Interracial Adventures: Introduction


First off, this is NOT a story. Rather, it is an introduction to a collection of stories that I will be posting later on an ongoing basis under my profile here at xnxx. My stories are true ones, and will all be about the interracial domination of black men on white bois. I myself was indeed "turned out/ boi broken" by a black man, and the experience changed my life. These stories, or rather "Tails" as I call them (instead of Tales) come from different sources. I've made contacts over the years with white boys who have shared my fate, and wish to anonymously tell their stories. Some stories here were written by others, and were edited by me, whereas with others, the stories were told to me, and I have written them. One story is mine, but I'll be saving that one for a long while down the road.

If you don't like or are not interested in hearing stories where black men have coerced, forced, or pressured white boys into sex, than please stop reading now. I have no interest in arguing with anyone, and will only ignore hate messages thrown my way. Please do not disrespect me, and just go look at something that you like. If you continue reading, then... I have to assume that you want to hear true stories about little white bois getting fucked like bitches by Big Black Cock(s).

Like many/most white boys I once thought myself 100% straight. However, an interracial encounter with a black man changed THAT forever! I wanted NOTHING to do with the incident, but he would NOT be deterred, and in the end, I waddled away with proud Black African semen still alive, swimming in my guts. I hated myself, and the world, for a while. Until I realized, that the ONLY thing I could think about after the interracial incident, was getting fucked like a bitch again, and again... and,... again! The way that BIg Black Cock feminized and conquered my little white body, and how incredible it felt. I found myself hopelessly addicted after one "hit," and there was just no escape for what BBC had done to me!

Then, I found other white boys. I realized that I wasn't alone by any means. I found that my experience was far more common than I could have ever imagined, and that the effects I experienced was in fact the norm! As exceptional as I had believed my experience to be, it was not an exception at all. It was a very real truth, one that MANY white boys lived with! I was just another white bitch turned out and broken off on black cock! The stories these white boi's (my sisters) told me were not dissimilar from my own! They were every bit as erotic and intense as my own. And, its about time these stories are told!!!

Likewise, if you yourself have had an experience like this, a true story, feel free to write me, and tell me your tail! Good ones, that seem genuine I will work on for you, and share your little white tail with the world! I hope to build a sisterhood with fellow whites who know, or want to know the truth about the interracial experience. Also, any black men who have "turned out, punked, or boi broken" any white boy(s), and would like to share your story it would be greatly appreciated!

Not, to sound racist, but having had many black men inside me, and having been inseminated by what would seem like the whole of Africa I know a thing or two about black men! Sadly, although my little white body welcomes the seed of Africa, I cannot bear it any children. But, I hope I can motivate others to allow black cocks to practice tilling their white ground. White boys I meet always think it is so hard to find black men who want to fuck them, and believe me... IT IS NOT!!! The reality is...

Black men always want to fuck! And, many/most of them do not see anything manly in white boys. We are simply another type of white girl for them to fuck, then, they fuck us, and realize they were right all along! And, we realize it too! This is why when a black man fucks a white boy, it is called being "turned out," meaning your true nature was revealed, you've turned out to be the bitch the black man knew you were! The only difference is that now you know it too! There is absolutely nothing gay about what they do, after all they're just fucking a bitch. Sadly, its us that become the faggots embodying our female roles after intimate sex with the only men that exist... black men!

Sure, the white race has genetic males, to perpetuate the species, without us they're would be no white ass for black cocks to ravage! But, they are so far from the sheer masculinity of the black man, that we are more like women, so much so... that we easily serve the same purpose! Black masculinity is such that its very nature is intrinsically feminizing to white men! It is a story that has filled history books! It is the reason behind racism! The reason whites have desperately passed laws, created negative stereotypes, and done any and every thing in our power to keep black men away from white women, and why ourselves, our brothers, and sons find themselves serving as women, sexually satisfying the black cocks we have tried to oppress.

Several months ago, I moved into an apartment, and needed a roommate to split the cost. A college kid in my same school. He posted a flyer saying he needed a roommate, and I took him up on the offer. Having been myself turned out in high school. He noticed the black men coming to see me, and having their way with me. He couldn't understand why I chose black cock over pussy, and even though he had never had any of either, he wanted me out for being a faggot. Instead, I talked to him about it, and told him my story, and that if he actually wanted to get laid in college, he should consider putting out. I introduced him to black men, and within a week I walked in on four black men taking turns on him on the couch! After that we were as close as sisters!

Then, I thought... why not help more white boys have sex! Sex they'd actually be good at and enjoy! Instead of the constant disappointment of not getting laid and not being any good when they do get laid because their little white dick-clits aren't big enough! Why not help get them the sex they were built for?! Why not put them on to BBC?!?!?!

So the same way I helped my roommate, I would help others! I already know how powerful hearing my story was in getting my little white roommate to put out for black cock, and I know that plenty of people on xnxx looking for sex stories are likely white boys like him, not getting laid, and in need of big black cocks, so I have decided to post real stories, with real white tails telling their tail, and how black men filled up those lily white tails!

So, here they are...

"SnowBunnyTails" Real Interracial Adventures for real white boys... like YOU!!!

I can only hope, they motivate, entertain, and please my readers, thank you! And, come to the dark side with me, and explore a YOU in each of the white boys fucked in every story, and with any luck... one day you can write me, and tell me YOUR story, so that I can post it here, for the world to read!!!



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2014-01-15 20:22:15
سكس مي عذالدين

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2014-01-15 17:03:54
I would like to be turned out by bbc to hold that big black cock in my hand and to take it my mouth would be a thrill

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i am not crazy about some of your wording, but i completely understand how you feel (or pretend to feel) about dark (and big) african cocks i love them too

keep the stories cumming

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2014-01-02 18:11:13
Hey, what do you call black boys turned out, as the term you use? This is bs

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