Shopping for a surprise toy for her ends up surprising him.
I was leaving on a week long business trip to Seattle so my girlfriend and I had decided that we leave each other a surprise sex toy gift before we left. She was a nurse and was working twelve hour shifts so by the time I came home from work the night before I was to leave she had already left and my flight was early in the morning so we wouldn’t be seeing each other before I left. I t worked out well so that we could leave each other our gifts and we wouldn’t see each other until I got back. My gift was lying on our bed next to a digital video camera and note that simply read:

‘Have a fun week in Seattle with your new toy. Film yourself for me before you leave so that I can enjoy my toy while watching you enjoy yours. Love ya, Steph’

I smiled and picked up her gift. It was a masturbation toy. Something to slide around my penis shaped like a tiny ass with a tiny, lifelike, stretchable anus. The packaging promised me that it would be the tightest hole that I would ever feel. My cock was becoming aroused just thinking about it. Resisting the temptation to use it right away, I hopped in the shower to prepare myself for my own trip to the adult store and get my girlfriend something to satisfy her.
When I got to the store I parked towards the back of the lot near a beat old van and since it was dark outside already my car was well hidden so as not to be recognized. I strolled into the store and wandered around a bit checking out the merchandise. I checked out some dirty mags before continuing on my sex toy mission. There seemed to be a million choices. Vibrators, dildos, vibrating dildos, crazy shaped dildos, anal toys. Everything imaginable. I settled on a regular dildo, specifically the Realistic 8” black cock. It looked huge and I could barely contain the thoughts of Stephanie using it on herself. I moved on to the lubes, reading the packaging of the dong as I went and walked straight into three large black men. I looked up at them and muttered a quick apology. The tallest of the three stared back at me and then down at my soon to be purchase. I immediately blushed.
“It’s not for me.” I blurted it out and immediately wished I had said nothing and had just pushed past them toward the lubrication aisle. The tallest one again smirked at me and then actually laughed out loud. The others followed with their chuckling and then moved past me and out of the way. I was so embarrassed and couldn’t believe my sheepish reaction to this man’s accusing gaze. It wasn’t his business what I was buying or who it was for. What should I care what they thought anyway? I moved on to the lubes and tried to dismiss the whole event. I picked out a large bottle of gel lubrication and made my way to the counter to cash out. After my product was bagged I left and made my way to the back of the lot towards my car. My peripheral vision caught sight of the three black men walking towards me. I walked a little brisker towards my car, taking out the keys as I did so. I couldn’t really tell how close they were to me but I didn’t dare chance to look over my shoulder. When I got to the car I fumbled nervously through my keys just trying to get the right one. The men drew nearer and then they were right behind me. My keys flopped uselessly in my hands. Then I heard the van next to me open a door and relief swarmed over me. They were just going to their car not stalking me.
“So you like black dick?” They laughed.
I didn’t acknowledge them, just kept trying desperately to jam the right key into the lock. A dark hand grabbed my wrist and pulled it away from the door, causing me to drop my keys. I dropped my recent purchase to the ground and freed my hand from its grasp and spun around trying to appear angry through the racing fear shooting through me.
“Look, I’m not gay and this is a present. I told you that it wasn’t for me. It’s none of your damn business so leave me the hell alone.”
I turned, intending to bolt back towards the store, towards the light but found myself struggling against two muscular, much larger than I, black men. They grabbed my arms tightly and pinned me against my car, nearly knocking the wind out of me. The third man pulled a knife and jammed it up into my crotch causing me to stand on my toes to avoid laceration. His face was just inches from mine and his lips curled at the edges to form a sneer.
“Where you think you goin’ white man? Are you so ashamed of buying a black cock that you can’t look a black man in the eye? Answer me!”
“N-n-no.” I sputtered. He stared at me, holding the knife to my balls for another minute before withdrawing the weapon. I eased a bit but only enough to rest on my full feet. My heart was racing and my breathing was uneasy.
“Let’s see what you’ve got here then.” He bent over and picked up the dropped bag. Reaching in, he pulled out the boxed dildo. He looked it over quickly and then reached in for the bottle of lubrication. “You fuckin’ fag. An 8” realistic black cock. Huh. Let’s see what it looks like.”
He ripped open the packaging and a monstrously large black dildo spilled into his large hands. He turned it in his hands, half examining, half not giving a damn. For a moment a grin spread on his face. He finally looked at me.
“What you think white man? Look realistic to you?”
