The following story was written with the help of an old girlfriend. I brought her home from a strip club back when I was in my 20’s, I showed her

my stories and she told me this one.

Step dad obsession

I first noticed the way he looked at me when I was probably 13. I was already pretty developed and I liked getting attention. I

had already realized that the boys at school were much more interested in me than they were with some of the less developed girls, but I was

really just starting to have a curiosity about sex.

My step dad had been around since I was 11 and my younger sister and I considered him to be our dad. He was the only real father

we ever had and he was really good to us and our mother. Sis is 3 years younger than me and called him daddy right away, even before he married

my mom. It took a little more time for me.

I guess I always had a bit of jealously about sis and daddy’s closeness but when I realized that he would sometimes look at me

the way the boys at school did, I knew how to get more attention from him. What I didn’t realize is that it would bring us closer than I ever


It started when I noticed him looking down my shirt one morning at the dining table. He was sitting and watching the tv, having

coffee and when I reached across the table to get a napkin his eyes were focused on my tits. At first I was a little surprised and it stayed on

my mind all day at school. I even wondered if I just imagined it. He was my dad. Why would he be looking at me like that?

I really couldn’t quit thinking about it and I wanted to know if I was just imagining it or if he really was “checking me out”.
A couple of nights later, mommy was working late and I was in the shower. My mind wandered and I found myself wondering what it

would be like to have daddy washing my body. I started touching myself and rubbing my breasts. My nipples got really hard and I felt very

anxious. I had masturbated before, but not a lot and this was different. My knees weakened as I ran my fingers across my pussy. I couldn’t stop

and I started moving my fingers faster and faster back and forth over my clit feeling waves of pleasure.

“BANG!” That’s what I heard that brought me out of my trance. I had knocked a shampoo bottle off the shelf and into the bottom of

the tub. Then I heard daddy coming down the hall.

“Is everything ok in there?” He yelled. “Ya daddy.” I said. “Just dropped the shampoo.”

My voice trembled when I spoke and I realized that the water was cold and my whole body was shivering.

When I came out of the bathroom, I didn’t bother getting dressed. I just wrapped a towel around my body and ran down the hall to

my bedroom.

The feelings I was having were really confusing to me. I almost felt guilty for being aroused by the thought having my dad touch

me sexually. The guilt didn’t stop me though. I began masturbating on a regular basis after that, and daddy was almost always the focus of my

arousal. As my masturbation evolved, I incorporated things around my room to help me get off.

First it was my pillow. I would lie on my stomach with it between my legs and move my hips up and down letting the fabric caress

my clit. When that just wasn’t enough I experimented with nail polish bottles and finally my hairbrush. All the while I was exploring my own

body, I was also getting braver and experimenting with teasing daddy.

I would take my showers in the early evening before mom got home from work and leave the door cracked open just a bit and then I

would stand in front of the mirror taking time to slowly dress and undress hoping daddy would come down the hall and see my reflection in the

mirror thru the crack in the door. I had tested it myself when nobody was home and I knew just how much to leave the door cracked.

On Saturday mornings during that summer I would come out of my room in nothing but a t-shirt and panties. It was just me, dad,

and sissy on Saturdays because mommy worked. I would always smile at daddy when I caught him looking at me. I think he knew I was working for his


The best was one morning when I got a chair and climbed up on it to get something out of the upper cabinet. I reached with both my arms so my

shirt would pull up past my butt and then I took my time acting like I couldn’t find what I was looking for. I could feel him looking at me and

it turned me on so much. When I climbed down off the chair my nipples were really poking thru my shirt and he didn’t even bother to look away. He

looked up at my eyes and smiled, but just for a second before looking right back at my chest and saying in a trembly voice “While you got that

chair out, grab a box of pasta out so I can make spaghetti tonight. “ I was so anxious and excited knowing that what he really wanted was to

look at my ass again. I graciously obeyed and stepped right back up on that chair and gave him a show.

This kind of teasing went on for a long time and even escalated but we never discussed it. I was careful not do anything while

mom was around and he became kind of distant when she was there. I think he was feeling guilty.

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