As I rode on the private helicopter owned by my estranged father, nestled in between two stunning blondes who happen to be my half sisters I thought there and then that my life was finally starting to make a turn for the better. I wasn't sure at first if this setup would be a good idea, but all doubts melted away in the lust inspiring glow of the golden hair nestled on either side of me. I was just beginning to doze off when the pilot signaled back to us that we would begin landing. My peaceful ride in the clouds with some of the most beautiful women I've ever met was coming to a close, and I tried my best to hide my disappointment.
When we landed at the helipad we were met by a long black limo with a almost token looking chauffer waiting outside the driver-side door. I looked across to Angie, who had Lacey and Tina nestled under each arm. She was looking out the window at the limo.

"No sign of your father. I thought he said he was going to meet us here." Angie said to no one in particular.

She was visibly disappointed by his absence. I kind of felt bad for her. She seemed like such a sweet and kind woman, but also the kind who would easily let someone she cared about walk all over her. It inspired a mixture of pity and stubborn anger. It's always the kind ones who get shit on first.

I thought about saying something comforting, but before I got the chance her face suddenly became relaxed. She spotted Michael walking out of the terminal with a box of what I only assumed were doughnuts and a tray of drinks followed by another man right behind him.

"There he is. And he brought breakfast it looks like." She said to the girls.

We waited for the chopper blades to wind down before getting out of the chopper. We were told not to worry about the bags by what I assumed was the chauffer. While the girls went over to say hello to Michael, I grabbed my bag as well as one of the others and began hauling them to the limo's trunk. When I got to the car the chauffer had his back turned to me.

"Here, another two to add to the pile." He jumped at the sound of my voice.

"Whoa, didn't expect you to be there. Thanks for that." He took the bags from me with a smile. "You know you can just let me handle this. Mr. Arthur has some breakfast over there, you should help yourself." He seemed friendly enough, although he seemed a little uncomfortable by my helping with the bags. I had to guess from his reaction that it was a rare occurrence.

"Please, I can move my own bags. My friend used to work as a baggage handler, said it was the easiest way to get some solid muscle and still get paid. Besides, I'm not really used to the star treatment, so yeah."

He laughed at my response, and seemed to relax a fair bit. "Yeah, I hear you on that. I'm Todd, I drive for Mr. Arthur here in the city." I shook his hand.

"Nice to meet you Todd. I'm David." He seemed like someone I could get along with. Before we could talk anymore Angie called me over.

"David? Come get something to eat. There's hot chocolate too if you want some." I walked over and grabbed a doughnut.

"I don't suppose you have any coffee do you?" I asked Michael.

"You drink coffee? Don't you think you're a little young?" He asked me incredulously.

"Not really. I've been drinking it for a while. It helped when I had to pull night shifts and school the next morning." I could tell Michael got a little uncomfortable by my comment, and handed me a cup of coffee. It made me smile on the inside. Squirm you prick.

We all hung around a little longer, stretching our legs while the rest of the bags were loaded into the limo. I honestly have no idea how he did it, but Todd managed to fit all of the bags in the trunk. That thing must be fucking magic or something. We took a short drive from the heliport to the airport, where we avoided the terminal and drove straight onto the tarmac. Again, I really was not used to this kind of shit. The girls however seemed entirely nonchalant about the situation, and were starting to wake up and getting excited about the trip.

Angie was being upbeat and cheerful, but it was pretty easy to tell that she was just putting on a happy face for the girls. I felt a strong pang of sympathy for her. I couldn't help but wonder what she was going to do while the girls were gone. What the hell was I going to do? This was going to be a long ass summer.
As soon as we got out of the limo, Angie started to break down. The girls got a little teary eyed as well. I said my goodbyes to Tina and Lacey first, giving them each a hug. Lacey surprised me with a kiss on the cheek.

"Bye David. Look after mom for us." I laughed and hugged her again.

"You bet. Have fun doing... whatever you do at summer camp. Sorry I can't join you guys." She gave me a smile and went over to Angie. Beth came over to me followed closely by Mandy. They both had devious smiles on their faces. Little minxes.

"Whatever are you going to do this summer without us?" Beth asked. I shook my head.

"I don't know." Beth came in for a hug. "But I bet it will have a fair amount of lotion and thoughts of you." I whispered in her ear. She gave me a kiss on the cheek filled with more meaning than I ever thought possible.

