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Last one was the lead up this is all the sex I might do a part three I don't know
I smiled as I heard her muffled screams when I opene the door. I walked into my rooms and gazed at my new pet as she swirmed and screamed "shh shh you're getting yourself all worked up baby" I leered over her before deciding her cloths had too go
She would no long wear unflattering sweats and XL shirts. I picked up my knife and began to cut away and shred all her cloths off until she was left in only her underwear and bra. Damn was all I could say as I viewed her light blue panties with yellow and pink cupcakes decorated over them
Her bra was bright pink and outlined the beautiful pale orbes. I licked my lips wanting to taste thoughts nipples that topped them
I striped down so I was fully nude and couldn't help admiring my well endowed self being almost eleven inches. I only ever hurt the girls I slept with but the pain on there faces as I thrust into them ruthlessly was such a turn on making me only reach my peck faster
I crawled over my first ever victim admiring the way my dick come to life at the simple thought of taking her against her will. To have her scream and fight as I forced myself in her.
I ripped off her bra and she screamed through her gag, I laughed a deep chuckle as I licked her right nipple causing her to jerk in surprise. "Easy baby I'm just going to make you feel good"
She screamed again as I moved my hand down to her pussy, I smiled broadly as I felt how bald she kept herself "good girl keeping yourself shaved for master" I whispered to her and suddenly realized how wet she was
Damn I laughed happily my baby was loving this. I sucked on her hard nipples as I rubbed her clit her body jerking trying to get away from my playing fingers. I tried to dip my forefinger into her enterence but her hole was so tiny I was afraid I'd pop that little cherry before due time so for now left that alone. I Hungary sucked and bite at her nipples grabbing at the other roughly she wipe red and cried as her body responded to my demands
I felt her body getting close as she ached and panted through the ball gag. I ripped off her ball gag and lined myself up at her entence "NO PLEASE IM A VIRGIN" she scream and I laughed yet again as I ripped off her blindfold. She gasped, I started to push myself into her "oh becca I know . . Oh god your so tight" she began to scream so I pushes my lips to hers shoving my tongue in her mouth massaging mine against hers as I shoved the head of my dick into her almost painfully tiny enterence
I had to stop feeling how tight this girl was. Shit my head is only in an I feel like cumming. I pushed myself in until I felt her resestence "damn becca" I panted short humping her stretching her cherry. I pushed into her until I heard her gasp in pain "you ready to have your first dick deep inside your beautiful pussy"
"Noooo" she screamed as I pulled back and slammed into her breaking through her cherry and filling her completely the tip of my dick forcing itself into her womb. I almost chummed right there as I felt her muscles contract trying to take it my large dick. Tears streamed down her face as she weakly pulled at her bonds. I kissed her gently as she whimpered softly "please t. . . Take it out please. . . ." She coughed and gagged
I grinned pulling back enjoying the gasp of pain that left her beautiful swollen lips before I slammed into her again. I continued to pound into her pussy the sound of my balls slapping against her filled the air. I moved my fingers too play with her little clit. Her pained filled crys soon became crys of pleasure
"Wh. . . What is this?!" She screamed as her pussy began to milk my cock spasming as her back ached as she let out a long moan. I let myself loose pounding her senselessly until I finally hit home the end of my dick up into her womb as rope after rope of cum emptied into her
I clasped on top of her my dick still loged inside her "oh god I'm gonna fuck you when ever I can" I was breathless as I kissed all over her face before untying all her arms and legs and pulling her I to my chest her back to me as I cuddled into her "your mine now" I growled as she tried to struggle weakly with me. She bucked her hips so I forced her onto her front slamming my now hard dick into her cum filled pussy
"Do not fight me sweety I will always win. I fisted her hair in my hand yanking her head back causing her to scream "please stop tanner" she cried but it only drove me on as I fucked her faster cumming once again into her pussy. Finally she realized I wasn't using a comdom "tanner please I could get pregnant! I'm in the middle of my cycle" I shrugged pumping my still hard dick into her pushing my cum deeper into her "like I care just one more thing making you mine" I smiled as I finally pulled out she breathed a sigh of relief before she felt me line up with her anas
"No please" she begged before I slammed into her she moaned in pain and pleasure as I pumped into her even tighter ass. The mix of are juices created a nice lube. I pulled her up on all fours and began to slap her ass she screamed with every slap. My balls banged against her pussy slapping her clit over and over. Once her ass was bright red I began to pound her faster until her arms and legs gave in and I was shoving her into the bed with each thrust
Finally I cumed deep into her ass, I sleepily I grassed a pair I handcuffs and locked her to my bed with one of her arms before cuddling up next to her nuzzling my now soft dick into her dripping mound
I couldn't wait for tomorrow. I thank god it was Saturday so I could fuck my new toy all day

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Part 3 she mite have a sister

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