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This is a true story, but not something that happened to me.
Part 1


Needless to say, Jamie was upset with her father. She had been more than two hours late getting home from school. When she came through the door, she flung her backpack toward the couch, missing it and hitting an end table. The result… the 114 year old Roseville lamp toppled to the tile floor, shattering into hundreds of pieces.

Yes… Don had screamed at her for destroying his grandmother’s lamp, as well as an antique clock he’d picked up at a garage sale. In anger, he jerked the backpack off the floor and threw at his daughter, hitting her directly in the chest and knocking her to the floor.
Don had badly bruised some ribs at the machine shop the previous week and had been home many more days that he’d like to have been, mostly lounging in his pajamas all day. He was still in some pain but his ribs were much better. However, he was NOT in a good mood. It would be another two weeks before he could return to work, and he was tired of Jamie’s smart mouth.

“You listen to me, you stupid little shit, you’re not going anywhere but taking your smart-alec ass upstairs to your room! If you come out before your mother gets home, I’ll drag you back up there and bust your ass ‘til the son-of-a-bitch is as red as that ugly lipstick you’re wearing. NOW GIT!!”

Jamie gave Don the finger as she picked up her backpack and rubbed her oversized breasts, “If you fucked up my tits, I’ll cut off your balls while you’re asleep, you bastard.”

Don took two quick steps toward her. She took the hint and ran up the steps, slamming the door behind her.

Five minutes later, he heard a loud knock on the door, followed by “Police! Open up!”

Don called out that he was coming and the officer waited until the door opened, “Are you Don Parker?”


“Is your daughter, Jamie, here?”


“We just got a call from her. She said you raped her.”

“Oh, you gotta be shittin’ me.”

“Nope, I ain’t shittin’ nobody. Where’s the girl?”

“I sent her smart little ass to her room… top of the stairs, first door on the right.”

“Sit on your couch and don’t move, I’ll be back…”

When the officer entered her room, Jamie was topless, rubbing lotion on her boobs, “See what he did? He beat my tits before he fucked me. Look…” She pushed her hand into her panties and brought two fingers back out with semen on them, “It’s cum… my own father’s cum. How can you let him stay here with me? He needs to be in jail.”

The officer thought her bold display was a little strange. He told her to dress in the same clothes she had been wearing and come downstairs, “Do NOT wash or even wipe that off your fingers. I’m going back to talk to your dad.”

After a short discussion and a few questions, Don asked, “How could have I raped her thirty minutes ago? Look at that broken clock. She broke it when she came through the door, eighteen minutes ago… EIGHTEEN MINUTES AGO! You’ve been here for ten of those. That only leaves eight minutes for me to have the argument, for me to rape her, for her make the 911 call and for you to get here. If that was cum she showed you, she got filled with it before she came home. You wanna take me in… fine. She’s gonna have to prove it’s my cum before any charges can be filed.”

The policeman warned Don not to leave the house and told Jamie she’d have to go to the hospital for a rape kit analysis, from which DNA would determine if her father had, indeed, emptied semen into her.
She quickly retracted her story, saying that she’d had sex with a neighbor before coming home.
The officer chewed her young ass out and threatened to file charges for a bogus 911 call and trying to file a false rape report. He advised her to return to her room and stay there, as her dad had instructed her to do. He told Don that, in his opinion, she could use a good spanking, even if it was now considered child abuse, “My dad whupped my ass twice in my whole life. That was all it took. Hope the rest of your day goes better, Mr. Parker.”

After sitting in his recliner for a few minutes, stewing over the incident, Don walked to the bottom of the stairs. He took each step slowly, contemplating what he was going to do when he reached the top. He turned her doorknob and stepped inside her room.
Her shower was running. He walked to the bathroom door and watched the young body through the frosted glass.
For the first time since Jamie had been born, Don wondered what it would be like to fuck her. She already said somebody had been. His cock began to strain at the fly of his pajama bottoms.

Don thought to himself, “You fuckin’ little slut. Which neighbor’s been pumping your pussy? I’ll find out sooner or later. That little bastard is going to answer to me. How long ago did you lose your cherry? Damn, I never realized how fuckin’ hot your teeny body is. I’d like to have my dick in you right now.”

He realized that he had unbuttoned his fly and was slowly stroking his shaft. At first, he considered going to his own bathroom and jack a load of jizz into the toilet. Then he thought…. “Why not? She already accused me and damn near had me arrested. She deserves getting raped, Goddammit.”

He took off his clothes and stood beside the door. He watched as Jamie stepped out of the shower and dried her luscious young body.

