David's Tail

This is my first release! SnowBunnyBoi Tails Episode "1

David's Tail

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Without further delay... The Tail

SnowBunnyBoi Tails (Episode #1)

David's Tail

I was 15 when I lost my virginity to a black man/teen. I never self identified as gay, I never ever even thought I could even have gay tendencies. But, in one afternoon... a black male made me a cock sucking, black cock fucking, lily white faggot! And, honestly... I think it could happen to any white boy. It just so happened... to happen to me. This is my story...

My name is Jordan. I was a sophomore in high school. And, like most white teens, my life revolved around video games and dreaming about pussy. I've always been pretty shy, and when I moved back in with my mom having left living with my grandparents I switched school districts. Mom and I lived in a trailer park that was about a 15 minute walk from school. That school was rougher than my previous one, and had a large black population. I'd say it was about 75% black, and suffice to say... I didn't fit in. My family was poor, my mom was a waitress, I never meet my dad, and my only other family was my grandparents who lived off social security.

If you were to walk from the school, to my house, you'd walk down three blocks, turn left and then it would be a long stretch of road that leads straight to the trailer park where I lived. However, if you were to continue going down that road, you would pass over a set of train tracks. Then, shortly after crossing those tracks you'd end up in an all-black neighborhood, with scary looking project housing, and section eight homes. A little stereo-typical I know, but that's really how it was set up. Hence the phrase "wrong side of the tracks," and even though I didn't live on that side, evidently... I lived a bit too close.

I was new to the school, I had moved back in with my mom over the summer break, and I hated it there. I wanted to move back in with my grandparents, but grandpa was really sick, and with all the hospital bills it was too expensive for them. Plus, mom was off drugs and wanted another go at being a parent (which lasted about a week). It was basically like living alone. Mom left for work around 2pm, and got home around 11:30pm, so I almost never saw her. I cooked my own food, cleaned the trailer, did my homework, and played video games in that trailer all by myself. Mom would usually get home after I had already gone to bed.

I did well in all my classes, but school itself was scary. I was a bit of a recluse. I would go to school, do my thing, and just try to get home as soon as possible. Its not like I was being picked on or anything... not really, it was just that I felt so scared being there. For one thing, I was/am generally small, even by white standards. I stood only 5ft 5 inches at the time, and weighed about 125 pounds. I had a small gracile frame, like petite. And, was a pretty boy, like a Justin Beiber type of look. I still am. In fact, people used to think I was a girl until I was about 12 or 13. I mean I was like a boy Barbie. Blonde hair, blue eyes, small nose, generally diminutive facial features and very young looking, even for my age. I was into rock music and had shaggy mop-top hair, and had milky white skin, with unusually pink lips, and strong pink pigment in the undertones of my complexion. Basically, I was like the whitest kid anywhere!

I felt terribly uncomfortable at school. I mean I obviously didn't blend in, and I was freaky how much bigger and more powerful black kids were than what I was used to. Many if not MOST of them looked like full grown men. Even most of the black girls were bigger than me too! I felt so tiny in that school, it was very intimating. So, like I said, as soon as school was over, I'd quickly walk home, and get out of there. The truth was that I WAS scared. Scared of black people, scared of getting beat up, scared of getting mugged, scared of being humiliated, and just scared in general. Could you blame me!? I mean even though nothing at that point had even happened to me, it was always looming overhead.

School had been in session about seven weeks, and I always noticed that a ways behind me, also walking home from school... were large groups of black students, who had to go further than me, over the tracks to get home. There were a LOT of them, so as soon as school ended... I quickly darted home to beat the urban African stampede. They never paid any attention to me anyways, except for this one guy. His name was Jamal Warner, I didn't know him at all at the time, I only knew him as the big scary black kid on the bicycle. Jamal was always ahead of the stampede, but behind me.

He was always riding some old beat up looking bicycle, and he was always wearing a white tank top undershirt (wife beater), with the shirt he wore to school flung over his shoulder. This kid was fucking terrifying! He wasn't all that tall, about 5ft 8, or 5ft 9, but he was built like a fucking tank. He was really stocky, and I don't know if he ever worked out, but he had huge bulging ripped muscles everywhere! He was just one of those black guys that were just born buff. Jamal was exceptionally dark skinned, BLACK like the night sky between the stars. He had a look that was almost tribal-African, like a fucking gorilla. He always seemed angry, and had a face that screamed violence. He would be the exact opposite of what you'd want to see down a dark ally, but even in broad daylight he was severely menacing.

I always thought it was very weird that he always stayed behind me. He was on a bicycle after all. He could just speed ahead of me, and go home, but instead he would lurk behind me. And, if I ever looked behind me, he'd be staring right at me. His face was always so intense, and he'd bite his bottom lip like he was either going to kill me, or eat me. It scared the shit outta me! Every day he was there, just cruising behind me, as if he was just waiting to strike! Like a lion stalking gazelle. I would just try me best to ignore it, and walk fast, which worked out for a while, until one day. One day he stayed extra close behind me, which had my heart racing so hard I felt like I was going to stroke out. I thought he was going to rob me, or beat me up, I didn't know what, but I was terrified.

I walked as fast as I could, which didn't change anything at all. Then, when I had made it all the way home, he was right there within arm distance of me. To scared to say anything, with my dainty little white hands trembling I raced for my front door, trying to grab my keys. Jamal was standing right next to me, as my shaky hands tried getting my key in the front door, which caused me to just freeze up, like a fucking statue... I was literally petrified in fear. Jamal was looking particularly intimidating, even for him, and in that awkward silence, as I stood there looking like a deer stuck in the headlights... Jamal spoke. His voice was freakishly deep and resonated like a low pitch trombone, he didn't speak very clearly, but I understood him. He said, "lemme get a glass of water." I was well aware that while he may indeed be thirsty, but I knew, what he really wanted (for some reason) was for me to let him inside the trailer. With all of my heart, I wanted to say no, but I was young and scared, and so my mouth said... "okay."

I was way too scared to say no to his face, and with every ounce of my being, I did NOT want to be alone with him in the trailer, but there I was anyways. When we walked inside, we said nothing to each other. I grabbed a glass, filled it with water, and handed it to him. He drank some, and looked back to the rear of the trailer, at the half opened door, and asked me if that was my room. I said yes, and then he placed his hand on the small of my back, softly pushed me forward towards my room, and said, "show it to me." I had no idea what he thinking, I just wanted to show him the front door, and get him out, but there I was... walking down the hall with Magilla Gorilla to show him my room for reasons unknown, and I was too afraid and uncomfortable to ask those types of questions, so I inexplicably brought him into my room.

Once inside my room, he just looked around everywhere quickly, and sat down on the edge of my bed. My room was pretty small, and that was pretty much the only where to sit, so it didn't particularly alarm me. Feeling exceptionally awkward, especially at the way he was looking at me, I asked if he wanted to play one of my games, he said no, and told me to sit down for a second... inferring that I sit next to him. I was now fully aware that something very strange was going on, but because I was so intimated by him, I just sat down next to him anyway. He turned his head looking at me intensely, holding serious eye contact, and said, "You know I'm going to fuck you right?!" My heart sank into my stomach. He was dead serious! I was so off balanced by what he said, I said nothing for a good ten seconds....

Then, I began blabbering off a barrage of jabber going on and on about how I'm not gay, how I like girls, and about 3 seconds into it, he said, "Shut up!" And, I went silent. He continued saying, "Did I ask you that?", and I shook my head no, and he said, "Did I ask you anything?" I again said, "no." Then, he repeated himself saying, "I'm telling you I'm gunna fuck you, and I don't wanna hear no shit about how you not gay, or what you like. I'm here to fuck, so take off your clothes! ALL OF THEM!!!" I didn't know how to respond to that, so I continued trying to talk my way out of it, until his massive black hand went around my throat, and he said, in an increasingly stern and slow manner, "Take off your clothes! Do you understand what I'm saying!" I nodded my head "yes," and he continued saying, "Good! Now... take off your fucking clothes!"

