Straight boys get horny together
The score was 8-7 and Tyler was up to bat. It was the bottom of the 9th inning and his college baseball team needed him to get a hit. His buddy Alex was on third base and another guy was on 2nd. Tyler knew all the pressure was on him and he needed to gain those two runs.

The pitch came in faster than he expected and he swung and missed. Strike one. Tyler backed away from the plate for a second to clear his head. He couldn't let his team down. He stepped back to the plate determined not to let another ball go by. The pitcher wound up and threw the second pitch. Tyler swung and the ball flew toward the outfield in the gap between right and centerfield. Alex easily made his way home while the second runner had to slide into home plate as the ball came hurling toward the catcher. Close call, but the game was over.

Tyler was feeling pretty good. There had been plenty of times when he was in a similar situation but had bombed out. This wasn't one of those times. The crowd cheered as he walked back to the dugout and suddenly his teammates swarmed him. Everybody was excited and patting Tyler on the back. Then one of the guys yelled out, "PARTY TONIGHT!!"

Partying was definitely something these guys knew a lot about. They lived by the motto, "play hard and party hard." It was suggested by Kirk, (the team's pitcher) that they just have a guys' night. Most of them had girlfriends, but everybody agreed that they wanted to hang out and play cards or something. After all, this game was their victory and they wanted to celebrate.

Everybody showed up at Kirk's house around 9:30 that night. Kirk's house was always the obvious choice for parties because it was the biggest and mainly because it had a pool and jacuzzi. Tyler and a couple of the other guys brought the booze and Chris (the 2nd baseman) went by the video store and picked up several action flicks. Everybody was laughing and cracking jokes. The night was off to a good start.

Out of the whole team, only 10 guys showed up. As the beer kept flowing, there was a good poker game going when somebody said, " pop in one of those movies." Tyler got up and walked over to the DVD player. He pushed the eject button and let out a huge laugh because Kirk had accidentally left a porno in the machine. Tyler couldn't resist the urge to say something about what he saw and announced to everyone the name of the movie: "Fuckfest Part 3". Everybody in the room busted up laughing. Somebody yelled out to Kirk, " hey dude come here and explain this." Kirk had been in another room. He walked into the den and saw Tyler holding up the movie with a big smile on his face.

Kirk surprised the hell out of everybody by saying, "Oh, that -- That's actually a really good porno." All the guys expected him to be embarrassed by it, but Kirk acted like it didn't bother him at all. Then Kirk said, " It's not like any of you haven't looked at porn before. Every guy needs to bust a nut now and then." The room got really quiet. Then Chris broke the silence by saying, "Put the porno back in, LET'S SEE IT!!" Nobody seemed to have a problem with that idea, so Tyler slid it back into the player.

There was a feeling in the room like none of these guys had ever watched a porn movie with other guys around. All the laughing had settled down and everybody seemed to be holding their breath. As the guys continued to drink their beer, the movie started. The first scene showed this hot brunette chick lying on a bed rubbing her pussy and slowly running a finger around her nipple. The guys started relaxing a little and somebody yelled out ,"OH YEAH." As the girl on the movie continued to work her pussy, sticking her finger deeper and deeper into her tight slit; some of the guys started to shift around in their seats because their dicks were getting hard.

It was obvious that more than a few of the guys were turned on because they started reaching for pillows or whatever to put over their laps. That's when, Chris (who had never been known for being shy) said, "Damn boys, I'm gettin' horny!" A few of the guys spoke up and said the same.

Tyler had been sitting there thinking about all the years he had known he was bisexual, but had never had the nerve to act on it. For him, this was a dream come true -- just the thought of being in this situation with all these guys that he thought were hot as hell. Tyler continued to sit there with a pillow over his crotch and waited see what would happen next.

The movie was now showing the same girl being fucked by a frat boy around the same age as the guys in the room (everybody was between 20 and 24). As the guy pumped his dick in and out of the wet pussy, the tension in the room continued to build. There were a few lamps on in the room so everybody could see everybody else. That's when Chris got everybody's attention by throwing his pillow on the floor exposing that he had a massive case of wood under his jeans. One by one, more pillows hit the floor. Chris was the first to start rubbing himself through his jeans. Everybody's eyes shifted from the movie to what Chris was doing.

Tyler was sitting next to his best friend on the team, Alex. Alex had just tossed the pillow on the floor that he had laid over his crotch. Tyler couldn't believe this was happening. He took a big swig of his beer and threw his pillow down. He was the last to uncover himself and everybody in the room knew there was about to be a circle jerk.

Kirk started laughing and said, "Hey, everybody -- make yourselves at home!" He was just as turned on as anyone else and he started to unzip his jeans. With no hesitation, the other guys started doing the same. About four guys were on the couch together and another three were sitting on a smaller couch. The other three guys were sitting in chairs.

Tyler looked around the room and saw all the guys massaging themselves through their underwear. Most of them were wearing boxer-briefs but a few of the guys had on boxers. The ones that were wearing boxers were the first to expose their hard cocks. Alex was one of them and Tyler couldn't take his eyes off of his best friend's stiff dick. That's when Tyler slid his pants down and started to get into the act.

