Sitting there with Vivien curled up to me, her hand resting on my stiff cock and my hand stroking the skin between her thigh and her cunt, I was blissfully ignorant of anything else. The movie was just background noise at this point and a herd of elephants could have paraded through the living room and I wouldn't have noticed. With one finger, I started making lazy circles on her soft, pale skin, down between her inner thigh and her plump pussy lip, then back up and across the expanse of her mons and pubic bone. I could see and feel her hips humping up slightly whenever I got close to her slit. The closer I got, the more firmly and confidently she stroked my dick through the denim of my jeans. At some point, I let my finger slide down the length of her slit, just moistening the tip of my finger in her hole and dragging the wetness back up to lubricate her clit. She was so wet! I just laid there, pushing back and forth on her swollen nub and listening to her breath get deeper and more ragged. By this time, she was basically just jerking me off through my pants and it was starting to chafe a little. I was just trying to figure out how to manage shifting myself to a more comfortable angle when she stopped, turned her head to me and said, "Is it okay if I... ya know, take it out?"

What could I say? "Sure. If you want to." She laid her head back down, this time a little lower on my stomach and undid my belt and zipper.
"Don't stop doing what you were doing. It feels really good."
I realized I'd stopped playing with her in anticipation of freeing my cock to her touch. I began toying with her clit again, making her moan softly and push her hips off the couch at my hand. After getting my zipper down, Vivien reached under my boxers and grabbed my stiff dick, lifting the waistband of my boxers and jeans to pull it free. The sight of her small hand wrapped around my erection, free of my jeans and just a few inches from her cute little mouth was so incredibly sexy, I grunted and slid my my finger right down and into her slick cunt. She twitched a little and gasped, and I could feel her warm breath on the tip of my cock. As I gently explored her, she began slowly stroking me, gripping hard at the base and pulling her hand up the shaft until the head was swollen. I'm still not sure if she knew how well she was doing or if she was doing what came naturally, but it felt amazing and at that point, I didn't really care. I leaned my head back on the couch and enjoyed the feeling of her smooth palm and fingers tugging at my rigid prick.

Her cunt was surprisingly slick, but she was so tight, I didn't want to hurt her. I couldn't feel anything that I thought was a hymen. I was still pretty young myself and I'd never popped a cherry. I hated the idea. Every story I'd heard about girls losing their virginity was a nightmare, or at least not much fun. So I took my time, sliding my middle finger in just a bit at a time, dragging it back out and up across her clit. We had a rhythm going; me sliding my finger in, her grasping the root of my cock. Me pulling my finger out and up across her clit, her stroking her hand up the shaft to my crown. I was just laying there, reveling in the sensations, when I suddenly felt something warm and wet surround the head of my cock.With my eyes closed and my head back, I groaned loudly. Then I heard a giggle, even as the suction on my dick increased and enveloped part of the shaft, as well. My eyes flew open and I looked down, completely confused, to see blonde hair bobbing slowly over my cock. Vivien's head was still lying against my lower abdomen, her brunette hair still spread across my legs, tickling my skin and her small hand grasping my cock, stroking me in time with the blonde hair bouncing over my swollen prick. I couldn't help but grunt as she squeezed my shaft and started kissing the base of my dick softly. Sweet, gentle little kisses that just drove me crazy. Watching the blonde swallow every bit of my 8 inches, I realized who it was. Amanda, the 19 year old, must have come home at some point and found me blissfully unaware while Vivien was jacking me off. I wasn't really surprised that she decided to join in, though I was surprised at how easily Vivien had gone along with it. The more I thought about it, and the harder Amanda sucked on me, the more I realized how much it turned me on. I wondered if they'd done it before, with some other guy, and that thought turned me on, too. My cute little 13 year old debutante was a slut.

Moving my free hand into Amanda's blonde hair, I cupped her head and pulled her mouth firmly onto my slick, spit-shined cock, shifting my hips to get as deep as I could in her throat. I'd heard from the guy that lived there, Jeremy, that she was a grade A cocksucker and she didn't disappoint. She looked up at me as she opened her mouth, letting me see her tongue sliding along the underside of my shaft as I felt my knob slide right down her throat. She swallowed and I felt her esophagus massage the top end of my prick, all the way down to the tip. As she closed her lips around the base, she kept swallowing, stroking me with her throat, watching me with those suddenly gorgeous blue eyes.

