An unexpected trip to the beach with a group of beautiful horny teens.
I am a 40 year old divorced man. I was married to an Italian woman, but things just did not work out. I remained loyal and frustrated for many years and the divorce was freedom. I am 6’4” tall with hazel eyes and brown hair with a bit of grey. Somewhat fit from playing sports all of my life, but no six pack or anything like that. I have a strong body and a well-proportioned penis. I am a grower as they say, so it is not like I would feel really comfortable on a nude beach unless somewhat aroused. I would say that when hard I am probably between eight and nine inches long, but have never measured the girth. I had ordered some things on line that seemed too good to be true. Porn star secrets to massive money shots, erection stamina, increased size, vein popping erections, and always ready to perform anytime with immediate results. I figured it would be a scam, but it was a promotion with a price acceptable for the risk. More size is always nice and I was getting older so my main focus was how many times a say I could do it and had never shot a money shot like I always saw in the porn mags. The kind that hit the wall five feet away or cover a girl's face. I had been taking these supplements for three days now and stayed away from any activity. So my balls would twinge if I felt a cool breeze.
I was out cleaning the pool in some thin stretch trunks when Taylor and Tara buzzed my gate. I put my t-shirt on buzzing them in. Taylor had on some denim short shorts and a half shirt. Tara had thin spandex shorts and a small white bikini top with her massive DD breasts spilling out of them.
Taylor is a beautiful girl next door looking 17 year old with A cup breasts which meant that she rarely wore bras. She did have an extremely nice bubble butt that drove me crazy. She also had a trashy sense about her that made her sexy. About five feet five inches tall with curly auburn hair, very pretty with a few dark freckles.
Tara is a good looking skinny big blue eyed dirty blond 16 year old with DD boobs that were accentuated by her skinny athletic form.
The two girls were a vision as they walked up giving him hugs. Tara’s monster breasts felt great pressed up against him, a little too good as his he felt the blood start to flow to his genitals. I invited them in by the pool noticing that Tara’s nipples were now poking through the thin material. Closing the gate and following them in mesmerized by Taylor’s swinging bubble booty with the bottom of her ass cheeks hanging out. I sat on one lounge chair pointing at the other for them to sit down. Tara plopped down with her breasts bouncing freely as she did. Taylor turned bending over to wipe off the seat providing an amazing view of her ass. I could see the crotch of the shorts splitting her labium with meat and pink panties showing on either side. My cock becoming rock hard with the view of heaven. As if she knew it she sat with her knees up giving me an even better view. Tara smiled as she noticed the bulge growing in my shorts. I actually liked them seeing how big it was hard and was proud of it, so I didn’t try to cover it not being obvious either.
“We have a problem. We are supposed to take a group of girls up to camp by the beach, but my parents have to work. We were going to drive our camper up and they would stay in it with Bailey’s sister and her friend. The boys are bringing a van up with tents. The plan was to stay on the beach all day and then BBQ and hang out all night.” Explained Tara.
“Ok, well what do you want from me?”
Taylor jumped in “Well, we asked if we could still go if we found a driver they trusted. They said yes and we thought of you. We really don’t have anyone else that would be willing to go, especially since it is tomorrow morning.”
“Well, I did have plans” I said even though I really didn’t.
The girls moved in sitting on each leg with Tara pointing her cleavage at me and I could feel the heat from Taylor’s crotch as well as her bare ass cheeks on my leg. At this point my erection was almost busting through my trunks and was fully visible through the stretched fabric. Both girls looked down and smiled. “Please Tony? Please take us? Pretty please with sugar on top?” Giving him their best puppy dog eyes.
“Well, how do I say no to that?”
They jumped up cheering and hugging each other. Tara jumped on me as I was standing up with her legs around me and her boobs in my face while she bounced up and down. The loss of balance dropped me back on to the lounge chair with her legs still wrapped around me and my cock pressing against her crotch. Her face turned immediately red as she felt it, but she did not attempt to move away. Actually hugging my neck tightly pulling my face deeper into her breasts backing out kissing him on the cheeks. I stood up with her setting her down on her feet. Taylor came up pulling my head down kissing me on the lips and hugging up against me rubbing against my erection. By now there was lubricant flowing from the tip building a wet spot making the sorts even more transparent.
We sat back down to discuss the plans my cock still trying to rip the fabric. Taylor sat indian style with her legs crossed and hands behind her so I could see her little lip poking out the side of her displaced panties. Tara finally realizes that part of her quarter sized areola was showing fixing that situation. I leaned back with my hands behind me showing off the massive erection and wet spot. The girls’ eyes were glued on it like cobras to a flute. I tested it by flexing making it jump and watching their eyes widen.
Once we had everything coordinated we hugged and said our goodbyes.
