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Paula was awakened out of a sound sleep to find Bob Grover leaning over her, and suddenly she doubted her good sense in choosing to go braless that evening, for her blouse was open down the front and Mr. Grover's hand was busy squeezing and caressing her bare tits.
"What's going on?" she asked in a drowsy voice.
"A fine baby sitter you turned out to be," he said. "We come home and find you sound asleep here on the couch. Burglars could have walked off with the kids, the silverware, the TV, and you wouldn't have known anything about it."
"I'm awfully sorry, Mr. Grover," said Paula, "but it just got so late I couldn't keep my eyes open any longer."
What Paula didn't tell him was that when she lay down on the couch she was completely pooped. She hadn't expected their eleven-year-old son David could wear her out like he did. But it was her fault, she shouldn't have gone into his bedroom in the first place. The Grover's had been gone for well over an hour when she decided to check on the kids. She found the two young ones were sleeping soundly, then she went down the hall and stopped outside David's door.
She opened the door a crack and peeked in. He had dropped off to sleep with the bedside light on. Paula could see him clearly. He had kicked the top sheet off and he was stark naked. She slipped inside his room and quietly closed the door behind her. Looking down on him she felt an urgent need to rub her pussy, an urge that she made no effort to hold back from doing. She remembered Mrs. Grover – Melinda – saying that once the boy was asleep, nothing would wake him. Paula hoped his mother was right.
Now, after what she sensed was about three hours, she was awake again, with David's father leaning over her, giving her a reprimand for falling asleep on the job, ignoring the fact that he had her blouse open and his hand was fondling her bare tits.
"Where… where's Mrs. Grover?" asked Paula.
"She's upstairs," said Bob Grover, "in our bedroom. She had too much to drink at the party. I helped her upstairs and got her undressed, before she passed out on the bed."
"Mr. Grover, it's late. I have to get home."
"Sure, baby. I'll take you home. But we'll have a little fun first."
Before Paula could even protest, he had his mouth firmly settled onto hers, his tongue moving into her mouth. Paula couldn't help responding, and her immediate thought was that this man sure knew how to kiss. His hand on her titties was not idle either, and he soon had her aroused to the point where she felt there wasn't any need for her to hurry home after all.
Three hours later, Paula was so thoroughly worked over and exhausted she couldn't be sure when she was asleep and when she was awake. After Bob Grover had fucked her that first time, she went right off to sleep. But she didn't sleep long. She woke up to find him fucking her again, this time in a different position. And so it went, each time being awakened to be fucked in a different way. How many times had it been? Three? Or was it four? Paula couldn't be sure. But that last time – that really woke her up, when she found herself on her knees and he put his cock right up her ass!
Now she was lying face down on the couch and he was on top of her, his cock still deeply imbedded in her ass.
"You asleep, baby?"
"You're sure a hot little piece of ass. You know that?"
"I've sure enjoyed fucking you."
"I thought you did."
"You enjoyed it too, didn't you?"
"Sure. Couldn't you tell?"
He laughed. "Well, it sure, seemed like it, when you sucked me off. Oh, that felt nice, having my cock in your mouth."
"That seems like hours ago," sighed Paula.
"It was, when we were just getting started."
"Yes… I remember now."
"We're going to do a lot of this from now on, baby," he told her. "You're going to baby-sit for us a lot – and I'll take you home after. You'll find out how many ways there are to fuck in a parked car."
"Do you know why I enjoy fucking you so much?"
"I guess you like to make it with young girls," said Paula.
He laughed softly. "Do you know why I put my cock up your ass?"
"You have a thing for young girls' asses?"
"Sure. Especially your luscious little ass. But it's more than that. I figure your old man owes me."
"Daddy? How?"
"My wife Melinda, has been his secretary for the past three years. She stays late at the office – two, three nights a week – until nine o'clock. I figured she and your father had work that had tote done. What a dumb ass I was!"
"You mean they didn't?" asked Paula. She had no intention of letting Bob Grover know that she knew his wife and her father were making out together. That was the last thing she wanted.
"Hell, no! Each night she works late, I call for her at nine and bring her home. The other night I was early – got there at eight – so I figured I'd go on up to the office and keep her company, read a magazine or something, while I waited for her. What a surprise I got!"
"What happened?"
"I went up to your father's office and went in. There was nobody around. The door to your father's private office was partly open and I heard strange sounds coming from there. So I went over to the door and looked in."
"What did you see?" asked Paula, no longer sleepy.
"I saw your father and my wife Melinda – both of them stark naked!"
"Ooohhh…" said Paula.
"Your father was standing up and Melinda was on her knees in front of him, sucking his cock. Damn, did she ever give, him a blow job! When she finished, she got up, went over to the couch and sat down. Your father got down between her legs and started eating her pussy. He brought her off twice, then he got her down on the couch, got on top of her and fucked her."
"Oh!" Paula gasped. "What did you do?"
"I kept very quiet and watched," he replied. "They were on that couch for a full half-hour. Your old man humped her twice. I figured that was the end of the show, but I was wrong. After a while, they got up from the couch and moved over to the desk. Your old man had her lean over the desk, then he grabbed her by the hips and put his cock up her ass!"
"And they never found out you were there, watching?" asked Paula.
"No. I went down to the car and waited for Melinda. At nine o'clock she came down and got into the car. She talked about her work and you'd never guess she'd just got laid."
"I guess you were pretty mad," said Paula.
"I was," he said, "but now that I'm fucking you, I don't feel so cheated. Your old man fucks my wife and I fuck his daughter."
"Then you're even?"
"Well… maybe not quite. That bastard of a father of yours has a three-year head start on me. I have to make up for that. You have a very beautiful mother and after I've fucked her and put my cock up her lovely ass, maybe I'll feel I'm even."
"You're going to fuck my mother?"
"First chance I get."
"Good luck," said Paula.
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