Not wanting to participate in ANY of this, I again tried pleading to get out of the situation. I looked up at him, and said, "Please...PLEASE Don't! ... PLEASE!" Before I could mutter out another "Please," Jamal's huge black hand tightened around my throat like a noose. I immediately couldn't breathe, and within seconds I could feel that I was about to loose consciousness. Before I passed out, he let go, and gripped me behind my neck, and said, "I'm NOT playing with you white boy! Take off your fucking clothes!" I was scared out of my mind! I mean I didn't want any part in whatever all he was planning on, but I had an immense and even irrational fear of this black kid! I was terrified of him, and I was somehow...even more afraid to deny him again. Those savage and intense African eyes, that black gorilla face, the sheer brute nigger brawn of his body! I was in a fucking nightmare, that I saw no way out of! If I tried running I wouldn't get far. I OBVIOUSLY couldn't outfight him. He wasn't letting me talk my way out of it, and the look on his face told me... that he was GOING to have HIS WAY, and NOTHING else mattered!

His big powerful hand squeezed the back of my neck, and he was looking for a response. His pressure both physical and psychological was crushing!!! And, without even being able to stop myself, I said, "Okay!?" Jamal repeated what I said for confirmation, saying, "OKAY?!" I was in too deep, and saw no way out. As tears rolled down my lily white face, I reiterated, "okay?!" Before I could even finish, Jamal's hands were all over me, I was still trying to squirm out of it, I began speaking without thinking, and said, "Wait!" The rage filling Jamal's eyes seemed to ignite like a furnace, as he said, "FOR WHAT?!" I didn't know WHAT I was going to say. I was in a full blown panic, and the ONLY thing on my mind was how to get out of this vile position I was in. At the same time, I didn't want to provoke the sex crazed ape to choke the life out of my little white body either. I somehow thought that if I only had more time to talk I could find a way out. So I said, "Can't we just talk... first?" I knew that wasn't going to go over, so I continued saying, "I mean... I'll do what you want, but can we talk a little before." I felt like a full-blown natural-born woman saying that! So gay! It made me sound so weak, but I was talking out of my ass, and grasping at straws. Logically, I don't know what difference it could possibly make, but I felt like I had to try, even if it didn't make a lot of sense. I mean I had nothing else to try."

Jamal wasn't happy. I was treading on very thin ice with him, and violent action wasn't far off, so I had to tread lightly. Jamal said, "What the FUCK you wunna talk about bitch?!" I didn't know what I was going to say, I was making it all up as I went along. I'm not even sure what I thought a dialogue would even accomplish, but I was trying to buy time, or at least trying to get more time to think of something better. But, I had to say something, so I said, "You know its just I've never done this, and I'm scared. I'd like to talk a little before... you know..." Jamal looked at me sternly, and said, "You can talk with your clothes off can't you??? Be a good gurl, and take ALL your fucking clothes off, then... we can talk. But, it NOT gunna to change nothin', yo white ass still gunna suck dis cock, and get cho ass fucked! You understand me???" It wasn't really a question, so I gave a passive non-verbal agreement, but that wasn't good enough for him, so he said, "DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME???" So I responded saying, "yes." Which still wasn't good enough so he said, "Say you understand!" So, I said, "I understand."

After I said those words, his hand tightened around the back of my neck, and he leaned in and spoke into my ear saying, "You betta NOT try fuck wit me white boy. I'm really NOT playing wit choo! You MY bitch, you gunna suck dis black dick like a bitch, and you gunna get fucked like bitch too! You NOT gunna get out of it, and the shit ain't over 'till I say so. This IS gunna happen! Do you understand me???" Not having a real option to say no, I said, "... yes." Unhappy with my response, Jamal said, "Yes WHAT???" Not, knowing how to respond t him I said, "yes... I understand?!" His hand tightened on my neck, as he decided to prove a point. "Really bitch, and what do you understand?" I wasn't sure what to say, so I became totally silent. Jamal was apparently unhappy with my apparent lack of enthusiasm, and he sensed that I was still clutching on to the hope... that I could find a way to avoid ending up with him inside me.

"Don't choo try to play a nigga, white boy! I thought you wanted to talk, now you ain't got shit to say! You understand hungh? Yeah, whatcha understand? Tell me, tell me... what you here for, tell me what you 'bout to do fo me?' He was looking for me to surrender, he was looking for a declaration of surrender. I had to give it to him, because I knew I couldn't withstand the consequences. He repeated himself, "Tell me HO, what you 'bout to do fo me???" My voice cracked, as I stuttered to speak. The spirit of defeat weighed down on me like an anvil on my chest. I could help but submit, I spoke to appease him, saying, "I'm going to take my clothes off for you." My stomach curled to say it, but I was writhing with fear. Then, he said, "Yeah, and THEN what, after that?! What cha gunna do fo me after that?" He was looking to break me, and it was working. I had to respond to him, so in submission I said, "I'll do what you want." He said, "Yeah, and what do I want?! I know I already told ya what I want. So, what EXACTLY are you gunna do fo me white boy? After you take your clothes off for me, what choo gunna do fo me slut?! Hugh?! Tell me!"

.... "I'm going to suck your dick, and let you fuck me." I couldn't believe I actually said those words. I knew what he was trying to get me to say, and I was so riddled with fear, that I just did it. My heart hurt in realization of what else he was going to make me do. "Dats my gurl! Now, don't act surprised when I ask you what-choo here for. You're here to suck dick, and get cha butt-fucked! ... Bitch!" Then, he let my neck go, and he formed a sinister grin, as he stood up blocking me in, and backing me up against the wall. He grabbed his junk, and began massaging it through his baggy jeans, while looking at me with a sick look on his face. I felt like a cornered mouse, faced with a hungry cat. He spoke saying, "Now take your clothes off!" I had no more ticks up my sleeve. My only option was tyo submit to him. I obeyed. I felt disgusting doing it, but I reluctantly... and, deliberately took my clothes off for him. As the clothing came off my body, I could see the filthy and depraved look of lust fill his eyes as he watched me, and squeezed his cock through his pants.

As I took pieces of clothing off, I had to hand it to him, so he could toss it across to the opposite end of the room. Until I stood there wearing nothing, but my socks and underwear. I was standing like a scared injured little fawn in the presents of a famished African Lion. I knew he wanted me totally naked, but I was already so nude. I began trembling, and tears rolled down my cheeks, as my eyes begged him not to make me remove what little I had left on. He looked annoyed, and spoke saying, "It ALL comes off white boy! Be a good gurl now! C'mon marsh-mellow, take it off!" I was so afraid of taking off my underwear, even though I knew it had to come off. I shivered and shook while he waited anticipating. I knew I couldn't just keep standing there, and so I reached for my socks, slowly removing them, one at a time... delaying the inevitable as he watched like a hawk. Once my socks were off, there wasn't much else I could do to avoid taking off my underwear. He sported a wicked smile, as he watched me shake and tremble before him. He spoke again saying, " C'mon now snow bunny, peel those panties off for me." I felt so vile and violated as I grabbed the elastic band and began lowering it for his pleasure.

Before I lowered them down past my little pink penis, I turned around facing the full mirror that covered the entire wall, and exposed my naked white ass to him, rather than showing him my tiny genitals. The moment my big bubbly bright white butt was unveiled, he let out a "MMMMMmmmm!" Followed by a "DAMN!!!" He continued saying, "FUCK! Dats what I'm talkn' 'bout! Big... Booty... HO!!! As my underwear slid down my ankles, I covered up my miniature little pink pee pee, and itty bitty lil' testicles with my hands. He told me to step out of my underwear, and I obeyed him... but, kept my eyes closed. He was able to see my reflection in the mirror, he came up behind me, and told me to open my eyes. When I did, I couldn't believe how feminine my naked little white body looked, with him behind me. I was so tiny, and so white, while he was so BIG and so BLACK! He looked so masculine and powerful, and I looked like his polar opposite. My nude skin contrasted so starkly with his, I was so WHITE, and my nipples were so pink, I looked and felt like a little girl standing before him. I kept my dainty lil' white hands covering up my puny privates, and trembled as his black hands began feeling up my naked white flesh.

His big black hands felt different than Caucasian skin, it seemed thicker... like leather. His palms were so massive, his fingers were so long and thick, and they felt so incredibly strong. My lily white flesh felt so soft and supple in his powerful ape-like gorilla hands. He groped me like a woman, and made me feel like one too. Then, I felt his big thick and heavy negro hand palm my ass. He squeezed, rubbed, and caressed my bare bubbly bottom while his other hand lightly gripped around my throat. I felt like that blonde woman, that King Kong grabbed before he scaled the Empire State building. The image I saw in the mirror looked like what happens to Miss Goldie locks, after Kong swats down the planes, and finally gets her alone. He was infatuated with my big butt, he grabbed and squeezed it like it was a ripe piece of fruit he couldn't wait to bite into. Like a big gorilla enjoying his favorite little toy. As I watched our explicit interracial adventure unfold in the reflection staring back at me... I finally realized that I really was going to get fucked! That big nigger behind me was going to butt fuck my brains out, and nothing was going to save me from that fate!