I took my bag of beach clothes and walked over in a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. The girls loaded up in the RV and we headed out. Tara and Taylor sat in the front with me and the rest found places at the table and couch. The RV had one big bed across the back area, with two benches at the table and another little sleeping area above the driver’s area.
Anna was 16 and not unattractive with braces, but had an amazing chubby teen body sporting DD cup breasts and a banging bubble booty. She normally wore clothes to display her big breasts with shorts or pants that were way too small.
Maura is young around 14 with strawberry blonde hair, blue eyes, a seductive smile, D cup breasts on a swimmer’s muscular frame. Her smile is seductive as she has great lips and is yet the innocent “looking” type.
Tianna was a mix with dark skin and hair. Nice small perky B cup breasts and a nice big bubble butt. Tianna is 14 about to turn 15 and a horny little flirt and tease. She loved boys looking at her body and giving her sexually motivated attention.
Bailey is a tall thin 15 year old brunette with braces and D cup breast that really stand out on her thin model type frame. Even though she is kind of the geeky awkward type she is a very beautiful and sexy looking girl with her long thin legs and big breasts.
Barbara is Bailey’s little sister, a cute little girl with dark hair and dimples. She is 13 and her body is growing quickly as displayed by her puffy nipples on her well budding breasts and plump butt. Barbara is caught in the middle of the change from a tomboy to a girl as her body is developing into all woman, but she still wants to play with lizards and bugs as well as getting dirty.

Amy is a beautiful young friend of Barbara’s around 13 with reddish blonde hair and a thin athletic body. She is big in gymnastics and her body showed it with muscular legs, ass and visible six pack. Her breasts seemed to be budding faster than Barbara’s, but it may be due to the thinner frame.
The girls were all scantily dressed ready for the beach. I was driving with my arm around Tara and she fell asleep with her head on my chest. Taylor was laying against the door with her leg over Tara’s. This opened her legs to give me a nice view of her little biking covered crotch. Tianna and Anna wanted to be able to see out the front so they were sitting on a piece of luggage in the floor. I refocused the mirror so that I could see them as it was no use out of the back. The mirror was one of those that magnified everything so that you could see what was going on in the back. Both girls had denim miniskirts and I could see right up their skirts. Anna had some boy shorts style panties on and Tianna had a purple lace micro thong. It was an amazing view as her under butt framed her beautiful camel toe.
I thought that Tianna caught me looking s she crossed her legs and smiled. Then I noticed that when she opened back up her little pussy was eating her panties. I could even see a slick film on her labium and the material was getting wet as her legs opened even wider. Not having relieved myself yet my erection grew quickly up against Tara’s hand that was resting on my thigh.
We took a turn a little too fast with the camper being so top heavy swaying as I let off on the gas and I had to hit the brakes. The girls on the suitcase slouched forward and then fell back with their legs up in the air. I reached down to hold the sleeping Tara in place not realizing that my hand went down into her top until I could feel her nipple between my fingers. The motion also moved her hand on top of my erection. I felt her nipple then pulling my fingers out leaving my hand on her breast as she was not protesting in her sleep. Focusing on Tianna’s little show as she repositioned herself on the suitcase pulling her wet panties out of her pussy giving it full exposure before covering it back up. I almost ran off of the rode when she reached down running her finger through the middle of it recreating her camel toe situation. I didn’t even realize that I was drawing circles around Tara’s nipple making it rise with my forefinger. Her hand was now gripping my cock and I wondered if she was still sleeping.
Taylor woke up wanting something to drink. She turned looking over the seat bumping Tara moving her hand deeper into my lap so that her fingers were cupping my balls, which also jammed my hand so that my pinky was caught in her armpit with the rest groping her side boob. Taylor was bent over the seat while waiting for a drink and her bare ass was fully visible in the wide mirror. After hitting a couple of bumps Tara was once again holding my rod in her hand and my arm was trapped by Taylor with Tara’s breast in my hand when she woke up. She didn’t move at first until she noticed Taylor’s bare ass in the mirror. Tara “Taylor, you are showing everyone your ass through the windshield” laughing. Taylor whipped around with her ass rubbing against my arm pushing my hand harder onto Tara’s breast which after getting a good squeeze I pulled off moving it to rest on Taylor’s thigh.
“Sorry about that” I said to Tara.
“Sorry about what?” she asked as she looked up at me.
Her hand was still groping my erection and she did not move it until Taylor asked “Tara, what are you doing?” pointing at her hand.
Her face turned bright red as she gave it a tug and pulled her hand off “I am so sorry!” So I leaned over and kissed her on the head.
Taylor said “I want to sit in the middle” so she moved into Tara’s lap as they switched spots I positioned my hand so that Taylor sat on it as she positioned herself in the seat. She stayed on it for a minute and then leaned forward so that I could get it out. I put my arm around her as I had Tara and she took my hand pulling my arm from around her placing it in her lap with my hand between her lower thighs. “Did you really see my but?”
