houses on the street, and we did not hit it off. It was clear as day that the woman was in love with Mary and jealous of me. I looked Mary up and down, frowning. She put on lipstick, too. She was dressed up to go see her lover and that made the bad taste in my mouth worst.

“I thought we could spend the day together,” I told her.

“Sorry,” Mary shrugged. “Alice has been bugging me all week to get together. There was nothing going on today, so I told her we could get together.”

“Well, cancel and spend the day with me,” I said, putting on my most winning smiling.

Mary kissed me. “I'll only be a few hours.”

“In that motel room?”

“Yeah,” Mary frowned. “What's wrong, Mark.”

“Oh, nothing, my fiancee's just all dolled up to go see her lover,” I said.

“She's just my friend, Mark.” There was a tightness in her voice.

“You don't spend hours in a motel room with someone who is 'just a friend,' Mary.”

She drew in a deep breath, her face reddening. “What I do with my friends is none of your business, Mark.”

“Well, I don't want you to go.”

“I'm not your slave, Mark!” she yelled. “You made that choice and there's no going back!”

“Fuck, that was a mistake!” I shouted back. “Why can't you just drop it!”

She laughed, an angry, mocking laugh. “I would if you'd stop trying to treat me like one of your whores! I can go when I want and do what I want, Mark!”

“And I'm just supposed to be happy when you I see you all dolled up and off to see your lover?”

“I don't care about all the whores you fuck, Mark!” she shrieked back.

“I don't love those whores, Mary,” I screamed at her.

“How many times do I have to say I don't love her, Mark?”

“Maybe you should tell that to Alice!” I angrily pointed out.

“What's that supposed to mean?” she demanded.

“It's as plain as day that she loves you, Mary. Open up your fucking eyes!”

Her nose flared and she tossed her mane of auburn hair. “Goodbye, Mark,” she hissed. “Hopefully you want be such a dick when I get home.” She slammed the door hard as she left the house

“God dammit,” I muttered to myself.

The moment she was out the door, I regretted the entire fight. I knew Mary loved me. I knew I shouldn't be jealous of Alice. But that memory of Alice glaring at me while I hugged Mary that day still galled me. Alice had been so possessive of Mary. Of my Mary. I just wanted to track Alice down and set her straight, but that would just make Mary even angrier at me. Mary didn't want her friend controlled, and I promised not to use my powers on her.

Fuck, I should go apologize to Mary. I stepped out of the house to just see her race off up the street in her red Eos convertible, her auburn hair blowing behind her in the breeze. I had seen her drive off angrily like that once before, at Spinnasse in Seattle when I called her ugly. That had been the spell talking, not my real feelings.

This time it was all me.


I couldn't believe Mark. I wanted to claw his eyes out for being such a pigheaded fool. How could he be jealous of Alice. She was just a friend. Sure, we had sex. But I was fucking my entire family now, and Mark's family as well. Sex had just become a way of showing any sort of affection for me. And it was Mark's own, horny fault I was this way.

I was furious the entire drive out to Parkland and the Blue Spruce Motel. Alice was already at the motel, in Room 15 according to her text. I parked my car and knocked on the door. Alice answered in a black teddy trimmed in red lace. The material was transparent and I could see her nipples through the lace of the bodice, pink against the black fabric.

“Hello,” Alice purred and I was on her, pushing her back onto the bed.

She had on a pair of flimsy, black panties and I just ripped them off. Her cunt was shaved and I dove into the tangy, sweet pussy, lapping angrily with my tongue, taking all my frustrations with Mark out on her delicious pussy. I took two fingers and jabbed them up her cunt as my tongue flicked at her clit.

“Oh, fuck!” Alice moaned. “Oh, yes, Mary! Fuck, eat my cunt! Oh, fuck! Oh, sweet Jesus fuck!”

I assaulted her pussy, letting my anger with Mark vanish into her steamy cunt. This is what friends were for, helping each other deal with their problems. And right now I needed to deal with the anger I felt at Mark. Feeling Alice's fingers in my hair, her sleek thighs on my cheek, and her juicy cunt on my lips, I was starting to feel better.

Mark was only jealous because he loved me. He just wanted to spend a quiet day with me. Maybe I could have just seen Alice another day. And maybe if he hadn't been such a dick about it, I very well might have. I was sucking at her clit, my fingers furiously fucking in and out of her cunt, bringing Alice closer and closer to her orgasm.

“Oh yes! Oh God fucking yes!” she panted as she writhed on the bed. “Oh fuck, that's so amazing! Keep doing that, oh my sweet Mary!” She began to spasm, writhing on the bed, a flood of fresh juices found my lips. “Oh, my sweet Mary! How I love you!”

