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Paula had good reason to be hurrying on her way home from school. It was Friday, which meant that Dennis wouldn't be home until supper time – because of his club activities at school. Her mother wouldn't be home, either, until it was time to get supper ready. But Daddy would be there. He mentioned at breakfast that he'd be home by mid-afternoon. He had an out-of-town meeting to attend and instead of returning to the office, he'd come straight home. At last! She and Daddy would be alone in the house – for nearly two hours!
Ever since last Saturday afternoon in the backyard when Daddy fucked her, she'd been waiting for the chance to be alone with him again. She was beginning to wonder if she'd ever get him alone. But now this was her chance at last.
She ran the last hundred yards to the house and paused for a moment at the front door to catch her breath. Once inside the house she looked around for her father. When she looked out the kitchen window she saw him standing near the pool with his back to her. She decided to surprise him and hurried up the stairs to get undressed. He wasn't expecting her home from school at this time because she usually had club duties at school – like her brother – and didn't get home until supper time.
Quickly she got her clothes oft then viewed herself in the full-length mirror on the wall by her bed. She knew Daddy was eager to repeat what he did to her last Saturday by the pool. She could tell by the way he looked at her. And she was just as anxious as he was.
Suddenly she heard the, chimes of the front doorbell. "Oh no! Not now!" she moaned. "Please don't stay long, whoever you are. Please God, let it be just the paperboy!"
The chimes could be heard in the backyard and presently she heard her father downstairs, coming through the house to answer the door.
"Melinda!" he exclaimed. "This is a surprise."
Melinda! Daddy's good looking dark-haired young secretary! Well, she isn't really so young. She's twenty-nine. Her oldest child, Ronnie, is eleven. But she sure is attractive.
"Good afternoon, Mr. Prentiss," his secretary said cheerfully. "How was your trip?"
"Everything went just fine," he told her.
"Good. I hope I'm not disturbing you. I finished this report this afternoon and I was sure you would want to go over it before the board meeting Monday morning, so I brought it over for you to see."
"Oh good. That was very thoughtful of you, Melinda. Come in," said Paula's father. "And you can drop that Mr. Prentiss bit. My family is out and I'm alone here."
"Yes… come on upstairs."
Paula gasped. Her father was bringing his secretary upstairs. A flutter of excitement ran though the teen-age girl. Here was a chance to be a peeping-Tom once more.
Quickly she dashed into her parents' bedroom and hid herself in the closet, as she had the other day when she watched her brother and her mother fucking on the bed. A moment later she saw her father and his attractive secretary come into the room. Paula's father had his arm tightly around the dark-haired woman's waist. When his hand gave his secretary's shapely ass a good feel, the teen-age girl watching from the closet had a fair idea of what was soon to take place.
"Oh my! What a beautiful room!" said Melinda.
"AM the better for doing beautiful things in," replied George as he pulled her into his arms and kissed her. Melinda's arms came up and entwined about his neck, and from her hiding place in the closet, Paula could see the sexy looking woman press herself up against her boss and rub herself seductively against him.
"I really shouldn't be here…" Melinda said when their lips parted. "Here in your wife's bedroom, of all places!"
"But I have to show you my appreciation for bringing me those papers."
"They could have waited."
"Yes, I know," said Paula's father with a grin. "But you had something else on your mind beside those papers, didn't you?"
"Well… you were so busy at the office this morning – people coming in to see you – and you left at eleven. We didn't get a chance to…"
"We'll take care of that right now, won't we?"
To the excited girl in the closet, it was a thrilling sight, watching her father undress the lovely young woman – stripping her naked, then himself. Their arms went about each other as they pressed their naked bodies together, kissing hotly, while George unknowingly gave his teen-age daughter a good view of his hands moving over the contours of his secretary's bare backside.
"Oh George, I…"
"What's the matter?"
"I… I feel so vulnerable – being naked like this – in your wife's bedroom. God, I'd just die if she caught us together like this!"
"Relax sweetheart. She's gone for the day. So are my kids, Paula and Dennis. We haven't been caught in the past three years, have we?"
"We came close – twice."
"Yes, when Mrs. Finney came back into the office at night to finish up some work. But she quit when her husband took a job out of town and they moved away. Now only you and I have keys to the office."
"Has it really been three years, darling?" Melinda murmured between kisses.