“Yep! Once of the sexiest ones I have seen” as I winked at her and squeezed her thigh.
“Really?” as she slapped my arm. I nodded my head yes.
She hugged my arm as we drove down the road putting her feet up on the bump of the transmission housing. My hand dropped to the seat between her legs and I could feel the heat of her crotch on my wrist. I still had complete view between Tianna’s legs and her labium was even more swollen. We pulled into the campsite and I had to use both hands my hand landing on Taylor’s crotch as she pulled my arm back down. I pushed against it as I moved it back onto the seat acting like nothing had happened. She never did take her eyes off of his erection.
As they stopped the women rolled out of the RV. Tara was not getting out fast enough so Taylor went to scoot out across my lap rubbing her ass across my erection. I grabbed her hips and held her there for a couple of seconds then helping her out the door. As I got out she jumped up on me kissing me and thanking me.
While the girls setup unloading the chairs and grill from the storage area I went in to change into my beach shorts. I was in between shorts when Tianna and Anna came out of the little bathroom in their little bitty bikinis. There was nowhere for me to go as they their mouths were wide open checking out my now semi erect hard on, which quickly grew to fully erect. Tianna brushed past me turning so that it rubbed against her thong covered ass as she placed her clothes on the back bed with her little panties on top. She tipped the clothes so that the panties fell to the floor bending down to pick them up with my cock still rubbing against her ass. It turned away and bumped into Anna whose face turned beat red. Tianna then bent t over handing me my beach shorts by hanging them on my erection.
She turned and smiled at me as watched her ass while she walked out. Before I could get my shorts on Barbara and Amy came running in stripping as they did. They were butt naked before they noticed me standing there and then they froze watching me pull my shorts up over my erection. Not caring at that point they continued getting their swimsuits on. I was amazed at how nice their bodies were. There was such a difference between the two with the muscular gymnast and the one with chubby baby fat.
They quickly exited and I turned seeing the clothes stacked on the bed. Tiana had laid her panties out so that I could see the wet crotch. I picked them up smelling the musky sweetness of her pussy. My raging hard on was not going to go away anytime soon as I sucked on the damp crotch dreaming of eating her beautiful little pussy. So I dropped my shorts and put my more compressing shorts on underneath them. I stepped out getting a wonderful view of Taylor’s amazing ass as she was bent over unfolding a chair. I got brave after having my hand under her ass and erection between her legs walking up and spanking her hard on her ass.
“Oh shit! Tony! That hurt! Look there is even a red mark from your hand.” She turned showing me her ass.
“Ah, want me to kiss the booboo and make it feel better?” She smiled bending over and I planted a big wet kiss on her red cheek.
Bailey went into the RC when he came out and had been in there a while when the other girls had run down to the beach. I pulled off my outer shorts to get wet and showered off to cool down and soften my erection in the cold beach shower. She had still not come out so I pulled the board shorts back on and went in to see if she was ok. Bailey was sitting on the couch crying, so I asked her what was wrong?
Bailey answered “It is too embarrassing. Don’t look at me!”
Her pert globes were heaving as she breathed heavily trying to stop crying. “Maybe I can help you. Just tell me what is wrong and let’s see.”
“Well, there are two things. My only swimsuit is the wrong size as it fits tight on my chest, but too loose on my bottom. So I keep popping out of the top and the bottom won’t stay up. Add to that the fact that I forgot to shave, so you can see it through and around my suit. Especially if it gets wet. I can’t look like this when the boys get here.”
“Well stand up and let’s see what we can do.”
“I don’t know, then you will be able to see everything.” She responded.
“Ok, look” I pulled the board shorts off and my trunks were semi-transparent from the shower “now we will be even.”
Bailey looked at the outline of my flaccid penis and smiled standing up “Ok, but no laughing!”
She held the bottoms up as he walked towards her “See, it is gross!”
“I don’t think so, but you are the one that needs to be comfortable.” She had a landing strip that poked out the sides and a shadow of short hairs covering her pubic region. It was actually a very sexy sight and her top popped up displaying the puffy nipples on her globes. As she frantically reached up to cover her breasts her bottoms fell to her knees leaving her fully exposed. So she turned around now showing her nice soft booty. I went up to her and pulled her thong bottoms up holding them while she fixed her top. “Ok, settle down. I think I can fix this.”
“Really? How?” she asked with hope in her eyes.
I pulled a pair of scissors out of the drawer cutting a small piece of the waist string and tying the pieces together while pulling it up tight against her mound. I rolled the waist a couple of times to make it seemingly fit better. I then cut the top straps in the middle between the two triangles covering her breasts adding what I had cut from the bottom. I had to hold the bottoms of her breasts while I worked and could see her puffy nipples now poking against the thin yellow material. Making me semi erect from the look and feel. She smiled as she noticed it when I stood up.