All I knew at that moment was that I was in a really bad situation. I’d had a knife held to my balls, I was pinned against my own car and now I was discussing the realistic qualities of a dildo. I was in big trouble and in shock. I couldn’t even talk so I didn’t reply. That was when I felt like I’d been smacked across the side of my head with a bat. It turned out to be the dong and before I even realized I’d just been slapped with a rubber dildo it came again across the other side of my face. My head was filled with pain instantly. My sight was briefly filled with brilliant white dots that faded quickly and I was staring in the face of my tormentor.
“Answer me! Does this look real to you?” He held the dildo in front of me.
“Y-YES. Yes.” I began to cry.
“It does? Thought you weren’t a fag? How would you know what a black man’s cock looks like? Ever seen a real one?”
“Well then, it’s your lucky day, white man.” He unzipped his pants and pulled out his dick.
“Come on, now. Look at it.”
I looked down at this sicko’s cock and believe that it was semi erect and easily the size of the dong he held. He had a fat mushroom head that was partially covered and accented by a dark chocolate fore skin. It was real thick already and I didn’t want to think of what it would look like when it was fully erect.
“Now tell me, does this fake dick look like the real thing? Does it look realistic?” He held the dong next to his bobbing flesh. I sat a moment speechless at the size of both of these dicks. “Do you need another slap across the head?” He raised the dong.
“So?” He placed the fake cock next to his own again.
“Uh..sort of..yea…no..” I fumbled for words.
“What’s the difference? Tell us the difference.”
Humiliated I described his actual penis to the rubber one.
“No foreskin on the rubber one. The rubber one has a shiny-ness to it. Yours is darker. Yours will be bigger.”
“Thanks for the observation. Do you think they feel the same?”
“No.” This was going to a bad place fast.
“How would you know unless you’re a faggot?” He taunted me.
“I’ve felt my own. It’s skin.” I couldn’t believe this asshole.
“But have you felt a black man’s dick?”
“No.” I said weakly.
“Well, feel this rubber thing first, then mine, and then tell me how realistic or not your dildo feels. Ty.”
The man holding onto my right arm, apparently named Ty, let go of it slowly while the man on my left side continued to keep a firm grip onto my arm, slightly twisting it enough to cause some pain to shoot up and down it. I reluctantly reached out for the dildo and wrapped my hand around its cold unfeeling shaft, dreading the thought of having to feel the real thing.
“Stroke it. Caress it. Feel the balls. Come on now.” The leader chided.
Ashamed, I started jerking off the rubber dick. I felt the balls and slid my hand around its head. I pumped the shaft the best I could, my hand continuously skidding against the cold rubber skin. My mind raced for some kind of exit strategy. This wasn’t going to stop a hand job and I tried not to think what else was going to happen to me.
“That’s it. Feel it real good. Jerk it off fast. Yeah, now pump it slow. Look at your handjob, you’re a natural at this. I knew you liked dick. Have you had a good feel because it’s time to compare it to the real thing?”
He grabbed my hand and pulled it towards his dick. My heart pounded as I wrapped my hand around his rod. The heat from his cock penetrated my hand. Was this really happening to me?
“Now that feels real different, doesn’t it?” I nodded my head to agree. “Why don’t you feel me like you felt that fake thing and describe what’s so ‘realistic’ about the real thing. Oh, and please, stare at my dick the whole time.”
I started to slowly stroke his meat and his semi began to grow. The blood was pumping hard through his dick. My hand at first could circle his thickness but now I couldn’t even hold it completely around. I slid my hand up and down his shaft slowly, not believing the girth and weight of this monster.
“I don’t hear you speaking, white.”
“Um… is hot. I mean a lot of heat. The rubber was cold and unreacting…please do I…”
“Keep going, you’re getting me even harder. And please, don’t call it a penis. Use something dirty.”
“ is thicker…and it…uh…feels,” I was crying again. “It feels..soft…the rubber was hard to play with…your dick…is uh…please sir…”
“More, tell me it’s beautiful. Tell me you love it. Keep talking about it till I tell you to shut up.” Again with that grin.
“Your cock is beautiful…um…and.. I it..I-I mean love to look at it…it’s the biggest pen…cock I’ve ever seen. I love to stroke it and play with it and to feel your balls. The head is so…large. Like a lollipop or mushroom.”
I went on over and over complimenting this man’s manhood, the whole time stroking it. I swirled his bulbous head in the palm of my hand. I gently massaged his balls. He gave out little moans once in awhile and I was beginning to think that all I would have to do is get this guy or these off with my hand and then I would be released. It was just at that hopeful moment that he removed my hand and Ty quickly pushed me back against my car.
