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The Princess Who Went To Far
My father, the king of Dezanthim, was adamant that I had to meet his new general in my finest clothes I know he is hoping that I would fall for him and finally be off his hands. Everyone thinks I’m an arrogant bitch who talks down to anyone who isn’t royal and they are probably right, I have no time for peasants.

As I enter the room to meet this man, all the servants bow as I walk past them and I’m finally standing in front of my father, sarcastically I say “Father, as I am sure there is much desperation for me to be here today, I apologize for my lateness and beg your forgiveness” My father looks at me disapprovingly and replies “Mendzina, you will be the death of me my child, I don’t know what to do with you anymore, come, I want you to meet someone, General Temanka, please allow me to introduce you to my daughter, Princess Mendzina, my dear, please meet my new General”.

Up until now I hadn’t looked at this man standing next to my father but when I finally raised my eyes and looked at him, I felt my legs start to shake, in front of me stood one of the most sexiest man I have ever seen, he was tall, very broad shoulders, muscles oozing out of his amour and the most amazing smile and bluest of eyes, I was speechless, I don’t know how much time had passed before I acknowledged him but his smile tells me he knew that I was hit by his good looks.

I finally snap out of it and say “It’s very nice to meet you General Temanka, I hope you get to live longer than my fathers last General” and he smiles, to himself he is thinking that he likes the way this girl pushes that fine line. “My lady, I have every intention of living long into my dotage, but for me to only see your beautiful smile everyday will make me stay alive even more”. I feel my heart start to beat very quickly and I knew right there and then, that I had to have this man.

Over the months I watched him very closely I took my time until it was time to plan my plot. I knew General Temanka was due back from his away trip tomorrow and I will be hiding in his room and when he is in his bath, I will make myself known to him.

The next day comes and finally he comes back, he spends time with my father, reporting the trip to him and then finally starts to get ready to depart, I quickly run and hide in his room. He walks in and demands a bath to be filled with water. The servants bring hot water, wary of him and finally they leave. I watch him get naked and I can feel my pussy start to get wet, this man is just amazing to look at, he turns around and I catch my breath, he has the biggest cock I have ever seen, it’s huge, at least 12 inches long and very very thick, at least 2 inches thick each way.

He gets in the bath and starts to scrub the dirty off his hot body, I can’t handle it anymore, I step out of the shadows and show myself. He stops washing himself and just watches me, I slowly approach him and tell him that I have been waiting for him. He slowly rises out of the water and I look at him from head to toe, water dripping over his muscular and chiseled body, he looks at me looking at his cock and I can see it growing hard in front of my eyes.

He says “Princess Mendzina, you should not be in here, you must leave, I cannot be held responsible for my actions if you don’t” I approach the bath and take my dress off with one pull, I am standing there naked in front of him, his eyes are looking at my body, devouring it with his eyes, I watch his cock getting harder still, he gets out of the bath and walks to the door and tells me again “you must go, I have to insist, you’re father will kill me if he finds us like this”, I don’t move and finally he turns around and starts locking the latch and then he approaches me, he grabs me and picks me up and carries me to the bed and then throws me on it.

He says to me “you should’ve walked away when you had the chance my lady, now, you will pay” but I quickly jump up and I slap him hard in the face, nearly making him lose his balance. He slowly turns his face back at me and looks at me with this anger in his eyes, defying me, I tell him “you are not the one who dictates here General, I’m not one of your soldiers, I rule in this house, not you, you will do as I say and then you will shut your mouth, you are not to tell a soul, do I make myself clear General” my voice raising as I spoke, his defiance only making me angrier.

He slowly walks towards me and then unexpectedly, he slaps me across the face, the power of his slap throwing me across the room, I hit the wall hard and fall down, I can’t believe he hit me, I stand up trying to get away from him, I start to run to the door but he grabs me and then throws me on the bed, I am so scared now, what is he going to do “I warned you my lady, I told you to leave, I know what you are, I have heard the tales of the whore that you are, sleeping with soldiers and generals alike, I gave you a chance to leave, you chose to stay, and in this room, it is I who dictates, not you, you are the one who will shut up and you will see what I am now, because I am about to do things to you that I assure you, you will never forget”.

I am so scared now, I try to scream but he puts his hand over my mouth and quickly grabs some cloth that was on the chair and starts to gag me, I can’t believe he is treating me, the princess, like this, how dare he. He grabs my ankles and pulls me towards him and spreads my legs and I feel his hot tongue lapping away at my pussy, I am still so wet, the danger exciting me as well as scaring me, I feel his whole tongue bury itself inside me and I start to squirm, trying to fuck his face but at the same time push him away, I didn’t know what I wanted, I hated him, I wanted him. He starts to finger my pussy now, I can hear the suction of his fingers in my pussy, I can’t believe how wet I was, he kept on dipping his fingers inside me and then licking them clean, I was so turned on by this but I had no idea what he was going to do.

