I always loved my oldest sister. I guess i just didnt know how much.

I loved when my older sister Heather would babysit me. we were 6 years apart, so

when i was real little and mom and dad went out and my other sister and brother

were away at other friends houses, it was a treat. Heather was the best. She'd

protect me from my older brother who'd beat up on me a bit, and she'd watch all my

favorite movies with me. I don't know for sure why but we just kind of developed a

different bond between us. Even today, I'm not sure why our relationship has been

so strong.

I always thought she was beautiful. Dark red mahogony hair, pale skin, and the

brightest green eyes you've ever seen. She had only a slight build, maybe B-Cup

breasts, but she had wonderful hips and a nice butt.

Anyways, as a little kid, when it was just us it was always a treat. But as i got older,

and more rebellious. she had more difficulty with me. Bedtime was a workout. and

bath time even worse.

I didn't mean to give her such a hard time, I think i was just embarrassed. At 10 my

body was changing already, and I'd get those awkward boners just whenever they

came. But i noticed that they would always come at bath time. I'd fight so hard some

nights that Heather would just forget bath time altogether even though mom and dad

knew I'd only take my bath if someone made me. But this one night, I was 11 then,

after I had played outside at the park and got really dirty, she was adamant that i get

in the tub.

I was fighting the whole way, yelling and throwing a fit. She was always so calm

about it too, strange thing that. We made it into the bathroom. Heather shut and

locked the door, put her hands on her hips, this was business time.

"Settle down, mister. Tonight, you are getting in the tub because you are filthy.

Just look at yourself in the mirror."

I did. She was right. I had dirt caked in my hair, some grass behind my ear, and god

knows what on my pants.

"I'm gonna start the water and get it at the right temperature. You've got a little bit

of time before you have to get in. Get your favorite toys out and then start getting


"Ok sis." I reluctantly said.

I readjusted myself for the tenth time since getting in the bathroom. My sister caught

it that time and did a little giggle before turning towards the faucet. I hated that she

caught me. Hated it because i was so embarrassed. Stupid penis.

I decided i didnt want any toys tonight. I just wanted to get in and out of that tub as

soon as possible so that i didnt have to endure this embarrassment anymore than I had

too. But I stalled when it came to taking off my clothes.

My sister shut off the water.

"Ok, its time." She turned to me. "Why havent you got your clothes off yet?"

For a moment I couldnt answer her. "I... I... sis, can you turn around or


"Why? Trevor, we've been through this before. Even if I dont see you naked now,

you're going to be naked in the tub, while I'm washing you, and when you get out to

dry off."

She was right. But it had been close to 6 months since we'd actually done this last.

And 6 months had done a number on my body. That number was 3 inches.

I had a weird go through puberty. My two cousins decided that i was going to be

gifted. At that time we were measuring ourselves out, playing swords and stuff, and

just generally being curious, and although i was still short, and the youngest of the 3

of us, i had the biggest cock. it was almost like a third arm coming out of the fork

between my legs it was so disproportioned to the rest of me. anyway, stories of my

cousins and me are for a different time...

My sister, for her part she was a good girl as far as I've ever known. i think my dick

might have been the only one she'd actually seen in person until she got married. I

could be wrong, but either way, from six months ago, she was in for a suprise.

I was still being stubborn just looking back at my sister. "Fine," she said, and walked

over to me. "Put your arms up." I did. She pulled my shirt off. My penis was out

of control at this point. It was so hard it kinda hurt.

My sister got down on her knees and starting undoing my belt. I was tiny for my

age, dont know how tall. But i do know that my sister was also short. She looked up

at me, her eyes saying something like, are you seriously going to make me do all this?

My answer was just to keep looking at her. Yes. She started undoing my button and

zipper, and had a little trouble pulling my pants down because my boner was keeping

them up. She was getting frustrated. Grunted a few times. she didnt know what she

was up against... until... she saw it outlined in my underwear. a gasp. an expletive.

she looked at me again. I was blushing. I wanted to run away. I wanted to hide in a

closet. I looked away from her. I looked back. she shrugged, smiled and had me

kick out of my pants. last layer...