What was did she just say? That she loved me. Could Mark be right? No, that couldn't be it. I was just giving her some great head. It was only the heat of the moment talking. I crawled up the bed and gave her a kiss on the lips, letting Alice taste her delicious pussy.

“Wow,” she panted. “What's gotten into you.”

“Nothing,” I sighed, nuzzling her neck.

“Tell me, I can see somethings bothering you.”

“Just Mark,” I said in irritation. “We had a fight.”

“Oh,” she said, a hint of something in her voice. Hope? “What did you fight about?”

“About you,” I confessed. “Mark suddenly got real jealous and possessive. He told me not to come see you.”

Alice reached over and touched my face. “Maybe it was a mistake that you got back together with him. I mean, he did dump you for that other chick. And said those mean things about you.”

“That's not what happened,” I sighed. If I explained what happened, I would have to tell Alice about all of it. And I didn't want to. With Alice, I could almost pretend like I was a normal person. “It's not a mistake. We love each other.”

“Then why's he telling you what to do?” Alice asked. “Why is he trying to control you. That doesn't sound like love.”

“It was just a stupid fight, Alice,” I protested. “He just wanted to spend the day with me and was disappointed that I made plans. And he's a little jealous of you. He thinks you're in love with me.” I laughed. “Silly, right. I tried to tell him we were just friends.”

Alice bit her lip, but didn't laugh.

“Right, we're just friends, Alice?”

Alice suddenly kissed me. “Oh, Mary. I've loved you ever since I saw you naked that day when you were thirteen.” She kissed me again, I was too stunned to resist. “I'm leaving Dean. It's over between us.” She clasped my hand. What was going on here? “Mary, I love you so much. More than Mark could possibly love you. I wouldn't need any other woman but you. Or a man. We can be together and be happy. I would never make you cry and cheat on you, like Mark.” The way she said his name, so full of contempt and hatred.

“But...” I tried to think, to wrap my brain about what was going on.

“I'm tired of meeting in motel rooms,” Alice pressed on. “I want the world to know about us.”

“But I don't love you, Alice,” I finally got out. “I mean, I had a lot of fun with you.”

“Fun?” Alice had an icy tone to her words and she let go of my hands. “That's all this was. Just fun. What about the connection, the intimacy. I thought we meant something to each other.”

“That came out wrong,” I apologized, struggling to find the right words to calm Alice down. “We have something. We're friends, we help each other out. We make each other feel better.”

“Well I want more, Mary,” she said, grasping my hand. “I need you, Mary. I can't share you with him.” She made “him” sound like a dirty word. “To think about him on you, inside you. I thought I finally had you last week and yet you stayed with him. He's wrong for you, Mary, can't you see that.”

“And you're right for me?” I demanded, suddenly angry at Alice for putting me in this situation. “Christ, Alice. We just meet in a motel a few times a week to fuck and you want me to run off with you. You want me to give up the person I love most in the world for someone I just fuck?”

There was hurt in Alice's eyes. “Please, Mary. You have to see what a bastard he is. How can you love a man like that?”

I frowned, she wasn't wrong. “That doesn't change how I feel, Alice. I love him.”

“Then go!” she shrieked. “Go back to him and be his whore! Go and let him drag you down into his filth! I won't be there to catch you when he casts you aside for whatever cunt gets his dick hard for next week.”

I couldn't believe this was happening a second time one day as I stormed off. I slammed the door of my Eos and squealed the tires as I tore off out of the parking lot. This was supposed to be a quiet, relaxing Wednesday. Not the frustrating and confusing mess that it had become. Behind me, the bodyguards were racing to catch up, their sirens blaring as I floored it down Pacific Avenue.


The door slammed, the culmination of the argument happening in Room 15. I moved to the door, the maid's keys clutched in my sweaty hand. The maid, herself, was gagged and handcuffed in the back of the motel room, being babysat by Duncan and Irene, two of the SWAT officers under my control. King and Dennis, the other two, waited in the SWAT van around the corner.

Last night, my Sisters and I took control of the remaining eight SWAT officers, giving us four each.. Isabella and Agnes were waiting near Mark Glassner's house with their men. There was only one thing left to do. I took a deep breath and opened the door, stepping out into the sunny, June day. I was dressed in the maid's clothing, a gray smock with a white apron, the type of uniform you will see a maid wear at any motel, and I walked over to room 15.

A deep breath to calm my roiling stomach, and then I slipped the maid's keys into the lock. “Housekeeping,” I announced, slipping into the room.

On the bed was a woman in a black teddy who was quickly pulling her covers across her lap. I saw a momentary glimpse of a shaved pussy between her thighs. She had beautiful, black hair that framed what would have been a pretty face. Now it was puffy mess from crying, black mascara leaving unsightly streaks down her cheeks and her hazel eyes were bloodshot.