I wasn't going to talk my way out of this. My baby blue doe-eyed gazes weren't going to stop him. Nothing was. Like he had told me, I really WAS his bitch! And, he was going to fuck me, and there was no way out. As he stood there feeling me up... I moved past bargaining, I had to accept what was going to happen. I was scared out of my mind! But it didn't change the fact that I was about to be sucking black cock, and being breed by a black man. I wanted to die, but couldn't. As Jamal continued to rub my ass, he told me what a fat ass I had, and asked me how could I possibly expect him NOT to fuck me with an ass like that. He told me how good he was gunna fuck me, and how he was gunna make me love his dick, he told me what a sexy little white whore I was, and how he was gunna make me a cock-sucker, and how he was gunna turn me out, and how he was gunna make me a woman tonight! I shivered, shook, and trembled as his mighty black hands explored my naked white flesh. He told me how I'd have to get more comfortable being naked with a black man, and that I'd need to get used to having my naked body touched by a nigga', because this was just the beginning.

I felt my blood curdle and my skin crawl! But, it made no difference. As he felt up on and fondled my naked little body, Jamal also liked watching himself as he did it to me in the mirror. He enjoyed watching his own big black hands coveting my supple white flesh. He copped a feel all over; my legs, my sides, my nipples, my belly, arms, neck, throat, and especially enjoyed fondling my ass. I just let him touch me wherever he wanted. I was just foolishly hoping he wouldn't force me to move my hands. I knew I had small genitals, and I was horribly embarrassed by them. They were even smaller then. A short while before my interracial encounter, I had measured my FULLY erect lil' prick which measured a very tiny four and a half inches, totally... totally erect! FOUR and a HALF little inches!!! I was a joke! Can you even call it a penis at four and a half inches? And, to make matters even worse... of course I was scared, and somewhat cold. I knew he would make fun of them, which was one less psychological bomb my Hiroshima didn't need. So while he groped me like a whore, I just stood there and took it, as I just kept my little hands tightly covering my lil prick and jewels, I had kept them there the whole time! I didn't want to let go for anything in the world. While he felt me up, I just kept my hands there, that is... until Jamal grabbed my wrists, and softly pulled my arms apart. I shook my head in protest, and begged him not to, but he continued as if unable to hear me.

Once he pulled my hands completely apart revealing the reflection of my very puny pink penis and tiny testicles, starring back at us in the mirror... he began laughing at me. Due to fear and a little cold... I was at full shrinkage, my already tiny erect 4 1/2 incher, now looked like a button! He spun me around to look firsthand. He thought it was hilarious! A fiendish grin grew across his face, and natural laugh overtook him, he was truly surprised how small I actually was. He knew I was small beforehand, but the degree was a shock! My fears had come true. He mocked me ruthlessly, and kept my hands apart, so I couldn't cover myself back up. He told me how I really was a woman, how the average a woman's clitoris is bigger than my lil' dick-let, and began referring to it as a clit. He mocked my tiny testicles saying that my ovaries were sticking out. He viciously ridiculed my small genitals, and slapped my ass while he told me what a little bitch I was, and how he knew I would suck his dick and let him fuck me since the first day he saw me walking home from school. He enjoyed himself while he expressed his amusement with my feminine "lady-parts" (as he called them), while smacking my ass. and calling it a boi-pussy. This torment lasted several minutes, and it began to feel like it would never end! His torture made me feel so feminine, I really began feeling like I REALLY was a girl!

It felt as though I didn't have a drop of testosterone anywhere in my whole body! Even the vision of our reflections in the mirror showed me looking like a fucking girl, compared to him. If he was a male, and he WAS... then certainly, I had to be something else!!! He was masculinity distilled, and I was his polar opposite! We both knew it! He was King Kong, and I was Barbie! His mocking words cut into me like razors, and open handed slaps struck my ass like stinging truths... because it WAS TRUE!!! And, nothing hurts like the truth! There were no lies to hide behind, no excuses to make, the naked truth was out there, for him to see! I was a bitch, my near smooth Barbie parts showed the tiny yet unapologetic truth! Between his cruel ridiculing words, dealing my bare bottom an endless series of stiff stinging ass smacks, and my feminine refection looking back at me in the mirror... I think my y chromosome morphed into another X! The sheer power of Jamal's masculinity was turning me into a woman... OR rather, he was exposing me for what I always was! A white boy, barely different than any girl. I grew increasingly submissive and feminine as he continued, he was breaking me! He relentlessly emasculated me, and feminized my sexuality until I'd been irreparably broken emotionally and psychologically.

And, after I was broken... he tormented me still. Then, he turned my body, so that I faced him... he toyed with my perky pink nipples, and tasted them. His mighty black hands reached around squeezing my white ass, and lifting my body up in the air while he devoured my nipples. He licked and sucked on them, and then bit on them until I couldn't help, but wrap my legs around him. When he finished, he threw me on the ground, and grabbed a fistful of my blonde hair. While he pulled me around by my hair, he walked with a purpose, leading me up to my desk, where I did my homework, and told me to grab the edges, bend over to a 45 degree angle, arch my back, and stick my ass out. I obeyed him, and just endured as he smacked my ass. He slapped my supple ass cheeks up like a savage, harder than before, and the ass smacking didn't diminish until both check were sore, and flushed pinkish red. Then, he pulled out his heavy black cock, and cock smacked my white ass, with his black beast. I couldn't see his cock, as I was bent over on the desk, but I could tell it had to be HUGE! He kept his clothes on, he'd just pulled out his dick, careful not to let me see it. However, I could still very much feel that it was incredibly long, fat, and heavy as it whipped across my butt cheeks, after thoroughly slapping my white ass up with his big black cock, he laid his heavy erect cock, on my ass crack.

He began sliding his big black cock up and down the crack of my ass, simulating sex. I watched his reflection moving up and down behind me, and felt his penis slipping and sliding in-between my butt cheeks, and his big black hands grabbing my lil lilly white body. I felt like such a whore! I looked like such a little slut, as my naked body was just being ravaged by a big black jungle Ape. Up and down ... his cock slid up and down, I could feel the head and the shaft of his mighty black cock as it sunk in deep sandwiched between my butt cheeks. It was so fat, that it popped out every so often, and then I'd feel his thumbs move in to spread my butt checks so he could lay it back in-between there. As he pushed it up and down, my butt cheeks provided enough friction to make pre cum drizzle out of his dick's mouth, and it spit it all over me. I felt his nasty nigger pre cum oozing between my butt-cheeks, and drizzling down my legs. I felt its warm sticky substance leaking into my tight little virgin booty hole, and felt it coat my cheeks as lubricant for his slip sliding Mega-Cock, as he mock humped me. I felt it splatter across my chubby butt cheeks when he took little breaks to Cock smack me, and then resume gliding it up and down my crack.

As he continued to mock fuck my ass bent over on the desk, he asked me how I wanted to be fucked! I remained silent, as I didn't want to be fucked at all! But, he kept pressing me to tell him. With his massive cock riding up and down between my butt cheeks, and his pre-cum drizzles down my ass cheeks and legs, he asks, "Tell me white boy, tell me how you want it, how you want me to fuck you?! Hugh?! Tell me bitch! How you want me to give it to you?! Hugh?! How's a pretty little slut like you wunna get fucked?! After staying quiet too long I said, "I don't wunna be fucked!" He laughed, slapped my ass, and continued to butt cheek hump me like he was doing. He sarcastically said, "Oh REALLY?!?!?! You don't wunna be fucked hugh?! Bullshit! Tell me boo if you don't wunna be fucked, then why is it that while I feel up your naked ass, and hump on ur lil' booty, you sportin' dis little wonder???" Then, he showed me that my little penis had gone fully erect! I had NO idea!!! I didn't even remember it happening, but somehow during these wicked erotic interracial acts... I got hard?! I couldn't believe it! I felt betrayed by my own body!

