Worshiping my step daughter's friend
It had been almost 8 years since Carla and I had gotten married. I was 28 and she was 27 and we were a hell of a match. You know how they say opposites attract? Well they do, but if they get married, what starts out as tantalizing differences, become severe annoyances. Neither Carla or I were mean or hateful and so when we began to stress we talked it out and agreed we needed to see a marriage therapist. The therapist seemed to be working as we were fighting a lot less, but the animal attraction we once had faded in lock step with the 7 year itch.

But I continued to stick it out because I had grown to really love and cherish her daughter Chelsea. Chelsea was 8 when Carla and I got together, and just last week had gotten her driver's license. Chelsea was about the only thing that both Carla and I were passionate about and we threw ourselves into her for a number of years. But now she was becoming very independent and wanted Carla and I to control less and less of her life and we had obliged. But now things were getting old and boring again, and with Carla rarely even showing the slightest interest in sex, life was becoming bland and lame.

It was funny how I had never looked at Chelsea as anything other than a daughter, but one day we were in the mall, looking for something for her mother's birthday and I noticed a guy at least in his mid 20's checking her out from a row over in the clothing store. He saw me looking at him, and looked away quickly and left the store. I looked at Chelsea. She sprouted to 5 foot 2, had a nice tan from the summer, and had grown dirty blond hair to her shoulders. I didn't realize it but while I still saw blindly my cute little girl, she was actually a very hot young lady. She had a modest chest, nothing more than mounds really, but she was lithe and her legs were nice. Still too skinny and gangly, but with a bit more maturity they would round out and be luscious. I had always been a leg man, it once one of the first things that made me notice Carla and I was shocked to realize how much she looked like a teen version of my wife.

While I had come to realize how attractive my step daughter was, I couldn't imagine doing anything with her. I was basically her Dad, and she trusted me, and I am sure it would give her daddy issues. So I could mostly push it out of my mind. Her friend Morgan was another issue all together. Morgan hadn't gotten to get her driver's license yet, she was 3 months behind Chelsea in age. Morgan was short, really short, about 4 foot eight, which seems severe but her mother was a short Italian woman and her father a slight man of Greek heritage. I had gotten to watch Morgan grow up as the girls were friends early on in first grade. Morgan had a petite though firm frame, long straight dark brown hair with highlights, Remember my saying I was a leg man? There was nothing wrong with Morgan's legs, she is fit and has a gorgeous dark Caucasian skin tone and dark features. On top of that he had freckled cheeks, and kind of a mousy face, I remember the last year when she was a Cat for Halloween and I thought the whiskers drawn on looked like they fit. This isn't to say she wasn't attractive, she was very, very cute. But what was insane were her breasts. Have you ever seen perfect large breasts? When Morgan wore shirts they seemed to jut out from just below her throat. Not until this summer that I finally realized how amazing they really were. Morgan had come over to see Chelsea and they had gotten into the pool. I passed the window as Morgan was slowly walking down into the pool, timid due to the cold pool water, that I got an extended free staring shot of her beautiful lady lumps. Wearing was was definitely a blush inducing pink bikini, her breasts looking like they wished to escape. They each formed perfect teardrops, perky nipples sticking through the bikini top. They would be large for a big woman, they looked massive on her! Their shapelyness only rivaled by their perfect spacing and height. Even a leg man can appreciate something so amazing.

About two weeks after the bikini day, Chelsea asked if Morgan could sleep over for the last weekend before the weekend before school started back up. Carla agreed and I made sure to make no plans so I could oggle the young tart coming over. The day before the sleepover, Carla got a call from headquarters and wanted her to come to a business dinner on Friday in San Francisco. It was a good 4 hour drive so she decided she would stay the night and go shopping on Saturday.