“I’m not convinced that you know the difference between this here real cock and this fake one. Do you think perhaps that they smell the same?” He continued his game, which quickly took a wrong turn. I just looked down and answered a meek no, knowing what was coming next.
“How would you know? Have you ever smelled a black man’s dick?”
“No. Please, I’m begging. I have money, please.” This time my pleas and whining were answered with a swift blow to the gut and my lungs were left gasping for air and I fell on my knees clutching my stomach.
“It would be in your best interest to shut up and answer the questions. Now, have you smelled a black man’s dick?”
I gasped out a quick no as I stared at the pavement beneath me. The leader grabbed my hair and pulled my head so that I was looking at him. His dick loomed inches away from. His partners pinned me by holding my arms above my head and pressing their boots on top of my folded under me legs.
“What does this smell like?”
He held the rubber phallus beneath my nose and rubbed it back and forth across my shut mouth and face. It of course smelled like rubber and nothing else. He put the balls beneath my nose and let the dong spring against my forehead. I answered him as he continued to rub the dong against my face.
“Do you think that’s very realistic to you?”
“No.” I knew that he was going to ask me how I would know and that was exactly what he did. He grabbed my head and pushed it towards his crotch. Knowing that my resistant was worthless at this point, I showed no resistance. His fleshy cock pressed against my face. He ordered me to sniff and smell his cock and balls and to get used to the scent because it was going to be in my nose all night long. He pressed into me, my back and head coming to rest against the rear car door. I couldn’t hold my breath any longer so I smelled his intruding manhood. It smelled like sweat and a little piss but nothing putrid. He was clean and I knew this because I could smell a faint aroma of soap. He rubbed his cock over my entire face. His dick left a trail of pre-cum on my eyelids and cheeks. He pulled his foreskin completely back to reveal his enormous head, making me revel in it and compliment it. As with the dong, he placed his balls under my nose and slapped my forehead with his rod. His aroma filled my nose and soon I could smell nothing but him. With his big hands, he stuffed my nose it his pubic hair, grinding his aroma into me. He finally backed off and knelt before me.
“I’m guessing that since you’ve never smelled a black dick that you’ve never tasted one. Before the real thing, though, I want you to suck on this.” He held the dong towards my mouth. “Open wide.”
I parted my lips slightly but he grabbed my hair and stuffed the head of the rubber dong into my virgin mouth. I weakly struggled and gave in quickly as he pressed the dildo into my mouth. I couldn’t figure how much he would continue to press into me but there was no way that I could take eight inches of solid rubber into my mouth. I started to moan anxiety as the phallus engulfed my mouth. I didn’t even think that I could open my mouth any wider. He pushed passed the head, widening my gaping mouth to its limits. The head started to press against the back of my throat and I tried to scream, only to be muffled. My eyes were wide open with fear begging for mercy. He continued further exploration of my throat by pressing more firmly on the back of the fake dick. By now I was gagging and my air was firmly cut off by the rubber intruder and just about when I thought I would pass out my captor withdrew the cock enough to allow me to get a breath. This is when he just started to fuck my mouth ferociously, pumping the dildo quickly in and out of my mouth. He would pull it completely out and before I could shut my mouth he was jamming it back in. The three men laughed and encouraged my facial raping. Drool spilled down my chin and a wet slurping noise followed all of the frantic dong thrusts.
“Well, now that you’ve have the lean, let’s try the bacon.”
The dong was taken away and he let go of my hair, standing at attention before me, both him and his cock. It was definitely bigger than the dong and now it was fully erect and looking ready to burst. He neared me, pointing his monstrosity at my mouth. My first taste of real cock was seconds away and there was nothing I could do to stop it from happening. That mushroomed head pressed against my slightly parted lips. He ordered me to suck on his head like a lollipop, to lick like a big black sucker. I stuck my tongue out and was shocked at the salty pre-cum oozing from its slit. I was repulsed but had to continue. I licked up his pre-cum, starting from underneath the head and up his slit. My tongue swirled around his knob and then, with reluctance I opened my mouth wide and put my mouth around his fat head. Just his head felt like it took up my whole mouth. I gently began to suck on it, like a sucker, as he requested, a moan escaping from him. Without warning, he pulled out of my mouth with a loud audible pop. It was crazy, all I could think of was that stupid lollipop song and those stupid kids from Stand By Me making that popping noise.
“Boys, let him go. He’s not going to try anything stupid now. Are you?”