As she pulled back it took all my power not to kiss her right there and then. She took a step back and then Mandy came up.

"Hope you enjoyed the sweet dreams last night. It's going to have to last you a while." She whispered in my ear as she hugged me. It took me a minute to register what she meant. Meanwhile she kissed me on the cheek and walked over to the stairs of the jet. It hit me like a ton of bricks. Those sexy dreams were actually them! Those little sexy foxes! I couldn't help but wear a big grin as the girls went up the steps into the jet, followed by Michael. He turned before he went inside to talk to Angie.

"I'll be back this afternoon. I'll let you know when I get in and meet you guys. Have fun today!" He waived and went inside the jet.

We stood watching as the jet rolled away, Angie putting on a brave face. If nothing else than for me I guess. I don't know why, but I couldn't stand to see her upset. I wasn't really sure what to do to comfort her, so I just put an arm around her shoulder with slight caution. She didn't pull away so I gave her a soft squeeze.

"They'll be back in no time." I said softly. She laughed a little.

"You are just something else. Thank you. Don't worry, I'm just being a mom. You know how that is." She replied. I felt a sudden sharp pang of sadness.

Just being a mom. I remember when my own mother would get upset whenever I left for anywhere. It didn't happen much, it was mostly things like school. Or whenever she had to work and missed something I had going on.

Angie looked at my face and a sudden panic struck her face.

"Oh David I--, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to..." She trailed off as I stood statue still. I didn't want to move for fear of losing control. I felt tears brimming, only just fighting them back. Angie looked worried.

"David? Are you okay? I didn't mean to drag all of this back up." She put her arm around my waist, mine still around her shoulder, and put her other hand on my cheek. I'd be lying if I said that I didn't find the contact comforting. In fact it was her touch that made me feel better. It was like she had some kind of healing touch that only a woman who has had a child can give. I can't explain it, but my own mother had the same kind of touch. It was soft, gentle. It let me know that even though bad things happen, there would be somebody to help pick me up again.

I hadn't felt that touch in a long time. I had almost forgotten what it was like.

Without asking, Angie pulled me into a tight hug. Even though she was a good half foot shorter than I was, it was like I was a child again.

I tried to pull back but Angie held me tight against her. She wouldn't let me go.

"You aren't getting off that easy."

I felt a lump in my throat growing bigger and bigger. A swell of emotion came rushing back even more powerfully than before. I began to feel tears forming, I couldn't stop them any longer. I held back as much as I could, but it just didn't seem to do much any longer.

Angie pulled back enough to look at me. She had tears in her eyes too.

"Believe it or not, it gets easier." She was looking me in the eyes, searching for a response. "You won't stop missing her. Ever. But I promise you that it will get easier." Her soft gentle voice was like a sudden calm in a storm of raging emotions. She pulled be back into her embrace, even tighter than before. We stood there for what seemed like hours, and I felt myself relaxing. However while my mind was starting to calm, my body seemed to have other ideas.

I suddenly became aware of the feel of her oversized soft breasts pressing against my body, her hips were pushed up against mine. All previous thoughts were suddenly pushed straight out of my head as I began to grow more and more stiff. I don't know if Angie felt anything or not, if she did she wouldn't let on.

We finally broke apart, just in time I thought to myself. I didn't know how much more I could take before my incredibly badly timed erection became more than noticeable.

Getting into the limo was a little awkward I thought. I wanted to sit as close to her as possible, but since the back seat was so large, it wouldn't be very subtle of me. My concerns were unfounded as when I got in, Angie made sure that she scooted up next to me. Without missing a beat she took my hand in hers while flashing me one of her radiant smiles.

The driver, Todd, asked where we wanted to go.

"Let's stop by the house first and drop off the luggage. Then we go for a proper breakfast. We can see the city while we're at it. Sound good?" She asked me. I nodded in agreement. I had never been to San Francisco, and had no objections to seeing it. The driver rolled up the divider and we headed out into the city.

Angie was still holding my hand. I was looking out the window just to avoid staring at her.

"I know this may be an uncomfortable topic, but it might help to talk about it." Angie said to me. I had a mini panic attack, did she know about me and the girls? "You and I are actually pretty similar."

Wait, what the fuck?

