Sleepy Niece

“Fantasies by Chaz”

JJ was pretty upset when my brother and sister-in-law started talking about splitting up. She had just gotten her driver’s license and told my wife and I that she couldn’t stand staying there and listening to them fight. My wife immediately offered to let her stay with us.

My oldest daughter had just moved out and we had an extra room, but I was remembering a night a few years before where my lovely little niece got a little curious with me while I was sleeping. Long story short, I got drunk with her dad and couldn’t drive home so I slept on the couch and my niece slept on the floor near me. I figured my dick must have flopped out of my boxers because I woke to her fondling my cock and balls. I was still a little drunk and didn’t stop her. In fact I coached her into sucking me off while I played with her bald pussy. We never talked about it and I always felt like I took advantage of her curiosity. Even though I was awkward with our relationship after that, she never treated me any different. I was never able to get that night out of my head and as I watched her grow into a beautiful young girl, my dirty thoughts grew as well.

She was older now and despite the fact that my sister-in-law was not very attractive, JJ was a major hottie. I am only 5’7” and she is a head shorter than me and can only weigh about 100 lbs. Her long, flowing, blonde hair hangs about the middle of her back and she has a sort of crooked tooth smile with braces that I can only describe as “sexy as hell”. For me, her body is perfect with only a handful of boobies and a tiny little round ass. Over the summer, she swam in our pool with my daughters and I could barely take my eyes off of her. I jacked off several times thinking about her and my 2 daughters servicing me at the same time.

She had been staying with us a few weeks when she came in from work one evening really tired and pissed about something that had happened at school that day. It was a Friday night and my youngest daughter was staying with a friend. My wife was actually out with JJ’s mom.

She dropped her things in the entry way and said, “I have had a really bad day and I wanna drink.”

I told her that I didn’t think her Aunt (my wife) would like that too much but my brother always let his kids drink and since I had already had a few beers it was pretty easy for her talk me into it. After she finished about half of a strawberry margarita she went to change clothes. It was only about nine-o-clock and I put on some music, got me a shot of tequila, and went back to the couch. When she came back in, she topped off her drink and came to sit beside me. As she sat and pulled her legs beneath her I noticed a glimpse of pink between her legs. Not underwear pink, but skin pink. I think my dick twitched.

She was wearing those kind of silky pajamas with the really loose fitting sheer shorts and a sheer spaghetti string loose top. Her parents allowed her to smoke, so we didn’t stop her and every time she would lean over to use my ash tray, I could see down her top and had a perfect view of her succulent puffy nipples. They were like little pink marshmallows set a top of peach size titties. I was getting hard as a rock and had to uncomfortably adjust myself in my pants. I was sure she noticed.

After listening to her teenage babble and admiring her body for about an hour, my cell rang. It was my wife and she was drunk as hell. Apparently my brother had gotten them drunk and they were all talking out him and my sister-in-laws problems. She wasn’t coming home. That’s when my thoughts became really devious.

I told JJ what was going on, fixed her another stiff drink, and offered her one of my xanax. She happily took it and I went off to change and stroke my cock a couple times. I returned wearing flannel pajama pants and a t-shirt. I knew if I got another hard on it would be obvious but at that point I didn’t care. I was drunk and was hoping she might wanna re-live a past experience. It didn’t quite work out that way.

The xanax I gave her didn’t just relax her inhibitions, it made her pass out. Her head was at the other end of the couch, her legs curled, and her feet against my leg. I just sat and stared at her lovely pale white ass peeking out of her shorts. I shook her a couple of times and loudly said, “JJ! You wanna go to your bed?” There was no reaction. The feeling of her soft skin beneath my hand as I shook her leg made me horny as hell. I was drunk and decided to take a chance.

I pulled down the waist of my pants and squeezed my dick as I looked over her body. Growing more and more brave, I put my hand on her leg as I stroked my cock. I started rubbing back and forth on the soft calf of her leg. She stretched her legs out onto my lap and rolled onto her stomach. Her foot brushed my cock. My stomach was full of nervousness, but I kept stroking and continued to rub her leg.