"Yes. Three wonderful years. And look what we have to show for it. A beautiful loving relationship!"
Unaware that they were being watched from the clothes closet, Melinda climbed onto the bed and stretched out seductively as George settled down beside her and gathered her into his arms.
"This is the first time we've been in bed together," Melinda observed.
"It's a welcome change from the top of my desk and the couch in the office."
"And the floor. Don't forget that."
"Oh baby, you feel so good cuddled in my arms."
"God, darling! Doing it with you is so exciting – and hard on the nerves, never knowing when we'll be caught, when someone will find out we're making it together. Yet, I can't bear not having you, even for a day. Even my husband's cock inside me doesn't take away my need for you. Weekends without you are torture."
"But it makes you so hot and horny for Monday morning in the office."
"Ooohhh… yes! When you fuck me four times, before we can get settled down to do some work."
The sight of her father sucking hungrily on the dark-haired woman's well tanned breasts while she writhed and moved lustfully, made Paula nearly cry out with passion as she watched them. Then her father moved lower along the woman's quivering body, his wet tongue licking over the soft smooth flesh of her belly, until he was into the short curly black hair of her pubic mound. He almost had his face between her legs, his tongue on the lips of her cunt, when she grabbed his head firmly in her hands.
"There's no time for that!" she shrieked. "I want your cock! Oh honey, fuck me!"
The writhing woman's request was quickly taken care of. Paula saw the huge bulbous head of her father's cock press up against the glistening moist lips of Melinda's cunt. Paula watched the woman buck and heave, raising her straining buttocks off the bed as she thrust her pussy onto his advancing cock.
It was the most fantastic fuck Paula had ever watched. The woman went wild beneath George's body as he drove his cock into her right up to his balls.
"At last!" she shrieked. "You're in me! Aaahhh…"
"Oh honey! I love fucking you! I could fuck you forever!"
"Yes! Oh yes! I want you to! Forever!"
In a matter of seconds the woman was into the most fabulous orgasm Paula thought a woman could have, and it was obvious from the ecstatic look on her father's face that he was shooting his cum into her. Then to Paula's amazement, it didn't slow ether of them down the least bit. She watched their bodies writhing and squirming on the bed, locked in a passionate kiss, and listened to the moans of pleasure coming from Melinda's lips.
"Ooohhh…" the woman groaned. "You're really good!"
"You're sweet and adorable," Paula's father murmured into the woman's mouth while his huge hard cock drew back from the woman's clinging cunt-lips, then disappeared back inside.
"Oh!" gasped Melinda, moving her legs higher and getting a firmer grip around his back.
"You like that, sweetheart?"
"Ooohhh… you devil! You know I do!"
The breath caught in Paula's throat as she watched her father humping Melinda with ever increasing speed, until his lean muscled ass was a blur of movement and the woman looked like she was going out of her mind with the sheer pleasure of it all.
A pang of jealousy crept through Paula's mind, knowing it would have been her on the bed getting her father's cock, if the woman hadn't come calling. But she mustn't think like that. She watched the movements of their lovemaking and she could feel a hot tenseness building up in her pussy.
"Daddy… Daddy," she whispered softly, as she heard the shrieks of ecstasy uttered by the woman, her gasps of pleasure as Paula's father gave her another sensational fucking.
The young girl pressed her thighs and knees together in a vain attempt to quench the passionate feeling that was taking over her entire being – her very soul. The woman's words were so broken with passion and lust that Paula wished it was her on the bed being so thoroughly fucked by her father. She needed his strong hard cock to satisfy the burning hunger inside her. She needed her father to satisfy her now!
It seemed like ages since that Saturday afternoon by the pool, when her father took her cherry and showed her how great it felt to have his beautiful hard cock buried to the hilt inside her. Her first fuck, and she would remember it always.
She moved restlessly inside the closet, hoping they wouldn't hear her and feeling fairly certain they wouldn't. They were too enthralled in the passionate fucking each was giving the other. Their lustful sounds filled her ears and she heard the creaking and straining of the bed under their furious movements.
"Oh yes… yes," the woman cried out. "I'm cumming again!"
Paula could hardly stand it. She wanted to run over to the bed and pull her father off of the woman and get his cock into her, she was so jealous!
"Lift up," she heard her father tell the woman. "Lift your legs higher!"