What explanation could I offer??? There my hilarious little four and a half incher was, starring straight up at me! There was ONE explanation that can explain the phenomenon. One and ONLY one thing that would actually make sense... I was aroused, sexually. I was inexplicably turned on!!! I was shocked well beyond the limitations of surprise! As "IF" there were any doubt in Jamal that I was a proper white faggot bitch, there certainly wasn't one now! Standing there like a tiny white flag of surrender saying, "FUCK ME" was my little white baby dick-clit! I felt betrayed! But, how can you be betrayed by yourself?! It didn't even make sense. I had to somehow try to comprehend that being naked, groped, emasculated, ass smacked, feminized, and sexually dominated by a black man turned me on?! Having a big, thick, hard, black cock stuffed long-ways between my ass checks, sliding up and down my butt crack excited me sexually?! How could I stand here letting this black man slip n' slide his big black cock down my lily white booty slot like a credit card, with my itty bitty prick-clitty standing straight up full mast, and tell him I didn't want to be fucked like a girl!

Did I??? I didn't know for sure any more! I was speechless, but Jamal knew what to say. He continued to plow his big black dick up and down my virgin valley, and call me things like princess, marsh-mellow, good gurl, slut, whore, bitch, and my personal favorite... snow bunny! Teasing and taunting me, driving me further down into my female role, forcing me to take on instinctual behaviors of submissiveness, subservience, and surrender. It all came so natural to him! He didn't even think about what he was doing. He just did as he wanted! He did what he was doing to me because, that's what he felt like doing! His raw unwavering self-assuredness was staggering! He was pure MAN exemplified and materialized! Like most blacks. In his paws... I became lucidly aware of how feminine I really was, and that was staggering! He, continued doing what he was doing, and slapping my ass, he grew increasingly quiet as he ravaged my supple white flesh! Increasing the intensity of the mood.

He taunted and tormented me, and told me he owned my white ass! Then, he said, "you like that hugh bitch?! That's right David, I been dying to fuck yo bitch ass!" I couldn't believe he knew my name! He'd had his eye on me a while now! He knew my name, he knew where I lived, he knew what I looked like naked, and he knew I was too much of a bitch to stop him from doing whatever he wanted to me!!!

He continued on and on, gliding his heavy black cock up and down my lily white butt crack, and telling me how much white boys like black cock. After a few minutes of that, I got my ass smacked and slapped some more, then he put his big donkey cock away, zipped up his pants, and then he moved me over to the bed. When he took me over to my bed, he positioned us both sitting on the side bed, while he continued to explore my naked body, and kiss, touch, and clutch at my lily white flesh. As I sat on the side of the bed next to him, he said, "Okay, you said you wanted to talk! So, talk!"

He was referring to what I had asked him earlier, before he had me strip naked for him, I kept babbling about wanting to "talk," it was of course mostly... just a ploy to buy time, so I could find a way out of the situation. I had since abandoned any hope of avoiding what the black beast had planned for me. It seemed so long ago that I had forgot that I even asked him that. I knew at that stage, I could never talk my way out of it, but there were questions I still wanted answered. So I asked. The first question I asked him. was what was going to happen after he's fucked me today? Like, would I ever even see him again? Would it be ongoing? Or just a one time thing? He smiled with an evil glare, and my blatant insecurities caused him the chuckle. He went back to fondling me, and explained that I'd be sucking and fucking on his black dick everyday, that no matter how badly I might need a break, he'd never give me one, and he owns my white ass forever... which somehow, and very strangely... made me feel better about the situation.

He was all over me at this point, but I had more questions... I told him I had more, questions, and he just kept devouring me, and said, "So ASK bitch!" As I tried to formulate my next question, Jamal turned me over on my belly, and propped up my hips a little, by getting my knees to bend pushing my ass up, and pushed down on my lower back to tell my to arch my back. I asked him, "why me?!" Like, why did he pick me to do this to?! He chuckled to himself, and smacked my ass. Then, he spread my ass cheeks with his hands and shoved his thick long finger in my ass. He called it fingering pussy! He fingered me deep. Taking only short breaks to smack my ass... and, maybe occasionally kinda answer my question. He answered me by saying what a pretty little white bitch I was, how white my skin was, how big my butt is, how my body is built for black cock, how I got my wide hips will help me take black cock, how my pouty pink lips were made to suck on black dicks, what a beautiful little slut I was, and how he's wanted to fuck me since the first day he saw me!

When he stopped, I was still swirling dizzy in a euphoric abyss. I couldn't go anywhere if I tried! But, he still forcefully commanded me saying, "DON'T YOU FUCKING MOVE BITCH!!!" Then, slapped my ass, and got up and went into my bathroom. I heard him rummaging through my bathroom stuff, I didn't know what he was doing, but I was still trying to catch my breath and find my equilibrium. Ecstasy peptides and chemicals had saturated my system, and my fear of him was still crippling! He came back quickly with a bottle of baby oil in his hand. ironically it was what I had been using to masturbate with. He had a wicked look across his face, and said, "time to get you ready to get fucked slut!" He tossed the bottle of baby oil on the bed, and began taking his clothes off. He kicked off his Timberland boots and socks, then pulled of his shirt more blatantly revealing a freakish built and ripped muscular body wrapped in a midnight cloak of onyx rock! He bit down on his lip imagining what he was about to be doing to me. I just layed there like a sacrificial lamb ready to feed the hungry wolf with its own body. He forcefully grabbed his belt unbuckling it, and loosening his baggy pants until they dropped to the floor!

Only his boxers remained on at this point, and he considered taking them off, but decided against it... grabbing his dick through his boxers, he laughed, and said... "Naw, I don't wunna scare you with it just yet!" I could see roughly how thick and fat in must be judging from the spread of his hand when he grabbed it! Plus, I already knew from before feeling all over my ass and lower back that it had to be monstrous! I was about to get my milky white butt fucked by black midnight monster donkey kong dick! I was very scared... but, also excited! I figured I couldn't stop him anyways, he was going to shove his black penis up inside me weather I liked it or not, so I might as well try be happy about it. And, somehow, I kinda WAS happy about it! FUCK! I was all up in tizzy about having my timid white ass fucked by this black man! You know, giving "it" up to him! My virginity, my manhood, my sex, my ass, it seemed so fucked up, that it was hot! I still didn't want to want it, but I was no longer in control of my emotions anymore!

Jamal began squirting baby oil in my bum, and coating my crack and asshole with copious amounts to prepare my body for accepting his oversized cock inside me! I felt like such a slut, so accommodating to his demands. I was about to be getting fucked by some black guy I didn't even know! And, I just left my naked white ass up in the air, fully aware a black man was going to finger me again, and was there on all fours, with my back arched, awaiting penetration. Then, he started to finger me again. I couldn't believe how much it hurt!!! Jamal's fingers were so long and thick, I felt like I was already taking a cock, I screamed and moaned as he pushed them into me! He soaked his fingers in oil, and worked them into me, preparing me for sex. He had to work my little bum over well, if I was ever going to take on a cock like his! His fingers felt so massive inside me, I felt like I was already being fucked! He fingered me furiously, and I wiggled and squirmed in the sheets as he violated me! As I twisted and floundered about writhing in pain as he fingered me I began to reconsider my desire to be fucked! I could barely handle his thick fingers, let alone his big black donkey dick!!!

It hurt so bad tears were pouring down my face! I tried to crawl away from him, but he would just grab me by the ankle and yank my white ass back where he wanted me, and continued to finger fuck his lil' white fuck boy! I tried crawling away a few more times, never with any success! He just laughed at me, and mocked me as he effortlessly dominated my body! He'd yank back on my hair, to get me to arch my back further, so it stuck out my ass more... allowing his fingers to delve deeper into my body, then he's smack my ass like a piece of meat! He lubed me up so much baby oil was leaking all over, down my legs, all over my butt, and inside! The whole room smelled like baby oil, and black sweat! Jamal was staring to really sweat while he worked me over! As I tried to run away, he'd just put me where I belonged, and said, "Where you think you going snow bunny? Hugh bitch? Hungh?" Then, he'd just resume fingering me. My toes flexed and curled as he perpetually penetrated me, and I screamed and moaned into my pillow!

