When I woke up the next morning, the sun was shining thru my window. My body quivered as I felt his hand caressing my tits. The cold air conditioning clashed with the feeling of his warm hand and my body shivered all over. He moved closer to me and pulled a blanket over us.
“I’m sorry.” He said. “I was just admiring your beautiful body.”

I t was like a dream. I knew what had happened the night before but the visions in my mind were a little blurry. The fact that he was still in my bed with me was the only proof I had for myself. I just laid there smiling at him.

I could feel his hard penis against my leg as he softly rubbed my tits. He was slowly and slightly pushing his dick against me. I was inexperienced but I thought sure it meant he wanted inside me again.

I rolled to face him and began kissing him deeply. He rolled onto his back, pulling me on top of him. His hands gripped my ass. The gentleness he showed me the night before had turned to passion. I began rocking back and forth trying to get closer to his dick with my pussy until without warning, his dick slipped right inside me. It was a surprise, and a little painful. I grunted but daddy didn’t seem to notice or just didn’t care. His hands gripped my hips and he began pushing me against his rock hard cock.

“Move your hips.” He said. “Fuck me.”

It was a little scary, but I tried my best to do what he said. I think I was a little sore from the night before because I could feel his every movement inside me. He moved faster and faster and kept saying “don’t stop.”

Finally it was over. I know it was only a few minutes, but it seemed like a lot more.

After relaxing for a few minutes he led me to the bathroom and we took a shower together. It was a lot more pleasant than the morning sex we had. Under the warm water together he held me and caressed my back and ass with his strong hands. He gently washed my entire body taking his time and paying extra close attention to my tits and ass. The way his hands felt with the slippery soap on my skin was very nice. To this day, I absolutely love showering with my lovers.

His dick only got about half hard and I really enjoyed playing with it that way. He even let me shave him smooth and then he helped me do the same. I was a little wierded out when he bent over and had me shave his asshole, but when it was my turn, I understood. The way his fingers tickled my hole was nice, and the way it felt after, well let’s just say I have always shaved everywhere ever since that day.

It was a nice day. Daddy took the day off and we had breakfast at home then went out after to do some shopping. We hadn’t spent that much time together in awhile. The fact that we had sex didn’t even seem to make it weird or awkward at all until I asked when Mommy and sis would be coming home. We both got real silent for like a whole minute then Daddy said “I don’t know. She hasn’t called me yet.” The silence continued.

Our last stop was the grocery store and it didn’t seem like we could get there fast enough. The silence was killing me and I could tell that he was feeling guilty and thinking about mommy. I had to say something.

“I loved what we did. And I’m never going to tell anyone.” I said, then added. “Not even if I was really mad at you. Other people just wouldn’t understand.”
“No, they wouldn’t.” He replied. “I’m not sure I understand.”
I put my hand over onto his that was resting the console separating the front seats of the car and said, “I love you Daddy. I’m curious about sex. You’re the only guy I trust.”

I think that was all that needed to be said. We went home after the grocery store and fucked until my pussy couldn’t take it anymore. Over the next couple of years we were very cautious and private about what we did. We would sneak a kiss here and there when we knew we couldn’t get caught, but sex wasn’t real frequent. We would find an opportunity every couple of months, but not as much as I would have liked. I did have boyfriends, but none of them done it for me like Daddy.

It was the summer after my graduation and had been months since I had even kissed him. There was a little bit of tension between us I think because I was spending so much time with my “older” boyfriend. (He was only 26 and I was 18, but Daddy didn’t like him.) A week before, mom had told me and my sister that she would be gone the whole weekend visiting my aunt. She wanted us to keep an eye on Daddy. She thought that he drank too much on the weekends and was afraid he might hurt himself with her not there. He was quite capable of taking care of himself but mom is a worrier so we agreed to keep him company for the weekend.

I told my boyfriend I was busy all weekend and tried to get my sister out of the house for at least one night, but she claimed all of her friends were busy. I knew the real reason was because mom told her not to go anywhere. Not because she thought anything was going on with me and dad, but because she knew Daddy and I would drink together and like I said, mom is a worrier.

I was getting a good buzz by the time the sun went down. Me, dad, and sis had been hanging around the pool since dad got home from work. When Daddy went in to change and start making dinner, I saw an opportunity and took it.

I followed him inside leaving my sister on the deck listening to the radio. I timed it just right and opened the bathroom door just as he had pulled his shorts off. I went straight to my knees in front of him and took his dick in my mouth. He started getting hard right away.

“What the hell!” He said. “Your sister is right out there.”

He was protesting, but wasn’t stopping me. I told him to watch out the window while I got him off. He willingly spied out the window to keep an eye on my sis while I vigorously jacked him off and sucked the tip of his dick. I must have put him in a daze because the next thing I knew he was filling my mouth with cum at the same time I heard, “oh my god!”

I turned quick to see my sister standing in the doorway. There was no quick, good, explanation. I had sperm running down my chin and daddy was butt naked with a major hard on.

