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I was a very shy & awkward teenager, and never really had much "luck" with girls, until the summer that my best friend, Micah, and his girlfriend, Sandra, conspired to set me up with Sandra's cousin, Tracy. I should probably tell you all up front, that there's no actual sex in this segment. I've included it here because it's a part of my overall story that I can never get away from, and because if I skipped over it, the rest of my story just wouldn't make sense.
Tracy lay down next to me with her breasts, still uncovered, resting on my chest. We stayed like that for the longest time, sometimes kissing, sometimes stroking each other here or there, but mostly just lying next to each other, until the sound of Micah clearing his throat from a little way off brought us back to reality.

I looked up. Micah & Sandra were standing just a little bit off our blanket. They were both wrapped in towels and were holding their swim suits in their hands. They were both grinning from ear to ear as they watched us.

"Looks like you two hit it off, after all," Micah said. "It's getting kinda late. We need to get inside & get cleaned up before the girls' folks get home."

We scrambled up and I started picking up the towels and our blanket, while Tracy readjusted her bikini top and tied it again behind her neck. Then the four of us went back into the house and separated, the girls going into Sandra's bedroom, and Micah leading me to the bathroom across the hall. When we were both inside he shut the door and turned to face me.

"You lucky son of a bitch," he said, "she let you see her tits the first time?"

"Not just see. She let me suck on 'em, too."

"I know, we saw," Micah said.

"You," I trailed off, suddenly embarrassed.

"Yeah, we saw," he continued. "Sandra actually stopped fucking me to watch you two. You bastard." Micah was grinning. I started to try to say something, but he kept going. "Man, I could tell Tracy was into you when we were watching the movie, but I never thought you'd get her to jack you off the first night. Did you finger her?"

"No, she wouldn't let me."

"Hm," was all he said to that. "Come on, we better get dressed & get out of here."

We changed back into our street clothes and shoved our swim suits & towels into our duffel bags, then went back out into the hall. We stood there waiting for a couple minutes, then the girls came out, dressed in their shorts & t-shirts again.

"I think you guys probably should go before they get back," Sandra said. We paired off again and went downstairs to the entry hall. Tracy and I stood by the door, holding hands, while Micah and Sandra stood back a ways in the living room and just kissed.

"Tracy," I said, "it was nice to meet you." It sounded stupid as soon as I said it. I tried to pull it out. "What you, I mean, what we, out there," I stammered, trailing off again.

"Yeah," Tracy answered. Then she smiled and kissed me.

That shook me out of my nervousness a little bit. She really was into me! I still wasn't sure what to make of that, but this girl had just let me suck on her breasts and then jacked me off; and she was still smiling and kissing me! Without thinking, I said the first thing that came to me. "I love you. Can I see you again tomorrow?"

She stopped smiling. I thought I'd totally blown it, but then she said, "I'm leaving with my mom & dad tomorrow to go stay with my grandma up in Marysville for a week."

"Oh," I said, and let go of her hand.

She still held onto my hand though, and didn't let it drop. "But we'll be coming back here for another couple days after. We could…try to get together then?"

"Yeah, that'd be great," I said, suddenly grinning like an idiot. Right about then Micah came over to the door and grabbed my shoulder.

"Come on, Tom. Let's go."

The girls closed the door after us, and we climbed into the cab of my pickup truck to head for home. I didn't say anything, but must have still had the same stupid grin on my face, because after a few minutes I noticed that Micah was staring at me with his own silly grin.

"What?" I asked.

"Dude, she is so into you," he said, still grinning. "Do you know why she didn't let you finger her?"

"What?" I repeated.

"Before we left, I asked Sandra. She said Tracy totally wanted to do you tonight but she's on the rag."

"What?" I asked, knowing I was sounding kind of like a broken record.

"Tom, she likes you. She's hot for you. She wants to fuck you, dude, but she's on the rag right now."

I was letting that sink in for a minute. "She likes me," I repeated quietly, trailing off again. Micah went on.

"Man, Sandra said when they were changing, Tracy just kept talking about you. She said she was saying things like you're cute, and sweet. And you almost made her cum just by sucking on her tits. And how if she wasn't on the rag she would've fucked you right there tonight."

I pulled up in front of Tom's house. He started to get out, then turned back and said, "Dude, we are totally getting you back together with her. We're gonna get you laid."

"She's gone for a week," I said, "won't be back until next Friday."

"Don't worry. I'll call Sandra." And with that, he hopped out of the truck and headed into his house.

I was totally dumbfounded. I'd never done anything but kiss a girl before tonight, and now my best friend was going on about how this girl wanted to fuck me? And not just that, but she'd told all this to Sandra, so she knew, and she told Micah, so he knew. I was seriously the last to know! I drove home the rest of the way with all sorts of thoughts careening through my head.

