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'This is my first writing piece that i have done.look out for the second one which will have alot more action in than the first one.This is not a true story it is purely based off my imagination.'

I was a horny teenager.At the age of 17 i was 6'3 with a althetically built body.The girl i liked was small at around 5'5 with a toned stomach and abs.Id been wanting to get to know her for a long time but i never had the balls to talk to her.Even though i was seen as a fun and bubbly character i was shy but i tried to hide it by being over confident.I was kinda an outcast with only a few close friends but i was also friends with alot of the popular guys and i was in the football team with alot of them.

I was sat in my science class day dreaming when she walked in.I was at to the back of the classroom and as soon as she walked in i smelt her sweet, strawberry perfume and i looked up .She was wearing a slim fit shirt that showed her perfectly rounded breasts.With a blue skirt that was to her knees and she had a blue flowered headband that fit perfectly to the shape of her head.She had long brown, curly hair and blue eyes.

I was looking at her when her line of sight caught mine.She smiled a little and so did i and i waved.She looked at me in confusion for a few seconds before she started to walk my way.
"Your late miss Walters."our science teacher said whilst trying to not to look up from her test that he was studying.
"Sorry sir i had to stay behind with mrs Fritchet to talk about my english results.I'll make the time up after class if thats ok with you?"
"Yes you will and your not getting out of it this time young lady."he said with a hint of happiness in his voice.
As she reached the seat next to me she turned, sat down and got out her books.
"So what did i miss then?"she said with a bored tone in her voice.
"Nothing really ive been asleep for half the time as usual but he was talking about atoms i think."
"Yep that is the usual you but you kinda have seamed different these last few ok?"
"Im good thanks"i said in a nervous voice .

I had been acting strange for the past few weeks but i wasnt going to tell her that.A few weeks ago after i had left the science classroom i had gone to the cafateria when i realised that i had left my jacket on my chair in the science lab.I finished my bag of crisps and walked quickly back to the lab so i wouldnt be late for my next lesson.As i reached the room i was suprised to find the door locked but i could still hear voices from inside.
"Suck it you dirty little whore.."i heard my science teacher saying from the inside.In shock i remembered that there was a door that lead from the back of the class into a staff room.
I sprinted to the staff room that had a sign saying "DO NOT ENTER".(it was under maintenance a teacher told us.)As i snook in i was relieved to find no work men and the lights off.I crept to the door and slightly opened it till i got a good view of what was going on inside.There was the teacher getting a blow job by the girl of my dreams.Rebecca was on her hands and knees with the teachers cock in her mouth.She was sitting there while he thrusted his hips backwards and forwards as he fucked her face.
"Next time you dont pass in my class i will fuck you so hard that you gunna cum....ahhhhhhhh "he came all over her face.
I looked down and the bulge in my trousers was very noticeable and i realised that watching the girl of my dreams get face-fucked by my teacher really turned me on.As i saw him getting dressed i quickly ran back around to the main door and knocked loudly.
"Give me a second the doors jammed"i heard him lie.With one big yank he pretended to get the door to open.
"Oh its you."he said with a tone in his voice that hinted that he thought it would have been someone more important.
"Sir i left my jacket here earlier when i was in your lesson...could i go in and get it ?"
"No ill get it for you what colour is it ?"
"Blue thanks sir"

A few seconds later he arrived at the door with my jacket in his hand and Rebecca wasn't far behind him.He handed me my jacket and me and Rebecca walked to our next lesson in silence.

As she was sat next to me i got a perfect view of her tits that stook out alot.I was staring.I wasnt doing it purposely but every now and again i had to pull away from looking at her perfect and perky boobs.As the lesson drew on i found myself starting to get a hard on, thinking about what was going to happen in a few minutes time when she would stay behind the class and suck the teacher off.I was now solid and then the worst thing happened.Rebecca turned around to me and started to say something and when she looked down and saw the massive bulge in my trousers i wanted to go and die from embarassment.She smirked and then looked away.From that point on i wanted the lesson to end so i could get out of there and go home.
"Wait for me after this class"she said as she staired into my eyes.
"If i havnt died from embarrasment i will"i said as i lowered my head to the desk and laid it down.

After the class i stood there waiting for her for about 10 minutes before she emerged from the class looking hot and in a daze.She had her top button of her shirt undone which seamed to make her boobs look even bigger.
"Do you have any plans before you go home?" She asked me while trying to sort her hair our in her hand held mirror.
"Not really why?"i said with confusion.
"Could you come around to my house for a bit i need to talk to you ?"
"Errmmm yea sure if you want to."

We walked out of school and to her car in silence.I was still super embarassed but as she was inviting me to her house i sarted to become more uneasy.Half way to her house she put some music on and told me to relax and she then told me its nothing bad.

As we arrived to her house we got out the car and walked through the front door when i hesitated.She turned around and looked at me, waited a few seconds and grabbed ahold of my hand and took me into her house...

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2013-12-26 20:18:36
were you IN the football team (sounds kinda gay) or ON the football team?

were you AT the back of the room, or TO the back of the room (there's where you should have used IN)

you 'smelled' her, not 'smelt' her. google smelting and see what it is, you'll be surprised I'm sure

I've never seen a head band that DIDN'T fit perfectly to the wearers head.

I stopped reading there and voted it a negative

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