“No.” I replied.
“And please address me as Black Master when you answer me.” He waited for me to repeat my answer.
“No Black Master.”
This humiliation was burning me up. My face, if you could have seen it in that darkened parking lot, was bright red. I still couldn’t help the tears running down my face. The huge black cock loomed before me and being free of my captors grasp made me feels too accepting of my assault. I was just sitting there, on my knees, leaned up against my own car, waiting for what was to come next.
“Now, use your hands while you lick my shaft. Feel my balls, feel my meat. Show it love.”
“Yes…Black Master.”
I sobbed as I reached up and grabbed the base of his cock with one hand and felt his sack with the other. With my tongue, I started to lap at his oversized dick like I was a dog licking his master’s face or hand.
“That’s it. Lick it up boy. Make my cock glisten with your spit.”
I ran my tongue under the whole length of his shaft several times, moving his meaty dick around so I could get the top and sides. His blood pumped with the rhythm of his heartbeat and thick veins popped out and weaved themselves around his rod. I had no idea what he wanted so I just tried my to coat him with my saliva the best I could. My tongue swirled around his gigantic head and then down the top of his meat to its hairy base and back around to the other side. From the edge of my vision I could see the other two men rubbing their crotches, one of them unzipping his fly and beginning to pull out his own well endowed piece of action.
“Put those balls in your mouth. Both of them. And be careful how you treat them.”
Moving underneath him, I stared at his hanging sack and couldn’t believe that I was about to have these two hanging nuts into my mouth. I opened up as far as I could and gently inserted that dreadful scrotum into my mouth, massaging them gently with my tongue. The heat emanating from them filled my once nut sack virgin mouth with warmth. He grabbed hold of his dick and gently bounced it off the ridge of my nose and forehead, occasionally moaning as he did so.
“Now these balls feel much more real than those fake ones you bought, don’t they?” He taunted me, knowing I had his balls resting on my tongue. “Look at me and answer me, white man. Say ‘Yes, Black Master.’ But don’t you dare think of taking those balls out of your pretty mouth.”
I leaned my head back as far as I could, my mouth gaping and full of balls, his cock resting between my eyes. Of course my reply came out as nothing more than a muffled jumble of incomprehensible garble. I could barely move my mouth with its new occupancy. My saliva was pooling up quickly because I was afraid to swallow. My nose drew in quick, frightened breaths, taking in more of his sex smell with every draw. He gave me a wicked smile.
“Come now, there’s no need for tears. You’ll get what you came here for soon enough. Now let’s get these tears wiped away. Help me out boys.”
He looked to his friends and they stepped up to us. I realized that both of them had their dicks in their hands. Circling around me now, they started rubbing their hard cocks on my face, wiping away my tears. In fact, I began to cry more but it didn’t deter their efforts. They placed their dicks on top of my eyes and then would rub down my cheeks. They teased me with statements of sympathy while slapping their meat on my face. Their leader insisted that I continue to make eye contact with him and if I left his gaze for one second he would harshly rap me in the head with his shaft. My drool was running out of the corners of my mouth as I thoroughly coated his nuts with spit.
I began to feel that the longer I cried, the longer I would have to deal with this whole situation so with all the effort within me, I relaxed. Well, I relaxed the best a man could with a set of balls in his mouth and three cocks assaulting your face. My tears dried up relatively quickly and my new master took notice.
“Now, there you go. Now you can get what you came for. Would you like that? This big fat dick in your mouth?”
Again, I replied through my spit and ball filled mouth. He instructed me to take them out and answer again. The other two men backed away.
“Yes Black Master.” I stared up at him.
“Open that pussy mouth of your as wide as you can.”
I did just that and he approached with his monster aimed directly at my gaping mouth. His head touched my bottom lip and he pushed forward, stretching my lips around his rod. My jaw was stretched open as far as it could, his massive shaft engulfing my entire mouth. He had barely penetrated my oral cavity and I thought there would be no way for me to take much more. Still, he crammed forward, grinning wildly as he did so. I tried backing off but my head came to rest on the car door. Instinctively I pushed against his legs to get him to back off but it was no use. My position gave me little leverage to fight back against his strong hips and legs. He grabbed onto my hair and pushed his dick into me even farther, the tip of his cock reaching the back of my throat, cutting off my air supply and choking me. I started gagging around his cock, spit sputtering out of the corner of my mouth. He was going to kill me. Panic stricken, I struggled against him. Only half of his hard on was inside of me and he was determined to make me take it all. My vision blurred as my eyes teared up, my throat making horrible heaving noises around his dick. And then without warning, he pulled out of me and left my gaping mouth empty. He let go of my hair and my body collapsed on the ground. I dry heaved uncontrollably as spit drooled out of my mouth. He dragged me back to my knees by pulling on my hair and once again positioned his cock towards my raped mouth.