It was just before my midnight curfew when I got home. My dad was waiting up for me. He asked how the swimming was, and gave him a quick answer and then excused myself to go up to bed. Up in my room, I stripped down and crawled into bed. I was exhausted, and confused, and I fell asleep fast. I dreamed about Tracy that night, and woke up in the middle of the night with my cock and pubes soaked in a small puddle of cum after apparently having relived the whole thing again in a wet dream. I grabbed a t-shirt from the floor next to my bed and mopped up a little, then fell back to sleep.

The next week was rough. I couldn't get Tracy off my mind. I spent my days holed up in my room, daydreaming about her when my mom, dad, or little sister were home, or naked and furiously jerking off to the memory of her hand wrapped around my cock when they were out.

Thursday morning I was again up in my room, jerking off to a fantasy image of Tracy, lying on her back with her breasts exposed to me, rubbing her hand up and down along the shaft of my cock, when the doorbell rang. I froze, jarred out of my fantasy, suddenly sure that my mom was home from work and was going to walk in on me with my cock in my hand. Then I realized that she wouldn't ring the doorbell, so I threw on my bathrobe and started down to see who it was.

I looked through the peep hole and saw Micah standing there on the porch; I could see his bike tipped over on the grass next to the walkway. I opened the door and let him in.

Stepping in, he saw me in my bathrobe and said, "Dude, were you spanking Mr. Stiffy?"

"No," I lied, "I was just about to get in the shower."

"Sure you were," he shot back. "So you jerk off in the shower these days?"

I started to protest, but I knew he'd see right through me, so I admitted it. "Okay, yeah. It's Tracy. I just can't stop thinking about her. About what we did over at Sandra's last week." I started walking back upstairs to my bedroom, with Micah right behind me. I flopped down on my bed on my stomach, and Micah followed me into the room.

"Oh, man!" he said almost immediately. "Dude, it stinks in here. What, have you been jerking off all week? You seriously need to open a window!"

I got up and went over to open my bedroom window. Micah continued, "So I called Sandra this morning. Tracy and her mom and dad are coming back tonight."

"I know," I said.

"But they're only gonna be here one day before they go back home." My face fell, and Micah saw it. "But don't worry, Sandra's got it all worked out."

"Sandra?" I asked.

"Sure," he said. "She knows how badly you need to get your cherry popped. She's been talking to Tracy on the phone this week, and she's got it all worked out. You know Beek's Bight?"

"Over at the lake?" I asked.

"Yeah. Sandra told her mom and dad that she really wants to go to the lake with Tracy before the all go home, so she got them to okay it last night. We're gonna go to the lake tomorrow, you, me, Sandra and Tracy."

"So what about Beek's Bight?"

"So," Micah said very slowly, "it's the very last spot on the road out there. No one ever goes out there. So Sandra's packing a cooler with lunch, and we're gonna pick up the girls tomorrow morning and go out there. No one around. Lots of privacy. Plenty of places for you and Tracy to find a spot and…"

"But what about you and Sandra?"

"What about us? We'll find a different spot & fuck the whole time. You don't think I'm gonna pass up a chance like this, do you?" He grinned at me. "You up for it?"

"Hell yeah I'm up for it. You really think she's gonna…? I mean"

"Do I really think she's gonna fuck you?" Micah finished for me. "Dude, she's been planning this from her grandma's house all week. She totally wants you. I think you and Mr. Stiffy there are finally gonna join the club tomorrow!"

After that I got dressed, and Micah and I spent the rest of the afternoon just hanging out. I tried to pretend like it was a normal day, but the thought of seeing Tracy again, and knowing what she and Sandra had cooked up, was just always there in the front of my mind. My sister came home from her friend's house where she'd been playing, and eventually it got to be time for my mom and dad to come home. Micah was on his way out when my mom got home and walked in. She offered to have him stay for dinner, but he said he had to get back home for dinner with his family, and then he took off.

I ate my dinner completely distracted from everything that went on at the dinner table, then excused myself and went upstairs to take a shower and go to bed. It took me forever to fall asleep that night, but for the first time since meeting Tracy the week before, I didn't wake up with a wet dream.

The next morning I was up early. I took another shower, put on a pair of shorts and a loose t-shirt, then called Micah to see if he was ready. "Come and get me at ten," he groaned, then hung up on me.

At ten o'clock I pulled up in front of Micah's house. I jumped out of the truck and was about to go up to the house to get him, when he ran out of the house with a big duffel bag over his shoulder. He ran across the lawn and stopped right next to the truck. He tossed his duffel bag into the back, then grinned at me and asked, "You ready?"

"Oh, yeah," I said, "Let's go!" We climbed back into the truck and I drove, probably a little too fast, over to Sandra's house to pick up the girls. When we got there, the whole family was there to greet us. Micah and I met Tracy's parents and her older brother, which was a little weird given what we were planning to do. Tracy played it very sweet and innocent, going right along with Sandra's story that we were just heading over to the lake for a picnic.