He just kept working those huge gorilla fingers up my bum, as I panted and moaned like a whore! He was careful to keep adding oil, and make it nice and slippery inside me! I cried out that it hurts, and he just kept going... telling me he needs to keep going if he's going to fuck me! And, he reiterated that he WAS going to fuck me, so I should shut up, and let him work my little bottom. He caressed and squeezed my little white touché, gawking and telling me how much he liked it, and how much he wanted to fuck it. As he did this, he asked me if I was going to let him fuck it. Obviously, it wasn't up to me, but he asked anyways. He asked a couple of times, "You got a NICE bright white ass here white boy, fuckin' bomb ass booty! Damn, look at this big white booty! You got a big white booty David! You gunna let me fuck it? Hugh?! You gunna let me fuck your big white booty???"

He rubbed on my booty with one hand, while the other fingered my hole, as he asked me if I was going to let him fuck my booty. He wasn't really asking, not really, he was going to fuck it no matter what I said, but the illusion that I could give him permission or deny him was turning me on. If I denied he would fuck me anyways, but giving him permission made meant I was a whore. Willingly participating, wanting to be fucked like a woman, wanting to have sex with a black man! When he asked me again, I said... "yes." He looked pleased, and said "That's my gurl! But, before you get cho ass fucked, there's something you gotta do first...

First... I had to suck sum cock! Big BLACK cock!!! He pulled his finger out, and grabbed a fistful of my hair. He curled me up three inches from his face, and looking intensely at me he said, "Ready to suck sum cock white boy?" I nodded my head yes, and he said, "That's a good gurl!" Then, he dragged me off the bed, and onto the floor, and stood over me like a black giant. He told me to get on my knees like a good cock sucker, and I obeyed. Then, he placed his hand under my chin, and tilted my head to look up at him, and he said, "I about to make you a cock sucker bitch! And, once you suck a cock, you're a cock sucker forever! You ready to suck this big black cock bitch? You ready to be a cock sucker???" I nodded my head yes, and he said, "gotta love white boys!" He was still wearing his baggy boxers, and my face was just inches away from his concealed BLACK African penis, and I was so curious to finally see it, and also curious about putting it in my mouth, would it even fit?! And, I was curious about tasting it. What would black cock taste like, what would his cum taste like?! I felt like the filthiest little white whore on the planet, but I wanted to finally see that black cock so bad! Even if seeing it, meant I had to suck it. Even if it would make me a cock sucker, like black guys wanted me to be!

He wanted me to take his boxers down, and pull his cock out myself. A job I was happy to do! I was dying to see it! I couldn't wait! So looking up at him, I grabbed his boxers, and gently pulled them down until they hit the floor. His MASSIVE MIDNIGHT PENIS was FUCKING ENORMOUS!!! Far, far, FAR BEYOND BIG!!! This thing was a fucking MONSTER!!! It was somehow even blacker than the rest of him, so BLACK, and so shiny I could kinda see my reflection in it!!! It was fucking freashly fat thick and veiny! It was unbelievable!!! It was disgusting!!! Crazy LONG like a fucking Anaconda! And, the head of his cock was the scariest thing of all!!! Huge thick round black penis head looking right at me!!! I was fucking TERRIFIED!!! I began to think about how much it hurt when he fingered me!!! How could I EVER take such a BIG BLACK COCK up my little lilly white ass??? He'd split me in half!!! If it could even fit!!! Could I even fit it in my mouth??? I was instantly "sacred straight"... totally straight!!! I suddenly wanted NOTHING to do with that BIG BLACK DICK!!! I didn't want it anymore! I just wanted to run away where it could never ever get me!!! I wanted to forget everything that happened, and go back to how things were!!!

I didn't want to be a cock sucker, I didn't want to be turned-out into some kind of black cock only white faggot!!! I wanted to escape!!! I got up off my knees, and naked as the day I was born I bolted for the door!!! I wasn't gay!!! I wasn't!!! I was just confused for a few minutes!!! I didn't want ANY of this!!! I ran for my life, but I didn't make it very far at all!!! Jamal grabbed me by my hair, and flung me on the floor, screaming where fuck did I think I was going!!! Ordering me on my knees, to start sucking sum black cock! I got back up, and tried running again! He grabbed me by my arm, and pulled me in close, and said, "What the fuck is wrong with you!?!?!?! You better suck sum dick ho!!! I'm not fuckin' playin wit chew!!!" I was so fucking scared I didn't know what to do! I just started crying like a two year old, and threw a tantrum! I was shaking with dread and fear, I couldn't possibly get fucked by that big black cock, that was rubbing up on my naked white flesh!!!

Jamal saw I was freaking the fuck out, and in a booming deafening voice said, "SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!" And, smacked my ass with such force it made my knees buckle! It silenced me a bit, but I couldn't help the tears running down my face, and I couldn't stop sniffling and shaking! He took me back over to my desk, and bent me over on it like he did before, at a 45 degree angle, back arched, ass out, and began rubbing on my ass gently! And, he said, "Calm down!" "Just breathe, and CALM DOWN!" I tried taking deep breaths, but I couldn't help myself from hyperventilating! I was so scared, I didn't know what to do! He kept rubbing on my booty, and telling me to calm down, and after a while it helped a little bit. I tried telling him that I'm sorry, but I just can't do this! And, how it'll kill me! Begging him please!!! Pleading with him, not to fuck me! That I won't survive! And, he told me in a firm steady voice to be quiet! And, as scared as I was I obeyed him.

He kept rubbing my butt, and telling me in a calm and firm tone to calm down. It got me to calm down a little bit, but I couldn't stop the tears rolling down my face, or stop sniffling, or stop myself from shaking and trembling! I was in big trouble... BIG BLACK trouble! As Jamal stood behind me naked, up against my naked body, grabbing on me, rubbing my bottom, trying to calm me down just, so I could give him a blow job, and go back to letting him fuck me, I felt so... hopelessly horribly horrified!!! He was hell-bent on fucking me, nothing was going to stop him! I felt sick to my stomach, I felt disgusting! I couldn't imagine what I had been thinking before! I must have had a temporary lapse in sanity caused by all the traumatic interracial sex acts Jamal had been forcing on me! I didn't want any of this!!! My body was trembling, I was scared out of my mind! I shivered and shook as he rubbed on my booty telling me to calm down!

I didn't want to calm down! I wanted to run away! Far... FAR away where his cock could never get me!!! But, nothing had changed! He was still going to have me! And, sadness, disgust, and defeat consumed me! As he tried calming me down he said, "I know your scared! I know its BIG, but you CAN take it! It WILL fit inside you! I promise!!! You NEED to get fucked!!! And, I AM going to fuck you!!! It will fit in your mouth! You just have to get back on your knees and suck it! I'm gunna make you a cock sucker!!! Just get back on your knees!" Those were not the words of encouragement I needed! I was so emotionally distraught that I spoke out saying, "I don't wanna be a cock sucker! I DON'T!!! Stop it! Stop making me do these things!!! I don't wunna be a faggot!!! Please STOP!!! Please!!!"

Just as my begging and pleading had not worked before... they were not working now! He patiently hushed me until I became quiet, and said, "Stop talking crazy! Relax! Calm down! There's nothing to worry about! You've got nothing to worry about! Calm down! You're just gunna suck some cock, and get your butt fucked!!! Your WHITE! That's why your here! I know you want it! You've been dying for a big cock your whole life, and your gunna get it!!! You want it! Your just scared! You've got virgin jitters, its normal! You just got to get over it! Your feeling scared and ashamed bcuz I'm making you a cock sucker and a faggot! But, you got nothing to be ashamed of... you're WHITE!!! I'm BLACK!!! That's just what happens between us when you put us together! You need to be proud of that! You should take pride in your cock sucking skills, and how well you take a big black cock! Niggas love that shit! Black cocks will be balls deep inside you every day when you got it like that! That's what a cute little white boi like you really needs!!! Then, he began running his hard cock up and down my butt cheeks like he did before.

Over and over again he kept telling me I had nothing to worry about! to calm down! I was "just" gunna suck sum cock, and get my ass fucked! Like, OH! Is THAT it?!?!?! Ha! Can you believe I was worried about that!!! Ha! Silly me!!! He assured me that I wasn't the first white boy to suck his cock, and to take it in the ass, AND... I wouldn't be the last! The way he began grabbing and rubbing my naked body down, while gliding his cock on my ass returned me back to my feminine role, I liked how it felt being so erotically fondled by a black man! I was still scared! But, I began feeling like I did before, when I lost my sanity, and wanted to be his little white slut! He kept talking to me, telling me how pretty I was, and how he was gunna make me a cock sucker, how he's gunna make me full faggot, how I'm gunna love black cock! For some reason, it turned me on! I started thinking about how good it felt when he was dominating me, and fingering me! I started to visualize all the intimate and impassioned... interracial sexual acts I'd already done with him!

