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Craig stared down at the small form of his daughter lying on the family room floor in front of him, her hands propping up her chin to watch the movie they had put on for the evening. Carrie was wearing a night shirt that would have just gone past her waist and her legs swayed in the air behind her. Craig knew he should not be looking at them, but he was finding it very hard not to.

Carrie’s knees were spread wide, her ankles crossed, and her nightshirt had ridden up a bit when she plopped down on the floor. Craig could clearly see the patch of lavender cotton panty nestled between the smooth flesh of her thighs. It had been so long since he had seen a pussy in person, and he kicked himself mentally for creating an image of what was beneath the fabric. He was a good father. He took care of his girl and he provided for her.

Victoria, Carrie’s mom, had been a drug user for several years and about 18 months ago had decided that her addiction was more important than her family. Carrie had come along when they were very young and they had married with Victoria 4 months pregnant. Then Craig had awoken one morning to find her, her clothes, and the vacation cash in the recipe box gone. Despair was his initial reaction, and he had come very close to accepting his mother’s offer of moving back home with her so that he and Carrie could be safe and comfortable.

Craig had decided to be a man and take care of his situation himself. He and Carrie discussed it together and they agreed that they could make it on their own. Carrie was 10 when Victoria left, and Craig was 32. She’d be twelve soon and she helped around the apartment well beyond her years. Craig was able to see her off to the bus before he left for work, and picked her up from the after-school program at the Community Center on his way home.

They had grown very close and were each others’ closest confidant. When the time came, Craig had looked up a website about how to talk to your daughter when she approached puberty and dealing with her first period. That had been a fun talk! They both ended up laughing about it and Carrie had stood next to him smiling at the grocery store when they bought the first pack of pads and panty liners.

Carrie was absolutely adorable. She had reached 5’1” and was in the middle of a growth spurt. Her legs were skinny and had not quite fleshed out yet but her boobs had begun to blossom last year. She had pale skin like her mom and also shared the fire red hair that had first attracted Craig to Victoria. Craig, though biased, thought she was the prettiest girl in the 7th grade at her school. He would find himself scanning the faces and bodies of the other girls at the school functions and chorus concerts, scolding himself internally for being a pervert.

Craig had reached his peak at 5’9” when he was 15, but had always been trim and fit. He’d been a volunteer fireman until Victoria left but had to sacrifice that service to raise his girl. His chiseled jaw and close-cropped light-brown hair gave him a rugged appeal that was often noticed by the neighborhood moms as he shopped and carried out his business around their community.

*** *** ***

The wiggle of Carrie’s hips was having a hypnotic effect on him and he could not take his eyes off of the smooth, perfect skin of his daughter. Her ankles separated and she stretched her legs out to either side, pushing her body down slightly so that her nightshirt rolled further up. Now the bottoms of her ass cheeks were visible in addition to the hour-glass shape of the gusset between her legs.
His dick hardened as he continued to watch his daughter. Her skin was so perfect . . . her ass so innocent . . . so pure and white. He unzipped his pants quietly to relieve the pressure and leaned back on the couch so that he could grip himself firmly while he watched her legs sway.

The swell of her pubic mound developed in his mind’s eye as he continued to study where her panties met the carpet. There was a sweet pussy in there . . . a pink gash with a little clit up top and it was rubbing on the floor . . . oh fuck . . . his little girl . . . fuck.

He had cum before he realized what was happening. Carrie turned around to look at him as he was wiping himself with his t-shirt, but just smiled. He must have made some noise. Did she notice? He didn’t think so but he couldn’t be sure. Right now he just had to go clean himself up.

“I’m gonna go get my pajamas on sweetheart, can I get you anything?” he asked as nonchalantly as possible.

“I’m fine daddy, thanks.”

*** *** ***

Craig washed his hands and stomach off in the bathroom and he looked himself in the face. “You fucking pervert!” he muttered under his breath.

“Well, what the fuck else am I supposed to do” the opposing opinion retorted in his mind. “I’m fucking 33 and I’m raising a girl on my own . . . I haven’t fucked in a year and a half, and I get turned on looking at fucking 7th-graders! What the fuck!”

‘Calm down’ he tried to tell himself and went into his room to pull off his pants and the jockeys which still had a dollop of his jizz in them. He grabbed some loose sweatpants and a t-shirt and returned to the family room.

*** *** ***

“How’s the movie, Carrie?”