“God, no, I can’t do this,” his mind told him. Then, as she bent away from him to dry her toes, he saw her puffy cunt, nestled between those lovely legs, just under her little brown pucker. “Fuck, yes I can…”

He took one quick step and slapped her ass hard, causing her to gasp and jump. He grabbed her hair and dragged her to her own bed, throwing her across it on her stomach. Jerking her feet back and spreading her legs, he spat on his dick and positioned it against her hole. He paid no attention to Jamie’s screams of protest as he pushed forward. She tried to kick and wiggle to avoid his penetration, but to no avail. Even with sore ribs, her father’s strength was too much.

It took only three thrusts to bottom out in the young, tight pussy. Don was obsessed. He tugged at her waist as he fucked her hard, slamming into her depths mercilessly. His left hand slapped her ass with every push, making the girl cry even more.
His balls churned, his asshole began clenching, the small of his back started tingling… he let out a loud, “ARRRRRRRGH!!!” as his load of cum sprayed, again, and again, and again.
Her cunt got sloppy wet as sperm filled her and overflowed.

When he was finished, he pulled out and flipped her over, looking into her tear filled eyes, “Now you’ve been raped, Goddamn you. I’m not through, yet, either. Get your face down here and suck my cock clean.”


His right hand caught her left cheek, hard enough to flip her back onto her stomach. He grabbed her hair and jerked her off the bed, jamming his hard-on toward her face, “You’ll suck my fuckin’ dick, bitch. You’ll suck it as long as I want you to. If you bite it, I’ll tie your ass to the fuckin’ bed and pull every Goddamn tooth in your head OUT! NOW SUCK!!”

Don was impressed. It wasn’t Jamie’s first rodeo. She inhaled as much of his eight inches as she could. Between her skilled mouth and her hand, adept at the ‘stroke and twist’ action, it wasn’t long before Don felt himself ready to empty his nuts again, “I’m gonna cummmmm, Jamie! Swa.. swallow itttttt!”

Jamie sucked every drop down her long throat. Don heard her humming, ‘Mmm. Mmm. Mmm. Mmm’ as she, seemingly, enjoyed her task.

Calmly, Don told her to get back on the bed. He had her scoot as far up on her pillows as she could. She never protested nor tried to shield any part of her body… from his view or his touch. He gently rubbed his daughter’s tits, moved across her stomach and lower, resting a palm on her pubis. He began rotating his hand and inserted two fingers into her slit. It was messy, but he was about to take care of that.

Jamie’s neck arched as her father’s tongue slid against her clit, which extended, slightly, from its hood. As he licked, his fingers ‘danced’ inside her, on her g-spot. Even as mistreated as she had been, her horny young body was responding to Don’s ministrations. The fingers on his other hand took over her clit. As soon as his tongue entered her, she was wracked with her first orgasm. Pussy juice, mixed with his own cum, literally flowed from her body.

Her hands were pushing his head into her cunt. He was able to move his nose to her clit, leaving his tongue to lap up the tasty liquids.

“One more treat,” he thought… his index finger pushed against her asshole.

She drew a sharp breath and uttered a low, “Yessssss.. oh yeahhhhh. Mmmm.”

She bucked against his head and fingers for less than three minutes when she came again. This time she screamed, “Oh, Daddy! Oh, God yesss, Daddy! Shiiiiiiiiiiiittt.. that’s sooooo good, soooo good, soooo gooooooood!”

“I’m getting’ hard again, baby girl. You want it this time, or am I gonna have to take it again?”

Jamie’s hand squeezed the rising cock and begged her daddy, “Oh, my God, Daddy.. this is the biggest dick I’ve ever seen. Please, please fuck me again. Mr. Franklin’s only good for one time every couple of days. Today it took him an hour and a half before he finally shot his load. I’m kinda sick of that old man, but he gives me a hundred dollars each time. Now, c’mon, fuck me, please.”

Jamie had a total of seven orgasms before Don shot his hot, sticky cum into her the second time, “Three loads in one day… pretty good for an old man, I’d say.”

Jamie was so worn out she could only nod her head. Father and daughter lay side by side for nearly an hour, talking very little. They explored each others’ bodies with hands and mouths.

Finally, Don spoke, “You gonna be late, coming home from school tomorrow?”

Jamie pulled her daddy’s lips to hers, kissed him soundly and replied, “Daddy, I never had a clue I’d love your dick in me. I’m so sorry I’ve been such a bitch. My God, that has to be the best sex a girl could ever want. If it’s okay with you, I think I’ll play hooky tomorrow. Will you call in for me?”