Friday after I got home from work Chelsea asked if she could go pick up Morgan in my car. I told her yes but to pick up a pizza on the way home for dinner. The girls returned home about an hour later and we ate pizza and I asked them about school and stuff. Morgan kept talking about all the boys she was dealing with. Morgan was a cheerleader and knew she was hot and used it. The way Morgan walked, and the movements she made left little doubt in my mind that she wasn't a virgin anymore. Its amazing how you can tell the difference in a woman immediately. From stumble rigid walking to the sashay sway. from innocent smiles, to coy smiles, drinking in men's attention. Virgins don't do that. I suppose its the difference from what sex seems like in your mind and actually experiencing it.

I went to the desk in the living room to do some work and the girls talked on the phone and played some game on the ipad before deciding to put on a movie. Halfway through the movie, the girls disappeared and came back a couple of minutes later in bed clothes. Chelsea in basket ball shorts and a pink top, Morgan in what appeared to be sweats turned into shorts, very short shorts, showing of her petite, but nicely bubbled, butt, and a yellow tank top, and the puppies were loose. She had gone bra-less, and my god she made me sad Carla was not a large chested woman.

I finished up at about 10 and told the girls I was gonna shower and go to bed. They had just started the second twilight movie. I was sure they would go through all 3 we had. I hoped in the shower and through on a robe and sat on the bed with the laptop. Carla was a hater of porn but she was out of town and I was gonna get some cum out of my overfilled balls, suffering from weeks of unwanted abstinence. I was looking for some good beat off material when Morgan jumped into my mind. I found a high school pictures website and started searching for a Morgan look alike to fantasize about. Finally, after an annoying long search I found a good look alike, and my throat was dry.

I grabbed my glass and headed to downstairs to the kitchen to get some soda. The lights were were mostly off downstairs, just the low wattage lights above the sink. I walked into the hazy room and Morgan was spooning ice cream from a carton into two bowls. I grabbed the soda bottle and muttered a quite "hi" to Morgan, she looked over and smiled and went back to scooping.

"Remember to use plenty of chocolate sauce!" yelled Chelsea from the living room.

"Ok" said Morgan, in the flinty hoarse voice of hers. God this girl was oozing sex appeal.

I was standing by the sink with my glass of soda. I was going to go upstairs and have a nice jack off. But my god the person I was gonna fantasize about was right there!! I was mesmerized and almost felt like I was in a dream. I was so horny and so turned on by this girl, I basically entered a cum coma where I wasn't cognizant of anything but the woman I wanted and the cum release I needed. I set the soda on the counter and walked up to the barefooted Morgan and without considering the consequences reached under her right are and grabbing across onto her left breast, cupping the glorious organ from below. while bringing my waist against hers. I am about 5 foot 8 so the base of my dick and my balls sat squarely on the top of her ass mound. I could feel the taught ass through my rob and the breast felt exactly how I imagined from the bikini day.

Morgan dropped the spoon she was holding and I fully expected her to scream next, sure my attempted fantasy was about to land me a criminal charge. But after the initial surprise of feeling me grab her, that damn little slut in training actually bent her neck backward and rested her head on my chest. I looked down her neck to her fantastic cleavage line, the left breast moving under my control. I was grinding my crotch against her ass and lower back and soon the moving and sliding had exposed my dick from my robe and was rubbing directly against her. I was so horny it wasn't more than about 20 seconds of exposed penis skin and the sweat pant material of her shorts before felt my orgasm coming. I squeezed her breast hard, and squished my dick against her as I felt myself cum, hard. After a voluminous three shots I was done and while her shorts were soaking n the cum I had just released I suddenly snapped out of my cum coma.

"Oh my god, I am so sorry!" I whispered to Morgan's ear and grabbed my soda and ran up stairs.

I got to my room and sat on the edge of the bed, my heart racing. I was panicking, thinking what might happen. But after 15 minutes of thinking I would hear a freak out, there was none. I laid down on the bed, entirely spent and now that I wasn't so worried about going to prison, I quickly sank into slumber. The girls came stumbling up the stairs at about 2 and roused me from my sleep. I heard the fans in Chelsea's room, trying to cool off the heat that had gathered during the day. I heard the door closed and in no time the girls were silent.