“What!” the woman gasped. “Don't you knock.”

“Sorry,” I lied. “Oh, sweetie, what's wrong,” I told her sitting on the bed next to her. I was using my motherly voice and memories of comforting my own daughters floated up in my mind.

“Nothing,” she said, wiping at her tears. “Just, just leave.”

“I'm Theodora,” I told her. “What's your name, sweetie.”

“Alice,” she answered.

I grabbed her hand. I needed to perform the Qannow spell on her. I scooted closer. “You can tell me,” I told her, putting on the friendliest, most motherly smile.

“ girlfriend left me,” she sobbed and I hugged her to my chest. Her tears wetted the front of my smock as I held her.

“Oh how terrible,” I said, rocking the girl. “Why did she leave such a beautiful girl like you?”

She sniffed. “Her fiancee,” Alice bitterly said. “She just wanted to fool around with me.” She sniffed. “It was just fun, Mary said.” More sobs wracked her body. “I thought we had something!”

“I bet you would do anything to be with her?” I asked, my heart hammering.

“I love her,” she moaned. “I love her so much! I would do anything to have my Mary back!”

“Qannow,” I whispered and she stiffened in my arm as the spell took effect.

“I...I have to go,” Alice suddenly said, wiping at her tears. “I needed to get something from home. And then Mary and I can be together.”

I sighed in relief, slipping out of the room as Alice got dressed. My stomach was roiling with nerves. I couldn't wait for this to be done. No mission had ever stressed me out so much as this one. Ramiel told me the plan should be almost guaranteed to succeed. Alice, under the Qannow spell would stop the Warlocks and I would not have to unleash the SWAT officers.

I collected the two from the motel room, dressed in their black fatigues and body armor, their MP5 sub-machine gun's dangling from straps across their torsos. They had black ski masks and black helmets and looked positively terrifying. Both were big, even the woman, Irene, and the body armor and gear just made them seem bulkier.

God, people will die if I unleash them. I didn't want that blood on my hands. We reached the van and King tossed me a spare flak jacket. It was heavy and tight on my chest, as I velcroed the straps, pressing against my breasts. The helmet on my head felt even heavier than the body armor as I strapped it tightly under my chin.

“Let's go,” I ordered and Dennis started the van. It would all be over soon.


I picked up the phone a dozen times to call Mary and apologize for the fight. And set it right back down. I didn't want her to get more mad with me for interrupting them. It still left a bitter taste in my mouth, but Mary was right. I had the opportunity to keep her as my slave and I choose to give her back her freedom. And that meant she could do things I didn't want her too. I just had to trust her.

“Master,” Jessica said, walking up. “Debra Horne-Dannell from Q13 Fox is doing a story on you. She wants to get some B-roll of the house.”

I frowned at Jessica, “What?”

“They want to film the outside of the house for the story,” Jessica answered. “It's very common to collect B-Roll. And the story will be a good piece.”

“Yeah, sure,” I said, dismissively. I really could care less about a story.

“Then, I'll let the guards at the entrance know,” Jessica said with a smile.

I grunted and started staring at my phone again. I was considering sending a text message to Mary. I know, not the most personal way to apologize. But, I just wanted to let Mary know I was sorry. Plus, a text was less likely to interrupt her and Alice.

The door opened and I looked hopefully at the small hallway that led to the front door. Mary slumped into the living room looking miserable. It hadn't been that long since she left. I mean, it felt almost like an eternity to me, but really it was only an hour. Clearly her...whatever with Alice didn't go well. I stood up, swallowing and for a moment as we stared at each other, awkwardly.

“Mare, I'm sorry,” I finally said. “I was...I can't tell you what to do. That's wrong. I'm sorry.”

She sighed and hugged me, her flowery perfume smelled intoxicating to my nose. “It's fine,” Mary sighed.

“It's not fine,” I said, staring into her green eyes. “I love you and I have to trust you. I believe you when you say don't love Alice. I'm sorry for getting jealous.”

Mary laughed bitterly. “You weren't the only one.”

“What?” I asked. “Who are you jealous of?”

“No, Alice,” Mary sighed and sat down on the couch, patting the spot next to her. I sat down and she cuddled up to me. “Alice confessed her love to me, today. She told me I had to choose. You or her.”

I wanted to say I was right, but I sense that was the wrong thing to say. Still, I was right, I thought happily. Instead, I said, “What happened?”

“We fought,” Mary said. “She wasn't happy that I choose you. I guess I need a new maid-of-honor.”

“I'm sure you guys can work it out,” I said, carefully, trying to hide how pleased I was at the news.