“Nope, not tomorrow. Your mom will be home tomorrow, packing for her trip to your Aunt Jane’s. I think you’ll probably be sick and have to stay home all next week, though, how does that sound?”

Part 2

Don washed his genitals and made his way downstairs. He was in the kitchen, opening a can of soup, when his wife, Josie, came through the back door.

“Sorry supper’s not ready, yet. I went to sleep and Jamie woke me up when she came in. Soup and salad okay?”

“Yeah…. I guess so,” she responded, but not very enthusiastically, “I just wanna get a little something on my stomach and go to bed. My ass is worn out, this evening.”

Don thought to himself, “If you’d been fucking your daughter for the last couple of hours, over and over, THEN your ass would be worn out.”

Jamie made her appearance when Don was spooning the soup into bowls. She griped about not having meat or something really creamy to eat. Her mother didn’t catch the implication, nor did she see the quick wink and smiles between daddy and daughter.

As soon as supper was over, Josie went to bed while Don and Jamie cleaned up the kitchen, “Sneak upstairs and check on your mom, Honey. If she’s sleeping good, we need to have a serious talk… in the basement, understand?”

Of course Jamie understood. The basement was the family’s guest room, complete with a queen bed and a third bathroom. She disappeared from the kitchen in seconds. When she reappeared, she was naked, “Yep, Mom’s asleep, race you down the stairs..”

No holds were barred as father and daughter stroked and stoked, sucked and fucked each other’s pole and hole. They played porn DVDs while trying crazy things neither of them had dreamed of doing, at least not with each other.

At one point, Don watched her suck his dick, which was covered with a mixture of cum and shit slime, from the hard ass-fucking he’d given her. He, in turn, lapped up the residue directly from its source, her asshole.

Finally satiated, they managed to clean up their mess and make their way to their own beds.

Friday was uneventful until Josie had gone to sleep. Once she was declared ‘out for the count’ Don and Jamie spent a couple of hours in the basement, enjoying each other in total bliss.

A Saturday morning piss-hard was in Don’s hand when he awoke. Josie was still sleeping, but beginning to rouse a little. What better thing to with a stiff dick, but stick it in the naked woman beside you?

He slipped into her cunt from the backside easily enough, but after the first couple of minutes, Josie came fully awake, “Wait, Don. Not right now. Oh, shit… I didn’t realize it was as late as it is; I have to go in to work for a couple hours this morning. Sorry, honey, maybe later?”

As she took a quick shower, Don pissed and jerked off… thinking about his daughter, sleeping in the room across the hall, “As soon as she walks out the door, I’m gonna be pounding that girl’s pussy again”… he did, too.

Later that day, Josie told them that she’d be leaving for her sister’s house that same evening, rather than wait until Sunday, since her bags were already packed and loaded into her SUV. She didn’t even notice that neither Don nor Jamie had any kind of protest at all, “But, Jamie darling, would you please catch up on the laundry for me? I just took my work clothes to the basement and noticed things are piling up down there. It’ll just be two or three loads, okay?”

The minute Josie’s car left the driveway, Jamie was already sucking Don into a hard-on, “This load is for my tummy, Dad. We’ll have a week to keep my cunt filled.”

After the blow job, father and daughter descended the stairway to the basement. As Jamie sorted the clothes, she discovered her mother’s soiled panties, “Why, you ol’ stinker, you. I’m jealous,” she teased.

“Jealous of what, puss?”

“You managed to get some of my joy juice into Mom this morning, you two-timer.”


“Yeah, here you are, only been fucking my brains out for a little over two days and you’re already cheating on me. You’re a bad boy and I think I’ll have to cut you off… at least until you get hard again, unless you want to eat me or something.”

“What the hell are you talking about?”

“Yeah, don’t play innocent with me, Romeo. I just found fresh cum in Mom’s panties. It’s proof… you’re already getting bored with me and fucking another woman… Poor me… oh, what should I do?”

Don snatched the panties from Jamie’s hand and examined them. The mess was too thick and sticky to be vaginal juice, which sometimes gets leaked by an over excited pussy.
It was cum, sperm, jizz, man cum… man cum.

“Had to work for two hours this morning?” he thought, “leaving a day early for Jane’s place? I’ll be damned. My wife’s been cheating. She’s been fucking another man behind my back. I’ll be Goddamned. Well, I have all the pussy a man could want standing right in front of me. I don’t need that whore any more, I have my own and she’ll do it all… anything my fuckin’ heart or my cock wants. Fuck you, Josie. You’ll never set foot in this house again.”