“Oh, it’s ok . . . I’ve seen this one before over at Anna’s house.”

Despite having just cum 10 minutes earlier, Craig found himself getting hard again as her watched her bare legs and the curves of her sweet ass.

“Daddy, are you looking at me?” Carrie asked innocently as she caught where his eyes were gazing.

“Uh, um. I’m sorry sweetheart. Yeah, I was.” Craig grew flush with the admission.

“How come?”

Breathe deep . . . Think . . . What do you say? “Uh, Carrie, sweetheart . . . you’re just so pretty . . . and I sometimes miss mommy and having a woman around the house. I know we’re doing fine together, you and me, but, men, still . . . well, they get urges when it comes to women . . . and I haven’t been able to do anything about those urges in a long time.” He couldn’t believe he’d said it, but he had.

“Oh, you mean, like kissing and stuff?” Carrie asked.

“Well yeah, Carrie, kissing and stuff is part of it.”

“What are the other parts?”

They’d had the talk about her periods and her body, but not about the ‘act’ of making babies. “Carrie, you know how you get your period once a month and how it means you are growing up and that you can make a baby?” She nodded, listening intently. “Well, people naturally have urges to make babies. Most of the time it’s just called having sex, but it is an instinct that’s built into all of us, just like every bird, rabbit, fish and bear on this planet.”

“So, how do people make babies?”

“You haven’t gone over this in school?” Craig was hoping for an escape route.

“They cover it next year in health class, I think. And they tell you about diseases and stuff. It’s done with your privates, isn’t it?”

Craig was astonished and relieved that his little girl was still so innocent. Many kids these days were exposed to inappropriate things so early and he was grateful that he had at least let her be a kid for as long as possible. “Yes sweetie, it’s done with your privates . . . a man puts his privates into a woman’s privates and gives her his . . . um, uh, sperm. Then the egg that is inside of a woman can grow into a baby.”

“So . . . you want to put your privates into a woman?”

“I know it sounds weird, Carrie, but men have these urges and we get, uh . . . frustrated, if we don’t get to do them.”

“So what do you do if you get frustrated?”

Craig was sweating now. “Well, . . . guys sometimes . . . uh, they call it masturbating. It’s when a guy stimulates his privates like he’s having sex until he has a . . . an . . . orgasm.”

“What’s an orgasm?” She was kneeling facing him now, and he couldn’t help but notice the points of her nipples showing through her t-shirt.

“That’s what they call it when a man or a woman gets really excited during sex. It’s also called a climax, like you reached the peak of a mountain.”

“Oooooh. So, is that hard to do? . . . Does it hurt?”

“No, no, not at all, Carrie. It feels good! It feels good for both men and women.”

“So you were looking at me because . . . ?”

“Because I was getting excited and I wanted to have an orgasm” he admitted to his daughter. “Carrie, I’m sorry and I’m kind of ashamed because a father should not feel those urges around his daughter. I actually had an orgasm earlier just from looking at you. I haven’t been this excited in a long time and I don’t think I handled it very well. I went and got changed . . . and when I came back and looked at you I got excited again” he couldn’t quite believe how much he was disclosing, but he continued headlong. “You really are growing up to be a beautiful young lady, and another thing about nature is that young ladies are made to attract males. You probably don’t realize how much of an effect you can have on someone, when you’re lying there in just a shirt and your underwear. You’ve got very pretty legs, and a perky little butt, and you’re getting boobs now too.” Carrie put her hands on her chest and blushed.

“I’m sorry Daddy.”

“You have nothing to be sorry about, Carrie. I’m the one who was being inappropriate. If I get this way I should just go in the bathroom and beat off” the words slipped out his mouth before his mental filter could contain them.

“Beat off?”

“That’s what they call it when a guy, uh, stimulates himself . . . uh, ‘til he has an orgasm.”
Carrie giggled. “Will you show me daddy?”

Craig had worried about stepping over a line earlier, now he was certain he’d be using a catapult to launch over it, but the beautiful innocence of his daughter’s face, the light in her green eyes broke down whatever resolve he had. “You want to watch me do it?” Once he’d said it, he couldn’t take it back from his baby girl. She smiled and nodded.

*** *** ***

“Ok, Carrie, if you’re sure. But . . . just so you know, a big part of me getting excited was from looking at you . . . so, would you be ok taking off your shirt for daddy?”

