Drunk teens and a perverted man
It was a stormy night when Tony received a call from DeDe who was at a party and frantic about how it was getting out of hand. He knew the house and headed over. DeDe met him at the gate, DeDe was an attractive young teen with raven black hair, blue eyes, and braces. Thin and small chested, a wide gap between her athletic legs, and a nice soft booty. She was standing there in a wife beater half shirt and white yoga pants. Obviously she had been drinking as he could smell it on her breath when she jumped up on him wrapping her legs around his waist and arms around his neck. He caught her by accidently cupping her ass, which she also seemed too drunk to notice or care about. He took the invitation and continued fondling her nice little ass and she still did not seem to notice. Seeing what was going on he picked her up by her waist until she let go with her legs and set her down. His hand held the waist band of her yoga pants which pulled them up into a nice camel toe as he set her down. It made it very obvious that she was not wearing anything underneath as her lips were visible along with her dark landing strip. As he set her down she slipped with Tony catching her under her arms pulling her back to her feet. That’s when he noticed that his actions had pulled her little wet half shirt over the top of her b cup breasts with magnificent little dime sized aureole. He pulled her against him while groping her breasts pulling the t-shirt back over them. “Tony, it is no biggie as the shirt is wet and see through now anyway” in her deep slur “can you get everyone to leave? They are messing up the house.”
Tony went around clearing the house and collected the girls that were staying in front. The oldest was a beautiful young Romanian girl named Jenka. She was 19 with dark hair, blue eyes, and an amazing body with a tight athletic ass and Cup breasts. Jenka was wearing a sock skirt that was transparent from the rain showing every curve of her body. Perky breasts with no bra with tiny white micro mini panties with a tuft of hair sticking out of the top.
Anna was not unattractive with braces, but had an amazing chubby teen body sporting D cup breasts and a banging bubble booty. Braless as well and jiggling with every motion in her wet half-shirt and spandex shorts.
Tianna was a vision with C cup breasts and the nicest bubble booty he had seen in some time. She had on some booty shorts that crept halfway up her cheeks, flat belly, and a small bikini top. Her dark skin from her mixed heritage gave her a sexy exotic look.
Maura was a freckled red head with green eyes and a big chested swimmer’s body. Amazingly perky round D cup breasts with visible nickel sized aureole, powerful arms, legs, and muscular ass sporting a six pack. She was wearing denim short shorts over a white one piece that was totally transparent when wet.
Amy was the youngest. A beautiful little blonde with sparkling eyes. An avid gymnast and a powerful and flexible body for it. He could make out what was at least a six pack under her short spandex strapless body suit that kept rolling off of her b cup breasts.
The girls stood wet and drunk in front of him crying and begging him not to call their parents. He told them to calm down and clean up outside while he went in to clean up. Once they were done then they needed to do the same and then clean the house up inside. He had taken his clothes off in the bathroom wearing his wife beater and a towel when the girls came in joining him. They told him that DeDe had passed out on the steps and he would need to go get her. She laid on the top of the stairs spread eagle and breasts showing. He bent down kissing her breasts and sucking her little nipples and she woke up a little moaning. She grabbed the top of his head pushing it down between her legs and he sucked on her beautiful swollen labia through the thin cotton material. As he heard voices he picked her up by her ass cheeks and carried her into the bathroom. The girls seemed too drunk to care that they were all naked and Tony entered in there with him. The vision along with his previous activity was overwhelming and he had a raging hard on which was sticking right between DeDe’s legs causing her to start gyrating her hips against it.
Jenka came over in just her little panties to help him with DeDe. The rest of the girls wrapped towels around their bodies and headed out of the bathroom. Jena held her up while Tony pulled her t-shirt off and then held her up with his hands under her arms rubbing her nipples with his thumbs while Jenka went to pull her tight pants off. As she did Tony’s towel fell off and she noticed that they were hung on Tony’s throbbing thick 9 inch cock. She reached in pulling it down and out of the way until she got the pants down low enough then letting it loose to pop back up against her now bare pussy. Tony reached down to help by sliding the pants down her ass leaving his hands there to support her. He could feel the warmth from DeDe’s pussy against his swollen cock. He took DeDe out placing her in a chair just outside the bathroom heading back in to get his towel.