He says to me, “I will take the gag off but if you scream, I promise you that you will not walk out of this room alive. What say you?” I nod, the gag was hurting and I just needed to be able to speak at least, he takes the gag off and then grabs my hair from behind, forcing my head back and then stares deep into my face and smiles and then he buries his tongue deep down my throat, ripping my lips to shreds, it was a painful kiss but I was still very turned on, he then pulls me down on the floor and smiles at me again.

I know what he wants, his cock is hard as a rock, so close to my lips, I shake my head, it was to big, I didn’t want to suck it, his smile goes away and then he grabs my head with both his hands, holding it tight and then with one hard thrust has his 12 inch cock buried all the way down the back of my throat, I start to choke, I can’t breath, I can feel my eyes rolling to the back of my head, he pulls out and then slaps my face again.

“You will not only suck my cock princess but you will enjoy it, do I make myself clear”, I nod while trying to get my breath back, I start to suck the head of his cock, god it was so huge, how can I suck this cock and enjoy it, what have I got myself into, I try to take some more in but it’s so huge. “I can’t, please, don’t make me, it’s to big” he gets angry again and slaps me again, “you will take it all in or I will do it myself and that is when you will know pain, do it, NOW”, I can feel blood trickling out of my mouth, that slap was hard.

I am so scared, I open my mouth as wide as I can and I start to take in more, I can barely breath, I can taste my own blood in my mouth, I move away and I know he’s losing patience with me, I start to suck it again, I am only able to get about 4 inch in my mouth, he pulls out and then picks me up and throws me on the bed, he positions me where my head is hanging over the side of the bed “you obviously need help so let me show you how it’s done” and then he lowers his cock in my mouth and keeps on pushing until it’s buried all the way down my throat again, I start to choke again, thrashing my head from side to side, needing air, he pulls out and smiles. My thrashing was exciting him more.

He then grabs my head again with both hands and squats over me, his face facing my pussy, he looks down into my eyes and smiles and then he shows no mercy, holding my head because he has complete control by doing this, he starts to fuck my mouth, hard and fast, I feel all 12 inches bury itself down the back of my throat, knowing how close to death I am, his rhythm getting faster now, fucking my gapping mouth harder now and looking me in the eye, knowing my fear and loving it, he has such a demonic look in his eye, I am so scared, how did this happen, he finally starts to scream and I feel this hot disgusting liquid pour down my throat, I start to gag, i’m choking but he keeps at it until every drop is dripping down my throat, he pulls out and all you hear is this huge gush of air forcing itself out of me. He starts to laugh.

I was so sure I was about to die. He pushes me across the bed and starts to suck my nipple, god that felt so good, but then he starts to suck it to hard and then he bites down on them, I’m in pain now, “stop, it hurts, why are you hurting me” and he just smiles and then starts to suck the other nipple and does the same thing, I try to push him away but he gets angry again and grabs my legs again and spreads them wide, he starts to lick my clit again, sucking it, it felt so good but I didn’t want to enjoy it.

He then slips a finger inside me, ahhhhhhh it felt so amazing, he buries another finger inside me and I start pushing down on them, I just want to fuck his fingers, they feel amazing, I hate my body for betraying me like this. He slips another finger in and I start to feel discomfit, but I was able to take it as I was so wet, then another, oh my god, that hurts, “stop, please stop” and then he starts to fuck my pussy with all four fingers, in and out, hard and fast, god, it hurts so much. He stops and says “I know you’re enjoying this you bitch but I’m going to do something to you that you won’t ever forget” and then starts to bury his thumb in me, I try to pull away but he forces all 5 fingers inside me.

I’m in so much pain now, I’m begging him to stop, he keeps pushing deeper and then with one hard push and the sound of suction, he’s whole huge masculine hand is buried wrist deep into my pussy, I scream and he slaps me with his other hand, I shut up and then he starts to fist me, I’m hurting so badly now, he starts to pinch my nipples with his other hand, pulling them and pinching them so hard, my whole body was aching beyond words.

He bends down and starts to suck my clit while fisting me and my body starts to burn with pleasure, I can feel my pussy juices oozing on his hand, he continues to lick and suck my clit and finally I scream as I cum all over his hand, god it was such an intense orgasm, I can hardly breath, his hand is buried so deep inside my pussy now, my pussy muscles had sucked it in deeper when I came and then slowly he pulls it out and my juices were all over it, he orders me to lick his hand clean which I do, I never knew my pussy juices tasted so good.

