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I return for a weekend with Bill
This is the sequel to “Husband's assistant”, “Husband's assistant 2”and “Husband's assistant 3”.

I suggest that you read those first.

When Andrew and I got back from the Gold Coast after securing Bill's signature on Andrew's contract, I started to think about how I would be spending my visits to Bill. All I knew was that there would be a lot of sex involved, which,of course, suited me fine.

I guessed that I would be naked often and so I decided that, to look my best naked, I wanted a good, all-over suntan so I spent all my weekends naked by our pool. I also gave up wearing my rings because I didn't want the white rings around my finger when I took them off.

Of course my husband, Andrew, and our neighbours, Sarah & Ken and Wendy & Les liked sharing the pool-side experience with me, and they were very welcome. We swapped partners a lot; I especially liked when I had Andrew in my cunt, Ken in my arse and Les down my throat.

Wendy and Sarah already knew the details of the first time that Fred fucked me (with Andrew fucking my arse). Now they wanted to hear the details of my first time with Bill. When I had told them all that there was to tell I started to tell them about how I used to pick up men in bars. They acted shocked but they still wanted to hear all the details.

One month after my first trip to the Gold Coast, I was arriving back at Mascot Airport after spending my first weekend with Bill.

I was dressed in the clothes that I had worn for the trip north: a full length skirt, gilt leather sandals, and a tiny bikini top with no shoulder straps. On both sides the skirt was split right up to the waist band which meant that when I stood still it appeared quite modest but when I was walking the full length of my tanned legs were on display.

I felt proud of my appearance in this outfit. The skirt and top were a bright yellow which contrasted nicely with my dark tan.

“My god, Vera, you look stunningly beautiful in that outfit and you look very happy. I can't wait to here the whole story.”

Then Andrew kissed me and held me for longer than seemed normal for a greeting in an airport terminal.

“Yes, Andrew I had a great weekend and I hope that you will enjoy hearing about it.”

While we waited for my bag to reappear I started to tell Andrew:

When Bill met me at the airport I told him, “I know that you said no bra or panties and my bikini top is like a bra, but I hoped that you would like the way I look. It shows off my body better than any other top could. What do you think?”

“If I told you take it off, would you?”

I grinned. “Yes, of course. Whenever I am with you I am your sex slave and must do whatever you order me to do. However I hope that you won't make me take it off, until we are safely out of here.”

“OK. Take it off as soon as we are in my car. Oh! And yes. You really do look exceptionally beautiful dressed like that.” And he kissed me.

As soon as I was in his car I took off my tiny top and put it on the seat beside me. He drove for about 20 minutes before turning into the parking area of a large apartment complex. He got out and came to my door and held it open for me.

I went to put my top back on but he shook his head at me, so I left it in his car and got out topless. He walked me with his arm around my waist into the building, up in the lift to the top floor and into a magnificent apartment. As we passed a few people saw us and grinned. No one seemed shocked that I was topless, or that my skirt was split all the way to the top.

“Vera. These are my best friends, Len and Eleanor. Len, Eleanor, meet Vera.”

“Wow. Bill, you told us that she was beautiful. She's magnificent. Vera, welcome to our home.”

And he pulled me against himself, crushing my naked boobs against his shirt and kissed me full on the lips. When Len released me Eleanor pulled me to her and crushed my naked boobs against her blouse.

“Welcome, Vera. I hope that you will enjoy yourself with us tonight.”

And she kissed me full on the lips. Then she led me over to the glass wall and had me admire the view. Below us I could see a few people on the beach, even though it was early evening and the building was casting a long shadow over the beach and out into the ocean.

Perhaps 500 metres off the beach, large birds were circling. From time to time one would dive vertically and spear into the water. Eleanor told me that they were pelicans, catching fish.

Then Len pressed a glass of cold white wine into my hand.

“Bill tells me that you like Chardonnay. I think that you will really like this one, it's from Marlborough in New Zealand.”

As I sipped my wine and gazed out over the Pacific Ocean I felt a sensation of well being. I did not know what Bill had planned for me but I knew I would be well fucked tonight, possibly even by Bill and Len at the same time. I shivered with excitement.

“Are you OK, Vera?”

Eleanor was still holding me against her as we both gazed out to sea.

