Then he just stood and began walking to the stairs. I just stood there with weak knees wondering what was going on. Why did he quit? Did

I do something wrong?

He paused, turned, and walked back to me. He put his hand on my shoulder and kissed me on the forehead. He spoke softly, “I’m

sorry baby. I got too drunk. Please don’t tell your Mom.” Then he just went off to bed.

I was really confused. I wasn’t sure what he thought had happened or why he was sorry.

The next day, and for the next few weeks, things were just normal. Daddy didn’t say a word about what happened, even when we were

alone. I didn’t dare bring it up. As far as I knew, he didn’t even remember it. I was somewhat disappointed and even hurt. I had waited so long

to feel his hands touch me. I had wanted it so bad but now, it was just kind of weird and awkward.

What finally broke the awkwardness was a night alone together.

My mom took these trips for work about once a year and my sister and I usually went with her because her job involved kids clothing and

we were sales tools. That summer it was just a 2 day trip and I didn’t go because I had my last drivers ed class I didn’t want to miss. As mom

was walking out the door I heard her tell daddy to “spend some time with your daughter. She’s growing up.”

I immediately felt anxious because I was afraid things would be really awkward but it turns out I was the only one being awkward. Daddy

was perfectly normal. In fact, he was either acting like nothing ever happened, or he just really didn’t remember.

It was all just normal stuff. We had dinner like usual and daddy plopped on the couch to watch TV. As I usually did, I went off to my

room, but that night all I could think about was that mommy wasn’t home and I was alone with my sexual obsession. It took me about thirty minutes

but I finally decided I was going to take advantage of the situation.

I put on a pair of shorts that I had worn in gym class in the 8th grade. They were tight and very short and left no room for panties. It

was summer and daddy kept the AC cold so a white tank with no bra was my top of choice. My nipples were hard as hell and very visible.

When I walked into the family room, daddy’s eyes hit me like a ton of bricks and I suddenly became a little shy and embarrassed. I sort

of skipped over to the couch and quickly grabbed a pillow and pulled it to my chest. Daddy was watching the TV but I could feel him giving me

those quick glances. We sat together for awhile watching the usual weeknight programs. I tried to sit where he could get some really good views

and I got up a few times to go to the kitchen and bathroom so he could look at my ass, but I didn’t try to be too obvious. I was about to make my

move and try to cuddle next to him when he got up and announced that he was going to bed.

I wanted to chase him down the hall and jump him. I was so pissed. I had worked so hard for his attention and I knew damn good and well

he was looking me over. I knew I was going to have to be really bold and take a chance if I was going to get what I wanted. The problem was that

I couldn’t get myself to do it. I just sat there pouting for nearly an hour.I finally found the bravery to make a move, but it was only because I knew he would be asleep.

I turned off all of the lights and went down the hall to my parent’s room. I quietly turned the knob and went in. I was right, daddy was


I crawled into mommy’s side of the bed and was startled by… “what are you doing?”

I stuttered, “I, I’m, I was going to lay in here and watch TV with you.”

“Why?” he said with a real sharp tone.

“It’s too quiet.” I said, barely finding a good excuse. He knew I was kind of afraid of the dark so it worked.

“Alright.” He said, hesitantly “Don’t be too loud. I have to work tomorrow.”

He knew something was up, but I think he was half asleep and it wasn’t long before he was all the way out again.

It seemed like forever before I finally got brave enough, but knowing that Daddy almost always slept naked, I slipped my hand under his

blanket and began slowly searching for his penis. I just wanted to rub my fingers across it one time. I told myself that was all I would do.

He was on his side facing me and me on my back. I slid down to where I hoped I was in perfect position to just slide my hand over and

make it seem like an accident.

I did it and he didn’t even move. I decided to do it again. This time I told myself I would just put the back of my hand against it and

hold it there. If he woke, I would fake sleeping and act like I didn’t know.

That was the plan, but after a few minutes of feeling it against the back of my hand, I couldn’t resist. I turned my hand and began

feeling him all over with my fingers. His penis seemed to grow, but he didn’t move. I kept going. I couldn’t make myself stop. His dick got

harder and harder until it was poking straight out. This was my chance. If I was going to do anything, I needed to do it now.

I pulled down my shorts and slid under the blanket with him. I was on my side with my back to him and pushed my ass back until I could

feel his dick. It was perfect aim. All I had to do was lift my leg a little and his dick was right between my legs. I slowly let my leg back down

and laid still with the tip of his dick just touching my pussy.

Then I felt him move. He was pushing against me. Was he awake? I lifted my leg slightly and felt his dick push closer to my pussy. I

reached between my legs and started to guide him inside me. I could feel the tip of his dick right at my wet hole. He moaned.
Suddenly he jumped. He was sitting up in bed. I rolled over and away from him.

“what the hell!” He said, looking around, really confused. His eyes gazed over my body. His face was full of surprise realizing my shorts

were below my knees.

I rolled off the bed trying to get my extra tight shorts back over my ass.

“You need to go to your room.” He stated. “I will be in there in a minute. We need to talk.”

I ran off to my room crying. My pillow was soaked with tears by the time he opened the door. It had been at least 30 minutes and the

longer I waited for him to come talk to me, the more I dreaded the lecture I was about to get. Was he going to tell my mom? Does he think there

is something wrong with me? My mind was filled with all of the awful scenarios.

He approached my bed and said, “Why?”

“Huh?” I replied.

“I think I know what’s going on.” He said, “You’ve been at this for awhile. I just want to know why you would want to be with your dad.”

“I don’t know why.” I responded. “I just know I do.”

As he let his robe fall to the ground, he began gently and in a soft voice explaining how “What we are about to do could change our lives

forever if anyone ever found out.”

“I know.” I said nodding my head.

He sat at the end of my bed, near my feet and with both hands, he grabbed the waist of my sorts and pulled them slowly down my legs and

tossed them on the floor. He began rubbing his bearded face against my calf and then my inner thigh until I felt his lips softly kiss my pussy.

My juices were immediately flowing again. He was so gentle as he lightly kissed and explored around my pussy with his tongue. As he began working

on my clit, I drifted in and out of reality.

“I want you.” I whispered.

He slowly moved on top of me, looking deep into my eyes. It was dark, but with the glow of my alarm clock I could see nervousness in his


“It’s ok.” I said, “I’ve never been with a guy, but I’m not a virgin.”

He smiled slightly and lowered himself on top of me with me. We kissed so passionately.

I think he was more than just aroused. He became more and more passionate and suddenly, without any guidance or help, his dick was at my

pussy and slowly pushing inside me. He went in just a little at first, then stopped as he focused his kisses on my tits. He moved gently back and

forth against my pussy and then with one singular slow motion, he pushed deep inside me. His back arched, and my body tensed all over. He was

slow at first, taking it almost all the way out, then all the way back in again. My body was so hot all over and as he began moving faster and

faster, I felt an orgasm like I could never give myself.

As I came, I could feel his thrusts get slower. He would push deep and hold it there. He repeated the motion 4 or 5 times then froze. His

body was so stiff.

When he finally relaxed on top of me, we just lay there together until we fell asleep. I don’t even remember him pulling his dick out.
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