He walked into find Jenka bent over the sink washing the running eye liner off of her face. As he bent to pick up his towel he was eye to eye with her beautiful ass so he gave her a kiss on the cheek before standing up. She smiled pushing her ass back towards him so he moved in placing his cock between her legs and feeling her amazing breasts from behind while kissing her neck. “My God that is a big cock!”
“You have one of the sexiest bodies I have ever seen!” She blushed at the compliment as she moved her hips back and forth rubbing her crotch against the tip of his cock. He kissed down her back while pulling her panties off and licking her ass. He tongued her pink anus wile fingering her sweet wet pussy. He could see out of the corner of his eye that the door was still half open and they had an audience as he turned her around sitting her on the edge of the sink while he licked from thigh to thigh until he dove tongue first into her labium. He licked and sucked her swollen little pussy and then began to suck on her swollen clitoris. She was shivering and ready to come when he kissed up past her belly ring to her heaving breasts sucking the nipples as he continued to stimulate her clitoris. He turned her back around bending her over the sink lining the head of his cock to her love canal. He worked it halfway in pulling in and out until he bottomed out against her cervix. It only took two or three pumps at that point before her pussy walls constricted against his fat cock as her orgasm hit hard. Even DeDe was up and watching through the door at this point. She couldn’t take anymore pulling away from him turning and dropping to her knees. He laid down with his feet towards the door pulling her into the 69 positions licking her sweet juices from between her legs. She bucked in another orgasm from his oral onslaught. Just as he was about to come in her mouth she came up for air while grinding on his face. His cock swollen and veiny which mad DeDe say “Holy Shit that is huge!” Jenka looked up to see that they were being watch and ran past them out of the room and up the stairs in embarrassment.
Tony stood up “Thanks a lot!” as the girls were all focused on his throbbing erection. He washed it off and pulled a towel around his waist, but it could not cover the cock sticking through the middle. He walked out of the bathroom grabbing their clothes with Tianna taking them to the washing machine. They placed the clothes in and Tianna’s ass rubbed against his erection as she scooted out of the laundry room. She came back by grabbing Jenka’s panties off of the floor and placing them in brushing his erection again as she exited.
As they walked towards the den DeDe was still naked asking Tony to carry her into the den. She put her arms around his neck and he picked her up cupping her ass as she once again wrapped her legs around his waist. His erection slapping her underside with every step they took. She said “I have only had toys in there, never a cock. Especially one that big. Other than that the only thing I have done is to give hand jobs. You are the first to put your mouth on my pussy too.” Tony was surprised as he thought that she was incoherent. “Yes I knew what you were doing. I wanted you to though and that is why I pushed you down there. I could see how you were looking at my camel toe and it really excited me. Will you do it again now that I am naked?”
Tony thought for a minute and was totally frustrated by being stopped before ejaculating earlier with Jenka. “Only if you can get everyone else involved too. If you do then I will do anything you want.”
“Will you make me have an orgasm like she did?” DeDe kissed him on his ear.
“Definitely!” she smiled
They sat on the couch and Tony covered his erection as much as possible. It did not help that the girls were running around cleaning up bending over showing their goods under their towels and such as they did. He could tell that they were all turned on by the display in the bathroom as they kept looking back hoping to get another peek at his cock.
DeDe threw out “Hey, why don’t we play truth or dare?” The girls all sat on and around the couch with them.
DeDe “Everyone has to get naked, we have all seen each other anyway.” The girls obliged and Tianna pulled Tony’s towel off exposing his still hard cock. “Pretty much there are only two players since there is only one guy, but let’s get started. I’ll go first! Tony, truth or dare?”
“Let each of us feel your erection!” DeDe ordered
“Ok, go ahead.”
DeDe went first feeling his erection down to his testicles. She was sitting next to him and he continued playing with her ass while everyone else took their turns. When Maura touched it she gripped it a little and some pre-cum oozed out of the tip. She swiped it with her finger licking it as the others all exclaimed “ewww” but then followed suit. Amy’s hand trembled as it was the first she had ever seen much less touched, but then she really got into it once she got ahold of it. He ended up having to pull her hand away.