“I'm just excited thank you, Eleanor. I was just thinking that I came to the Gold Coast for Bill to fuck me and I could not think of a better place to fuck than here in your penthouse with the view across the Pacific. That is why you brought me here isn't it, Bill?”, I said as I turned to look at Bill.

“Yes...Well more really. I want to share you with Len and Eleanor. How do you feel about that?”

“I told you at the airport, Bill, that I am your sex slave while I am here. I love the idea of being shared with Len and Eleanor, but even if I didn't, I am yours to command.”

“OK, slave. Take the rest of your clothes off and then give Len and me blow jobs and eat Eleanor's pussy.”

“Yes, master.”

I had never been anyone's slave before but I decided that I liked the possibilities that it opened up. Because he had been such a considerate lover the first night that I had spent with him I felt totally relaxed about allowing him to order me to do anything that took his fancy. After all I was no innocent where it came to sex.

I took off my skirt and my sandals and went to kneel in front of Bill.

“No, Vera. I think that Eleanor should be first, then Len and then me. OK?”

I nodded and crawled over to Eleanor, who had just sat down on a comfortable chair. I slid my hands up her outer thighs, under the short skirt that she was wearing, gripped her panties and tugged. She lifted her bum off the seat and her panties were soon around her ankles.

She sat back down and reached behind and undid her skirt then lifted up again for me to slide her skirt down her legs, then she lifted her feet for me to remove her skirt and panties. I was surprised to discover that Eleanor had no pubic hair. 'Shaved or waxed?' I wondered.

I pushed her knees to spread her legs, then plunged into her crotch ready to lick and suck. She didn't say anything but her breathing became very heavy and she started to squirm and pull my head into herself. I assumed that I was giving her pleasure, but I did not know how much pleasure until suddenly she squirted her juices over my chin and upper body and screamed loudly.

I kept licking and sucking but soon she pushed me away.

“Thank you Vera. No more. You are really good at eating pussy.”

I looked around and located Len sitting on another chair. His shorts, shirt, and briefs were on the floor near him. He was stroking his fully-erect dick slowly. He was staring at me.

I crawled over to him, pulled his hand off his dick and took the head of his dick into my mouth. I felt his two hands on my head as I started to lick the underside of his dick near the tip. I felt him press my head down and so slid my mouth down his beautiful dick until I started to gag as it entered my throat.

I pulled back, swirling my tongue around to stimulate him, then pushed back down his shaft and past my gag reflex. I felt elated because I had only recently learnt to deep throat anyone and there I was with his cock creating a bulge in my throat. I pulled back, took a big breath and then plunged down again. I swallowed because I had heard that that was highly stimulating for a man.

I kept going up and down on his cock until I felt a first pulse as he started to cum. I pulled back and collected the rest of his spurts of cum in my mouth. When finally he stopped cumming I pulled off his cock and opened my mouth to show him his load, then swallowed, stood up and kissed him with my mouth open. I felt his tongue in my mouth and knew that he could taste himself.

Then I looked around the room and took stock. Eleanor was slumped on her chair, seemingly dazed. Then I located Bill on another chair, naked and stroking an erect cock slowly. The grin on his face told me that he liked what I had done to Eleanor and Len. I walked over to Bill, expecting to take his cock into my mouth as he sat there in his chair.

Instead he pulled me into his lap and hugged me to himself.

“Are you OK, Vera?”

“Yes, thank you Bill. I'm having a ball. Are you ready for your blow job.”

“You really are a sexy slut, aren't you? Yes I'm ready for my blow job.”

“Am I a slut? I just know that I love everything to do with sex. And I'm really happy that I am doing this for Andrew.”

Then he lay on his back on the floor and pulled me on top of him in a 69. As his tongue worked its magic in my labia and on my clit, I was swirling my tongue around his cock head and hopefully working the same magic for him. Certainly I came very quickly thanks to his magic and as soon as my orgasm finished I felt him filling my mouth with cum.

“OK, everyone,” Eleanor announced, “dinner will be ready in just a few minutes. I want to make a rule for the rest of this weekend. No clothes are to be worn inside this apartment. Does anyone object?”


“Good. Len, will you please pour the wine. And will everyone else find a place at the dining room table.”

We were soon eating a delicious meal that Eleanor had somehow produced.

“Vera”, Bill started, “you look even more beautiful than you looked a month ago. That all-over tan really suits you.”

