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Alright, here I am again. Hopefully this one is better than my last story, which after reviewing it I recognized your complaints. Alright, time for some background info for you non-Elder Scrolls players. The Altmer (or High Elves) are a race that is very good with magic. They are the tallest (males usually average a head taller than males of other races) and longest-living of the playable Elder Scrolls races. The Thalmor is an Elven-supremacy faction that leads the Aldmeri Dominion, one of the two key groups in the Elder Scrolls. They’re kind of like the Nazis of the Elder Scrolls series. This story takes place at Lakeview Manor, a buildable house featured in ‘The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Hearthfire DLC’. The Dragonborn, as defined in-game, is a being with the body of a mortal (human, elf, cat (yes, there are cat people in the Elder Scrolls), or orc), but the blood and soul of a dragon. A Thane is a title you can hold in-game. A hold is just a region.

On side note, I guessed the average length of the Altmer cock while writing this to be about 9 inches, as the average male Altmer is about a head taller (so 3-6 inches) than the other races, hope that clears away any discrepancy. Anyways, I’ve ranted enough for now, time for a story. Enjoy!

Disclaimer – I own only Kavin, as he is a character of my creation. Everything else belongs to Bethesda Studios.

Kavin Lyali walked around his home in Falkreath, inspecting the house for damage. A massive storm had blown through the day before, and he had been worried about the structural condition of the house. At his side walked Elenwen, his newlywed wife, who just so happened to be the First Emissary of the Aldmeri Dominion to Skyrim. Kavin didn’t hold any titles within the Dominion, but he was a Thane of many of Skyrim’s holds and the Dragonborn. Kavin sighed as he looked at the straw and shingles that would need to be replaced on the roof. The fences on the animal pens were also torn down, and the coal for the smelter had been blown all over the area.

“It looks like I’ve got my work cut out for me,” he sighed. Elenwen kissed his cheek.

“It’s our honeymoon, just hire someone else to do it,” She said. Kavin laughed weakly.

“Alright, I agree, now let’s eat, I’m starving,” he said. They went back inside the spacious home and ate a light dinner, but they ended up back outside, looking up at the night sky. Tonight it was clear, and Masser and Secunda, the twin moons, were both full. An aurora danced across the sky, and the stars shone brightly. A shooting star rocketed across the sky, going to land somewhere that only the gods knew. Elenwen lay cuddled up against Kavin on the ground. She thanked the Eight Divines it wasn’t winter, or else they would be inside attempting not to freeze.

“Do you ever get tired of it?” she murmured. Kavin shook his head, the stubble on his face scratching at Elenwen’s forehead.

“No matter how many times I look up at night from a bedroll on the side of a road, it always seems more spectacular than the last,” he replied. He kissed Elenwen lightly, but she grabbed his shirt and leaned in. He wrapped his other arm around her, pulling her in closely, returning the passionate kiss. He slowly undid the ties on Elenwen’s shirt, and pulled it up and off her body, as his wife did the same with his shirt. He wrapped his hand around his wife’s back and undid the strings of her bra, letting her ample breasts hand loose. He massaged one with the other while he licked the nipple on the other. Elenwen moaned in pleasure as he switched to her other breast. Elenwen’s hands danced at his pants, struggling to undo the strings that held his straining cock from her body. Kavin brought her into another kiss as he helped her undo the strings first to his, and then her pants. He slid her pants and panties down and off her legs, and then followed with his. Elenwen shifted her body around into a 69 position.

“You have quite the equipment,” she murmured appreciatively before taking hold of Kavin’s 12 inch dick, and stroking it lightly. She placed her head at the tip and bobbed up and down, sucking him, swirling her tongue around his thick cock. Kavin nibbled at her clit for a moment before driving his tongue deep into her sex. Elenwen cried out in pleasure. They stayed like that for several minutes, before Elenwen cried out again, her first orgasm hitting her. Her cum spilled out of her pussy, and Kavin lapped the honey-tasting liquid up greedily. An electric shock ran through his legs and he felt himself explode in Elenwen’s mouth, who had managed to keep sucking him despite the orgasm. She swallowed all of his seed she could before allowing the cum to land on her face. The white seed splattered her face, a few gooey strands ending up in her long blond hair. She felt and looked very slutty.

Elenwen flipped herself around to allow Kavin to enter her. She crouched on the balls of her feet and grasped Kavin’s cock with both hands, slowly inserting it into her wet pussy. She leaned back, placing her hands on the ground as Kavin placed his hands on waist. Kavin began taking over, and drove his cock inside her, slow and deep. He increased the pace until he was moving at a lightning pace, driving himself deep inside of Elenwen, who was panting like a dog in heat. Kavin stopped suddenly, ears perking up at a sudden sound, but as an elk burst through the bush a hundred feet away, he calmed down.

“Just an elk,” he told a paralyzed Elenwen, whose heart was pounding away like a horse’s hooves in a charge. She slowly nodded as Kavin picked up the pace again.

“Should I pull out before I cum?” he grunted.

“I really don’t care right now,” Elenwen said, screaming in pleasure. Right then, Kavin burst again within her, and cum leaked out of her pussy and around Kavin’s cock. Elenwen collapsed onto him in exhaustion. Sweat covered their bodies, and they were both breathing hard. Elenwen turned on her side, laying her head on Kavin’s muscular chest.

“I love you Kavin,” she said, repeating the end of an old poem in Aldmeris.” Loved you once, love you still. Always have, always will.” As the pair lay falling asleep beneath a starlit sky, Kavin forgot about being the Dragonborn. About being the Thane of all the holds, of being a leader. He only thought about lying with his beautiful wife beneath a magnificent, perfect, starlit sky.
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