As Amanda came back over to the couch, I tried to make out her body under all the baggy clothes she was wearing. She looked kind of stocky, but maybe that was just the loose fabric she swathed herself in. Like always, she was wearing Jenco street sweepers, so I couldn't make out any kind of details about her lower body. I had no idea how her legs looked under all that denim. Likewise, the large grey hoodie she was wearing hung around her torso formlessly, revealing only that she had a prodigious chest, most likely a 36D or DD cup. I'd always preferred smaller breasts on women, but I could see why a lot of men like bigger tits.
I smirked at her and said, "Kinda overdressed, aren't you?"
She gave me a long look, and suddenly I realized she probably wore the baggy clothes because she was shy about her body. That morning, I would have laughed and thought she must have good reason to be embarrassed, but caught up in the heightened sexuality of this little scenario, recovering from a mind-blowing climax (She let me come right down her throat!) and looking forward to fucking both of these wanton sluts until I couldn't move, I reconsidered. I quirked an eyebrow at her, waiting to see if she was going to take this any further, and she finally let out a breath and grabbed the bottom of her hoodie.

The first thing I noticed as the pull-over rose was her hips. The jeans were just settled on her hips and I could see her slightly pronounced hip bones jutting out, falling in a graceful curve down to the waistline of the Jencos before disappearing beneath the denim. Ever since, I've had a thing about hip bones. The sight of that smooth arc, sloping down and in to a woman's flat stomach, the ridge falling under the waistline and making a hollow between them, just open enough for me to slide a finger between flesh and fabric, will have me stiff as a board and ready to go every time.
Her tummy was shockingly sexy, soft and smooth, obviously not a washboard belly but still no sign of excess fat or rolls. As she pulled the hoodie over her head, I saw she was wearing a sports bra and her tits were straining the fabric. Her cleavage was like a deep crevice and her nipples were clearly hard. They looked almost as big as the tip of my thumb! Instantly, I wanted nothing more than to have one in my mouth, tugging and sucking and nibbling on it.

She must have seen my cock lurch at the sight of her giant nips, because her smile deepened and she blushed a little, her skin flushing a deeper red across her cheeks and clear down to the swell of her breasts. This display had my prick standing straight up, drooling clear, glistening precum from the tip. That's when Vivien straightened up and moved down the couch, laying sideways with her legs stretched behind her and propping herself up on her elbows. She smiled impishishly up at me and lowered her head to kiss and nuzzle my knob, occasionally flicking her tongue out to swipe some of the precum from my crown. Sticky strands of fluid stretched between her tongue and my glans. My left hand moved almost on its own, stroking her hair, caressing down the flawless skin of her shoulder and back to her tight little ass, where I cupped a firm cheek.I laid there, letting Vivien playfully tease my engorged prick with her tongue. Amanda's stood in front of me, her eyes widening in surprise as Vivien began slowly, almost tenderly, mouthing my cockhead. I could tell she didn't have much experience, but she was so gentle about it, exploring her ability to cause different sensations with lips and tongue, that her relative innocence only made me enjoy it more.
Amanda asked, "I thought you weren't ever going to give a blowjob, Viv?"
Vivien pulled her mouth off with a soft *pop* and looked up at me for a moment first, then turned to Amanda and shrugged as best she could in her reclined position.
"You both looked like you really liked it. I just want to try it," she replied.
"We've talked about it enough times, I thought maybe I've like it if it was with someone I really liked."
If I hadn't already been endeared to this petite little sexpot, I certainly was now. Vivien dipped her head and kissed the tip of my prick, her lips parted just enough that I could feel her tongue flick back and forth over the slit, smearing more precum and coating her tongue with it. She lifted her head again and I could see her jaw working as she considered the taste of it.
"It's more bitter than you said it would be, but it's not that bad. I could probably swallow it." She turned to look once more at me. "If you wanted me to."
Now, I don't know about you, but when that cute-as-a-button 13 year old looked at me with her hazel eyes and asked me, so matter of factly, if I wanted her to swallow a load of my semen, my brain just kind of stopped. Luckily, my body was in no mood to worry about whether my brain was working or not, so if anything, my cock only got more rigid. By this point, I felt like I had a steel bar jutting out of my groin.
Vivien just smiled as my member swelled in her fist and said to Amanda, "I think he likes that."
My brain kicked back into gear and with mock sincerity, I frowned and said, "I really, really want you to. But I want to have a lot more fun with BOTH of you before I come again."
Vivien shrugged her bony shoulders again and said, "We can do it later, if you want. I'm spending the night with Amanda."
Music to my ears, of course.

