A story of two people connecting
This was written quite a while ago, as what started as an erotic email exchange. Although marked as fiction, it is based on a true encounter. This part, covers the third email I wrote.

Although, feedback is always greatfully received, and I look forward to reading your comments, the first few parts are already written, and are published here as a means of sharing. Subsequent parts of the story, that are as yet unwritten though, I hope to develop as I go along.


Even though you are the one tied up, and in a fairly awkward position, at this moment in time you are the one in control. You are the one governing how much of me you take inside you and how fast. As I kneel behind you, I put myself into a slighty more submissive position, to reflect the current situation, and place my hands behind my back, more to keep myself from grabbing your hips and thrusting myself into you. Eventually, with patience, your beautiful rear completely engulfs my hard cock. After a moment of enjoying the feeling of being completely filled you start to rock your hips, the lubricant doing it's job, and pretty soon you build up a good rhythm.

I start to feel ok, more in control of myself and my lust, and rest my hands on your behind, and your moans let me know you're really getting into it. It's not long before I'm groaning along with you, both of us joined, not only physically, but by sounds and feelings too. Our bodies matching each others thrusts, each one sending an energy between us that we both feel. Waves of pure, unadulterated pleasure overcoming us both.

I lean forward a little , and slowly move my Hands up the side of your body, softly caressing your curves. My fingers touching you, feeling you, holding you. They trace around the side of your breasts, circling them in a spiral. Working towards their goal, your nipples once more. I find they are already hard and erect, and as my fingers circle around them I can feel the effect on you it has. Just stroking the sides causes you to squirm a little, and you gasp slightly as I pinch them between my thumb and forefinger and tug ever so slightly, rolling them around, tweaking them like tiny knobs. In the moment my senses are so heightened I can feel the texture of them, each tiny bump pressing into my nerve endings, bringing me even closer to you.

I start to draw my middle finger down your stomach, pausing to draw a pattern, circling your naval. Letting it slightly tickle you, I feel you twitch. I feel your small spasm ripple down through your muscles, your sphincter clasping onto my cock, deep inside you. Your rhythm briefly interrupted, a squirm, and a reflex from your muscles trying to pull away. It doesn't last long as I continue on my journey. My goal, to push you, to push us both over the edge. I know that once I touch you where I'm heading that not only will you not last long, but neither will I, and we'll both explode with hormones, pleasure and fluids.

Before I know it, I'm there, and as you pull forwards, mid thrust, it pulls your gorgeous, erect clit over my finger. You shudder with the feelings rushing over you, and you know that when you push back again the same will happen. You pause, you stop your rocking altogether, and I have to take over. I can tell that you can't continue under your own steam, and so I push myself back into you, as deep as I can, and you cry out as you take me into you. My finger now flicking over your little button, my speed building up both there and behind you, and you struggle trying to breathe, trying to moan, trying to handle what you are feeling through your body. I can feel my muscles starting to tense, preasure building up within me, my juices starting to rise, and I know there is only a few moments before I unload into you. Our cries start to reach a climax, and I can feel you beginning to tense up, every muscle in your body contracting, feeling your tighter around me, and I am now recalling going for it. I'm touching as much of your wet pussy as I can, filling you as much as I can, one finger, two, nearly three,  right to the point of no return. We both scream, we both make it at the same time, our energies colliding together, explosions in us both, mixing and wrapping around each other, bringing us together even more on a new level. As we come together I wrap my arms around you, pulling myself close to you, feeling as much of you against me as I can. Our senses slowly coming back in more real world of clarity, and I plant kisses on the back of your neck. I shower you with them.

"Oh my dear princess, that was beautiful." I whisper to you, as we collapse onto our sides, and I release you from your binds, and we straighten our bodies out against each other. As we both relax into each other, and i start to slip out of you, i pull you closer to me, my hands resting around your breasts, and you let out a sigh of contentment. Our world begins turning to black, as we start to drift off, exhausted, into our own world of dreams, resting ourselves a little, regaining our energies.

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