Thank god for elastic bands. Mine kept my dick at bay for a little while longer. Had

underwear been made from any other material, my erection wouldve ripped out of

there like Superman from his street clothes!

I remember my sister's hands were shaking as she put her fingers under the elastic

band. A couple of her fingers grazed my shaft, and my whole member thumped

against its elastic and cotton prison. Heather pulled out and down so slowly the bath

water probly dropped a few degrees in the time we both waited there.

I was so scared. And she was too i think. She kept trembling. She had begun to

blush after the pants were kicked off. And with her pale skin, as her blush spread, it

just multiplied her beauty.

POP! Finally release.

I looked down to see my sister's eyes go wide like a deer in headlights as my dick

bobbed in front of her. Then she shut them so hard like she imagined she was about

to be struck or something. It was a weird reaction to me. Looking back, maybe she

was trying to unsee what she had seen. or kill her unChristian thoughts about the

large thumping cock in front of her face. Again, who knows.

I still stood there, paralyzed in, shame, maybe? I just waited for my sisters

instructions. When she did open her eyes again, staring right at my cock, she blinked

a couple times, then slowly got up and pointed for me to get into the bath tub.

It was possibly the weirdest bathtime i'd ever had. She was silent while she cleaned

me up. nothing too out of the ordinary, except i noticed she spent a lot of time on

my private parts, every once and a while humming with a smile on her face, which did

put me at a sort of ease. If my sister didnt mind then i guess everything was ok. my

embarrassment went away. not to mention that it felt amazing, her soapy hands

running up and down my length and girth. and soaping up my balls extra good.

Although, after a half an hour or so my testicles started to hurt. From the looks on

my face, my sister could tell i was in some pain, she immediately stopped rubbing my

stuff. "Am I hurting you little brother?"

"Sis, what you're doing feels so good. I don't want you to stop, but..."

"But what?" My sister had such loving concern on her face. Like i said before, we've

always had such a strong bond. She never tried to make me do anything bad or

anything like that, whereas my other sister and brother would put me in a spot where

i would get in trouble. Heather loved me as much as i loved her. But tonight was

very different. Tonight there was undeniable sexual tension. Even as an 11 year old

I could tell. Well, truth be told, it isnt so hard when someone is handling your

goods the way my sister was. Anyway, that night i gave it to my sister straight.

"Sis, I've got to... uh, have a, uh, release..." I said, the embarrassment coming back

with a full eyeball roll.

"What do you mean... Release?" Like I said, my sister was a good girl. Older than

me, but when you're bad you're bad and you just know things. And when you're

good, well you just don't understand.

I winced, my discomfort was getting worse. She had a questionable look on her face,

but as i winced her love and care for me won out.

"I need to ejaculate." Sometimes you have to use the right terms for people. The

words nut, cum, jack off, or masterbate even, will turn the situation sour. And the

desired affect won't be had.

"You mean ejaculate, like when a man has sex with a woman and his penis ejaculates

into her vagina to create a baby, ejaculate?!"

"Yeah, sis. But you don't always have to ejaculate into a womans vagina to get the job

done." The bathwater was starting to cool. I was beginning to wince more often.

Her hands hadn't massaged me down there for a couple minutes now, but my

erection was as hard as ever. And my balls were aching like a son of a bitch. I needed

release bad.

"I know that... I, I knew that. You mean like handjobs and stuff? I've heard of those

before. Some of the bad girls at school do that." It's like she's kept herself away from

the entire world.

"Sis, I can take care of myself, i just need out of this tub and dried off. But, you gotta

know that you did this to me. First off for being so beautiful, and then rubbing all

over me and soaping me up so many times. I mean that's a real tease." I looked at

her, and started to raise myself out of the tub.

My sister put her hand on my wrist on the tubs edge. I sat back down in the

lukewarm water. "Wait. You're right. I don't know why, I just couldn't help

myself. I couldnt... stop... rubbing it. I was curious, and I didn't mean to hurt

you." The look in her face, was, so sincere, I've never seen its like since then on any

face. "I'll take care of it for you. Even though it's wrong, you deserve that much,

because I put you in so much pain, you deserve that pain to be taken away... And

because I love you lil bro. I'd never mean to put you in such pain."