She blushed and her pale skin flushed as she looked at him and asked “you want to see my boobies?”

Craig swallowed and then admitted “yes”, his voice cracking.

She stood and turned around, pulling her t-shirt over her head and tossing it on the armchair. Her backside was like one of those statues you saw in a museum, Craig thought. The lines and curves were perfect. Her perky little ass just had the slightest swell up top where her hips would develop. Her legs were so skinny that there was practically no shape to her calves, but Craig knew he wanted to put his tongue at her ankle and drag it up to her ass. She turned around with her fingers covering her nipples. “Daddy, are you supposed to see me naked like this?”

“No baby, but you’re not supposed to watch daddy jerk off either.”

She laughed and removed her hands. Her little tits were one of the wonders of nature. Still small, hinting at that roundness that would fill them out in the next few years, pink nipples calling out for attention from the snowy white flesh. He couldn’t help but stare, licking his lips because his mouth had gone dry.

“Am I pretty daddy?”

“You are beautiful, sweetheart.”

Carrie blushed as he pushed his sweatpants down, his erection springing free.


“That’s what a penis looks like when it’s erect, Carrie. Most of the time it’s a lot smaller, but when a man gets aroused, it gets hard and sticks out straight like this.”

“Are they all that big?” she inquired.

“I don’t exactly know. I guess mine is about average . . . at least I hope” he chuckled. “Mom seemed to think it was ok.”

“So now what?”

“Well, I rub it, like this” he began to stroke himself, looking at his young daughter’s body, watching the goose bumps rise on her flesh as she stood before him in only her panties.

Carrie had never seen a penis before and she gawked at his member as he pushed his fist down on it.

“Why does it stick out like that, daddy?” she asked.

“It has to be hard like this, baby, if it’s going to go inside of a pu-, a vagina. And when a guy gets hard like this they usually call it a cock . . . you know, like a rooster?”

“You were gonna say something else.”

“Pussy . . . I was going to say pussy. That’s what most guys call a girl’s privates, sweetheart. I know it sounds dirty.”

“I’ve heard that word before, daddy, it’s ok. So your . . . uh, cock? Goes inside of a pussy? . . . is that how you’d say it?”

“That’s exactly how we’d say it . . . it’s called fucking.” He almost couldn’t believe he’d uttered the word in front of his 11-year old, but he was so aroused and he couldn’t believe how much she was exciting him.

Carrie blushed furiously at the word. “I’ve heard that one at school too, dad, but I’ve never said it . . . or heard you say it. I thought it was just a swear word.”

“It’s not a word that little kids should use or that people should use around kids, but it’s primary meaning is the act of sex. A cock going into a pussy is fucking.”

“So does that mean I’m not a little kid anymore, daddy?”

“Well, since you’re watching me jerk my cock, and you’re about to show me your pussy, I guess not!”

Carrie blushed again, smiled up at her dad and peeled her lavender panties off, sliding down her skinny bone-white legs. Her pubis stuck out prominently because of how skinny she was. Wisps of fine red hair showed on her mound and her vulva looked like a sideways hamburger bun, a slit girded by two puffs of flesh. Craig could not believe how excited it made him to see her like this.

“Do I look good to you, daddy?”

“Oh my god, sweetheart, you are amazing” Craig began to pull himself harder as he stared at his daughter.

“I think your cock looks cool, daddy” Carrie said as she watched the dark red head. “So you said that a man gives a woman sperm . . . how does that happen?”

“Well . . . when a man gets excited enough to have an orgasm, like I was saying, sperm comes out of his penis and goes inside of the woman, where the eggs are.”

“So I’ve got eggs inside me?”

“Yes you do, Carrie. Remember, we discussed this when you had your first period. That’s an egg coming out of your body. Every egg could be a baby.”

“And it would go inside my . . . my . . . pussy?” She sat down on the armchair and opened her legs, looking down like she had found her privates for the first time.

“Yes, sweetheart, put your finger down there and you can feel where a penis would go. Do it gently, Carrie. First run your finger up and down your lips a few times.”

Craig watched as Carrie explored her sex with fascination. Her hamburger bun opened up to his view and her virginal pink gate began to excrete fluids to her touch. The look on his girl’s face was almost as erotic as watching her touch her sweet cunt. The little nub of her clit began to protrude before his eyes as he watched the lewd display. “Push your finger inside, sweetie, that’s where a man’s cock would go.”