He was all over me! And, I could feel the tip of his black cock kissing my white ass, it was turning me on so bad! He was so strong and so dominant I couldn't help reverting to the feminine sexual role he wanted for me! He was so unapologetic so determined, it forced my walls to cave in! I couldn't resist him! No matter what, he decided I was his, so I was!!! He told me how good little white boys like me like black cock! How we need t get our lily white asses fucked, and how we need to suck black cocks, and be little faggots for blacks! He told me how he was gunna make me a faggot, cock sucking slut! And, how I'm going to love it! He rode his big heavy black cock on my backside, and he grabbed my throat and told me I wasn't going ANYWHERE!!! I was staying right there sucking black cock, and getting fucked like a whore! I couldn't help it, it was turning me on in a powerful way! His hands were so big, all over my body, he was so dark and dominating, how could a little white boy like me ever resist him?! I was falling fast! Clearly, I must have somewhat wanted his cock inside me! I was just scared! Or, was I???

... And, there it was. My little hard penis looking straight up at me, it had NEVER gone down, or gone flaccid since Jamal had fist rubbed his cock on my ass. Despite being afraid of his big black cock, I guess, maybe I did wanted it! Why else was I sporting every millimeter of my lil 4 and a half incher?!?!?! Maybe it was turning me on because it seemed so wrong? Maybe it was the brute domination that excited me? Or, maybe it was just because I was white, and white boys need to get fucked like girls by hard black cocks?! I didn't fucking know what it was!!! All I really knew was I was going to have intimate interracial sex with a black man, and I couldn't figure out weather I was more scared or I was more excited about it! Sure, somewhere back in my mind I was deeply sickened by the idea of being a faggot, some slutty lil white cock sucker, who whores out his white ass to thugged out and ghetto black strangers with big cocks! I knew I would probably hate myself later, but at that moment... I kinda wanted to be a fucking slut!!!

I remembered how good it felt, and how hot it was when he fingered me. I stared to remember how I felt when I first heard him tell me that he was going to fuck me! Afraid as I was, his boldness was overpowering! Just as it was even now! I just couldn't help it! He just made me feel so feminine! I was scared! I was!!! But, it didn't mean I didn't want to be fucked! I obviously did! The thought of having a black man inside me was still so hot! Jamal promised to make me a nigger fucking faggot, and I knew he would keep that promise to me! The thought of taking a big black cock in my fleshy supple white ass was making me so aroused, that I couldn't think "straight!" This black man had me feeling like a bitch in heat! Like, I needed to be fucked! I was terrified, I was! I was scared out of my mind! But, things had already gotten so out of hand! After all, just like Jamal kept telling me... I "JUST" had to suck some cock, and get my ass fucked! White bois before me had been fucked by Jamal, they'd sucked his black cock, and taken him inside their asses! Why couldn't I do it too??? I did kind of want to!!! I could be his little white whore!!!

He sensed I was feeling ready, and told me to get on my knees. So I turned to him, and got down on my knees. His BIG black cock was already out! I was ready to be a cock sucker! So when Jamal asked me I looked up at him with my baby blues, and said, "I'm ready!" I was still so scared of it, but I resigned myself to try and charm the beast! I didn't know where to start!!! I reached out my dainty little white hand and tried to grab it. His black cock was so fat, my fingers didn't even make it half way around it, but still I pulled it in close to my face, and looked up at Jamal, like as if to say... "I'm gunna do my best!" Staring right at the beast inches from my lips, I couldn't help but think just how gross what I was doing was! Realizing I was about to suck this big black cock, was disgusting! It was a filthy nasty act, but at the same time it was amazing to hold such a big cock in my hand like that! I knew then, that I certainly DID have penis envy, and like Freud speculated there was only one way to satisfy the feeling! I wielded that big cock in my hand, it was so proud and powerful, I got so excited, and hoped I could give Jamal the kind of blow job he wanted! I was about to be a cock sucker, I might as well be a good one!

I'd obviously never done it before, so I wasn't sure where to begin, so I puckered up, and gave the tip of his big cock a soft wet kiss. He loved that, so I licked my lips, puckered up, and gave it a slower, softer, deeper, wetter kiss, I knew he liked that! He grabbed the top of my head, pulled my hair, and said "Yes! Again... AGAIN!!! DO IT AGAIN!!! So I looked up at him, and smiled happy to kiss his big black penis again! I wanted to please him badly! I moved in again, and delivered a series of soft, wet, seductive kisses to the tip of his dick! I liked kissing his cock, and when I pulled away after my last kiss... there was a long string of pre-cum that went from the tip of his proud cock, to my pouty pink lips. He thought it looked so hot, to watch me suck his cock, so I looked up at him, and smiled. Then, I slowly moved back in, and opened my mouth as big as I could, and tried my very best to get the head of his cock in my mouth! I got about half of it in, and pushed it down further in, as I tried to get more of it in my mouth until the crown of his black cock, was wrapped tightly by my Caucasian Cock Sucking lips!!! The first few times I got his cock in my mouth I gagged! The taste of his cock was gross, but I wanted to like it! As I sucked Jamal's cock, he told me "You better get used to this!"

I was happy, because it meant I was doing a good job sucking cock, and that I'd be sucking a lot more black cock in the future! Watching so much porn had taught me more than I thought, I began doing things I used to always think it was so hot that the girls in the pornos always did! It became like second nature! It seemed so wrong, but at the same time I liked it! I really enjoyed hearing sounds coming from Jamal that let me know he was enjoying it! I felt so feminine sucking on that hard black cock! I loved how it made me feel! I would never forget what it was like! But, more than anything I wanted to satisfy and please my black conqueror! So I sucked on it best I could, using my tongue and sliding the head in and out of my mouth, and stopping only to kiss and lick on his cock! As I faithfully sucked on it, I got used to the taste, and I gagged less and less! I was determined to give him a top notch blow job!

I was my job after all! I wanted to master my craft with my first attempt! As I sat sucking his cock on my knees, he grabbed my head, and made me look to the side, so I could watch myself on my Lilly white knees in the mirror sucking on his big black cock. It was so hot watching my myself bobbing up and down on his cock, butt naked, submissively sucking a black man's big hard cock! I went back and forth from looking up at him, and watching myself in the mirror! I looked beautiful, sucking on that black cock. Like a proper porno vixen! I was a cock sucking princess! I liked doing it! I liked pleasing him! It was the sluttiest nastiest thing I could ever imagine! And, I was loving it! I was a cock sucker! I loved tasting his cock, I liked how his pre cum felt on my lips, and liked swallowing what I could! Then, I let go of his cock, and sucked his cock with no hands, I rubbed on my nipples, and seductively looked up at him while I did it! I could see it was driving him crazy! I loved the feeling I got, from being his pretty white cock sucking temptress!

I licked up and down the shaft, and I gently sucked on his black balls, I massaged them in my mouth, and went back to bobbing up and down on his cock! I liked how slutty I felt on my knees sucking on a black cock! I enjoyed looking at how hot it looked to watch me sucking cock in the mirror! But, I also really liked looking up at Jamal, and give him sultry glances while having his cock all up in my mouth! I was a natural cock sucker! I know because Jamal told me so! After all, I was white. And, that IS what white boys do when left alone with a black man. I slobbed on his knob, and made sure to look up at him with seductive glances whenever possible! I really enjoyed giving black men blow jobs, and Jamal was the one who showed me that! White boys like me made phenomenal cock suckers Jamal always told me! I loved doing it! I loved how slutty and sultry I felt doing it!