"I love you too sis. I know you didn't mean to." Knowing what was to come, i think

my balls actually relaxed a bit. But my cock twitched a little knowing what he was

about to enjoy.

I reached down and unplugged the drain for a minute. My sister's eyebrows

furrowed but she followed my lead. I drained the water a bit so that she'd have all

the access she needed to my stuff without me having to lift out of the tub. I layed flat

in the rest of the water. I nodded to my sister and she started to soap up all my

goods again. Taking extra care of my testicles.

"Ignore the winces i give now, sis. I know it will be painful until the full release.

Just pay more attention to my shaft and head. ... There you go. Just stroke the

shaft. Keep your hands soapy and stroke the shaft. Mmm. That feels so good."

Her little hands looked so fucking hot on my cock.

And she was good too. Her strokes had great timing and she didn't flutter around

much at all. And reaching in and down into the tub and all. Well done.

"How's that? Are you feeling better?"

"I'm getting there. You already had me built up, thats for sure. Just keep that same

pace right, uhhh, right there."

My eyes were starting to roll back in my head. This was going to be explosive.

But I wasn't about to tell Heather that.

She needed to change positions a little. she got the stool out of the closet and sat on

it while she leaned into the tub. This put her face within a foot and a half of my cock.

As she stroked she watched her hands and rhythym and my cock pop in and out of the

hole in her fist. I was laying flat, she had my dick at a 90 degree angle pointed straight

at the ceiling and also near her face.


At 10, when i got my first porn magazine, Cheri, so many guys sprayed the girls faces

with their loads, i loved the idea of cumming on a girls face. This might just be too

good to be true on all accounts.

Heather had to lean in a bit more. She saw my face, and looked worried. I made

sure to smile. "Its alright. I'm getting realy close."

She continued her strokes in time, and soon my trance set in...

My eyes closed as my balls crept high and tightened up even more.

My breath stopped, my heart was flying, and my cock started to thump.

Heather gasped as she could feel my cock get even larger in her hand. She looked at

me then back at the task at hand and noticed my tightening skrotum.

The silent countdown right before your cock erupts like a fountain. . . . .

My breath can no longer be held and is exhaled strongly in time with the fountain.

"UGH!! Ugh. Ughn. Ughn!"

My orgasm coursed through me like the vibrating of hammer on anvil.

And as my eyes shot open i caught my eruption fire up from my cock. The spray hit

my sister right in the forehead and in her hair a bit. She was so startled that she didnt

move until after the second shot hit her in the cheek and hair once again. Good girl

though, she kept stroking and got out of the way as the next two shots flew about

another foot and a half in the air until the last dribbled out of my cock, down the

outside of her fist, to puddle around the base.

"Holy shit!" My sister never swore.

"Holy shit is right. God, i needed that! Thank you so, so, so, so very much Heather!

I should've told you to lean back a bit cause it does tend to shoot out like that, sorry."

"Yeah, jerk. It's in my hair! And, eww, it's on my face a little. Yuck. I never knew

it was this sticky."

"Well if it makes you feel any better, it looks good on your face. Hahaha."

She shoved me, and i splashed her with water a bit, knowing she'd just get in the

shower to clean up. I got out of the tub, she handed me the towel. "I'm going to get

my towel and get a shower. Jeez. That was a lot of, of, uh..."

"Cum, sis?"

"Whatever it is, there was a lot of it. And how the heck did you get such a big penis?

It wasnt that long ago i gave you a bath and it wasn't near that big. I mean, that thing

nearly slapped me across the face when i let him out! Wow." She didn't really

expect an answer as she was shaking her head and walking out the bathroom door.

That feel of perfect satisfaction after such a much needed release covered my face for

sure as i dried myself off.

Things didn't change between my sister and I thankfully. She decided i was too old to

be bathed by her. Oh well. We never looked at each other weird again. I never

expected anything more. We were still close. Every once in a while though, my

sister would come in at night and check on me, asking if I was being good and making

sure I was "releasing" myself. I always winked at her and told her she could always

help make sure of that. She'd wink back but I have yet to be taken up by the offer.

Maybe one day...

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