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This is a true story,please note that all names HAVE been changed except mine.

Im still not sure how old I was...or even how old he was...what I am sure is that I will remember this night for the rest of my life.

I estamate I was about 7 and he was about 16 im not sure though.I was planning to spend the night with my friend Kate. Kate and I had been friends for a long time...since I was in first grade,me now being 14 I realized that it wasnt the best choise,but i didnt know what was going to happen that night.I went over to Kate's house as planned we played softball for a wile with her brothers Kent and Jermy.It soon got dark so we decided to go inside and watch a movie.We all did i went upstairs to go change in Kate's room witch was next to Kent and Jermy's i didnt think of locking the door wile i was changing i just shut it.I had got all my cloths off and Kent walked in,he just stood there looking at me,i didnt know what to do i just covered myself.He smiled and said sorry and left,at the time i didnt think anything of his smile. Later on when Kate,Jermy,Kent and I were watching a moving Kent kept looking at me,i didnt know why.I asked him why he was looking at me,he said he wasnt even though i new he was.After the movie me and Kate went to her room and got in bed,Jermy and Kent did the same in there room.Soon after i heard Jermy snoring i knew he was asleep.I saw Kent walk into Kate's room,i was suprised at that age i didnt know what to think about Kent sleeping in the same room and me and Kate.I leaned over to her(she was on the floor i was on the bed)and asked her what he was doing,she said he sleeps in her room sometimes cas Jermy snoorz too loud.I didnt think anything of it and said ok.I soon found out it would not be ok.He got in the bed with me and under the same cover i didnt really think anything of that either just that he didnt want to sleep on the floor.Well i just layed there trying to sleep Kate was asleep and Kent was awake.I suppose Kent thought i was asleep cas he moved his hand up to my pussy and in my panties and started rubbing my pussy. I didnt know what to think...i had a HUGE crush on Kent at the time and i liked the way it felt so i let him think i was sleeping and let him do what he was doing.At first i rolled over and tried to get him to stop.Then i didnt care i liked it,it felt good.He put his other hand on my breast and caressed them, i liked the way that felt too, so i let him do it,besides what would he do if i did tell him i was awake,he was so much older than me i couldnt do anything about it and i was scared of what he might do.As you can see i had mixed feelings i didnt want him to do it with-out knowing i was awake but i didnt want to tell him i was awake cas i was afraide of what he would do,so i let him do it.He soon started rubbing faster on what i now know is my clit i didnt know that then but i do now. I loved the way it felt.Then he took the covers off me and moved his hand,i thought he was done,by then i didnt want himt to be done i didnt want him to stop.Soon i realized he wasnt done he moved his mouth to my pussy and started licking my clit, it felt so good.I just wanted to set up and say fuck me Kent fuck me, but i didn't.He licked my clit for a wile,a long time actully. Then he put his tounge inside me, i of course liked that too,so of course i let him. I soon started feeling weird...i dont know how to explain it at that time i didnt know what it was i now know that i was getting ready to orgasm.He stoped for a second then put his hand on my pussy again,except this time he put his fingers inside me, one at first it didnt hurt it felt good,then he put another in for a total of 2 and it hurt a lil bit but not a lot.then he put another in for a total of 3 it hurt alot i moved hopeing he would take one out but he didnt he just looked to see if i was awake and he thought i wasnt so he put another in and then another till he had his hole fist in my pussy it hurt soo bad but felt good at the same time. I moved around i couldnt help it i got that weird feeling again, witch like i said befor i now know that i was about to orgasm,and i did.....ive told people befor that ive never had an orgasm but i have i had my first orgasm that night....because of Kent. After that he stoped.And then went to sleep.

After that looking back now i wonder why he never touched his dick i wonder why he didnt just fuck me then....i will never know.I am 14 now and he is prison for meth and a whole bunch of other stuff, before he went to prison he stayed the night at my house for a wile his mom and mine are good friends he needed somewere too stay,this was about a month or 2 ago...i never thought anything else about what happend between me and Kent till i saw him felt weird seeing him...i know he knows i was looking at him weird..i kind wish he would have done it again...but he didnt...i will always wonder if he knows that i know he did that too me...and i will never find out.....Well thats it for now....more stories comming from me soon...

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2014-03-29 11:42:40
Why can't he add big vegge to it so as to expand ur pussy a lil

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2013-01-25 19:38:30

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2011-03-28 17:21:29
Ehh. Too much time on the setup, not enough on the fisting but god I'd like to fuck that cunt


2009-08-17 22:30:35
okay.... Read my entries and comment!!!! i wish mine were true. but they're my fantasys... about my best friend... and if we were lesbians.. mm.. read them. and enjoy..

You suck at spelling btw..

keep writing :D

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2008-12-23 22:19:36
ive seen lots of fisting .you would not belive how far a pussy can streach even young girls pussy.she must have been so relaxed and super wet from him rubbing her clit.for him to fist her .one finger at a time .seen it done on woman with small pussy .and big pussy and at his age young kids have very small hands

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