"Our childhood was pretty similar. I never really knew my dad either. My mom died when I was 13. I ended up living in foster care for a couple of years until I decided to live on my own." The casual manner of her life story seemed almost off putting. "I got lucky. Between working odd jobs and a break with a modeling agency, I made enough money to support myself. By the time I was 18 I had been living on my own for 3 years, I had my own apartment, my own car, got my GED, and had enough money saved to go to college if I wanted." She was smiling at me. I think mostly at my shock.

"I really would never have guessed. That's... well, amazing really." Hearing her story of hardship was only strengthening my admiration of her. "Do you mind if I ask you something?"

"Sure." She said warmly.

"I don't want to seem rude or blunt, but... How did you end up, like you?" She started laughing, and I started laughing myself. "You know what I mean, how did you end up, I don't know..."

"How did I stop the anger from taking over?" She asked. I nodded. She adjusted herself so she was facing me. It did wonders accentuating certain parts of her body.

"Well let me first say, that it wasn't easy. Especially not at first. If you had met me 20 years ago you would have met a vastly different person. For a long time anger was what drove my life. It pushed me to leave foster care. It pushed me to move forward, to survive. At first it was to do whatever I could to get by. It wasn't until I got my first decent job at a small clothing store that I began to realize that anger wasn't the only thing in the world. The owner was a generous woman who taught me a lot. The most important lesson she taught me was that life was hard, but only I had the choice to let it break me."

"She also was the one to take me in. She let me stay and work under two conditions; the first was that I would graduate high school, either by enrolling or getting my GED. The second was that I was to save all the money I made. She gave me a home, food, and a real reason to keep going. She made sure I didn't fall into the traps that most girls in my situation did. Because of her, I never did drugs, I didn't get preyed on by some sleazy pimp or pornographer. When I started my modeling career she came to every one of my shoots, made sure they were on the up and up. She stepped up and helped me stay on a good track. Without her, I don't know what I'd have become."

I sat there in awe, I didn't know what to say.

"Life is never going to get easier. You're always going to have one kind of challenge or another. The difference is that the harder the challenges, the stronger you become. It also helps to have people there you can rely on. Do you understand what I mean?" She asked me. It suddenly made sense.

"Thanks Angie."

It was Angie's turn to look away. "I know that you haven't forgiven Michael for what he did. If I were in your shoes I don't know that I could either. When Michael told me who you were, he didn't really give may details about what went on between him and your mother. To be honest he never really told me much about his life before me. I thought I knew him but now... I still love my husband, it just makes me wonder." She squeezed my hand, and gave me a reassuring smile.

"What I'm trying to say is that I will be here for you, regardless of whatever happens. If you stay or leave, I want you to know that I have an idea of what you are going through. At least a partial one anyway. If there is ever anything you need or want to talk about, please, talk to me. I know that sometimes it's easier to close yourself off, but believe me when I say it will never help. If you want to, just come to me." Her eyes had a strength behind them that I never noticed before. It was like a whole new part of this woman was now exposed to me. Within the last hour she went from an acquaintance to someone I felt a deep connection to.

"Angie. Thank you. I don't know how but I feel so much better about everything by hearing that. Thank you for telling me that." She squeezed my hand again and we sat in a comfortable silence for a while longer.


We arrived to the house shortly after our conversation ended. It was a beautiful three story house. Sandwiched in between a long row of other elegant classical San Francisco houses. The Limo dropped us off in front of the house and Angie and I went inside. I got a quick tour of the house, grabbed a quick snack, then we both discussed what we wanted to do with our time.

We agreed to skip breakfast and just explore around the city. We also decided to ditch the limo and just take one of their cars around the city. Angie talked me into going shopping for clothes, toiletries, and anything else we could think of. I wasn't thrilled by the idea of shopping for clothes, but didn't complain.
The morning passed by faster than I had imagined. We went to all sorts of shops and stores with high end designer clothing. I had to give Angie props on one thing, the woman knew how to shop. Not just spend money, but actually shop. She knew better than I did what would fit me, what would look good and what would be most comfortable. And I had to admit, I looked pretty damn sharp in the stuff she picked.

By the time we decided to go get some food it was around 1:00 and the car was getting full of things that I would need. Along with things I didn't need but Angie got anyway. When I tried to protest against the excessive spending, Angie simply said "Consider it a back payment to 16 years of missed child support."

That pretty much settled it. If it was her money that I was spending I would have felt horrible, but it was Michael's. That made it much easier.

