Well, at the age of 16 I was really developed and there were only a few girls that were above a 34B cup. THere were three of us that were really well developed.
Well, at the age of 16 I was really well developed and there were only a few girls above a 34B cup in my school. THere were only three of us that were well developed and I did not really have many friends since I was involved with lots of things at home with family. I had a difficult time in gym class with my chest a constant problem. If the girls were not in the way they hurt from the jumping jacks and running we all had to do. I had gained some weight and was now officially a BBW or BBG which ever you like and was very much enjoying sec with both men and women, hardly ever anyone my age. Mommy had me on birth control a long time before so I did not worry much. Well, anyway, 40EE is not easy to hide or cover or support for that matter and no matter what kind of bra I wore they hurt and bounced all over and got in the way doing many of the activities but the class was mandatory and so I was stuck. Our teacher, Ms. Randall (her real name) was athletic and toned all over and maybe a 36B cup but there was no fat on her body that I could see. She was also very beautiful with long sun toned hair down her back in a pony tail. She spotted me the first day of class and told me in private that I was expected to do all the work for the class.

After the first week my chest was killing me and my shoulders were red from the straps and I felt in general like a mutant or something. After a nice hot day I welcomed the showers but after a couple days the girls called me a cow all the time and so I waited for them to leave before showering. One day I had a hard time and stopped doing the jumping jacks and Ms. Randall told me to report to the office after the class. The good thing was that I sat out the rest of the hour and so as everyone went in she told me, "Shower and then come to the office." I did as I was told and as I was drying off and the other girls had left I stepped out and Ms. Randall was there, "To my office now." and I said, "But I am not dressed." and she just looked at me and I felt a sudden ruch over me and goose bumps all over that showed I am sure. "Okay, to you office." I said and walked in front of her and she came in and closed the door behid us. I stood in front of her desk as she walked around and sat down looking at me with a flame in her eyes that I found later was just pure lust.

"You have been a problem and it is only three weeks into class." she said. "I am sorry Ms. Randall but it is really difficult to jump around and run." "Why is that?" she said leaning back. "You can't see why?" I said and stood there. "No, not realy, you should be able to all that the other girls can do." she said. "Well, the other girls don't have tits bouncing all over the place." I said and she looked at me. "Oh really." she said. She stood and walked around the desk and was behind me looking at me and I felt myself getting wet and thanking luck that I had fresshly shaved that morning. I was holding the towel around me with one hand and it barely came below my pussy and so I stood there and she said, "Drop your hands to your sides." and I protested but she said, "Do it." and so I did and I stood there totally naked in front of her. "MMmm, very nice." she said and walked around me again and stopped in front again. "Well, I grant that you do have a little extra to deal with but you should still be able to workout." "But I have tried." I said. "I have to pass this class" I said and then thought to venture something daring. "I would do anything I have to so I can pass." I said looking very helpless. "So, anything?" she said. "Yes, absolutley anything" I said in a sexy whisper as she passed close to me. She stopped in front of me inches from my chest and look up and down and I felt my nipples begin to get all hard and hurt and my pussy get wet cause I knew what was going to happen. "You look very lovely" she said and I looked at her eyes and told her "I have thought how beautiful you were the first day I saw you in class." I said and she smiled. "MMMmm, it seems we may have something in common" she said. "What could that be?" I asked and then "Do you mean that maybe we both like girls?" I asked innocently. "That could be." she said now inches from my face and her clothed chest against mine. I leaned forward two inches and kissed her softly and she kissed me back. "I think you are right." she said and walked to loack the door. "I already locked it." I told her and she smiled and walked back. She touched my nipples and sent shocks through my body and I kissed her hard and deep. Her hands grabbed my tits and I pulled her shirt off and then undid her bra and two nice firm tits were there and I pinched the nipples making her moan. We kissed and somehow her shorts and shoes and panties were off and her hand was between my legs and mine was doing the same for her.

I pulled back and went to the couch she had in the ofice and sat down and spread my legs wide. "Hungry?" I asked and she got down and began kissing me all over and then her tongue found my pussy and sank in deep and I moaned loud and she grabed my legs and one hand found my nipple and she began giving me and expert licking. I soaked her face with a squirting orgasm and she smiled and kissed me. Her mouth was on my nipples and all over my body and she went down between my legs again, "I am still hungry, do you mind." she said and she began again slowly building me up then stopping, teasing me over and over at the brink of an orgasm then stopping. I moved her and got up and pushed her down and dove into her pussy and began licking and sucking and eating her so that she had several orgasms one after another. We sat on the couch kissing and playing with each other for like a half hour and then did a wonderful 69 forever and as the sun was down we dressed and she gave me a ride home. We made out in her Jeep in the drive for another hour and Mommy came out and caught us sucking nipples and fingering pussy. "Mom this is my gym teach, Ms. Randall." I said. She leaned in and shook her hand and Ms. Randall said, "Wel, I guess the cat is out of the bag, please call me Helen." and Mommy smiled and laughed and said, "More than the cat Helen, call me Anne. You will have to come over and the three of us can talk or whatever is fun to do sometimes. "I would love to." Helen said and I got out and kissed her again and then MOmmy walked aorund to the drivers side and opened the door and kissed her too. "Thanks for bringing her home." she said. "We wil have you soon, of, I mean have you over soon." Mommy said. "Oh, I think we will have her soon Mommy." I said and laughed and she drove off. Mommy was close and inhaled and said, "Oh, she smells great." and I said, "She tastes great too Mommy." "Well, come in and tell me all about it then." and we went in and closed the door and took off our clothes and talked late into the night. More to come everyone.

Oh, but the way, guys, please no pics of your cocks, I really do not care to see them. I have seens all I wanna see the rest of my life and do not make me any offers. If you do I will have to delete you from my friends list. Thank you.

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2014-01-27 13:25:31
Dam why couldn't I have run into you when I started drive Otr in 93 . The fun we could have had. Love the stories keep it up. Love ya bulldog

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Dam why couldn't I have run into you when I started drive Otr in 93 . The fun we could have had. Love the stories keep it up. Love ya bulldog

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