Once his hand was licked clean, he pulls himself up and then I see how hard his cock was, I still couldn’t believe the size of that thing, he pulls me towards him and with no warning buries his cock with one hard and very fast thrust deep inside my pussy, I scream again and he slaps me again to shut up, his cock was ripping me to shreds, it wasn’t as big as his fist but then again his fist wasn’t 12 inches long, he is fucking me hard and fast now, grunting and ripping into me, he is muttering under his breath “you fucking whore, you like to be raped don’t you, you like to have a huge cock in your pussy don’t you, you’re a whore aren’t you, you fuck all the soldiers like this don’t you, you’re a fucking slut who loves cock in all her holes” and on and on it went.

He was getting so aggressive and angry with his thrusts and I knew I just had to hold on for dear life, he bends down and grabs both my tits and pushes them together so both my nipples were close to each other and then he sucks them both together and then bites them both together, I wanted to scream, god there was so much pain, I didn’t want to make him angry again. He kept on pumping his cock deep inside me, not stopping, finally he stops and then flips me over on to my knees.

He buries his cock in me again but this time is much deeper and I am in more pain than before, it felt like he was ripping a hole through my womb, he kept on fucking me hard and fast, showing my mercy, slapping my ass and biting my shoulder, he was an animal, he pulls out again and pulls me up and positions himself under me and then with one hard push is buried up inside my pussy again, this time, I’m having to hold on to dear life as each thrust was the deepest it could get and it was so hard it was throwing me up in the air.

I’m begging him to stop now, crying, the pain, the humiliation, I just wanted it to end, he starts to pinch my nipples hard again and has no intention of showing me some mercy, I know he is close to cumming because his eyes are bulging now and his hot muscled body is glistening with his sweat. I am still trying to hold on as each thrust was getting more brutal and then finally with one last hard painful thrust, he pushes so hard inside me when he came that he knocked me off his cock, he gets up and starts to stroke his cock letting every drop that was left to pour on my nipples. He then massages his cum on my raw nipples, it was soothing but also stinging.

He gets up and pours himself a glass of water, I can’t move, my whole body is aching and I can barely breath from the pain. He brings the jug of water over to me and asks me if I would like a glass and I nod so the bastard pours the whole jug of water over me, icy cold water hitting my abused nipples and causing more pain. I call him every name I can think of, hating him with every pore in my body, little did I realize that each word that was coming out of my mouth was getting him more excited, his cock was growing hard again, I couldn’t believe it.

I start to shake my head “no, please no more, let me go, I can’t take anymore, please, I will leave you alone, I won’t tell anyone what occurred here, I promise you” but he just smiled that smile. God, he was so fucking hot, I hated him for being so hot. He starts to walk towards me and says “well, we have done a lot today princess, that is without a doubt, but there is one more experience you must share with me, I promise you, you will never forget this, today princess, I am going to fuck your ass, and you, princess, are going to enjoy it”, I jump up and I start to run to the door, I am screaming now, knowing he will slap me, he does worse than that, he punches me in the face and knocks me out.

I wake up a few minutes later and I’m tied to the bed with the gag in my mouth again, I start to thrash around, trying to get away, god, he can’t mean what he said, nobody has ever done that to me ever before and I can’t cope with that cock of his in my ass, I continue thrashing, drawing blood on my wrists and ankles. He approaches me and raises my body and puts a pillow under my lower back, raising my ass up in the air, oh god, he’s going to do it.

He starts to finger my pussy again, getting me nice and wet again, does that mean he has changed his mind, he buries his huge cock all the way deep inside my pussy again and it felt so amazing, I hated how much I loved it, he keeps thrusting in and out and then pulls out and I look at his cock, it’s so wet and slick with my pussy juices, he gets on the bed and squats over my face and again buries his cock all the way down my mouth, forcing me to suck it and lick all my juices off it, he then pulls out again and then does it again, dips his cock in my pussy again, this time pulling out and finding more pussy juices on it. I can’t believe I was so turned on by this.

I thought he was going to get me suck it again but he didn’t, he smiled at me and then without warning or care buries his whole 12inch cock deep and with one hard and brutal thrust all the way up my ass, the pain was so intense and the thrust was so hard that it lifted me off the pillow, I know I’m close to losing consciousness now but he doesn’t stop, he starts to fuck my ass and is loving how brutal and painful it is, he is loving looking at the tears in my eyes, the fear, the pain, the humiliation, he pulls out and shows me the blood on his cock and then laughs, he has ripped my ass to shreds and I can’t believe he could be cruel. He only dipped in my pussy to get his cock wet for my ass.