Vivien, meanwhile, untangled herself from me, stood up, placed both hands on the hem of her blouse and lifted it off over her head. Watching the fabric slide over her perky tits, catch on her nipples and pull them up slightly before releasing them to jiggle back into place made my cock pulse in Amanda's throat. She moaned around me, vibrating my member and causing me to grab a handful of her blonde hair with my other hand. I was so close to coming already, and even though I wanted to shove my prick into Vivien's sweet little snatch, I figured I could recover pretty damned quickly with both of them coaxing me.
I reached for Vivien, hooking an arm around her waist and pulling her to me. She reached down and lifted my shirt over my head, tossing the shirt to the floor and running her soft hands up my bare chest, brushing her fingertips across my nipples as she went. When she straightened up, this put her breasts level with my mouth, so I obligingly took one of her nipples between my lips and sucked hard on the swollen pink bud. Teasing her nipple with my teeth and tongue elicited soft, mewling sounds from her and she pushed both hands into my hair, squirming against me. One of my hands found her tight, round ass and started kneading and squeezing it while the other hand went right to her soaked pussy, gliding over her slit and plunging knuckle deep into her cunt. I started finger-fucking her roughly, mashing my palm against her clit every time I buried my finger in her, curling the tip to hit the rough spot just inside her vulva. I could feel her juices covering my hand and hear a wet smacking sound as I played with her.

Amanda was still bobbing her mouth up and down on me, making loud, wet noises as she drooled all over my dick. Every so often, she'd slam herself all the way down, squeezing me with her throat and swallowing around my meat. It was driving me crazy.
"Oh fuck... I'm gonna come. I'm gonna come in your fucking throat".
Vivien's hips were humping forward against my palm and I could feel wetness slapping against my hand every time I shoved my finger in her. As I felt Amanda suck hard on my crown and start pumping her fist up and down my shaft, I shoved another finger up inside Vivien, pumping two fingers up into her sopping wet hole. She cried out and started thrashing her lower body against my chest, her cunt gushing, girl-come splattering on her trim thighs, my chest, my hand, even my face. Feeling her pussy clench around my fingers, hearing her soft cries and rapid breathing, seeing her eyes squeezed shut with that worried look I love to see on any woman's face when she's coming, I felt my balls contract.
"Make her... swallow it... I wanna see her swallow your come."
Hearing my little trailer park slut breathlessly say those words pushed me over the edge.
I bellowed, "Oh fuck. Suck it. Suck, you sweet fucking whore." Then I lost my breath and couldn't even form a coherent thought as Amanda mashed her lips into my pubic bone and sucked hard on the entire length of my prick. My eyes flew open wide and I threw my head back as I felt my balls turning inside out and I shot a huge rope of come straight down her throat. She was swallowing around me again, her throat milking my cock of every drop of semen and she was moaning like she loved it. Vivien wrapped her hands around my head and pressed her small mounds against my mouth to muffle me as I just kept saying, "Fuck" every time I spurted my jizz into Amanda's welcoming gullet. She sucked harder every time I ejaculated, pulling her head back just slightly before sliding her mouth back down for the next load of sperm. I shot off in her throat about eight times, every time thrusting my hips at Amanda's face, pushing my cock into her esophagus and trying to squeeze every drop of ball juice I had into her sucking, wet mouth.

I don't know how long I was floating in post orgasmic bliss, but when I finally opened my eyes, Amanda was licking my cock, cleaning every sticky smear of spunk off of me and watching me. Vivien had laid back into the arm of the couch, smirking at me, her A-cup titties standing up proudly and her legs splayed wide open. Both of her nipples were swollen and red, puffy, and I could finally see her sweet little pussy, very pink and glistening with her come. She was idly stroking herself, watching me.
"You don't mind, do you? I told Amanda I wanted to fuck you, so she told me she's help set it up. But she wanted in on it."
At this point, Amanda finally let my still rigid prick flop back against my stomach, licking her lips and smiling shyly at me.
"I figured if I already had your cock in my mouth and showed you what a good girl I can be, you wouldn't mind so much."
Obviously, she was right, and I told her so, laughing breathlessly and telling both of them that I thought they were amazing. "Have you tag-teamed a guy before or something?"
Vivien answered my question, saying only, "No, we've never shared a guy before".

Amanda got up to get us all something to drink and I watched her walk to the kitchen. She wasn't ugly by any means. At the time, I was into skinny girls, being a slim guy myself. Maybe her incredible blowjob had changed my perception of her, but suddenly she wasn't at all unattractive. Amanda was about the same height as Vivien, which was about 4' 10", but where Vivien weighed maybe around 105, Amanda looked like she weighed more like 140. Thing is, Amanda was always dressed in baggy clothes. Baggy Jenco jeans, loose baggy shirts or sweaters. So I wasn't sure exactly how she looked under them. But I was sure as hell willing to find out now.

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