Part 3

Jamie scurried up the stairs when she and Don heard Josie’s car pull up into the driveway. Even though the two had not worn a stitch of clothing for the last eight days, he still watched her lithe body until she disappeared. Quickly, he tied a robe over his own nakedness and waited beside the door.
“Hi Honey, did you miss me? Where’s Jamie?”

“At a friend’s house. I need you to do something for me.”

She made an attempt to kiss her husband on the cheek, but Don dropped his head, making a pretense of needing to scratch his foot.

“Oh… sure, Honey. What does my baby need?”

“Take your clothes off.”

“Now? Did you miss me so much you want some right now?”

“Right now… take ‘em off.”

“Well, I need to clean up a little first. It’s been a long drive and it’s very warm… and I’m kinda sweaty…”

Don reached out, grabbed her hair and jerked her to the floor, “I’m not telling you again, you take your fucking clothes off, now.”

“Goddamn it, Don, what the hell are you doing? What’s gotten into you?”

Don picked her up by the fabric of her blouse, and ripped it off. Although her tits were still firm, she never left home without wearing a bra… but this time, no bra.
He pinched one of her nipples and asked, “Where’s your bra?”

“OUCH! STOP IT, DAMN IT! I didn’t wear one today, it was too hot! Now you tore my fucking blouse! What the fuck?”

Gripping the waistband of her shorts, he jerked the belt loose and popped the button out of its hole. Josie was screaming and kicking as he pulled the zipper down and discovered she had no panties on, either.

“Stop it, Don! You better stop it or I’ll call the fucking police!”

He saw the wet spot in the crotch of her shorts. He picked her up and threw her on the couch. His hands forced her legs apart and he jammed two fingers into her cunt, finding it wet with semen… the ‘other’ man’s semen.
“YOU BITCH! YOU FUCKING WHORE OF A BITCH! Jane told me you left her house yesterday. It only takes five hours to drive home so where did you go? To another man’s bed, BITCH? Before I kill you, you’ll tell me who the bastard is, by God.”

He dropped her leg and his mind blocked out all the noise of her screams and pleas. His robe fell to the floor, cock pointing at his unfaithful wife, “Turn over, whore, and get on your knees.”

She kicked and refused but it was all for not. He flipped her over and jerked her ass toward him. Jamie had already coated his dick with Vaseline, in anticipation of the show she was now watching from the top of the stairway.
One slight push was all it took for the purple head to pop inside the tight ass. After a couple of slow, easy pushes, he rammed her hard… sinking in until his balls slapped her pussy.

Josie could never remember such pain and degradation, but her loud protestations fell on deaf ears. Don was obsessed and pounded her harder than she had ever experienced before. It only took about six or seven minutes of painful hell before he filled her bowels. When he pulled away, the enema of baby batter began seeping out of her open hole.

Don twisted another hand full of hair and puller her face to his, “Who is it? Tell me who’s been fucking the pussy I’ve been providing for, for almost twenty years?”

“I’m not saying anything you mother fucker. Turn me loose.”

He reached under her jaw bone, his big hand spanning all but a couple of inches around her neck. He lifted her face even with his own, “You have five seconds to tell me who you’ve been fucking, or I’ll snap your Goddamn neck.”

“Danner,” her voice strained, “my boss, Bill Danner… and Eddie Finch.”

She fell into a heap, gasping for air. Don slipped his robe back on and told her, “All your clothes and other shit is packed in boxes and stacked in the garage. You call my old friend, Eddie, and your fucking boss, Danner. You tell them to get their asses over here right now and bring their pickups. If they don’t get all your crap out of here, I’ll call their wives.
There’s a room reserved for you at the Samaritan for one week. If you ever try to come here again, I’ll kill you as an intruder. Jamie can call you if she wants, but don’t you call here for anything.”
By the hair, he pulled her to her feet, “Don’t even think of fucking with me, Josie. I could go to jail for the rest of my life, but you’ll never see it from the graveyard, understand?”

Fifteen minutes later, Don watched as the stack of boxes and small furniture items, along with bags full of clothes, were loaded. At one point, Eddie Finch, his friend of twenty-four years tried to approach him. Don silently picked up his 12 gauge shotgun and pointed it at the man.
Eddie took the hint and turned away.

An hour later, as they sat in the kitchen, Jamie spoke, “Dad?”


“I love Mom and I’ll miss her, but I understand. I fingered myself to two orgasms as I watched you rape her ass. Guess I must be one sick fucked up bitch, huh? I know it’s gonna be hard on you, too.” She snickered at the thought of saying ‘hard on’, “Would a blow job make you feel better?”


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