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Mum getting more and more involved into my football career...
After returning from our little vacations, I was showing some pictures of this beach to my football coach after training. He was interested if it would be nice to go there with his family. I accidentaly came to the picture of my mommy in her bikini, all wet, in the shallow water, stretched, bouncing a ball.
Mommy came to see my football matches here or there and she knows all of my teammates. They always make dirty comments about her, how good she looks, how would they do her, asking if she swallows, if she takes it in the ass. If they managed to get her flirting with one of them for a minute, i was listening about it for weeks. I don't mind any of that, and i always say that i'm not bothered, she's single, go for it. But they ofcourse don't take me seriously. Coach knows all that, and he immediately got an evil grin on his face – and got back serious just as fast, when he remembered something. ''Umm.. Listen, son.. I just got an idea.. Well, i saw Liz posing so good for your local firefighters… I have a friend from your area, and I payed him a visit one day and saw this calendar on his wall. I was really amazed, you have a gourgeous mommy.. Well, khm…. Do you think she could pose for our club, too? … Don't take me wrong, ofcourse, if you have nothing against it ! It's just that i'm really having problems finding girls to pose this year, so she would come really, really handy. I have to say, if you're really not even slightly bothered - if your mom poses, I can gurantee everyone will love this calendar.'' I got really excited by this idea, but i stayed calm, ''I can't promise anything, but i'll let her know and we'll decide''.
I have to explain, that it was actually because my coach's ''escort'' didn't want to pose anymore. He has a girl that loves his money, besides his wife, and he has lots of fun with her. Though, we, players, we have lots of girls, also. Coach can't hold his cock in his pants, why should we ? When we celebrate a win or anniversary, there's always lots of fun with girls; really intimate stripteases and even prostitutes, and we always use them to their limits.

'' What ?! Look, you know that the calendar for the firefighters was for their sake, not for my profit and it has a tradition of local girls on it. And besides, do you even realize how these boys will treat you after that ? Remember, they all know i'm your mommy and they still want to flirt with me !''. ''Mum, first. I know you never wanted to be payed for anything that gets attention because of your body (yes, that includes sex). You could make it as a support for my club ! And don't worry about my teammates, they're just kidding and i'm not bothered. And, the club is 30 miles away and people there don't know you. ''
This exhausting conversation went on for another half an hour, and then finally: ''What kind of photos do you think they want ?''. ''As you will agree. If you want, you can do as with the firefigthers; no nipples and pussy visible, you covered them there with a water hose, here it could be a ball. And some in bikini or underwear and maybe in a football dress''.
We arranged the shooting for Saturday, and decided with coach to keep it a secret for my teammates and give them those calendars as surprise. It was still early for making them, but in the winter it would be too cold for mom to be out there naked and posing for the whole day. I really couldn't wait to see mum posing for the camera again !

Saturday finally came. We were on the football pitch, with my coach and two photographers. Coach bought some bikinis and some hot underwear for her, and after getting to know everyone, photographer first ordered her to pose in the goal in a bikini outfit. He knew it's better to start slowly, and not strip her naked right at the beginning. I enjoy seeing mom in two situations the most: First, seeing her all messy and totally knocked out after a proper fuck, and second: seeing her posing with a hidden joy for the camera. I really start enjoying it after the photographers get used to the fact that I'm not bothered at all; i understand that it's weird as hell for them to take hot pictures of a woman in her son's presence.
Photographer was satisfied with her first poses, and I could see some relief on mom, too. She instantly became more open and playful. Next, she was on her knees and in panties. Idea was to take a close photo of her camel toe and a ball with the name of our club between her legs. ''Mom, remember: Face down, ass up !'' I instructed her with a grin while observing with pleasure how one of the photographers was adjusting her bikini, so the camel toe would be clearly visible. We all laughed. Guys quickly saw she knows what to do and i enjoyed to see their more and more entertained faces. Next it was a close up of her, stretching her tongue out and licking the ball. Brilliant. And then she jumped in our team top and pants, and rested her leg on the ball. The top was made just for her and it gripped her body nicely, showing her navel and after taking few shots, i came up with an idea. A garden hose was on the outside wall of our gym next to us, and it was just few meters away from me. I grabbed it and i sprayed my mom till she was completely soaked. Result was as suspected, her nipples got hard and sticked out, and the whole top was just a bit see through ! She yelled a lot and we all laughed hard, but she calmed down, and agreed on taking few shots like this. It was the best picture of the calendar and it's on the first page. She looked even sexier when wet

Her nicely shaped body, with just a bit of cellulite on her thighs (which I find sexy on moms) and without any tan lines is a real treat for men's eyes. Now, combine that with her self-esteem and experience, that sticks out on all pictures, and you get a magnet for our football team. Therefore, we had to get out of her as much as we could. Photographer came to me, during a break: ''Hey, um… What do you say, would she agree on taking any nudes ?''. ''No, i bet she wouldn't want to be completely uncovered. I told her to prepare herself for nudity, but we agreed that she will keep her privates covered on photos.''. ''Hey, it's something !''. During the break, we explained her that, and she luckily took it without freaking out. We figured out the pose; on her knees, stretching, but low enough to have a ball between her legs that'll keep her pussy hidden, and holding her hips. On her tits, we first disscused about our team's flag, but on her dissapointment, i found two club stickers, that were round and big enough to cover her nipples without problem. On my surprise, everything went smooth. She was oustandingly comfortable being naked infront of the photographers and my coach in the middle of a football pitch ! They were all amazed by her, despite her cellulite, and breasts that show consequences ''of gravity'' and milking for quite some time already. A flash – and the last photo was done.