Chris took off his shirt and everybody followed his move. Most of the guys had lost interest in the porno, but a few of them kept their eyes glued to the screen because they were a little nervous about what they were doing. Even so, they would glance around the room from time to time to
see all their buddies jerking off. It was an unexpected thrill for them to see how other guys jacked off. Some of the guys would spit on their balls and play with them while they stroked their rods. Other guys liked to play with their nipples or rub their hand all over their chest and stomach.

By now, everybody had gotten completely nude, exposing their perfectly fit and tight physiques. The girl on the movie was screaming in pleasure as another dude had come in and started fucking her. The other guy in the flick was getting his dick sucked. More and more, Tyler noticed that all of the guys were watching each other. They would watch the guys on their left a while and then check out things to the right. There were plenty of dicks and hot bodies to keep everybody's attention.

As the guy on the video continued to have his throbbing dick sucked, Alex spoke up and said,
" DAMN -- I wish that were me." Several of the guys started saying things like, "Fuck yeah dude, I want my dick sucked so bad," and " I would kill for a blowjob right now." It was obvious that the guys wanted to suck each other off, but didn't know how to get it started. That's when Chris said, "I don't think I would mind having a dude suck me off. A mouth is a mouth. No big deal."

Kirk spoke up and said, "Guys-- if we're going to do this, I just want you to know that what happens in this house needs to stay in this house." Everybody agreed. So the stage had been set and in no time the guys were pairing up and going down on each other. There was a lot of moaning as so many dicks were being swallowed. Someone had turned the volume up on the porno and horny groans filled the room.

Tyler looked over to Alex. No words were spoken, but Alex just gave him a look like " sounds good to me." Alex got on his knees in front of Tyler and started licking his balls while Tyler jerked himself off. He even took both of Tyler's swollen balls into his mouth and slowly ran his wet tongue around them as Tyler's body tightened. Alex moved his tongue up Tyler's rigid tool as Tyler put his hands on Alex's head to guide his movements. Tyler ran his fingers through Alex's short brown hair and let out a deep breath. Alex slid his mouth over Tyler's 7 inch cut dick while he steadily jerked himself off. As Alex continued to suck his best friend's cock, Tyler started thrusting his hips so he could fuck Alex's mouth deeper and deeper.

Meanwhile, some of the other guys had gotten on the floor and were sucking each other 69 style. Tyler was so turned on by hearing all the heavy breathing, slurping and sucking that was going on. He had fantasized about a situation just like this and now it was happening. As things kept going, the guys started getting wilder and wilder. They were spanking each other on the ass and licking all over each other's bodies. There was a lot of nipple sucking and guys were experimenting with different things like rubbing their dick shafts together.

Tyler looked over and saw Kirk and Chris sitting next to each other stroking their cocks hard and fast while they flicked their tongues together. As they continued sucking tongues, a couple of the guys came up and jerked off while watching them. As the guys stood there, they were so turned on that they started tonguing each other while they eagerly stroked each other off.

Tyler and Alex had been going at it one on one until another guy Cody came up and joined in. While Tyler was sucking on Alex's hard meat, Cody positioned himself to go down on Tyler. Cody started out by teasing Tyler's dick by only sucking on the tip while he lightly tickled the hair on Tyler's relaxed nutsack. Cody licked the precum that was oozing from Tyler's dick as he vigorously pounded his rock hard pud. Everybody was completely lost in the moment.

Kirk came up with the idea that everybody go jump in the pool. It was a warm night and everybody liked the idea. Kirk's backyard was completely fenced in with no chance of anyone seeing anything. The nude boys did tricks off the diving board and once everyone was in the water, there was a lot of splashing going on. Some of them were sucking dick underwater while others were jumping on each other just so they could feel their bodies rub together. None of the guys had ever jerked off in a pool before except Kirk, who admitted he did it all the time.

After about 10 minutes of swimming around and everybody still hard and horny as hell, they decided to move over to the jacuzzi. It was big enough for everybody to get in at once and the guys sat around and stroked their dicks (and each other's dicks) in what was the most sexually intense experience of their lives. The jets from the jacuzzi shot warm pulsating streams of water on each of the jocks' hard young bodies. The water sloshed rhythmically with each stroke of the boys' raging cocks.

A couple of the guys had already blown their spooge. The other guys got out of the jacuzzi and sat around the edge in a circle letting their legs stay in the water. Everybody was jacking their own dicks in what was now one hell of a circle jerk. Everybody was breathing hard and groaning like, "ahhh yeah, ahhh yeah." The guys that had already gotten off walked around the circle and sucked and licked on their buddies' necks while they called out commands like, "Stroke those dicks boys ! --- Stroke em' harder !" One by one, the guys shot their hot loads all over the place: on their hands, on their stomachs, on their chests, on their neighbor or in the water. The smell of cum filled the air as each of them started wiping the warm sticky jizz from their bodies.

After everybody had finished, Chris yelled out, " Somebody get me a beer! -- I need one bad !" Everybody busted up laughing.

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