“Keep that up and it will make a mess!” She blushed at the thought.
Tony spoke up “I feel bad about Jenka, we should go up and check on her.” He stayed in the back of the line getting an awesome view of their young little asses as they walked up the stairs. They entered the room with Jenka crying tolled up in the middle of the bed. Tony bent down kissing her on the forehead sitting on the bed next to her.
Tianna asked “what’s the big deal Jenka?” She sat on Tony’s legs “so we saw you having sex. It was beautiful!” He was rubbing her bubble butt while the rest of the girls agreed. “Here, I will let you watch while he kisses my butt.”
Tianna stood up and Tony wasted no time licking every inch of her magnificent bubble booty while he played with her little pussy with his hand between her legs. Once he made it to the middle he bent her over tonguing her crack and anus moving on to her pussy. Finally laying back and pulling her down onto his face. While she rode his face to orgasm as she exploded all over Tony’s face Jenka sat up seeming to feel a bit better.
Tianna got off and then kissed him tasting her juices in his mouth. Amy laid on the bed “Look at what I can do!” she pulled her ankles up to her face. Tony looked at the beautiful virgin pussy with tiny blonde curls just above it. “Tony, can you push my ankles behind my head?” Tony pushed her ass cheeks up moving up her legs placing her ankles behind her head. She seemed to be stuck like that so Tony took advantage holding her ass cheeks like a bowl and landing a tongue assault on her tight little pussy and anus. Soon Amy “Oh God, I feel like I’m gonna pee! Pull my legs out! Gonna peeeee” as her body shuddered in her first orgasm and Tony caught every bit by sucking her clit as she did.
Jenka was now laughing and feeling better. Maura moved up pulling his face to her breast, he sucked her pert globes until she pulled back licking his erection. Anna felt lonely and did the same as he sucked her heavier and softer breasts Maura went to town on him. Anna pushed him back down sitting on his face and licking his cock in unison with Maura taking turns taking it into their mouths. The taste of her honey nectar and the feel of their mouth work had his balls ready to explode. “I’m about to shoot my load!” and all of the girls grouped in close to watch. Maura pumped him with her hand seeing some liquid start to leak out. Amy leaned down to lick it off and just as her mouth went around the head his first shot landed in her mouth. She quickly pulled back as the rest of the girls laughed while he shot all over. Each girl leaning down to lick a piece and get a taste of hi sperm.
Tianna stayed down there sucking him back to life. DeDe was up on all fours and Tony started pumping his finger in and out of her. He leaned over licking her ass as he sat up Tianna’s ass was in his face so he enjoyed licking her down again. As she started to shiver she moved down lining herself up on his cock rubbing it around her pussy finally inserting it and working her way down on it. He laid down and DeDe planted herself on his face. Facing the opposite direction as Tianna. It didn’t take long at all for the both of them to reach climax.
Maura was watching and fingering herself. His cock was still rock hard and ready to blow at any time. He laid Maura don on the bed licking her strong swimmer’s body from head to toe. He rolled her over licking her muscular ass pulling her ass up to a slight bend working his tongue until it was about an inch in her anus while finger fucking her virgin pussy. Her pussy contracted against his finger almost locking it in. Nice and lubricated he pulled it out shoving it knuckle deep into her ass causing another wave of orgasm.
Jenks saw that and wanted to get involved. Tony tongued her ass while DeDe cleaned his cock off placing herself on Jenka back Tony shoved his cock in her overly lubricated pussy pushing it in little by little while fingering Jenka’s ass. Once he had enough of her juices on his cock he pulled out redirecting it to Jenka’s asshole. She seemed uncomfortable at first, but really got into it as he pushed in and out. Her asshole was so tight it pushed him to shoot his load in her ass after just a few pumps. Amy came back with some wipes cleaning his cock off trying to suck it back to form. They laid around in the bed watching movies and playing with each other for the rest of the night. They parted the next morning hoping for another sleep over some time soon.
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