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Set in pre-revolutionary France a story developed by Princess Amy and Tryme101010
Amie is woken by the sound of loud female screams; fearing that the Comte has found fault with her niece, Janette, Amie quickly dons her robe and rushes to Martial’s study. Outside the door she finds a number of the servants, most of them openly crying. Without knocking Amie rushes into the room then quickly taking in the scene closes the door on the weeping staff.

“Are the cunts still there” demands Martial

“Yes Lord”

“Good they are to hear every stoke of the whip”

Amie again views the tableau; a girl she recognises as one of the young maids is naked and being held across the Comte’s desk by two of his leering henchmen. She is bleeding from multiple cuts to her buttocks and legs, her high pitched screams unpleasant on the ears. Jeanette is dressed in just her drawers and is holding bloodied riding crop. Sweat is running between her impressive breasts as she swings the crop in preparation for delivering another blow.

Martial is seated in his favourite chair a slightly older maid on her knees fumbling as she tries to open the Comte’s breeches.

“The whore tried to steal from me; she took a silver snuff box and tried to hide it in her cunt”.

Martial follows Amie’s gaze as she looks down at the older maid kneeling before the Comte.

“She feared she would be held responsible so informed”

Motioning Amie to sit beside him the Comte nods to Jeanette indicating that she is to continue. She raises the crop slowly and without hesitation brings it down heavily on the maid's bloody ass. She whips her once, twice and then ecstatic she turns the crop around penetrating the screaming maids’ pussy with the bulbous leather handle. The intensity of the maid’s screams instantly increasing.

Looking down Amie observes that the older maid has released Martial’s cock from his breeches, and although it is in a fully erect condition the female has no understanding of what is expected of her. Standing Amie moves behind the kneeling maid and grabbing her hair pulls her head back.

"Open your mouth wide slut, our Lord likes to fuck throats".

Yet again the Comte gives thanks for the day he took Amie into his service; it was indeed a propitious day. The Comte starts to slowly fuck the older maid’s throat while Jeanette moves closer to the whipped girl who is not much older than her. She pushes the riding crop’s handle deeper into the bleeding pussy while whispering in the girl’s ear. The Comte has no idea what is being said, other than it is greatly distressing the punished girl; he finds the scene so arousing he needs greater satisfaction that the maid slobbering over his cock can deliver. He pushes the useless slut away.

"Amie, I want your ass, NOW! Do not disappoint me little whore!"

Amie removes her robe showing the Comte she is naked beneath; he omits a groan of pleasure, a groan that intensifies when Amie positions herself over a chair displaying her charms to her master.

"Use me lord, use me as you watch your men rape the thief"

The two henchmen look to the Comte, their lust clearly visible on their faces; he nods as they leer down as the weeping girl as they lift her from the desk and position her on the floor in front of the Comte; they have served their master for several years and know his tastes. The Comte motions Jeanette to his side and complements her on her skill with the riding crop.

“Remove your drawers and sit facing me child, I want to gaze on your pussy as I roger your aunt”.

The Comte and his men watch transfixed as Jeanette strips off her remaining garments and sitting, wantonly spreads her thighs to their delight, Pointing to the older maid the Comte instructs.
“Let’s hope you can manage a pussy since you are totally useless with a cock”.

Fully understanding the Comte’s desires Jeanette beckons the maid to kneel before her spread legs then wrapping her hands in the maids hair drags on face onto the already wet pussy.

Looking on and revealing in his power the Comte presses closer to Amie’s naked body, his cock stiffening as it feels the girl’s tender flesh against its head. Martial feels his phallus has a mind of its own. He places the head against the slut’s welcoming anus and pushes forward, the cock sliding into the well used ass. The Comte lets out a moan of joy before commencing long slow thrusts.

The joy of Martial’s cock in her ass drives Amie into lust filled frenzy; looking up and seeing the Comte’s men stroking their cocks in preparation for the maid’s rape is too much.

“Fuck the bitch” she shouts “Force your big cocks in her cunt, rip her till she bleeds - I want to hear her screams". She moans as her first orgasm powers through her body".

Hearing Amie issuing orders to his servants arouses the Comte, he pulls on her long blonde hair his cock penetrating deep into the girl’s bowels; Amie’s arms give way, her face now pressed against the chair as the Comte increases the tempo of his fucking.

The François the senior servant kneels between the thief’s legs undoing his breeches as the other man holds her shoulders to prevent her struggling, François paws the young girl’s titties then bites her nipple making her scream in pain. She arches her back which is what he wanted; roughly grabbing her legs he holds them in position, he spits onto her bruised and bloody pussy before lining his cock up with the vaginal opening.

“Oh yes bitch” he utters as with a single motion he plunges his cock into her pussy; the maid screams again as she feels the head of his cock force's its way in; screams that continue as she is partially penetrated.

“Oh fuck she's tight” he moans as he withdraws the head causing the maid to scream louder then he thrusts again driving half of his long, thick cock into her, he leans forward forcing it deeper and deeper until she is fully penetrated when his thrusts become harder and his breathing heavy. The girl instinctively knows he is about to cum and closes her eyes as with one final push he ejaculates deep inside her.
Watching the rape drives the Comte to new levels of arousal and he resolves to witness these more often, he feels that his cock has never been harder or stronger as he increases the tempo of his fucking.

“Turn the whore over” demands the Comte “Fuck her again use her ass”.

The men turn the maid, she does not struggle; François pulls her arms forward as Mathieu mounts her from behind; the feel of his cock against her ass triggering more screams.

“You will love this cunt” he whispers causing the girl to cry again. As she feels him push against the hole where no one has touched her she screams. There are more screams as he forces the head in, to the girl it feels huge and she fears it will tear her apart. Slowly and deliberately he slides his cock in as the screams continue, they have no effect on his resolve. Once his balls are resting on the girl’s pussy he looks to the Comte for instruction. Martial finds that he has been holding his breath as he watched; he exhales then nods his consent. Mathieu starts to thrust pushing hard, and fast as the girl cries. He places his hands and all his weight on her shoulders as with one last thrust he deposits his seed into her ass, he continues thrusting slowly until he has completely emptied himself.

The effect on Amie has been equally dramatic, she feels no sympathy for the thief; in Amie’s opinion her crime was getting caught. She is pushing back against Martial’s hard cock “Fuck me hard Lord; fuck your slut”. The thief’s screams are driving her wild and Jeanette’s slapping of the older maid whilst telling her to lick harder is just too much. When Martial cums she feels as if the whole world has exploded, her orgasm triggering screams, howls and tears.

The Comte rides Amie as he would a wayward stallion; he marvels at the experience, he really must do this again and soon. Gaining his breath and allowing his now limp cock to slip from Amie’s buttocks he looks at the prone thief.

"Take her outside and hang her".

Buttoning his breeches he walks to the door; as he passes the kneeling older maid he kicks violently in the head.

"Keep better control of your minions or it will be you that will be raped and hung".

Clicking his fingers for Jeanette to follow him he storms from the room.


Thanks to Tommo27 for his contribution
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This is an excellent story.


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Your hottest story ever babe

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