The older guy and me
My second 'real' sexual encounter happened when I was just fifteen, and by this point I was pretty much horny twenty-four seven. I was also dating the hottest girl in the school (well, I thought so - but then again so did my mates). The only problem I had was she never put out. Sure we snogged - alot. And sometimes when we were alone in one of our respective bedrooms I might be able to cop a feel through her top or grab a butt cheek, but I knew the rest was off limits. And that is pretty frustrating for a young lad.

I also spent a fair bit of time with my friends at our local youth centre during the summer holidays, which was run by a 29 year old man called Bobby. Now, every one looked up to and respected Bobby. He had an air of authority about him and was actually a pretty good looking fella; about 6'0", amazing shape, blue eyes, smart, witty. Put it this way, all our Mums and girlfriends had a soft spot for him. And his girlfriend - amazing. Blonde, fit body - all the guys had a soft spot for her.

Bobby had asked me one night mid week if I wanted to earn a bit of cash, as he knew I was strapped and wanted to go out Saturday. He simply said the lawn around the youth centre needed trimming and the back store needed tidying - if I did it he would give me a tenner. So yeah, of course I said yes. Bobby then confirmed the only time he would be free would be Friday afternoon, which was fine with me.

I turned up just after lunch and the mower was already out, so I got the lawn done within the hour. It was mid summer and I remember him coming out with a drink and laughing because I was still in my t shirt and told me to take it off or it will get sweaty and covered in grass. I thought nothing of it so I stripped it off. I also remember him just standing there staring for a second, then smiling and then going back in to the centre to 'do some accounts'.
Once the lawn was done and the back room tidied, I went back out the front to bring the mower back in, but the doors were locked and the mower had already been brought in, so I figured Bobby did it and was probably in his office. I popped to Bobby's office and knocked on the door. His voice came from inside to come in, so I did.
Bobby's office was at the back of the centre so there were no windows, only lights, so it didn't remotely dawn on me when I entered and there was only the desk lamp on. He motioned to the chair, so I sat down - and there was my t shirt on his desk. I looked at it and then back at him and he was just smiling. But it was a different kind of smile.

Now I know he is a pretty straight to the point kind of guy, but I was not expecting what happened next.
He told me I did a great job and I thanked him and then asked me what I was going to do with the cash, as he slid it across the desk. I told him I was going out with everyone the following night and wanted to make sure I could get some drink for myself and my girlfriend (Anna). He gave me a £20 and told me if I needed any drinks, he would pick them up but I would have to promise I wouldn't tell anyone as it could cost him his job. I didn't have a problem with that at all - the guy we all look up to had just given me twenty quid and could get the drinks in. I grinned and thanked him and then, out of the blue, he asked if Anna and I had fucked yet. I wasn't used to discussing stuff like that with an adult, especially as he had a hot girlfriend and was (in my mind) fucking her all day and all night, every day and every night. I finally confessed I had never actually had sex. He then asked if I had even had a blow job. My red face gave me away again and confirmed it for me.

I couldn't help but blush and he laughed, seeing my embarassment. He got out of his chair, walked around the desk and perched himself on the desk in front of me, with one leg either side of my chair. Basically his crotch was right in my face. I dont know why, but being aware I was so close to his cock (at this point my thinking was it was unintentional) and with all the sex talk, my cock started to get hard. I tried to squeeze it between my legs but it was obvious it was too late, he was staring straight down. He looked me in the eyes and I looked back, I felt like my heart was going to bust through my chest and I couldn't have got up even if I had wanted to because my legs had turned to complete jelly.

Our eyes kept contact for what seemed forever, but was probably no more than five or ten seconds. And then he leaned in to me and kissed me on the lips. Next thing I know is he has got his tongue in my mouth and his hand has slipped up my shirtless body, over my stomach and up to my nipple, which he started playing with. He stopped kissing me, smiled again and then started kissing my neck, shoulders and then down my chest, stopping to lick my nipples. He even bit one, which at the time I didn't like but would eventually become one of my most sensitive areas. His tongue trailed down my stomach and he stood up. I was absolutely frozen.

He stood me up, grabbed my hand and led me out of his office and straight into the store. Without a word he threw down some mats, put me on top of them and slipped my shorts off so I was only in my pants. Then he started kissing me again and this time I could feel his cock pressing against me. He again worked his way down my body, spending more time on every area before slipping my underwear off. There I was, stark bollock naked in front of a gorwm man with a raging hardon! He complimented my cock and appearance and then said he had always had a crush on me, since the first time he saw me. He said he was bisexual but only with certain guys and rarely, but he had always wanted to get me naked, especially when he saw me playing football shirtless. And then he took my cock in his had and slipped it in his mouth. I was shaking like a leaf and within seconds I shot my entire load in his mouth. And he just kept on sucking.

After he had licked my cock clean he took off his clothes and just stood there. I knew what this meant and, to be honest, I couldn't wait. I did exactly what he had done to me, copied his style and started giving his 7" cock a suck. I wanted to impress the shit out of him so I really gave it my all. I remember gagging a few times because his cock was so far down my throat and thinking he would be disappointed, but as it turned out every time I gagged it seemed to turn him on more.

But before he cum he took his cock out. I thought I had done it wrong or something, but he just flipped me on to all fours and told me to stay like that until he was back. He left the store, went in to his office and then came back with some kind of tube of something. He squeezed some on to his finger and then got behind me. And then it dawned on me, but it was too late. His finger went straight in my ass, knuckle deep. And it felt good. It hurt, but it felt really good.

He slipped his finger out and then was messing about behind me - I couldn't see what he was doing simply because I was on all fours facing away from him. Next thing I knew was I could feel something against my ass. Definitely not a finger... ah. Ok. I felt him push the head in a bit, then a bit more before I felt that pop of the head going in your ass. It ached, but a good ache and I lust remained on all fours and he slid more in, gathering speed. And before I knew it, he was fucking me. And then I felt him slow down a bit and shake a little before pushing it in as far as he could and letting out a loud scream. He stopped for a second and then slowly took his cock out my ass. He flipped me over again and started licking and kissing my body, which in turn made me hard again. And then he gave me the most amazing blowjob.

He fucked me several times after this. I never fucked him, I was 'his bitch'. One time his girlfriend was away and I crashed over his and he tied me to the bed and fucked me. That time he also face fucked me.

Those were some good times.

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