It was just before my 15th birthday and I kind of had this boyfriend I had been talking to for a couple months. I stayed the

weekend with a friend and while her parents were out at a party we let my boyfriend and hers into the house. We did a lot of making out and then

Cara, my friend, went off to the bedroom with her boyfriend. They had been together for like a year and had already had sex so I knew what they

were doing. Jack, the guy I was with, got the wrong idea.

He started by rubbing his hand between my legs while we kissed. I didn’t stop him. It sort of felt good, but I don’t know, I just

wasn’t really into it. His next move was a hand moving up my back, inside my shirt. His bare skin touching mine did get me a little turned on. It

wasn’t until he tried to unbutton my pants that I stopped him. He was kind of a nerd, but that’s why I was dating him. I knew he was safe. “I

know what you want.” I said, “But I’m not ready.” He just smiled and told me it was ok. I felt a little bad because with the shorts he had on, I

could tell he had a boner. My curiosity got the best of me.

“How bout this?” I said as I slid my hand up the leg of his shorts and searched for his penis. It took some doing but I found it.

The only problem was that his shorts were too tight for his leg and my arm, and I couldn’t do much with it, so I told him to pull his shorts

down. As he did, I got my first, up close look at a penis.

I had seen pictures and videos before and his was smaller but basically looked the same. I had even seen enough internet porn to

know what to do with it. He closed his eyes while I slowly jacked him off. I could see and feel him tighten his legs and I quickly learned when I

was doing something he liked. I figured “what the hell, it can’t be that bad” and leaned over, putting my mouth over the tip of his dick. It

tasted salty and his smell was odd. Not bad, just odd to me. I moved my tongue a little and he took a quick breath. I did it again and felt his

legs tense and loosen. I knew he was enjoying it, so I began doing it faster and faster until my slobber was too much and I had to suck it back

in and swallow. He really liked that. I wasn’t doing it very long before he really started squirming and suddenly pushed me away. I felt

something warm and wet on my neck and under my chin and looked down just in time to see the last squirt of his cum pumping out of the end of his

I was grossed out but intrigued at the same time. I knew about sex, so I knew what happened, but it was still a little


That experience really made me want to see daddy’s penis and it wasn’t long before I got what I wanted.

It was really late and all of us had been hanging around the pool all day. It was just a small above ground pool but it was nice

in the hot summers. Mommy went in to take a shower, sissy was in her room, and I had just finished changing out of my bikini. I didn’t know where

daddy was and it wasn’t unusual for us girls to use the bathroom while mommy was in there. We only had one bathroom. So, I just walked right in.

Daddy was standing there completely naked getting ready to join mommy in the shower. His dick was thick and his pubic hair was shaved. (I learned

later that it was something that turned mommy on). It wasn’t hard and it just hung there but I couldn’t take my eyes off it. He looked really

surprised but didn’t say a word. It must have been a full ten seconds before I backed out of the door. My obsession for Daddy only grew.

I became even bolder about getting Daddy’s attention. I began sleeping in the nude and changing clothes with my bedroom door open

and if I saw a chance to rub up against him, I would. Nothing really seemed to be working until one weekend when he and mommy had drank quite a


Daddy drank his beer every weekend but Mommy didn’t drink much and by 11pm she was in the bed and sleeping hard. Daddy was in the

basement (his man cave) listening to music and he wasn’t quite done drinking yet. I really didn’t have a plan when I went down to the basement,

but he was always really affectionate when he drank and I knew I could get some attention.

At first he kind of ignored me. He was more focused on picking his song selection than paying attention to me. That all changed

when I pulled off my sweat shirt and started dancing.

I was wearing a white tank top with no bra and some really tiny shorts with no panties and I had the waist band of my shorts

rolled up so they were really, really tight around my ass.

At first he just glanced. He would turn his head just a little and look across the bar at me, then look back real quick. After

awhile he finally sat down behind the bar and just gazed at me. I would turn with my back to him so he could see my ass, then turn around fast

flipping my hair and shaking my boobs.

“Do they let you dance like that at the school dances?” He asked with a little smirk.

“Of course.” I replied, “They just don’t let us dress slutty.”

“Oh my god!” I thought. I couldn’t believe I just said that. What happened next was a dream come true.

Daddy stepped out from behind the bar and walked over to me. As I turned my back to him, he smacked my ass. I was stunned. I flipped my

head around and looked at him over my shoulder. I’m sure my eyes were full of surprise.

“I should spank your ass for dressing like that.” He said

“But daddy.” I replied. “I am at home, not out in public. Nobody is looking at me here.”

“I am.” He said, and then everything got quiet. Even the music paused for a second. It was very awkward and even though it was what I

wanted to hear, I didn’t know how to react. I just stood there silent with my arms to my side. The next song began playing.

I felt so shy all of the sudden and sat down in daddy’s recliner. I’m sure my face was really red. Daddy just had a glazed look

on his face, the kind of look he always got just before a black out. It was his routine. About once a month he would drink so much that at a

certain point, he wouldn’t remember anything he did or said. Normally when he got that look, I would just go off to my room. He never would get

angry or violent but Mommy didn’t like us seeing him that drunk.

This time I just wanted to help him.

“Here daddy.” I said as I stood up. “Go ahead and sit down and I will fix you another drink.”

“Just get me a water.” He replied as he plopped into his seat.

I went to the refrigerator to get him what he wanted but there was no bottled water. When I turned and looked across the bar to ask him

if he just wanted tap water, I saw that he was already passed out.

I immediately felt excited. The kind of excitement you feel when you know you’re going to something wrong and you could get

caught. I crept up stairs and peeked into Mommy’s room. She was sleeping very sound so I tip toed back to the basement. Daddy was still passed


I leaned in and kissed his cheek. He didn’t move. I was standing at his side and put both hands on the arm of his chair to hold myself up

as I leaned in again. This time I pressed my lips against his. I did it very softly at first and I could feel my body shaking but I pushed

closer. I slipped my tongue out and gently, slowly, sucked his lips until I felt his mouth begin to open and he began kissing me back. He was

mechanical and slow at first and I figured he was still asleep but he gradually got more intense and passionate. I felt his right hand touch my

back, then his left hand on my shoulder. He pulled me into the chair with him and never stopped kissing me as he did.

I was cradled in his arms. I didn’t know what to do with my hands, I just kept kissing him. He gently put his hand on my stomach. His

fingers fumbled with the bottom of my tank top until they reached the bare skin of my belly. His hands were calloused but he was so gentle. He

slowly worked his way to my breasts, slowly, gently, and softly squeezing and massaging them. My nipples were so hard and they tingled under his

warm palms. Our kiss was more and more passionate.

He broke our kiss and started moving his hand back down my tummy to the waist of my shorts. I could feel his lips leaving tiny

soft kisses on my neck as his fingers seemed to pull his hand closer and closer to my pussy. I kept my eyes closed tight. The anticipation was so

intense. I think I squeaked when his fingers finally touched my clit. He was deliberate but gentle. He worked his middle finger inside me and

whispered, “You’re so wet.”

“I want you daddy.” I whispered back.

His left arm relaxed and he lowered my head to the arm of the chair. I opened my eyes and saw that his were closed. His head was tilted

back against the chair and he seemed so tense but he never stopped fingering me. He was deep inside me with one finger and his thumb was pushing

against my clit. I began to move my hips. I didn’t want it to ever stop. I could feel my juices tickling my butt hole. I couldn’t control myself.

I began tensing all over. My hips jerked. I lost sense of where I was.

Then he started slowing his movements until finally he stopped. I was out of breath.

“You need to get up.” He said as he pulled his hand from my shorts.
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