Dad was freaking out and sis ran off screaming something about “sick mother fuckers”. She was a very independent fifteen year old and usually pretty shy and quiet, but seeing her father’s dick in her sisters mouth seemed to bring out the crazy. I chased after her and it took me fifteen minutes to calm her down. She finally shut up and looked at me with her jaw dropped when I said, or yelled, “What’s the matter? Are you fucking jealous?”

The arguing ended right at that moment and the discussion began. I told her everything from how it began to where were then. She definitely wasn’t jealous. I don’t think she had ever thought of daddy that way, at least not until that day.

We talked for over an hour, and I convinced her that me and Daddy had something very special. “yes” I said, “It is sexual but we also have a love that most will never experience.” It made her curious. It made her want what I had.

I knew dad was taking this pretty hard, and we finally found him in the basement with a bottle of whiskey. Sis sat down in his recliner and I went behind the bar and took the bottle from his hand.

“You don’t need that.” I said.

I knew it was going to be awkward for my sister so I put on some music and fixed her a fruity little drink to calm her nerves. After explaining to daddy that everything was ok and that she would never tell anyone, I went and locked up the house. When I returned, sis was sitting at the bar talking to dad like nothing ever happened. I turned the music up just a tiny bit, then I went to my sister and from behind, I put my hands on her shoulders and whispered in her ear, “Just relax and enjoy the pleasure.”
I was actually pretty damn buzzed and feeling real bold or none of it would ever have happened, but I’m glad I was since it could have been a really bad night.

After I whispered in her ear, I kissed her neck. I knew some of her secrets too and I knew she wasn’t a virgin. I also knew that her and her friend Marie had fooled around several times, so feeling another girls touch wasn’t new to her.

She didn’t resist anything, even when I pulled her shirt up and over her head. She was still in her bikini and I could tell she was a little nervous but the drink I fixed her was nearly gone already and seemed to be doing its job. I directed our dad to his seat. I was feeling very playful and my imagination was running wild.

I spun sis around in her bar stool and kissed her right on the mouth, full tongue. She kissed me back and even put her hands around my waste. I untied my bikini top and let it fall. Her hands went straight to my tits so I proceeded to take her top off.
She was really enjoying my boobs. We were built much different. I was taller with a more pronounced, shapely body, small ass and big boobs, and she was a shorter more petite girl. Her tits were cute and round little A-cups and she had a perfectly rounded bubble booty. I wasn’t really into girls, but I wanted to see her pussy. I wanted to pleasure her and make her feel good about all of this.

I moved my hand between her legs and started rubbing my index finger against the silky fabric of her bikini bottoms. I could feel her slit. I could even feel her warmth. Daddy just sat in his recliner and watched while he sipped his beer. I could tell he was in a daze, probably pretty buzzed and in disbelief about what was happening.

Sis was slightly trembling and nodded “yes” when I offered her another drink. Jealousy and excitement hit me at the same time when I turned to see that daddy had gotten up from his chair and was standing in front of sis, stroking her hair.

“Are you ok with this sweetie?” He asked her softly.

She nodded her head, then daddy leaned in and kissed her. It was a tiny soft kiss at first until she put her hand around his neck and pulled him in closer. I could see their tongues dancing together.

None of it was planned. I had never even fantasized about it, but it was happening and I was feeling more excitement and arousal than I ever had. I suddenly thought of Mommy and wondered if she would ever be ok with this or if she would ever join us and we could all really be close. The thought left my mind completely and I decided to focus on what was happening now. My baby sis and I were topless and alone with the object of my obsession. I wanted to take advantage of every moment and seal it in my memory.

I came from behind the bar and led daddy to his chair. I pushed his shorts down to the floor and had him sit back in the chair. I motioned for sis to join us. I went to my knees in front of her and pulled her bikini bottoms off. As I gently pushed my face into her shaved crotch her legs parted. I licked her sweet pussy while I stroked daddy’s cock.

I couldn’t believe how much I was enjoying her pussy. The taste and scent was so enjoyable. Her hairless pelvis against my face sent chills thru my body. At the time, I had never seen a porn movie but later in life when I did, I found scenes just like it that took me back and made my pussy really wet.

The alcohol seemed to ease some of the awkwardness, but I think daddy and I both were still a little nervous about our first time with sis. It wasn’t until she dropped to her knees beside me that I knew she was really into it.

She pushed my hand away from daddy’s cock and took it in her mouth. She just held it there for a few seconds and then began jacking him off and flicking her tongue all around the swelled head. It was obvious to me at that point that she was much more experienced than I was at her age.

She stood and smiled at me. She turned with her back to daddy and lowered herself onto his dick. Daddy moaned with pleasure. “Can you lick me while he is inside me?” She said, as she lay back in his arms. She was breathless as she said it and her voice sounded so youthful like a child asking for a cookie. I was so turned on and had no problem filling her request.