He thrusts it back in my ass and then shows no mercy, fucks it so hard and is pumping deeper and deeper inside me, I feel like he has put a knife to my ass, the pain so sharp and fierce, I’m losing my strength, I can’t fight anymore, I stop thrashing and just let him rip my ass apart, he keeps on fucking it harder and faster, deeper and then I feel him bury his fingers in my pussy again, I still have no strength to fight him and I know my pussy is still very wet.

He buries all fingers in my pussy, fisting me while fucking my ass, the full feeling was a new sensation to me but still painful, each thrust was so hard that he was pushing me further up the bed causing my ankles to bleed even more with the pulling, he didn’t care, both my holes were full and being fucked so brutally and he was loving it. My ass felt like it was on fire. He pulls his fist out and rubs it on my nipples, leaving a trail of my juices all over them, he bends down and starts to suck my nipples hard and bites them again while fucking my ass even deeper. Finally he stops, cock still in my ass. Letting me get used to the size.

I have no idea what he is up to now but I am scared. Then he slowly thrusts all the way out, letting the head rest near the opening and then rams hard all the way in, then slowly out again, rests and then rams it back in again, so fucking cruel. I know it’s not over yet.

He pulls his cock out and buries 3 fingers in my ass, I scream in my gag again, noooooooo, he’s can’t do that, he just can’t, then he slips in a 4th and finally his thumb, all 5 fingers buried in the opening of my ass, I’m in so much pain now, I can’t breath, can’t move, I feel like this is happening to someone else, he keeps pushing it in my ass deeper and again he is finally wrist deep in my ass but to my amazement he is getting deeper in my ass, it’s now past his wrist and I am in complete shock, he pulls out and then rams the whole thing all the way back in again, my asshole must be a gapping hole now.

He pulls it out again where only the tips of the fingers are still in the hole and then again, one hard and brutal thrust its buried up my ass past his wrist, he finally loses interest and just starts to fist my ass now, opening his hand while it’s in my ass, it is killing me, the pain is unbearable.

He pulls his hand out again and rams his cock back in it again, my asshole is so huge now that I can’t really feel his cock but I can feel the opening of my hole and that is very raw, he is close to cumming again, sweat is pouring off his body now and his grunting is getting louder and then finally he grabs my hips and buries his cock and balls all the way inside my ass, pumping it in and out until every drop was spent in my asshole.

He pulls out and laughs and then grabs a mirror to show me what he has down, he lowers the mirror over my asshole so I can see this huge gapping hole, blood and cum oozing out of it, my pussy completely red and raw and huge due to the mauling his hand and cock did.

He unties my binds and takes the gag out. I am in shock, I can’t move, I can’t speak. He says “you’re free to go princess” but I don’t move.
“I said you’re free to go, go, leave, I do not want you here, but you better heed my words princess, you are not to tell anyone who did this to you, if you do you will pay with your life, I will hunt you down and I will kill you, now get out”.

I slowly get up, grab my dress and put it on, I start to shuffle to the door, not able to walk properly and unlock the door, I turn around and look at him with such hatred, I know this is not over, if it is the last thing I do in this life, I will make that man pay for what he did to me. I open the door and leave.

I slowly walk to my room and my maid is in there, I tell her to go and get my father, I sit on the bed, not able to move. She runs, knowing something is wrong, my face smeared with blood from his slaps and punch.

My father runs in the room and stops in the middle of the room, shock and concern on his face, he falls at the foot of my bed, grabbing my hands, begging me to tell him what happened. I stand up and slowly take my dress off, he looks at my body, sees the blood, the bites and then he sees what has become of my pussy and ass. He screams, he demands to know who did this to me, tears in his eyes. I put the dress back on and look at my father.

I look him in the eyes and then I start to cry and say “It was your General father, you’re General did this”.

“Guards” my father screams.

End of Part 1.


2008-02-01 01:10:27
I felt the story was weak. Basically she was just raped. There needed to be more pleasurw in it for her. Maybe some emotional feelings on his side towards her would've made it more inticing.


2006-12-31 07:41:51
wht kinda story is this just to break a proudness one doesnt treat a gal like this shame on u trying bdsm on someone who doesnt want r like it r u a man at all a man who does this to a gal is not a man but a namardh


2006-02-03 15:13:07
Excellent story. Can't wait for part 2.


2006-02-02 04:18:21
Oh this is a GREAT one cant wait to read part 2


2006-01-17 20:57:14
i would have to give this a 10 out of 10. this was awsome and i hope you continue the good work.

Daniel Moore

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