We ate lunch at some upscale French bistro with a name I couldn't hope to pronounce. Despite my first reservations about shopping, we were both actually having a really great time. As it turned out we got along really well. We had much more in common than a shitty childhood, we liked a lot of the same things. Angie also had quite the sense of humor, and was even a little raunchy at times.

I quickly forgot that I was with my step mother and just felt like I was with a beautiful, smart, funny woman. While we were eating it almost felt like we were on a date.

I was having the time of my life. So of course my asshole father had to somehow fuck it all up.
We were walking in a very pretty park when Angie's phone began ringing. When she looked at the phone her face brightened a little more, something I didn't think possible.

"Oh it's Michael!" She quickly answered. "Hi sweetie!... Yes, we went shopping for clothes and everything else we could think of, then got some food, and now we are taking a little stroll through the park. Did you drop off the girls? Good... Well when is that supposed to happen?" She started to frown. "Well I thought you were coming back this evening, I was going to make us dinner... But... Okay. You too. Bye." She hung up the phone looking sad. "There was some sort of emergency at his branch in New York. He is flying there right now." She was looking down at her feet. It amazed me that someone who seemed so strong just earlier this morning seemed so defeated by one man.

I kept my anger at Michael to myself. Personally I couldn't give two fucks if he showed up or not. What pissed me off was how big of an effect it had on Angie. My father, the fucktard. I began to see that he didn't really give this family the time of day either.

"Well I guess you and I will have to do dinner on our own. All the better, three's a crowd." I said. I wanted to make her feel better. I hated seeing her this way. I managed to get a small smile from her. It was a start.

"Did you want to go out? There are lots of great places to eat." She asked.

I thought about it for a moment. "Let's stick to the original plan, you and I can cook something together. I'm not great in the kitchen, but hopefully you can pick up the slack. If not... well we can always order take out after." I managed to get a laugh out of her and my heart started to beat faster.

"Okay. In that case why don't we stop by some of the markets around here and pick up some ingredients? The perks to living in such a big city is we can find almost anything."

I held out my arm to her jokingly. "Well then what are we still doing here? Let's get to shopping!"
She actually giggled as she took my arm and we walked back to the car arm in arm. It probably looked a little silly but at that point I could have been wearing a fucking clown suit and been fine with it. Whatever it took to be near her.


We got back from the market and began to unload everything out of the car. Angie started getting things ready for dinner while I continued to unload the car. It took me a few trips with as many bags as I could carry on each arm. I made sure to leave the clothing and other things by the stairs, and brought the rest into the kitchen where Angie was already busy at work.

I finished putting everything away, or whatever Angie didn't plan on using for the meal anyway. The kitchen was smaller than the one in Napa, but still multitudes bigger than anything I've ever been in. I was pretty useless for most of the cooking tasks so most of the time I just sat at the large island/ food prep area watching her work.

It sounds boring, but believe me it was anything but. Watching her move was a joy in itself. It surprised me how nice it was to just watch her work. She seemed so comfortable while she was cooking. I think that this was one of the first times I saw her as she was, no manners, no guards, just Angie. The thought made me smile to myself, she was such a wonderfully pleasant woman to be around. It made me feel at ease. We talked about everything; my childhood, her modeling career, what I wanted to do with my life.

"So what do you think you would want to do?" She asked. It wasn't in the normal slightly condescending way most adults ask. As if to give their own advice from "their experiences." This was different, when she asked, I think she genuinely wanted to know. Unfortunately I really couldn't give a good answer.

"Honestly? I don't know. When I was younger, I never really knew what I wanted to be so much as what I didn't want to be."

She raised an eyebrow at me. "Such as?"

"My father for one." I said a little sheepishly. As much as I hated Michael, I still felt a little bad constantly bashing him in front of her. She did marry the man. "Poor for another." This got an understanding nod from Angie. It encouraged me to explain more.

"For the longest time I just wanted those things that my mom could never give me. New clothes, cool toys, stupid shit like that. But when I got a little older and saw how hard my mom had to work just to give us what we had, those things seemed to become pointless. What I really wanted was to take care of her, the way that she always took care of me. I wanted to be rich so she could finally rest. Live the way that she deserved to live, not the way we did." I laughed to myself, a little more bitterly than I meant to.