I started with daddy’s balls and worked my way up to her ass and then her clit. Her hips jerked with pleasure. My eyes were focused on their faces. They were both lost in pleasure. Daddy’s hands gently explored her small tits, while mine massaged her inner thighs. It was a moment of ecstasy I will never forget. Daddy’s legs tensed and his hips began to move. I pushed his legs apart and as I stared at his hairless asshole I couldn’t resist but to experiment. I parted the cheeks of his ass and flicked his butthole with my tongue. I heard him moan and felt him twitch. I let some saliva roll off my tongue and gently began tickling his anus with my pinky. He scooted down in the chair and closer to my touch. I pushed my pinky slightly inside him. His moans were louder this time.

I knew that I liked my butt to be played with and now I knew he did too. It was sissy’s turn. I darted my tongue inside her pussy and down to her tiny pink butthole pushing hard to make penetration. Suddenly the only sounds I could hear were all of our moans of pleasure. Sissy jerked with pleasure and Daddy began trembling. I felt a wetness against my nose and looked up to see his cum oozing from sissy’s puss. His dick was still buried balls deep. We all relaxed, breathing hard with sighs of relief. I realized that my inner thighs were covered with my own juices. I hadn’t even touched myself, but I am almost sure I came. I fell back and laid on the floor to catch my breath.

When we finally moved again, we didn’t bother getting dressed. I fixed us all another drink while daddy got a blanket and spread it across the floor. It was like a naked cocktail picnic and it didn’t take us long to get going again. Sissy seemed fascinated with Daddy’s soft penis. She was young and had only experienced young boys. I’m sure her first experiences were like mine, in the dark and very quick. She held his dick and flipped it around, and leaned over to kiss and lick it a few times. It would begin to get hard and as soon as she left it alone, it would shrink and soften again. I just sat back and watched while daddy couldn’t seem to wipe the smile from his face.

Watching her play with Daddy’s dick made me want it inside me and I knew how to make it stay hard. I crawled over to daddy and began letting my long hair brush back and forth against his cock and balls. Sis didn’t bother watching. She moved almost immediately behind me and began touching my pussy.

“Get’m wet and finger both holes.” I said as I looked over my shoulder at her. I was short of breath.

Sis and her friend Marie must have experimented more than I imagined because she didn’t waste any time sticking her tongue in my ass. I could feel her spit dripping down to my pussy. She tongued my butthole and fucked me with 2 fingers. I took daddy’s half erect dick in my mouth and sucked like I had never sucked a dick before. My bottom lip was touching his balls. My nose was pressed into his skin and I could feel him growing in my throat. I sucked and swallowed and sucked and swallowed until I felt like I couldn’t breathe. As I pulled away he grabbed my hair and pulled me back down, but I resisted. He apologized in a whisper.

He was hard now and I wanted that dick inside me. “Fuck me daddy!” I said.

I rose and turned. Sis looked confused. Daddy knew just what to do. On my hands and knees, with my ass in air he got behind me and quickly pushed his dick deep inside my pussy. His hands grabbed my hips and he held it for only a moment before starting to fuck me hard.

I struggled to keep my balance while reaching for my sisters legs. “Come here.” I panted. My elbow buckled and I went to the floor, chest down, ass up. We took a moment to awkwardly re-adjust and without much discussion I was laying on my stomach with a pillow under my chest and my face in sissy’s pussy. Daddy pushed my legs together and straddled them. I could feel him part my cheeks and begin pushing the head of his cock against my asshole.

He was usually very gentle, but the situation must have been controlling him. I grunted hard as the tip of his dick entered my butt. He didn’t stop or hesitate. He continued to push until it felt like he was fucking my guts. It was pain and pleasure at the same time. He started fucking my ass faster and faster and then pulled out and put it in my pussy and buried it deep. It was back and forth from my pussy to my ass for what seemed like an hour. I came at least 3 times. My vision was blurred and my mind was scrambled but I was still vigorously licking at sissy’s pussy and fingering her with my thumb. When I felt her come the first time, I refused to let her go. I gripped her legs, pulled her even closer, and sucked her clit while I flicked it with my tongue. She tried to pull away. She jerked and twisted and panted out loud, but I wouldn’t let go. I knew what she was feeling. It was agonizing pleasure.

Just as I was cumming again, I felt Daddy’s dick slide out of my ass and spew a shot of sperm up my back. “Oh no! Don’t fucking stop!” I yelled. He pushed back inside my ass again and I felt his cock pulse inside me. He fell on top of me. I dropped my head and relaxed as I felt his dick go limp and slip out of my ass.

We all just laid there for a really long time. I remember our breathing being louder than the music in the back ground. We were too afraid to sleep where we were at and eventually got dressed and went to bed. Mommy, the worrier had been known to come home early without warning and we weren’t taking any chances on getting caught. I did sleep with sissy that night. I think we both needed the cuddle time.

That night was just a beginning. There were many more nights like that over the next couple of years but it eventually slowed and stopped as me and sissy grew older. I still masturbate to the memories and my sister and I still fool around when we can.


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