Amanda was standing there, watching the two of us flirt while Vivien toyed with my dick. I didn't want her to feel left out, for many reasons, so I just played with Vivien's dark brown hair, caressing her scalp while she went back to kissing and teasing my cock. I looked back up at Amanda, waiting.
"You sure you still want me in here?"
"If you don't get naked and get over here, I'm going to be really disappointed."
Mollified, she made a face at me and reached down to unsnap her jeans. She was watching me intently as she lowered the zipper, but my eyes were glued to her hands and the skin being revealed as she pulled the zipper down. I could barely make out the top band of her black panties. They looked like they were satin. She was deliberately teasing me, moving slowly to spread the two flaps of denim material and then hooking her thumbs into the waistband, pushing her jeans down and over her hips. Her thighs were a little thick, compared to someone Vivien's size. But then again, Vivien was 13 and characteristically slender, even coltish. But I couldn't find any trace of cellulite on Amanda's legs and she had a nice little gap between her thighs just below the gusset of her glossy panties. She stepped out of the jeans and tossed them over the recliner, then walked around the coffee table and put on knee up on the couch right beside me, standing over me with her colossal tits hanging right in front of my eyes. I could barely see her amused eyes, looking over them at me as she curled a hand into my hair and pulled just slightly, making me arch my neck and baring my throat.

I growled low, and reached out to grasp her upper thigh, digging my nails into her soft, pale flesh. I sometimes like a little pain and dominance with my fucking, and I was pleased that she wasn't too shy to be aggressive with me. I had the best of both worlds right here, between Vivien, the inexperienced and still somewhat innocent ingènue and Amanda, who, though apparently somewhat shy with me, was quite experienced and willing to be assertive. I'd already decided I was going to fuck her silly first, slaking my heavy lust in her cunt and wearing us both out. I'd be able to take my time with Vivien later, taking things a little slower and really savoring her nymph-like body.

I slid my hand up Amanda's thigh straight to the mound of her pussy, pressing my fingertips hard against her, cupping her and massaging the fleshy lips beneath the satin. She moaned and jerked her hips forward, grinding her cunt back down against the pressure of my fingers. I could already feel the heat and wetness leaking out of her, making the fabric slick and slippery, causing it to slide over her labia. She suddenly grabbed the hem of her sports bra and pulled it over her head, making her tits literally fall out from under the straining cotton. They were incredible, each one almost as big as Vivien's head, creamy globes of flesh except for a silver dollar sized aureole, capped by a thick, distended nipple. Digging both hands into the hair on the back of my scalp, she pulled me to one of her enormous breasts and I closed my mouth over a swollen and tender nipple. I sucked hard, laving my tongue around and across it, feeling it bend and swell between my teeth as I gently bit and teased her. My left hand had left Vivien's hair to find its way to her other gigantic mammary, squeezing and hefting it before concentrating on that nipple, pinching and pulling roughly. My right hand, frantically rubbing against her cunt, was starting to become slick and wet from all the lubrication soaking her underwear. I could still feel Vivien's tiny hand gently tugging on my cock, every so often smearing my leaking fluid around the tip and upper shaft to slicken it, but I couldn't feel her warm mouth or her flickering tongue anymore. I assumed she was watching Amanda's face, since from the sound of it, Amanda was really starting to enjoy my attention to her tits and cunt.

I was almost to the point of becoming bestial, so I hooked my arm around Amanda, dragging her around to straddle me. Keeping my mouth firmly in place, suckling hard on her nipple, I pulled the crotch of her satin panties hard to one side. I heard the material stretch and rip just a little, but I was past caring. I could feel Vivien sitting beside me, leaning into me slightly with her hand still wrapped around the base of cock, holding me in position to penetrate Amanda's eager pussy.

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