''Oh boy, your mom is a fucking goddess ! Those curves and… And those lips ! Sorry, mate, but I can clearly see her rocking my cock with her full lips. She would probably choke on it before i would get bored !'', coach said as we sat alone, drinking a beer in a bar nearby after the shooting. ''Don't be so sure that she would gag so quickly… She's not one of those 20-something years old drunk sluts we have at our parties…''. We laughed, and then he was curious: ''Now, onnisely, just how do you know so much about her ? How she's so comfortable around you ? No offense, but you know, you have to admit it's freaking weird to know such things about your mom ??''. ''Look, first, as you and my teammates always wonder - she IS dating guys. And i encouraged her in the first place to do so after years of being single. '' His jaw dropped already, but I still decided to continue telling him what only few people know. ''Those dates are basically fuck friends, she doesn't want to get in a relationship again. I'm very glad that she's a smart girl to know how can she enjoy like this. Furthermore, we were always as open, but I didn't got to see her naked as much and i would never get to know things like, if she swallows, if she gives ass, where did a guy, she was just with, came… Then, she was dating a 26 years old guy for some half a year. In the meantime, she told how i'm a great son, that i know about them (she always explained that to her dates, just to make sure they wouldn't be ''afraid'' of me), and one time i accidentaly met that guy and my mom together, on a drink before he took her in the woods to do her in his car. We took the oportunity, talked a bit, while she went to the toilet, and when we were talking about her, i asked in joke if she takes care of him good. He didn't froze like i was afraid he will, but he tuned in and before you know, i gave him my phone number and an hour later i got a photo proof that mom's really a good girl.

After that, our talks continued and i got to know a lot of details, and he was enjoying our conversations as well. He was teasing my mom why she's so ''conservative'' and all, and after many pics and our talks, she just gave in and so we convinced her that it's completely harmless if I know these things about her, too. I had to explain her that I do find her hot, that I do enjoy her adventures, too, and I've told her if she wouldn't be my mom, I would fuck her. She was a bit worried, but after we agreed that it can't do any harm and it's not incest because we're not having sex ourselves, she became a lot more comfortable. From then on, the fun started. I've got to hear a lot details, she's not ashamed and uncomfortable around me after a good fuck, now I even give her massage if she wants it, I help her pick corsets, underwear, give her advices on what she should do, how she should shave, about her dates… We got playful plenty of times and started flirting as I was teasing her about sex, and I was even her ''private photographer'' for pics in her undies and similar to tease her fuckfriends. I'll be thankful to that guy forever – I mean, we're so natural about it now, that when I called her once, not knowing she's on a date, she answered the phone while giving a blowjob in her car and we talked for like 2 minutes, while the guy, she was with, teased her, squeezed her nipples, fucked her with his fingers, just to make her moan that I would know what she's doing. Like, she wasn't obvious enough with heavy breathing and giggling ! It's great. Some guys don't want to even hear that their moms are having sex or that they would want to, but well, that's just quite a turn on for me. I'm not disgusted or humiliated if someone fucks my mom. I just like to see her happy and satisfied. I'm aware that guys she meets are just using her for a cum dumpster, but hey, that's the deal, she's using them to get ''relief'' also. No emotions, no strings attached. Only rule is, that they have to respect her - and me, if they know me, ofcourse. And therefore, as long as they don't do something my mom wouldn't like, i completely love putting her out on the market for guys to just have fun with my mum as much as they can.''. When i finished talking, i quickly started to regret all. I didn't know how he'll take all this. ''…The fuck? WOW ! Now that's amazing. As weird as it is, it does makes sense. And you're one lucky bastard !''. We both laughed, and he started teasing: ''What do you think your teammates will say about this ?'' I've told him that after this calendar, we have to explain something, so it's no problem if he's going to tell them all this. ''No, really, I was just kidding. ''. ''No, tell them, really. It's easier for you to tell this than for me.''. ''Well… Whatever you want.. I'm still amazed by what i just heard.. So you're actually telling me you wouldn't have any problem if.. I don't know… Ummm… Wait ! Haha, you wouldn't mind if your teammates fucked her, one after another ?''. ''No, really. As long as nobody outside of our club knows, i wouldn't mind. I know i would get teased all the time, but i always told them that i'm not bothered if they want to fuck her, remember ?'', I replied with an evil smile on my face, all turned on already by the fresh idea of my teammates fucking her. ''They would destroy that sweet pussy of her. And back at the pitch I was looking at her crotch, thinking what a shame it is, that it doesn't get treated much, now I get to know that i couldn't be more wrong ! But it's still in a very good shape, isn't it ? Did you ever tried if she's still firm ?''. ''I didn't but, as much as i know from her boyfriends, she tastes great and she still has what it takes in her canal to pleasure more or less all sizes and techniques. They all say that she feels like 25 years old woman without children. From her, she only told me that her gyno said she has good, strong vaginal muscles and that she can easily maintain them in this shape (ofcourse for health reasons, too) if she would do some practicing. And so she bought some massaging balls and surprisingly she's using them almost every evening while watching TV for example. ''.'' God I would love to try her out..''. ''Look, mommy always picks guys depending on their souls, not the looks. If one is a good guy, he has chances with her no matter what. So just be respectful, I'll mention something to her here or there, so that she will be aware of my approval, and then once just seize the chance and step up to her. You'll know in minutes, if she's ready to go with you, believe me''. He thanked me ten times for everything he saw and heard, and we went. I wondered where all this might go… Mom, posing for our team calendar, my coach fucking her… Oh god, what did I put us into ?

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Have her gangbanged by your team, teachers, friends, cousins, anyone and anybody. Make her a true slut! and you be there too. if not fucking her then by watching or helping her.

Good story!

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Another great story!! Please continue this and make it longer.


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