“Well, I wanted to look my best for you when I came back north, so, since I was last with you, I've spent all my weekends naked beside our pool. I'm so glad that you appreciate the result. Apart from lots of sex, do you have anything planned for the weekend?”

“I was planning to take you for a drive up into the hinterland for lunch tomorrow. However seeing you here, I really want to show you off. There is a nude beach a few minutes down the coast. I think we should all spend some time there tomorrow. What do you say?”

I giggled. “I'm a bit embarrassed to admit that I really love being naked in public. I loved when you made me walk topless from your car to this apartment. You called me a slut a while ago. Is that further evidence that I'm a slut? Should I care?”

“I called you a sexy slut. I should have said a beautiful sexy slut. And no, I don't think that you should care. I think that you should just continue to enjoy life the way that you are living it.”

“Well. Do you know what would make my life really exciting? I want a DP. I want one of you two men to fuck my arse, while the other fucks my cunt. Would you do that for me?”

“Wow.” said Len, “You really are a beautiful, sexy slut.”

“So? Will you do it?”

“Fuck! Yes!”

“And you will too? Bill?”

“The first time that I fucked you, Andrew was fucking your arse. This time I want your arse, Len can fuck your cunt.”

“I look forward to watching this.” said Eleanor, “When are you going to do it?”

When Bill replied, “Let's do it now.” I got this enormous grin on my face. I looked at Len and he was grinning too. It seemed that Bill and Len really liked my suggestion.

It seemed only moments later that I was lying on top of Len with his cock in my cunt and Bill was easing his stiff cock into my arse. I was in heaven as I felt the two cocks pushing in and out of me. It's impossible to describe how I felt beyond saying that it was a glorious feeling. Then Len started pumping his cum into me, followed closely by Bill.

I must have passed out at that point because the next thing that I knew was that Bill was lying beside me and Eleanor was stroking my brow.

“Are you OK, Vera?”

“Oh! Yes! That was incredible. Have you ever experienced a DP, Eleanor?”

“No. But after watching you, I want to try it. Can you two men go again for me?”

I watched, fascinated, as Bill and Len fucked Eleanor in her arse and cunt. As I watched, I could not stop my self from stroking my clit. I was not trying for another climax, I just felt that little bit aroused and needed to stroke myself as a way of participating in her pleasure. I knew from her moans that she was building towards a major cum, and I was enjoying her arousal.

When he was back to normal, Len started organising drinks for everyone. I asked for a beer. We chatted for a bit about sexual experiences and fantasies before Bill turned to me.

“Vera, you said something earlier about doing this for Andrew. Would you care to explain?”

I blushed and wondered whether or not to tell the truth. I'm not a good liar so decided on the truth.

“Well, actually, Andrew is my husband....”

“WHAT. So why are you here with us?”

“Well. A while ago our marriage was almost on the rocks. We loved each other and had great sex when he was home but he was almost never home because he was always away on business trips. I wasn't getting enough sex to satisfy me, so I was cheating on him. He wasn't going to cut back on his business trips, and I wasn't going to stop cheating while he was away so much.

“Then one night he asked me to come to dinner with a potential client dressed in the sluttiest clothes that I wore when picking up strangers. Long story short, we ended up in the Fred's hotel room, with me naked and sucking Fred's cock. Suddenly I felt Andrew's cock pressing into my arsehole.

“From there we progressed to a DP with Andrew in my arse and Fred in my cunt. Fred signed the contract and we left, but not before we promised to do it again, often. Instead of being jealous, as he had expected Andrew found that he was turned on by the whole thing. And, as a result, our sex life picked up several notches.”

“So, you used the same trick on me, to get my contract, did you?”

“Not a trick, Bill, more like a sweetener. Your not complaining are you? Am I not sexy enough for you?”

“I've already told you how sexy you are. So where is Andrew now while you're here with us?”

“Oh! He's away somewhere, with another possible client.”

“Shouldn't you be there to 'sweeten' the deal.”

“If Andrew thinks that I can help him, he'll call on me after I leave here.”

“OK, slave,” Bill said, “I want you to sleep with Len tonight, while I'll sleep with Eleanor. We'll swap tomorrow night, and the four of us will play together some more during the days.”

“Why? Is it time for bed already?”

“I'm guessing that you'll not be going to sleep as soon as you're in bed.”

To be continued in “Husband's assistant 5”

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