I leaned closer to her and rubbed farther up her leg. Her tiny ass was now just inches away and I couldn’t resist. I took a quick swipe and brushed my fingers against her ass cheek. She didn’t move. I had an idea. I put my hand right on her ass and shook her saying, “JJ! You wanna go to bed?”

Still there was no movement and I convinced myself that she was out cold. I pulled my pants down enough that my balls were free and started with my hand up her shorts, grabbing and squeezing her ass intensely. Her legs spread slightly and her back arched a little. I could see her pussy.

“Did she know what I was doing?” I thought. “What would she do if she wakes? Does she want me to do this?” A million thoughts crossed my mind at the same time. The nervousness was so exciting and I could feel an orgasm brewing in my balls.

I gently slid my fingers to her pussy and began lightly exploring. She moaned. I continued to explore. I was almost out of breath. She spread her legs a little more. She was wet and I easily entered her with the tip of my finger. I pulled away just for a second to sniff and taste her juices and then went back to her pussy with even more bravery. I had 2 fingers inside her when she pulled her left leg up and rolled over on her back.

Her eyes were open but only slits. I never pulled my hand away. Her top was twisted and one of her perfect little titties was poking out. I wanted to touch it. She moaned again and then whispered, “Don’t stop.” It was more than I could take. I pushed my fingers as deep as I could get. As her body stiffened with pleasure, my cock exploded. I shot cum all the way to my chest and covered my pubes. I laid my head back. I was breathless.

I felt the couch move and looked over. She was getting up and moving toward me. I couldn’t move. On her knees, beside me on the couch, she helped me remove my shirt and cleaned my mess. I felt her hair against my stomach as she took my limp cock in her mouth. I reached under her top and played with her tittes.

At this point, my mind was in a blur. I was so drunk, the moment was almost surreal but I knew it was happening.

It didn’t take long and she had my dick at full attention. She stood, wobbly in front of me, pushed my pants to my ankles and then stumbled a little as she removed her clothing. As she climbed on top of me and straddled my cock our eyes met. Her hair covered one side of her face. Her head was tilted to the side and she gave me a big smile showing off her braces. I felt her hand guiding my dick to her warm hole and she wasted no time relaxing all of her weight on top of me. I was deep inside her. Her movements were slow but deliberate. I could feel her warm breath on my neck as she rested her head on my shoulder and rocked back and forth.

It got more and more intense and I started moving my hips in rhythm to hers. We were fucking pretty hard when she started moaning. It was almost a squeak. She was biting at my shoulder. I could feel her juices all over my balls. The faster she moved, the less I could resist. I humped hard and grasped her hips. Finally I could move no more. My dick was pulsing with an intense flow of cum inside her. We paused and she relaxed in my arms. I rubbed her back and ass and soothed her with small kisses against her neck. She quivered.

After several minutes, she asked me to take her to her bed. I lifted and struggled to the edge of the couch. I was weak, but managed to stand with her legs wrapped around my waist and her arms around my neck. She held me so tight. My dick slid out of her pussy as I stood.

I walked her to her room and laid her in her bed. I couldn’t help but look over her entire body, taking her loveliness all into memory. I ran my hands all up and down her legs, across her wet pussy and up to her tiny boobs. I kissed her nipples lightly and then kissed her mouth. Her arms went around my neck. Her tongue entered my mouth and we kissed passionately for what seemed like a very long time.

As I pulled away, she whispered, “Goodnight.” As I walked away, she said, “No pills next time. They make me too sleepy.”

I smiled knowing there would be a next time…………..

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Good story was hoping hed get her in doggie position 4 the ultimite ramming id love 2 find my 54 year old cock in a juicy young fuckhole like that

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Really good story, but you do like a quickie dont you, no believe in drawing a story out do you, we need a little time to get in to it you know. Still great writing. Oh and you below looking for girls 9 to 12, to play with, I think the police will be looking for you, and some guys with big sticks will want to play with you - in jail ! Thanks BD12 , Luvsalik xx

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