Carrie slipped her middle finger in to the first knuckle, pulled it back half an inch and then put it in to the second. One more cycle and she pushed it in as far as it would go, grunting as she found the pleasure of the penetration. “Oh, that feels good, daddy. I’ve never done that before.”

“At the top of your lips there’s a little nub, Carrie. It’s called the clitoris, or clit. It’s a little bundle of nerves and touching it feels really good for a woman.”

As Carrie found her clit and lightly rubbed it with her moistened finger she shuddered with the thrill. “Oh, yeah, that does feel good, daddy . . . so do girls . . . uh, do they touch themselves just to feel good like you’re doing to your cock?”

“A lot of them do, sweetheart. I don’t think it’s quite as common as it is with boys, because practically ALL boys do what I’m doing now.”

“You mean even the ones I go to school with? Boys my age?”

“Yep, I started beating off when I was like 8 or 9. I didn’t cum until I was like 11 though, when I started to hit puberty.”

“What’s cum?”

“To CUM is to ejaculate, which is what a man does when he has an orgasm. Semen, which has sperm in it, will come out of my penis. If my cock is inside of a woman, it might find an egg and make a baby.”

“So, are you going to cum?”

“Uh-huh, and you can watch daddy cum, sweetheart. Just keep touching your pussy like that, it is making daddy very excited . . . oh, god, you are fucking beautiful.”

Carrie blushed again at the language, but it also made her tingle just a little bit more that her daddy trusted her to talk to her like that. “So you like my pussy, daddy?”

“Oh god, Carrie, yes. I know I shouldn’t but god you look hot. Rub your nipples sweetie.”

Carrie complied and moaned a bit at the new stimulation. “Cum, daddy. I want to see you cum.”

“Any second now” he informed her as he pumped himself furiously. “Oh, fuck, ooooooh fuck” his baby girl was rubbing her clit in front of him and her nipples were sticking out hard, crying to be sucked. “God your hot, Carrie, you’re fucking hot, fucking gorgeous, fuck, fuck, fuuuuuuck” he called out as his spunk shot out onto his chest . . . two, three, four spurts. He hadn’t cum that hard in years and he couldn’t believe how intense it felt to jerk himself while watching his naked baby girl.

Carrie stared wide-eyed at the site of her daddy cumming, whitish stuff shooting out of his penis and onto his shirt. She pushed her finger harder against her clit and felt an intense shudder go through her body. It started around her tummy, shot up to her head and down to her toes; she shook with the feeling of it and clamped her legs together around her finger, still inside her lips. “Oh, wow, daddy! Something just happened to me . . . it felt super cool . . . and I’m tingling all over.”

“You had an orgasm, sweetie. Just like daddy did. We both came at the same time.”

“But nothing shot out of me, daddy.”

“No, but your pussy does make fluid . . . feel it, I bet it’s very wet inside.”

She opened up her legs again and probed inside her folds, noting how much wetness was inside her slit. Her outer lips looked different too, like they’d opened up. “My pussy looks different, daddy.”

“Your pussy lips and your clit have erectile tissue in them, just like a penis does. When you get excited, blood flows to your privates and it kind of puffs them up.”

“That’s cool . . . how come they do that?”

“Your body gets itself ready for sex, Carrie. Your pussy gets wet and opens itself up to accept a cock inside of it.”

“Would your cock fit inside my pussy, daddy?”

“I’m sure it would, dear. Pussies are pretty amazing things, and they can open up to accept a penis, and they have to open really, really wide to have a baby, but your body has months to get ready for that and everything kind of loosens up.”

“Do you want to put your cock inside my pussy, daddy?”

Fresh beads of sweat broke on Craig’s brow as her looked at his innocent little girl. “I’d love to do that, sweetheart, but that is called incest and it’s illegal.”

“But you think I’m pretty enough that you’d want to . . . fuck me?”

“Oh god, yes, Carrie. You’re fucking beautiful. Daddy would love to put his cock in you . . . but I shouldn’t, I can’t.”

“That’s ok, daddy. I’m glad you think I’m pretty. We can ‘beat off’ together though, right?”

“Carrie, that was the best orgasm I’ve had in years. I’d love it if you’d beat off with me” he laughed at the absurdity of what he heard himself saying to his daughter.

Carrie came over and gave him a peck on the lips. “Good daddy . . . we’ll do it again tomorrow. Right now it’s time for me to go to bed . . . see you in the morning!”


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