“She asked me to leave you and run away with her, how do you work that out?” Mary asked me. “How can we go back to being friends when I had to reject her love?”

“Time,” I told her. “Alice just needs some distance to sort out her feelings out.”

“I guess,” Mary sadly sighed and snuggled up to me. “Just hold me, okay. And never leave me.”

“I won't, Mare,” I told her. “We'll be together forever. You wished it.”

“I sold my soul for it.” Her voice was a soft whisper.

“Do you regret it?”

“Not you.” She paused. “But, look what it's brought us. We have to go around with guards and our families are in danger.”

“So what should we do? Go find the nun and say, 'Hey, exorcise us?' Is that what you want?” Mary didn't answer, just bit her lip. “I would give it all up for you, Mare, if you really want to give it up.” I kissed her beautiful lips. “You are all I need.”

“But we'd go to prison,” Mary sighed, bitterly. “And...I'm not sure I could give it up. The power is too intoxicating. To control someone.” A shudder ran through her body. “How could I ever give that up. How could you?”

“Because I love you, Mare.”

She smiled and kissed me. Her kiss was sweet and I felt her tongue press on my lips and I relaxed my mouth and let her in. We kissed and kissed, drinking in each other. Time didn't matter, nothing mattered by my sweet Mary and how her lips felt on mine. I slid my hand up her dress and found her breast and gently caressed her through the fabric.

I wanted to take my time with Mare. Make her feel loved. Her hands gripped my face, tracing my jawline and then running through my hair. I pushed the left strap of her dress to the side and slipped my hand into her bodice and found her perky breast and hard nipple. I traced her aerola, then gently pinched her nipple through her hand.

A throat cleared. “I'm sorry, mam,” one of our bodyguards said, interrupting us. She was 63, one of the twenty-four new recruits from Monday. “There's an Alice Perry demanding to see you. She was stopped at the entrance.”

Mary sighed. “Send her up. I'll talk to her.” Mary stood up and and followed 63 outside.

I walked up to the window and watched as Alice pulled up in her cream colored Jetta and got out. I couldn't hear what they were saying but it didn't sound friendly. Alice looked almost crazed, her black hair whipping about as she pointed and yelled. The woman just didn't seem to understand that Mary loved me. Maybe she just needed to see us together.

I pulled on my shoes and walked outside. It was a warm day. The bodyguards were starting to gather from the houses they used as barracks along the street, watching the argument. There was Debra from Q13 Fox filming the argument. Well, I'd have to remember to order her leave this part out of her story. I walked across the lawn to the cul-de-sac. The closer I got the more crazy Alice looked. Her face was twisted ugly with jealousy. She threw her arms about, pointing wildly as she ranted.

“Mark is wrong for you!” Alice screamed. Christ there was spittle flying from her lips.

“You have to leave, Alice,” Mary pleaded. Her orders didn't work on Alice, I realized. A faint silver outline surrounded Alice, the aura of a normal person. Mary must have told Alice to ignore her commands. Well, I could make her leave, if it came to that. Better to break my promised to Mary then to have the bodyguards force her to leave. Alice might get hurt if she resisted too much.

“Alice,” I said, walking up beside Mary. Alice's eyes found mine and I saw hatred burning inside them, as her hands were reaching into her purse. “You have to understand...”

“Gun!” 63 shouted from behind me.

My words choked off. It felt like a gorilla was sitting on my chest, crushing me lungs. I could not breath, the weight was too heavy. Blue smoke curled from he barrel of the small gun in Alice's hand. When did Alice draw the gun? Everything was happening so slowly. Pain was blossoming in my chest as the gun barked over and over again. I was falling backward, it seemed to take an eternity.

As I fell back I could see Mary staring in stunned horror and 63 drawing her own weapon. Alice had a triumphant smile on her face when her body jerked back as the first bullet struck her, the gun falling from her hand. A wisp of blue smoke trailed lazily out of the gun barrel as it fell. I landed on the soft grass.

I could feel every blade of soft grass itching my body, the fresh scent of cut grass filled my nostril. I was staring up at the blue sky. It was so beautiful, I realized, no white clouds marred the deep blue vista. And then the world began to grow black, starting on the edges, the shadows bleeding towards the center of my vision.

Mary's face appeared above me. She was yelling something, pleading. Her hands were pressing at my chest. She was so beautiful. The most beautiful thing in the world. I tried to tell her that, but only blood escaped my lips. Everything was growing darker the world shrinking until there was only Mary's perfect face. Her green eyes filled with fear, tears rolling down her freckled cheeks, her auburn hair forming a curtain about her face. I reached up to stroke her face but my arm refused to move.

She was so beautiful.

And then I was falling, falling, falling.

Into darkness.

To be continued...

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