"The irony isn't lost on me either. I got what I wanted, but lost the reason to get it. And now that I have it, I just don't really care. So to answer your original question, What do I want to do? No fucking clue. There just seems to be no more motivation in my life. When my mom was alive I did everything I did for her, and she did everything she did for me. I guess that's the downside."

Angie looked a little sad, but smiled anyway.

"I'm sure she would want you to continue with school. It's a very important thing. Not necessarily for getting a job or making money, but for yourself. For most of your life the world taught you, and not always kindly. But getting an education can help you understand those lessons even better. Not many people get the chance you get to have now. I think you should try and do what makes you happy."

I had rarely gotten this kind of lecture, kids with my background were never told we could go to college. We were told to get a fucking job, learn a trade, and try not to get anyone pregnant until you did. A year ago if someone had told me what Angie did I would have taken it as dreamers bullshit and left the room. But she was right. I had a chance not many get.

In my silent pondering Angie seemed to take it as me not liking what she said, and began to worry.
"Sorry, was that a little to preachy? I really didn't mean to sound like I was lecturing you." She looked at me in concern. I grinned back at her.

"On the contrary. I... I never really thought about going to college. Up until now it was never a realistic option. Your right."

The smile she gave me made me stiff instantly. The tight hug she gave me helped too. We kept talking, but the topics were much lighter. We joked around and talked until finally the dinner was ready. We decided not to bother with going to the table and just ate there at the island. Angie got out a bottle of red wine and two glasses, and poured me a glass.

"Now I know this isn't exactly proper parenting, but I figure a glass of wine with dinner won't kill you. Besides, I know better than to think that this is the first alcoholic drink you've ever had." She gave me a wink and handed me the glass. "Plus it really goes well with the meal."

I was surprised but took the glass anyways.

"Well you know, with poverty comes it's privileges." We both laughed. Not so much at the joke but just at the fact that we both knew the absurdity of the statement.

We enjoyed the meal thoroughly, and ended up talking more. Angie had a few glasses while we were eating, and I had a few myself. As we continued, the mood lightened even more, and took a more... naughty turn.

"So tell me David, are you a virgin?" She asked. I think she purposely timed it when I was mid gulp. After a few coughs and a gentle pat on the back from Angie, I managed to gasp out an answer.

"No, not for quite some time now." Her eyes lit up from my response.

"Ooo details! I love hearing these kinds of stories!" She leaned closer to me, combined with her low cut shirt, I couldn't help but look down. I'm pretty positive she noticed me looking. I was just over tipsy and not very subtle.

"Well... wait, I thought a gentleman doesn't kiss and tell?" I asked and took another drink to cover my evasion.

"Oh no, no, no! You don't get out of it that easily!" She put a hand on my thigh and bells started ringing! I thought back to how many glasses of wine she had but couldn't remember. I did notice that we had started on our second bottle though. I looked into her eyes and saw that same smoldering look that Beth and Mandy would give me. Now I know where they got it from.

"Uh, I-- Well..." I couldn't seem to get the words out of my mouth to respond. Her hand moved slightly up my leg.

"What's the matter, cat got your tongue?" She asked seductively.

"Something like that." A whisper was all I could manage at that point.

Angie leaned a little bit closer, locking her gaze onto mine.

"David. You are something else, do you know that? I don't know if I've ever met a man quite like you before."

She leaned a little closer.

It took me two seconds to decide if this was a good or bad idea. I can't really remember the complete conversation in my head, but it ended with 'Fuck it!'.

I leaned in for what was hands down the sexiest pair of lips I had ever had the pleasure of kissing. Her lips were so soft. We kept kissing more and more passionately, her lips slowly opening. I felt her tongue pressing against mine as I began to open my mouth to reciprocate.

'This is happening! Holy fuck this is happening' was the approximate thought process I had at the time she began running her hand higher and higher up my leg. I thought she was going to go straight for my steel hard on when at the last second she veered off and kept heading north. Wrapping her arms around my neck she pulled me closer to her, effectively pulling me off the stool I was sitting on. I felt her legs wrap themselves around me and began squeezing me tight against her.