After spending a bit of time on my knees, Jamal took me into the bed, and sat up with his back against the headboard, and had me suck his cock, from the side, and had me stick my ass out so he could finger me while I gave him head! And, it felt SO GOOD that I sucked his cock even better when he finger fucked me! He focused on fingering me good, so he could get his cock inside me later, it would certainly be a challenge!!! He fingered me a long... LONG time, while I furiously sucked his big black dick like a good little whore! While he continued to finger me, he'd use his other hand to push my head down further and further down on his big cock! I gagged as gasped for air while he fucked my face! It was rough, but I liked pleasing him, and I also liked how it felt to have his long black cock go down so deep in my throat! Even if it made me choke, I wanted that black cock down my throat! But, most of all I liked being fingered so much! He got me so hot, and the more he did it the closer I came to getting fucked! Which, after all, was the real reason I was in this position in the first place!

After a long time, I came up with my mouth off his cock, and he kept fingering my ass, as I tried moving my jaw around... it was sore from all the cock sucking, and Jamal noticed It was getting hard for me to continue, so he grabbed me by my hair, and turned my face to him, and said, "You ready to fucked?!?!?" I bit my bottom lip, and seductively said, "Ungh Hugh!" I was so scared!!! But, I really DID want to get fucked! I wanted to feel Jamal's big black cock inside me, I was eager to have sex for the first time ever! I was nervous and excited and worried that it wouldn't fit! I was thrilled about losing my virginity to a true MAN, a BLACK MAN, a real thug nigga, and was just so excited. I was about to be having sex with a black man! I was so young, beautiful, and ready for hot sweaty interracial sex, I was ready for that big cock I'd always wanted! I had a big white ass, and I really was ready to give it to Jamal! As Jamal repositioned himself, I sat on my knees looking at him until he made eye contact with me. When he did, I looked at him submissively, and asked, "How do you want to fuck me???" I was referring to what position, and he answered, "How do you think?!"

Knowing exactly how he wanted to take me, I turned around, and I got down on my hands and knees, I arched my lower back and stuck my ass out presenting myself to him! I was in picture perfect doggy-style position, and he said, "That's a good gurl!" Then, he slapped my ass. As I sat waiting to be penetrated, I was terrified! I felt the tip of his cock press up against my asshole, and felt him pushing his way in, as I bit down on my bottom lip waiting for the breach! However, he couldn't get it in on the first few tries! I was too tight, and he was too BIG! So, he rubbed his cock down with baby oil, and tried again and again! The suspense was killing me, each time I could feel the mouth of his cock peaking through my hole, but unable to barge in! It was driving me crazy! I just wanted his black cock inside me already! I couldn't deal with the anticipation! I kept hoping the next attempt would prove successful! And, then...

The mouth of his cock wasn't just peaking through my hole, it was coming inside... and, as it pushed in the surge of pain was unreal!!! Unbearable actually!!! Worse than I had imagined!!! But, despite the agony... it kept steadily pushing in!!! Then, came the tip, and as it entered further in the pain worsened as the tip widened out to the circumference of the head of his penis! Then, the crown got briefly stuck at the entrance too big to get in, but his cock was so rock hard he pushed it through, slowly and steadily my little hole swallowed that mighty black crown of his cock, and he pushed it in deeper still! He kept pushing until about a third of his cock was inside me! I NEVER knew pain could be so terrible!!! The, pain had been the worst as his crown entered me, it was somewhat less horrible after the shaft began to burry itself inside me! And, my body was beginning to release "feel good" chemicals to compensate for the pain.

Then, he began slowly pulling out, but careful not to pull the crown out, and then pushed it back inside. He did this again, and again, and AGAIN! Over and over, each time going in a little deeper inside as I screamed and moaned, and clutched at my sheets as he fucked my ass! Each and every time he got deeper and deeper... magnifying both the pain and pleasure!!! Soon, there was so much of both I could no longer scream, my voice box locked so that the only sounds I could make were primal moans and gasps for air! I felt each and every contour of his mighty black African cock as it pushed in, deeper and deeper with every stroke!!! His cock was so big, I though that he would NEVER get the whole of it inside me! Just when I thought it could go no deeper it did!!! He fucked me like this nice and slow for a long... LONG time!!! He was methodical in his approach... disciplined even! I would have begged him to go no deeper, if I could articulate words! But, I couldn't! He just kept doing it, going deeper and deeper, and deeper... UNTIL, FINALLY he was "balls deep" inside his little white boy!!!

I could feel his big heavy testicles against my backside, and his nappy afro-textured pubes pressed against my ass cheeks like steel wool! I felt like his cock was so far deep into me, that it should have been sticking out of my mouth!!! I had the full size of a hung black man's cock inside my body! And, as bad as it hurt, it also felt good. Once he was balls deep inside me he just held it there a while, stretching me out! Letting me hold that huge black cock deep inside my body, get me used to the feeling! Prepare me for more sex... I mean I was already having sex with him, but he was preparing me for the FUCKING he was about to unleash on me! I was white, he was black, I was where I belonged! He told me what he was going to do, and he was doing it! He was fucking my ass, and I was letting him do it to me. I was having sex with a black man, and it felt incredible!

He began pumping his cock into me, as I took it like a little girl, crying out on all fours. He began slow, but due to the size of his massive cock, it felt like he was killing me! With more and more baby oil, and a ton of slow fucking it became easier and easier for him to penetrate me. In and out he fucked my white ass, nice and deep and steadily. It became more pleasurable and less painful as he continued to sink his huge black penis into my butt! It ached and I moaned for it still! I was being fucked by a black man! I loved how his big black cock felt inside my little white body! It was beyond belief, getting my naked white ass fucked by that big black cock was like a spiritual experience! It felt euphoric beyond physiological limitations, the stimulus sensations were supernatural!

He plowed into my body harder and faster, until I was on fours being outright jackhammered! He crashed black cock into my guts, I felt his crown near level with my belly button as he rammed in, and as he ripped it out I felt like I was being torn apart! And, he just fucked me harder and faster!!! He smashed his hard black cock into my white ass until I felt like jello, and he just fucked even harder and even faster! He was machine gun fucking me like he was pumping rounds into a flood of charging enemies! His hips, thighs, and balls thunder clapped into my butt as he drove cock into me, back and forth like he was drilling for oil! His huge black hands seemed to wrap around my hips, and he pulled them in as he pushed his black dick inside me! It suddenly seemed to get so hot I felt like I was being cooked in furnace! Hot humid interracial sex filled the air I breathed, and I could still taste his black cock on my lips and in my breath as I sucked gasping for the steamy wet sex saturated air to fill my desperate lungs!

Just when it seemed impossible, he fucked me even harder and faster! I felt like I was being fucked in fast forward! He pummeled me with black cock, destroying me! And, somehow it felt good, so good, it was beyond understanding! The humidity and heat was unbearable, I felt Jamal's black sweat dripping all over my back and ass as he continued railing me! His black sweaty hands traveled up and down my back, my legs, my pink nipples and abdomen as continued his intensifying anal assault! I could feel my legs weakening, as they struggled to hold me up, withstanding crushing collisions of cock with devastating force in blurring speed! My own sweat poured out of me soaking my naked body, and mixing with his! He sweated on covering me with his black African sweat and scent, like a beast marking his territory and bitch!

I cried as the fuck pounding grew even more intense. Sound the skin smacking fucking sound of fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap grew to a deafening decibel busting FAP FAP FAP FAP FAP FAP FAP FAP FAP FAP FAP!!! I hurt my ears!!! And, seemed to send sonic booms blasting throughout my entire body! Sex sweat mists would burst into the air as his cock continuously crashed into my battered bare bottom! My little gracile white body couldn't handle black sex! His lust and desire in action was more than my body could sustain, but I wanted more still!!! I arched my back further pushing out my naked ass out closer to him to be fucked even deeper, until I lost myself in a hurricane of interracial fucking! I was barely clutching onto consciousness. I was overcome my waves of ecstasy chemical rushing my system, as Jamal yanked back on my hair and continued pounding me doggy style, in a rage of lust and animal dominance!

As he yanked my hair, it lifted my head up, so I could see and watch him fuck me, as the mirror reflected into my eyes! I watched myself giving "it" up to a black man, watching my white body ripple as shockwaves of hard fucking were sent through me! I watched my white self being conquered by a black man! He looked like a primal African gorilla sex god, and I looked like virgin tribute! The image was so deeply impassioned and erotic it burned into my psyche at the deepest level, and resonated through my core! I looked gorgeous, better and more beautiful than ever before as I submitted my body for sex to him! As he fucked my body into submission, and just owned me! The stark black on white interracial contrast so blatantly evident as life changing imagery glaring back at me, as I let him make me a faggot! Letting him own me, giving him my innocence, my virginity, and every last modicum of masculinity I had left. My tiny precious little white ding a ling throbbed and rattled around in bliss, as black cock pounded my ass! Jolts of euphoria electrified every cell in my body as he crushed cock compressing my ass cheeks into my hips as he crashed deep inside me!

