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Son and two friends enjoy Christmas with Mom
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“Hey Mom, I’m home. “
“I’m in the kitchen Bobby.”
I could smell Mom’s baking, the cookies I remember from every Christmas.”
I grabbed a couple cooling on the tray.
“Bobby, don’t be eating them all up, how many times have I told you.
Mom was laughing, she knew it was a lost cause.

“How many times have I asked you, don’t call me Bobby.”
“OK ROBERT” She answered in stern tone. Flashing me that smile, the smile.
“Mom. At least not in front of my Friends! Please.”

I grabbed a couple more cookies and poured a glass of milk.
“Bobby, use a Plate.” I grabbed a plate and went into the Living room.
It was like I always remembered, back to the first time when I got my first
train running around the tree. Those were nice times, when Mon and Dad were
still together.

The tree was all decorated, just like she had always done. Ornaments from
Granda Ma and before from Germany. “Like the tree Honey?”
“It’s great Mom.”
Are you going to put up your train.”
“Ok, Mom but……” It was useless arguing, but it was a pain, I guess
something I had to do.

Mom gave me a little peck on the cheek. “Thanks, you know how much
I like that.” I went back to the storage closet to start retrieving the train stuff.
“Don’t forget some of the houses.” “OK Mom.”

I was setting up the train and Mom came by to watch. “That looks so nice honey.”
I knew how much she looked forward to me setting up the train, reminded her of
of when I was little and Dad was still around. Mom sat in the couch watching,
remembering back to the good times.

“Mom, it is a long story but Eric and Dave have nowhere to go for Christmas Eve, can they join us?”
“Honey, that would be nice since we are on our own.” That is what I figured, due to
some unusual circumstances, Mom and I were set to share Christmas Eve together.
“There will be plenty of food and I’ll get something for them under the tree.”
I looked at her and she was beaming, she loved to be the Christmas host was glad there would
be at least a few guests.

Christmas Eve:

Everything was going so well. Mom was the perfect hostess and Eric and Dave were on their good
behavior, they could be a little crazy sometimes. We sat around talking for a while.
“Ok boys I have to go clean up. “ “We can help you Mom.” “NO NO, go down and enjoy your game, I’ll be down, there is not that much left to do.”

Down in the basement I dug out a hidden bottle of Rum. Rum and Coke’s hanging out,
shooting pool, everything was cool.

We were shooting pool when Dave stopped. “Bob, I got to tell you, your Mom is really Hot.”
I started to get red in the face When Eric joined in. “Yea a real MILF.”
“Cut that out.” I stammered. Eric what if I said that about your Mom.
You’d be a big fucking liar. I love here but she is nothing to look at. A real fat cow.
“How can you talk about your Mom like that.” “Man it is what it is and your Mom is sizzling.”
“You sure you never dreamt of her Bob.” I was mad now and started shouting.

Come on Bob you have to notice. “Man that cleavage on her white blouse and those
nice tight black slacks. “Shut the Fuck up or….” I was cut off as I heard the basement door open.

“What’s going on Boys?” “Nothing Mom, Nothing.” “Bob you are so red.”
“Nothing really MOM.” “Can I join you guys, I used to be pretty good at pool.”
All I could thing was think about is what the guys had said.
I stammered again. “Sure, want play teams or cut throat. Eric was smirking.

We played for a while and the guys were obviously maneuvering for good views
and flashing their snarky smiles. I couldn’t get my eyes off my Mom’s boob’s and her butt.
I have to admit when Mom bent over the table for a shot, there was a lot to look at. I just never thought of her that way but there she was butt in the air, boobs almost hanging out.
Trim but curvy, soft Auburn hair, fair skin, tall but not lanky. Yeah I had to say she is hot.

She was shooting and she looked up at me with cute smile, her falling over shoulders. All
I could look at was her damn cleavage. The guys were right. Eric was behind her pointing at her
butt stick up. Dave was smirking again, running his tongue around his lips

I shouldn’t be thinking like this but I found myself so hard. I was in a trance when all of sudden Mom
was shouting. She had been leaning over the table for a tough shot. I guess it was just too much for Dave.He was up against her pinning her to the table. She was a hellion, twisting and turning but Dave is
really strong. Eric grabbed her wrists and pulled he across the table.

“Dave, get off me. Are you Nuts. Bob Help Me. Eric let go of my arms.” I hesitated for a second, then I grabbed an electric cord and threw it to Eric. Eric bound Mom at the wrists. I threw a rope to Dave and
He tied one of her ankles to the pool table leg. I tied the other one. I couldn’t believe we were doing this. It is crazy. What are we thinking?

Eric ripped off her blouse and then her bra. “Sweet, that is nice, Eric eyed Mom’s well sized and still firm breasts pinched agains the table.. Dave took a knife and cut away her slacks. Then he lowly cut away her panties.“Bob, you got some body oil or Baby oil or something.” I quickly retrieved Mom’s body lotion.Even as I returned my friends hands were all over her body. Over all her curves.

Mom was cursing up a storm, threatening them all but they were just laughing.
There was little she could do tied against the pool table.
“Angie, what are you going to do? Send your son to prison?”
Eric poured the a heavy amount of body oil over her butt. Six hands worked the oil over her ass and up and down her thigh’s. Dave spread her pussy lips
and Eric gave it an extra short of oil.

“Stop this NOW. Stop and we will just forget this happened . This is wrong.”
“Come on bitch, you like it.” Laughed Eric. “You are sure gonna like the fucking you are gonna get.”
We each took turns stroking her pussy, rubbing her pussy, squeezing her clit.

Eric yelled. “Time for the SHOCKER.” “SHOCKER SHOCKER SHOCKER.” We all laughed.
Eric took his fore finger and middle finger and started pushing into Moms cunt. His little finger
started pushing in her other hole. Mom started swearing and screaming her head off as we laughed.
“Two in the Pink, One in the Stink.” Dave put his hand next to Eric and pushed his fingers in matching Eric’s.

DOUBLE SHOCKER. DOUBLE SHOCKER. The yelled as they finger fucked her.

They pulled her hole open and they both spit inside. I was watching her face. Mom was just crying, red in the face. She looked up at me, pleading begging with eyes.
My friends were fascinated as they pulled and tugged on her holes, spitting, probing, pulling, laughing.

THUMP THUMP THUMP I heard the noise and saw Mom jerking back and forth. Eric was up against her, inside her. Mom was screaming. Eric had her ass firmly in his hands as he pumped as hard as he could.

“Bob, stop, please, don’t do this.!!!”

“Merry Christmas MOM.”

To Be Continued

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Love this Story!... Will there be a part 3?.

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Love this Story!... Will there be a part 3?.

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