"Ooohhh, yes… harder, fuck me harder," she begged him, and Paula could see her father raise up farther on his knees and pull the woman closer to him, thrusting deep into her until her words became incoherent, mixed with loud groans and gasps of wild uninhibited lust.
How Paula wished she were the woman on the bed, instead of Melinda Grover. The juices of her pain were staffing to chum inside her and her hand reached down to finger her pussy nervously. She wasn't sure she could endure what her body was going through. She didn't want just anybody fucking her, not even her brother, at this moment. She wanted her father to fuck her senseless – right now!
She knew her father was on the verge of shooting his load again, because she could hear his rasping breath as he thrust more violently into the thrashing, gyrating woman beneath him.
"Yes… yes," Melinda cried. "Give it to me! Do it! Oh do it to me!"
The smacking of their bodies locked together in furious passion, the loud panting and gasping was more than Paula could stand as she fingered her pussy to a climax, standing alone in the closet.
"Aaaggghhh," her father groaned, and Paula knew he was shooting his hot cum into Melinda's cunt. Then he fell limply on top of her and they lay quietly in a tangled heap, with their labored breathing the only sound in the room. Paula waited patiently, afraid to move for fear they would discover that they had not been alone. Then after a while, Melinda began to move beneath Paula's father.
"Oh darling," the woman sighed. "What more could a woman ask?"
"Possibly a repeat performance," Paula's father suggested.
Melinda laughed softly. "I have to get back, darling. My husband will be wondering what's keeping me here so long. I have too good a thing going here with you to have him getting suspicious as to what our relationship really is."
"Our relationship is very simply explained," Paula's father said with a grin. "I love his beautiful adorable wife and can't look at her without wanting to fuck her, which I do every chance I get."
"That sounds simple enough," Melinda agreed. "But I don't think he'd like it if he saw your cock right now, buried to the hilt in my pussy – which he considers his personal property."
Paula's father chuckled. His long shaft eased its way out of Melinda's warm wet cunt, was though reluctant to leave it. He climbed off of her and lay quietly beside her. A few minutes later, she kissed him tenderly, before swinging her legs over the side of the bed. She got to her feet and went into the bathroom to wash up. Returning a short time later, she reached for her clothes.
"Here, let me do that for you," Paula's father said as he leaped up from the bed. "You know how much I enjoy dressing you."
Melinda giggled as she stepped into her panties while he held them for her. He pulled them up into place over her shapely buttocks and gave her rear-end a loving pat.
"Don't you ever get tired of dressing me?" she asked. "You do it nearly every day at the office."
"I also enjoy undressing you and I do that too, every day at the office."
"It's a wonder we get any work done," said Melinda.
"Fortunately I have a business that practically runs itself."
When he had her completely dressed, Melinda threw her arms around his neck and kissed him warmly. "Am I your favorite mistress?" she asked.
George grinned at her. "Aren't you supposed to ask if you're my only mistress?"
"That's too much to hope for," she replied with a laugh. "I'll settle for knowing I'm your favorite."
"Wait until you get into the office Monday morning. I'll remove any doubts about you being my favorite."
"I'll get there early and be waiting for you," she said.
"And deprive you of the pleasure of undressing me?" Her mouth closed on his again as she kissed him gratefully. "Now why don't you lay down and rest for a while? That was an exhausting performance you gave, not to mention a very thrilling one. I'll let myself out."
"Okay, honey," said George. "I'll lay here for a while and think about how good it was."
"Oh! I almost forgot. I had another excuse for coming over here," said Melinda.
"Bob and I have been invited to this party. It was on rather short notice and our regular baby sitter isn't available. I don't want to go if we can't get a baby sitter. Our oldest, David, is eleven, but that's too much responsibility to put on him, watching out for the other two in case of an emergency."
"I understand."
"Do you think your daughter Paula would baby sit for us tonight?"
"I'll ask her when she gets home," George replied. "I'm sure she wouldn't mind if she has no other plans for tonight."
"Oh good!" Melinda kissed him again, then opened the door to the hallway. "I'll get in touch with her later."
"I'll tell her."
"Goodbye darling. It was nice – so very nice!"
When Melinda left, Paula's father stood there waiting, until he heard the front door downstairs open and close. A moment later, Paula heard Melinda's car pull out of the driveway. Then Paula froze, afraid to even breathe, as her father turned and came toward the clothes closet.
"You can come out now, Paula," he said.
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