I tossed and turned in bed trying to sleep, but I wanted to see her again. I was somehow more horny now that before I had forced myself on that poor girl. But those breasts were amazing. I had to see them!. I figured I would just take a peek in the room and go beat off and that would be that and hopefully Morgan would keep out little encounter quiet. I crept over to the door and opened it, looking inside. Chelsea was sleeping on her bed, the covers half off. Morgan sleeping on the floor on top of her sleeping bag, plenty warm without covers.

Once again the cum coma came over me again and again, I didn't give a shit what happened to me, I had to tough her again. I got on the floor and crawled over to Morgan, diving onto her half exposed ass in the shorts that still had a faint scent of my baby juice. I started squeezing rubbing and licking and ever biting the sweet bubble butt. Morgan came to and turned over. I pulled the shorts to the side and began to eat her out. Again the little whore didn't make a sound or shy away. She slightly spread her legs for me to give me better access and I ate her out for a few minutes, but could not get those tits out of my mind. I wormed my way up, glad that the white noise from the fans were drowning out the sounds that foreplay makes, even if voices are not present.

I got to her waist and grabbed her tank top as my hands kept going up and set her incredible breasts free. Buoyant, firm but soft, they were everything a breast strives to be. They were in a word, perfect. I worshiped those fun bags, kissing, kneading, rubbing, squeezing, poking and anything else I could do in my breast worship.

As I was enjoying the glory of those breasts I pulled my shorts down and began to masturbate myself against her thigh. I ground my pelvis against her until I felt the cum gathering in my sack and before I exploded, I lunged up ward, getting just high enough on her stomach that part of my load reached her breast. I was so pissed, I wanted to cum all over those babies. As I panted in my post orgasm state my eyes met up with Morgan who was giving me a sly smile and kissed me on the tip of my nose.

I leaned down and kissed her and she returned hers to me. I was never more sure she wasn't a virgin until I felt her kiss, it was deep and probing and aggressive. We made out for a while, time no longer part of my world. I felt the passion I hadn't felt in years. Though I was sure it was only because this young tart got off on making a man cum, she knew the power and didn't have enough sense to treat her body like the precious gem it was. As we continued my manhood began to grow again. I couldn't believe there was still life in the old boy, this girl really was something. Then that bitch crossed the line.

She whispered to me, "are you gonna fuck me daddy?" giving me a duck face.

Never in my life had my penis controlled my brain with complete autonomy. It did this time. I reached down and yanked her shorts down to her knees and spun her over. My favorite position was doggy style laying down and I knew I wouldn't hold my load long enough to do multiple positions. I reached down and separated her legs just enough and thrust my rock hard prick into her inviting pussy, and she even pushed her waist up to meet mine, and I slammed home quickly, eliciting a muffled, "Unf!" from Morgan into her pillow.

Jesus that tight snatch was glorious. I could feel my damn balls tingling already. I couldn't believe I had any cum left and after four long slow strokes in and out, I knew I didn't have long. I propped myself up on my toes and turned my hips into a jackhammer, yanking my cock out and slamming it back home.

"Yeah baby", I said into Morgan's ear a bit louder than a whisper. " You ready for my cum you little slut? Uuuuuuuuuung!" and I slammed home one last time and held firm, feeling a jet stream out of my cock, bringing an orgasm with it. It continued with four more spurts each bringing another wave of pleasure. It burned as I came, likely due to dehydration. Just as I had brought my head to rest on Morgan's neck, feeling her body still shaking from her orgasm., I heard a quiet moan and it wasn't coming from beneath me.

My head shot up and I saw my step daughter's face on the edge of the bed, eyes closed in concentration, obviously masturbating watching me force myself on her friend. Her eyes opened momentarily, probably looking for a last shot of my fucking her friend and instead she saw me watching her. She spun around and didn't move or make a sound.

My spent cock had shrunk and was retreating from Morgan, and I felt some cum dribble down her snatch. I gave her a final kiss on the shoulder and got to my knees, put on my shorts and made my way to the door. As I left the room I looked over to my daughters bed to see her watching me as I went.

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