“Not bad, average. Not many bitches can take a dick like this but you did alright. We can work on it later but now I have to get my nut off, I’m done with this teasing.”
He forced his dick back into my mouth and started fucking the hell out of me, jamming as much as he could with every furious thrust of his hips. My sore throat gagged with each penetration. I caught quick breaths through my nose every time he withdrew, wondering if I’d pass out before he was finished with me.
Finally, after what felt like hours, he started moaning loudly, almost yelling. His cock pounded into my mouth and as he neared climax I could actually feel him grow harder. Just when I thought he’d come down my throat, he pulled out and shot a hot, creamy load of come into my open mouth. He grabbed hold of his cock and pumped another warm load onto my face. A third splattered me on my chin and dripped down onto my clothes.
The entire time, I never once lost contact with his eyes, even while he shot his cum on my face. Likewise, he never left my unwillingly devoted stare, making sure I wouldn’t falter in my submission. But now, as he pumped his remaining semen onto my face, he broke our gaze and his face lit up. It was a moment before I understood that it was really lit up with someone’s flashlight.
“What’s going on back there?” It was the store clerk. I was saved.
“Nothing sir, just shootin’ the shit.” The rapist above me yelled back.
The store attendant couldn’t see me from his position. I was on my knees, hidden by my own car. I tried to give a cry for help but my sore, raped throat just croaked weak plea. I drew in a deep breath and prepared to bellow out but as soon as I opened my mouth a softening, cum oozing dick filled its emptiness. I tried to yell anyway. What came out was loud enough for the clerk to here but wasn’t in any way comprehensible. My captor pushed forward, his cock limp enough now to completely stuff his whole self into me. His balls actually rested on my chin and his pubic hair tickled my nose.
“You better shut the hell up!” He seethed through his teeth.
The clerks footsteps started moving closer to our group. The two other men stuffed their wanting cocks back into their pants but the leader left his dick sitting in my mouth. The clerk’s footsteps came closer and I could tell he was rounding the front of the car, but at a good safe distance. There was still hope for me. The flashlight shined onto the four of us. Three large black men and one smaller white dude with a re-stiffening dick stuffed in mouth and a cum splattered face. Surely he could get me some help.
“You fuckin’ homos can’t do that shit in the parking lot. Get the fuck outta here before I call the police. Go on.”
He trained the flashlight specifically on my face for a few moments. I tried begging him with my eyes but I’m sure the drying come and semi in my mouth were not entirely convincing him that I was in trouble. He turned and walked back towards the building, yelling once more for us to move on.
The dick in my mouth was again removed from my mouth and my Black Master slapped me repeatedly across the face several times with it, splattering his seed everywhere. Once finished with that bit of humiliation, he raised his large black hand and smacked me hard across my face. He did the same for the other cheek.
“You almost blew it bitch. Now get your white ass into the van.”
He picked up my keys from the ground and pocketed them. He opened the side door of the van while his cohorts roughly lifted me up and shoved me in the vehicle. They followed and closed the door behind them. The leader grabbed the dildo and lubrication and rounded the front of the van, entering the vehicle behind the driver’s wheel. He threw the sex toy into the passenger seat and started the van.
“Please, where are you taking me?”
“Don’t ask questions, bitch.” I was slapped in the face again and shoved to the floor.
“Give me your wallet, bitch. And don’t forget to call me by my proper name.”
“Yes Black Master.” I handed over my wallet to the driver.
He shuffled through it quickly, taking my money and all my cards. He examined my license closely.
“316 Wood Grove Circle. Is that where you live…John M. Stewart.”
He adjusted the rear view mirror so that he could see me without turning around. His eyes danced wildly. My thoughts started to reel. We couldn’t go back to my place.
“No..please don’t…we can’t” I was crying again and this time he turned completely around to address me.
“Oh yes we can, slave. And we are and tonight you will be our little white whore slave. Men, he’s got a hot, pussy mouth to play with but leave that ass alone for now.”
He turned back around, threw on the headlights and jammed the van into gear. His partners once again released their raging hard-ons from their pants and surrounded me. I was in big trouble and this was going to be a painfully long night.


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