I watched myself in that interracial fuck fest being dicked up doggy style, by some black thug, and as it began to feel so good that I no longer felt apologetic about my being a faggot whore, Jamal slowed down slightly to fuck me deeper and slower on every stroke. I watched his refection watching mine, as he chuckled and said, "Gotta LOVE white boys!!! I'd rather suffer and die than let a nigga fuck my ass, but white boys jus take their clothes off, suck dick, and let a nigga fuck em' silly, and love it too! Unbelievable! Just look at chew loving a nigga's dick in yo butt!!! Big booty bitch just taking black dick! Fucking faggot ass ho! Lovin' da dick! White boy! Take dat dick white boy! Take it!"

I felt sick to my stomach, as Jamal's words cut me, and as his hard black cock ran deep in my belly! Every word was true! And, I knew it! But, I couldn't stop panting in ecstasy as his raw black cock fuck pumped my backside!!! I came to the realization that I had been "turned out," irrevocably turned into a white faggot for black cock, about two seconds before Jamal said it! This wasn't the last time I'd be on all fours being fucked by black cock! I would want this again and again forever until I die! I would never look at black men, or sex the same way ever again! This is how I would always want sex! I would have sex with Jamal many more times, and MANY other black men too! And, I would love it insatiably like an addict, remaining an addict forever! There would be no 12 steps, sponsors, or meetings to cure me, only more black cocks to use me, to fuck and feminize me and I would deny them nothing!

At this point I was loving the wretched wicked interracial immoral sex almost as much as Jamal, my black lover, the first of what would no doubt be many! Jamal loved fucking my white ass, and pounded me doggy-style until my legs gave out from under me, then he placed a pillow under my hips, and pounded on my bottom as I layed on my belly gripping the bars of the headboard for dear life! I felt every detail and contour of Jamal's big thick veiny unprotected uncircumcised black cock as it passed in and out of me! I was fuck frazzled like a shell shocked soldier on D-day, but I LOVED getting my ass fucked!

Then, he flipped me over on my back, and shoved a pillow under my butt, and told me to arch my back. He grabbed me by my right ankle straightening my leg 90 degrees up in the air, and positioned himself in the middle, and drove his jet black penis deep down into me, it was incredible! I was able to look up at his face, and up at my toes as they flexed and curled writhing with agony and pleasure! I looked up at him and watched him fuck me, face to face in intimate interracial sex! I twerked and writhed in pleasure as the black sweat glistened off his big shiny black muscles, and dripping off his brow and crashing on my skin as they fell like raindrops onto my belly and chest! I watched his black face glow with rage and lust as he took me! His big heavy flexing pectorals tightening and bouncing as he penetrated me with his swollen cock! I was really having sex sex with a black man, I could look up at him fucking me, fucking my white ass like a porn vixen, fucking like rabbits, I wished he could get me pregnant! I watched his fat long black cock pull almost all the way out, and then disappear inch by inch inside my body!

As his penis pushed back and forth, turning and throbbing inside me! I just KNEW he was dripping pre-cum inside me, I was beyond euphoric... I lifted my other leg, the one he wasn't holding up in the air, and I wrapped it around him as he pummeled me, then I lifted it again placing my little white foot on his mighty negro chest, it looked so white against his skin, he was so covered in sweat, his chest was wet to the touch, the soul of my little white foot could feel his hot skin, and it was soaking in sweat! I rubbed my lil' white foot on his big black chest, feeling his chest rise and fall as he breathed, and soon his black sweat dripped down my leg as I worked my toes into his chest! I loved it! While I felt him fucking me, and while I flexed and dug my toes into his powerful chest, it felt so good, I began rubbing my nipples, which turned him on... working my insides harder and faster! I was losing myself in the heat of it!

Then, he turned me on my side, again mounting me from the rear, and worked my little bum there while he told me what a little whore I was! He drilled it in, and bit down on my ear while he did it, talking right into my ear about how much he loves to fuck me! I was loving it!!! It was hurting less and less, and feeling better and better, I just moaned like a whore for him, while he grabbed my body, and fondled my perky pink nipples. I was beginning to get used to being erotically touched and fondled by a black man! I wanted his big black hands all over my bright milky white naked skin, I felt like a woman! And, I was getting fucked like one too! He grabbed one of my legs and held it high as he buried his cock into me, his hips furiously pushed and drove his black cock inside of me, as his pace and black sweat grew truly feral I lost control over my body, and began to cum ejaculating all over the side wall my bed was pressed against! Splattering explosions of cum dripping down the wall, and before I could stop cuming, Jamal began to cum inside me, inseminating me for the very first time!

Filling me with hot sticky African cum, pumping load after load into my butt! I could NOT believe how much sperm he had! It was incredible, beyond belief! I mean it sort of made sense, seeing how big and heavy his black testicles were! However, the sheer volume was still shocking! He just kept cumming and cumming, a seemingly endless quantities of sperm inside me! It was beyond erotic! I was being copulated by a negro, I had mated with a black man, being boi breed, and it made me cum even more!!! When Jamal pulled his blood swollen midnight monster out of my battered little bare bottom, I wanted it back inside me! But, instead he beat his dick against my ass cheeks splattering his cum residue across my ass. Then, he stood up, and told me to clean him up. I scooted my freshly fucked white ass to the edge of the bed, and kissed the tip of his cock softly and then again deeply. Then, I slowly and passionately sucked his cum coated black cock, I gave him the most impassioned blow job I could give, until his cock was sparkling clean. And, I made it a point to swallow every last drop of proud African semen as I could, feeling it slide down my throat like thick molasses, as some of his cum slid down my rectum dripping out of my ass. I wanted to feel his black soldiers swimming in my stomach, and as much as I hated that some of his sperm leaked out of my bottom, I took solace in knowing for every drop that escaped, ten time that amount coated my insides!

When I finished I gave his big black dick a slow wet kiss goodbye, and Jamal grabbed the top of my head, and titled it up, so that I could look him in the eyes. He looked down on me, and said, "be ready for a lot more of that, becuz yo white ass gunna get mo black dick den you can believe!" Then, he walked to my bathroom took a leak, came back inside my room, and got dressed without saying a word, while I layed in bed holding my naked body watching my first ignore me, and leave. The next day, Jamal took me home during lunch, eager to be back inside me! We fucked for hours, and he taught me how to ride cock and deep throat that day. He fucked me like a savage, and we never came back to school, we just fucked like animals until around 6pm or so.

Every day for the next three months was more of less like that. My grades suffered tremendously, and Jamal just fucked my brains out as often as he could. There were days I couldn't feel my legs! My mom walked in on us twice, and said she always knew I was a faggot! She didn't want Jamal or any other black boys over anymore, but that didn't stop Jamal, or any other black boys from doing it anyways! Then, one Saturday he took me over to his house, keeping me captive, fucking me brutally, and then letting his little 13 year old brother and 12 year old cousin take turns fucking my ass, while I sucked the other one's cock! They had huge black dicks despite their age, and easily out powered me for their own amusement! They LOVED fucking me, and swore would never let me leave! Two times they fucked me while their female cousins watched. It was humiliating, but I loved the sex! I eventually did leave, but slept with them many more times.

Them, and a bunch of other big dick black kids (eight in total) all younger than me once, dominated me, stripping my bathing suite off my body, and taking turns fucking me and holding my head underwater while I struggled for air giving underwater blowjobs in the community pool. However, I mainly had sex with Jamal, and his various friends! After Jamal went to prison, I had already developed something of a reputation and had sex with any interested blacks that had heard the news, which were numerous. After high school, I continued to have sex with black athletes, and other sometimes much older men in college. And, continue to this day! As a white boy, its amazing how much sex you can have when you're at the other end of the dick!!! I am often more popular than I can handle, and I still get butterflies in my belly when a black man approaches me for sex! And, I still feel like a little girl when they beg to fuck me raw and inseminate me! I am currently going gaga over a black thug I'm tutoring in my chemistry class, he's 28 and actually reminds me of Jamal! And, so the adventure continues!!!

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