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I decided to write this story because my husband thought it sounded better from my point of view. This past week, my husband told me to get dressed up because he wanted to take me out and that he had plans for the night. I put on a black shirt with six buttons down one side that falls off of the shoulder the more you unbutton it and paired it with a tight white skirt and four inch black heels. He loves this outfit and I like it too – I always get second looks when we pass by people but when your husband is 6’4 it usually stays at just looks, from both men and more often than not, women. We got in the car and he explained how the night would go: we would be going to a hibachi place and we would be having a little fun with the cook and some of the other people at the table.

When we arrived at the restaurant he pulled out a white thong and told me to take my panties off and put the thong on. I asked him why and he smiled a smug little grin and said you will find out soon enough; as soon as I had them on he pulled a silver remote out of his pocket and pressed the button - my clit started vibrating and my knees grew weak I realized he had picked this thong because he had put a silver clit vibrator in them. Before we walked in he said because he was right about me liking humiliation on my birthday; that whatever he said do, I had to do, no questions asked and he promised I would have fun. Immediately he said “pull your skirt up.. not 2 high but just high enough to where it would rise the more we walked”
I did so and we entered the restaurant we ran into a problem when there was a 45 min wait for a hibachi table but regular seating we could sit immediately so we decided to change our plans

After we sat down he ordered us a couple drinks he got me two mojitos and a sake bomb so needless to say I was relaxed I had forgot that this was even an exhibitionists date…without warning he turned on the bullet and I let out a loud quick moan and tried to catch myself but it wasn’t quick enough about 5 people turned and looked at me, my face grew bright red between the awkwardness of that and the vibrator still massaging my clit. I regained control and watched him laugh hysterically. As soon as I started to get used to the rhythm of the vibrator he quickly showed me that it has different tempos. When the waiter came back we told him our appetizer but that we weren’t ready to order completely yet. First he told me to unbutton one of the buttons from my shoulder and spread my legs so if he looked he could see my panties I did so without even thinking twice I realized the alcohol was definitely taking effect. After that he told me to get up go to the bathroom let my skirt ride up too high and he would text me what to do when I got to the bathroom. As soon as I got up I knew my lips were hanging out the bottom of my skirt so I tried to hurry up to the bathroom but I could feel people staring at me. It is such a strange sensation to be completely turned on by being humiliated. It is a rush for me, so much adrenaline and sexual tension inside of me that needs a release. I used to be embarrassed by it, but now I just try to embrace it because I love it and there is no point in fighting something that makes me so wet.

I checked my phone when I got to the bathroom, and he told me to send him a picture. I stripped, and posed in the mirror, noticing that my stomach looked good and tight, and my breasts looked really good too. Up until this point, no one was in the bathroom and I think the alcohol had made me braver than usual, so as I posed in the mirror and took a picture in just my heels, a woman walked in she may have been 18-19 I stood still shocked as we locked eyes scared out of my mind as to what would happen next but also turned on because she wasn’t bad on the eyes a blonde with nice perky boobs for her age and skin tight jeans with slits in them. She went to the sink and started to wash her hands so I played with her a little and took another picture she stared at me and said if you don’t mind what are you doing? I told her taking a picture for my husband were into like public stuff I noticed her staring at my pussy as it started to leak down my leg. She said that the idea was hot and could she jump in a picture I said sure trying to hold back the thought I had of us hooking up in a bathroom. She actually pulled her shirt up and flashed as I stood there naked in heels and smiled I took the picture sent it to my husband as she walked out she smiled and said have a fun night as I got dressed and walked back out I adjusted my skirt back to being just above my pussy feeling less embarrassed because of my bathroom experience.

When I got back to the table my husbands jaw was borderline on the floor and asked me what happened in the bathroom I just smiled and explained the story I could tell he was standing at full attention I noticed a man and woman sitting at a table not to far from ours with the women’s face facing the other way and the mans with a direct view of me and my husband I asked my husband could I close my legs a little because I knew he could see. He said no if he wants to look lets give him a show as the waiter came back with our appetizer and ready to take our dinner orders he told me to spread my legs to where my skirt rode all the way up until I was sure he noticed. We locked eyes and then the man looked down his eyes opened in amazement and looked away quick as to not notify his wife or girlfriend who ever she was. He looked back periodically so we kept playing with him. My husband told me to unbutton my shirt 4 buttons I did so and half my tit was hanging out and part of my areola we attempted to go on with our conversation as if nothing were wrong and he would have me look over from time to time to make sure that our voyeur was still enjoying his show. When the waiter came back with our dinner and noticed we had three more waiters come back to our table within 2 minutes one for a drink refill, one to check on us, and one to see if we wanted deserts even though we had just received our dinner. My husband didn’t mind and neither did I… i asked did he mind if I fingered my self at the table all the attention and the vibrator put me on the edge I couldn’t go on any longer. Two of the waiters had tried to pretend they were doing something but I could tell they were watching and a bartender at the bar as well

I buttoned my shirt back up and began to finger myself trying to draw as little attention as possible but still keeping a small audience. The best part of fingering myself is that when we are in a situation like this and I have been on the edge of busting for a while, a few quick motions with my fingers and I can orgasm. My husband loves watching me do it, and I love knowing that he thinks it is hot. For me, I don’t even have to insert my fingers in my pussy, I just rub my clit in a circular motion, and it takes seconds for me to climax. I was already wet beyond belief, my pussy needing relief from the tension so badly… With my husband and about 4 other people watching, I felt my orgasm building inside of me. For a split second I asked myself if I was really going to do this in front of people – and then I didn’t care. All I could think about was the hot blonde in the bathroom, and my husband across the table from me, and all these people watching, and suddenly I came. I couldn’t believe that only 5 people knew it happened because even though I had bit my lip to keep from moaning, I hadn’t been as discreet as I had meant to be. As we finished our food and paid we got up to leave the restaurant and my husband told me to pull my skirt all the way up over my ass as we walked thru the parking lot the cold air felt good on my ass I pulled the vibrator and gave it to him. As soon as we got in the car I unzipped his pants and put him in my mouth. I wanted to repay him for the fun night, but also prepare him for the rest of the night – I had some ideas in mind for the hotel room we had for the night. As I sucked his dick, he pushed me down until he was in the back of my throat and I choked a little. I pulled off and we drove to the hotel…

…To be continued.

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I saw your vine huge fan pls make more

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God you & your sexy ass wife haven't disappointed yet. You are so lucky.

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