I decided to get brave with my hands which were glued on her hips. I began running them higher and higher until they began to gently cup her supple breasts. She let out a moan in my mouth as my hands began brushing up the sides and across the front. I was cupping her with a firmer grip, massaging them in my hands when I felt her hands make a move for my belt buckle. I was inclined to help her but her tits felt too damn great to let go. I could now feel her hard nipples poking through her shirt. She got my belt undone with the swift actions of a pro and in another flash she had my pants undone and was sliding her hands underneath my boxers. She made a surprised sound as she felt the length of my shaft. It was then she broke off our kiss and looked down at what she was holding. I could see her eyes go a little wide.
"Like what you see?" I said, just suave enough not to slur my words. She bit her lower lip as she looked back up at me.

"I haven't seen anything this big in a while. It's going to be a tight fit." She almost made me cum from just that remark. She stood up off the stool, and slowly began to pull off her shirt. Her bra was a black lace number that barely covered her nipples. Part of her dark pink areola was showing, and her breasts were just dying to pop out. I reached out and began to scoop out both breasts as Angie began to unbutton her pants. I was so focused on her huge, and I do mean huge tits (It would take three hands to cover just one of these babies), I didn't even notice her pants slide off of her hips and on to the floor. I did notice, however, the heat suddenly pressed up against my crotch, and the feel of smooth skin.

Angie lifted herself on her tip toes and leaned into my ear.

"Fuck me, David. Fuck me now." She took a step towards the opposite counter, and bent forward enough to make her oh so perfectly rounded ass just pop out at me. I took a moment to just stare at what was a golden moment in my life. The moment passed quickly and I stepped up right behind her, I lined up my cock right at her lips, ran the tip along it a few times, then slid right in to the hilt in one smooth motion.
Now, when fucking a woman who has had not just one, but four children, you expect things to be a little loose, understandably.

I. Was. Mistaken.

It was like fucking a virgin! Or damn near close to it. I couldn't help but let out an audible "Whoa." to the amusement of Angie, who just looked over her shoulder with a sultry smile and said "Kegles." and gave my dick a rippling squeeze. I really can't describe just how good that felt, but trust me, it felt damn fucking fine. I began to go to work, my favorite kind.

As I pumped into her, she kept up those squeezes. She even managed to time them perfectly, as I would thrust in, she would loosen, and as I would pull back, she would do a rippling squeeze, effectively milking me like the happiest cow on earth. Needless to say I was in heaven, and began running my hands up her waist and around her front to fell her soft moving tits. Pinching her nipples gently and keeping my hands in one spot while I kept thrusting from behind. She began grunting and moaning louder and louder, and I was groaning right with her.

I get pumping into her while she was bucking right back, our motions becoming more and more forceful, her moans louder and louder, until finally she just began to scream in ecstasy. Suddenly the rippling squeezes on my cock became more spastic as her entire body began to tense. I felt a rush of hot wet fluid drench my cock and balls pressed up against her. I waited a minute or two for her to catch her breath.

When she calmed a little she leaned her back against me as I played with her tits and she ground her ass up against me, my cock still fully lodged in her pussy.

She reluctantly pulled me out of her as she turned around and began kissing me furiously, pushing me back to the island and up on the stool I was sitting on before. Not waiting a second, she hopped up on my lap, got some footing on the stool and lifted herself just enough to re-insert my still hard cock into her now dripping slit. Once they were lined up she impaled herself with her full weight and just sat there with me inside her. Her head was back and her eyes closed, so I took this opportunity to get a taste of the massive pert tits pointing right at my face. I latched on to one while still playing with the other. My tongue began rolling her nipple in my mouth, while simultaneously giving her little nibbles. I switched back and forth doing that while Angie began to grind herself against me and started that magical squeeze again. I couldn't be sure how much longer I could last with her doing that, but I just had zero fucks to be given at that point.

She began slowly moving up and down while still grinding against me, AND milking me with her snatch! After a few minutes of that the sensations became too much for me to hold back any more. I tried to give her warning that I was about to cum but all that really came out was an indistinct grunt and then I buried myself into her as I shot spurt after spurt of hot cum into her. She froze for a moment, suddenly realizing what just happened, but then just stopped her grinding. She kept milking my cock until the sensitivity of it all became too much for me and I had to tell her to stop. She sat still with my softening cock still inside her, and her head resting on my shoulder, my face nuzzling her neck. We sat that way for quite a while, neither of us saying anything, both of us just listening to sound of the others breathing.

I could have sworn I was beginning to doze off when Angie suddenly spoke.

"Well. This complicates things." She said softly.

You have no idea.

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