“Ok, well how is that?”
She smiled “That’s a lot better, but what about the hair?” as she shielded her crotch with her hands.
I held her hands pulling them away “Don’t you or one of the other girls have a razor and cream?”
“No, I already asked and they don’t as they all shaved before coming and we are only here for two days.” Tears starting to roll down her cheeks. She melted in my arms as a reached up wiping the tears from her face.
“Well, I think I have my electric one in my bag. Do you want to try it?” She nodded in acceptance.
I got my Braun trimmer out of my bag and handed it to her “be careful, it is pretty powerful.” She turned it on and it vibrated hard so she turned it off and handed it to me. “You want me to do it?” She nodded in embarrassment. “Do you want me to get one of the other girls, like your sister?”
“No way, that would be too embarrassing!” she pleaded.
I took her hand putting a towel under her and sitting her on the edge of the raised bed in the back. She laid down opening her legs “All of it or just trim around the suit?”
“Just try around the suit and let’s see from there.” She responded.
I pulled the suit so that it still covered her important parts, but exposed the sides of the labium. I was now once again fully erect. She let her legs hang off of the bed then I pulled a stool up and she placed them on my thighs. I got to work with my mouth just inches from her little pussy. I was sure that she could probably feel my hard warm breathing on it as I got started. I rested my hand on her mound as I worked the buzzing razor around her suit. I could feel the warmth grow as she got hotter from the touch and vibration. I went down the right side pulling on her labium to flatten it out as I shaved between it and her thigh. Her foot moved and was brushing against my erection as I could see her chest raising and lowering with deeper breaths as I went. I pulled back to get started on the other side and noticed how swollen she had become and a wet spot was being created in her suit. I then lifted her leg getting a small spot that I could not see before placing my finger down the middle of her little toe while using my thumb to pull the skin straight. She jumped a bit as I felt the tip of my finger brush her now swollen nub and the wet spot grew quickly. The smell of her sex juices was like flowers to my nostrils. I placed her foot back down and it landed on my erection. She left it there as I started on the other side now more deliberate with my touching. I kept my finger over the top of her nub while using the razor resting it against my finger. The vibration was getting to her as her crotch was now drenched with her wetness. I pulled her suit up even further splitting her pussy with her little puffy lips now blooming out the sides. Her foot now purposely rubbing my cock through my shorts.
Trying to break the tension I asked her “So are you expecting your boyfriend to come?”
“No, I don’t have a boyfriend right now.” She answered.
“Has a boy ever touched you here?”
“Yes, but not as good.. I mean like this. They really do not know what they are doing.” She said through heavy breath.
Her foot had now worked the tip of my cock out of the top of my shorts. I reached down pulling them further down so that most of the shaft was exposed. Her foot finding that and starting to move more frantically. I pulled on her labium again as I worked down again this time I hooked my thumb under the suit so that it was resting on her opening. Her foot work was now even more frantic as I made circular motions with my thumb. I pulled her knees up to her chest having her hold them as I shaved the little bit of her taint and butt crack. This pushed her pussy together like a wet peach. I ran my finger down through the triangle to pull it out of the way as I got to her anus. She jumped again as my finger crossed her tight anus. I rested my hand on her puffy mound placing the bussing razor on top of it.
As I pulled it off “Please no, please don’t stop!” So I opened her legs and pulling the suit to the side pushing my finger into her wet hole. “Oh gnnnood. Yes like that.” I couldn’t take it anymore opening them further and liking the juices from her wet pussy. I licked her swollen lips up to her little nub and started sucking it in and out of my mouth until she gushed in orgasm. As he was I pulled my cock out placing it against her nub reaching up to free her breasts as I massaged them sucking her bright pink puffy nipples until she started to orgasm again. She reached down grabbing my cock and rubbing it frantically against her pussy. All of the arousal had me close to climax as she tried pushing it into her love tunnel. “Please let me have it! I want it in me!” As I pushed the head between her wet swollen folds it felt amazing. I turned her over going down to lick her soft ass flicking my tongue on her anus then lining my cock up with her tunnel I worked the tip in and out again as she once again shuddered in orgasm the wetness allowing me to go deeper into her feeling my climax coming I pulled out holding her cheeks together and rubbing my cock between them until I covered her back and ass with my loads of semen. I used the towel to wipe off her back rolling her over and cleaning her juices from her pussy.
She then dropped to her knees in front of me licking my cock clean and sucking it back to life. I pulled my shorts up over my erection and we looked to see the coast was clear heading straight to the shower to wash off before the others came back. She kissed me and headed to the water.

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