At one point, she even invited her brother to come along with us. "Hey, Kevin! You want to come, too?" I held my breath, not sure what she was up to. When her brother turned her down with kind of a bored wave of his hand, Tracy turned her back to the family and grinned at me.

Eventually it was time for us to head over to the lake, so secured the cooler and picnic blankets in the back of the truck, then we all squeezed into my truck with the girls sandwiched between Micah and me, and off we went. As soon as we were around the corner and out of sight, Tracy leaned over to kiss me, and Sandra burst out laughing. "I can't believe you invited Kevin along! What were you thinking?" she shrieked.

"Kevin never wants to hang out with me," Tracy said, "so I knew if I invited him, he'd never come, even if my mom suggested it."

I half way expected Micah to give me crap about what were about to do, but we drove the rest of the way to the lake in near silence. Sandra would kiss Micah every once in a while, and Tracy just kind of snuggled in closer to me. I slowed down a little as we went through the last intersection before the road turned and led up to the state park at the lake.

And then everything was quiet. Well, not really. There was a huge noise, a deep "crunch," sort of. And then it was quiet. And I knew we were spinning because I was looking at the street that should have been on my left, but through the front windshield. And the glass was cracked, and my head hit the side window and that kind of hurt. And then Tracy was on top of me and she was bent over the steering wheel and Sandra's head hit my shoulder and how did Micah's arm get bent like that. And where was the blood coming from, I couldn't tell, and when I looked back over at Micah he wasn't really all there, at least not the right way, and there was the grill of a bigger truck sticking in through the window, and then we seemed to stop moving, and it sort of sounded like Sandra was screaming, and then it got dark.

Suddenly it got very bright and Tracy wasn't on top of me anymore but dang that hurt, and I was moving, and then I wasn't, but I was looking up at a really pretty blue sky and then someone was looking down at me and he was saying something but it didn't really make any sound and then it was dark again.

When it was light again, I was inside. Something beeped, and people were talking somewhere but --beep-- I couldn't really tell what they were saying. And my dad was --beep-- there, sitting in a chair and staring at me and then it was dark again.

When I finally woke up in the hospital, my dad was still there sitting by my bed. He jumped up and called out into the hallway that I was awake, and then he came over to stand next to my bed and he hugged me. It seemed like I hurt everywhere. Nurses came in to look at me, and shine more lights in my eyes and check me here and there, and then a doctor came in and did all the same poking, prodding, questioning tests. Did I remember my name? Yeah, it's Tom. My age? 16. Where I lived? I told them the name of my town, the school I went to, what grade I was in, everything.

Then the doctor and nurses drifted away one by one, and my dad came back into view, and he asked if I remembered where I was going when everything happened.

I had been on my way to the lake with Micah, Sandra and Tracy. We were all in the truck, and then everything… "Dad? What happened?" I asked.

He explained that I'd gone through the intersection on a green light, when a drunk coming down the cross street ran the red light and t-boned right into the side of my truck going almost 80 mph. He told me that the girls were okay, for the most part. Tracy had a concussion from where she got thrown and hit her head, but more than that, a piece of the floorboard had torn up and twisted around, nearly severing her right leg just below the knee. My dad told me that she was still in the hospital, just a few rooms down from me, recovering from the surgery; the doctors hadn't been able to save her leg. I came away with a fracture in my skull, four broken ribs, my left arm broken in two places, and my left knee shattered. Sandra had a broken arm and a broken nose, but somehow not much else; she'd gone home the day of the accident and had been there for the past week.

So I'd been out of it for a week? It didn't seem like any time had passed at all.

"What about Micah?" I asked.

My dad stopped talking and sat down in the guest chair next to the bed. "Micah didn't make it, Thomas," he said. Just like that. It sounded matter-of-fact, but I looked over and could see there were tears in my dad's eyes. "Micah took the biggest part of the impact, Thomas," he said. "The police say he died almost instantly."

Micah was dead? What? "Dad?" was all I could say.

A little while later my mom and my sister came in, and there was a lot of hugging, and crying, and more hugging, until I was just about exhausted and I fell asleep again.


A few days later, we all went to Micah's funeral. The doctors didn't want to let Tracy and me out of the hospital, but Sandra and our parents pushed for it, and so we sat up in the front row in matching wheel chairs, with Sandra sitting between us. It was so surreal. To this day I can remember sitting there thinking, none of us is crying, we should be crying. But we just sat there, three banged up and bandaged teenagers, one of us missing part of her leg, watching as person after person stood up and told stories about Micah. And we just sat there, basically numb.


There's more to the story, I promise. But I need to stop now.

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2017-02-02 00:27:33
Very well written. Thanks, you have a gift in story telling.

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I love your sense of humor, good built up. You're talented, please write more.

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This must have been very tough for you to relive and share with others. Thank You and his bless you.

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