Craig and his daughter get a little closer.
“Hi Daddy. I touched myself in the bathroom after 3rd period. I just got the urge to do it so I did. I thought about your cock and watching you cum last night. Have a good day at work. See you at 5!”

Craig finished reading the text message from his daughter and found that he had broken into a sweat sitting at his desk. The website he had been working on just looked like a blur on the screen as the mental image of his little girl’s pussy suddenly dominated his mind. He was developing the HTML script for a satisfaction survey for one of their customers and right now he couldn’t concentrate on that.

Stepping into the stall of the bathroom he could feel his cock straining against his zipper. Just walking had been awkward and he hoped none of his co-workers had noted anything unusual about his hasty exit for the john. He unzipped and sat down with his dick breaking free and standing up strait. He replied to Carries text message: “You gave daddy a boner at work Carrie. I’m in the bathroom now and I’m gonna beat off thinking of you.”

The three-note alert tone startled him as he began to pull on his meat. “You’ll be able to do it again with me later though, right?” Carrie’s message got him even more excited.

Craig quickly typed his reply before returning his attention to his cock. “NP sweetheart. I’ll be ready to go again with you. Picturing you now. Daddy’s cock is hard and in his hand.” Craig shocked himself a bit with how he was talking to his daughter, but it was amazing how quickly barriers can fall. He dribbled some spit out of his mouth onto the head of his dick and rubbed it hard with his right fist.

He knew he wasn’t going to last very long and he needed to get back to his desk soon anyway, but he paused his stroking when the alert tone sounded again . . . then again. “I sent you something to help you picture me daddy” was the first text. The next one wasn’t a text but a jpg file. His I-phone opened it in 2 seconds and he had to turn his phone horizontal and vertical twice before recognizing what he was looking at. Carrie had worn a skirt to school today; she did like girly clothes more than the jeans and t-shirts that most of her friends preferred. She had spread her legs under her desk and taken a picture of her panties for her dad. Craig stared intently at the milky white thighs flanking the royal blue panties his daughter was showing him. He zoomed in on the image and caught the hint of a crease where her opening pressed against the fabric. He barely had time to pull the toilet paper off the roll and get it over the head of his cock before he started spurting a large gob of come. Some of it still ended up on the flap of his pants near his zipper and he cleaned it up as best he could. He washed himself up and returned to his desk, looking as casual as possible while he held his left hand near his pocket to cover the wet spot on his pants.

*** *** ***

“You were a naughty girl today, Carrie” Craig scolded her teasingly as she tossed her book bag in the back seat and hopped into the front of his Prius.

His daughter giggled and said “I know daddy . . . and it was so much fun. I can’t believe how excited I got at school. I was shaking when I took that picture between my legs. Did you like it?”

“I liked it very much Carrie, but you have to be careful. No one saw you do that right? And you shouldn’t even have been texting me during your classes.”

“I know dad. I was real careful. That was during ELA anyway, and Mrs. Whitwell is totally oblivious.”

“ELA, what’s that?”

“Uh, English Language Arts, Dad! Come on, I’ve been taking it since Elementary school!”

“Oh, yeah, I forgot they call it that now. It was just called ‘English’ when I went to school.”

“So did you come at work, daddy?”

Craig chuckled inside his head at his daughter’s words. If she had spoken them two days ago he would have crashed the car in shock, but today it was just part of their conversation. “Uh, yeah, Carrie. I did. I’ve never even thought about doing that at work before. A lot of people would think that’s really sick what I did, but you got me so excited with your message about touching yourself.”

“I’m sorry if that made you feel bad, daddy. But I just kept looking around my class in 3rd period and I was picturing my friends masturbating . . . trying to figure out who did it and who didn’t. You said almost all boys do, so I was looking at Jacob Marsh and picturing him pulling on his dick. And then I thought about Anna and wondered if she’s touched herself the way I did yesterday . . . if she’d ever had an orgasm. Then I couldn’t get the picture of YOUR dick out of my head . . . the way you pulled on it and made it come.” She was getting herself excited again with the recitation. “I started getting tingly down there and I went right to the bathroom after class. I was wet inside and it didn’t take very long to have another orgasm like I did last night. It felt so good, daddy.”

Craig was rock hard again and looked over at his beautiful little girl. It was 2 weeks ‘til her 12th birthday but he felt like he was truly seeing her for the first time. He loved her deeply and the last 24 hours had just multiplied that love somehow. Her green eyes were shining at him as she smiled.

“Show me your panties, sweetheart.” The words tumbled from his lips before he could think to stop them.

The skirt Carrie had on was lightweight cotton; white with a blue stitching in a pattern along the hem and up the sides. She didn’t hesitate but began to inch it up her legs by bunching the fabric at her waist. Craig had stopped at a signal and was able to look right down at her crotch as the pretty blue panties crept into view. “God that’s so sexy, Carrie. You’re beautiful, you really are.”

“Thanks, dad. I think I’m getting wet again. Is your dick getting hard?”

“Way past hard, Carrie . . . I can barely drive!” he laughed. “Let’s get home before I have an accident!”

*** *** ***

Craig threw a frozen pizza into the oven as Carrie put her school stuff away. He got out of his slacks and button-down and slipped into sweatpants and one of his several Penn State t-shirts. His raging erection had subsided to half-mast but he knew it was just waiting for some stimuli to spring back to attention. His little girl had made him a hot sexual mess and he knew he needed release.

*** *** ***

“Dad, I want to learn more about sex” Carrie said shyly as she finished her pizza. “Like what we were talking about yesterday. I want to see how it’s done . . . can you show me?”

“Carrie, like I said before, that would be incest and it’s illegal.”

“I know dad, I understand that . . . but I just want to see it, can’t you show me something on your computer or your I-Pad? They’ve got stuff like that, right?”

“Yeah, they do. That’s for adults, Carrie. Little kids aren’t supposed to watch that stuff.”

“You said yesterday I wasn’t a little kid anymore” she said sweetly. “I showed you my pussy and my boobs . . . and I watched you jerk your cock . . . that sounds pretty grown-up to me.”

“I guess you’ve got me there, kiddo” Craig conceded. “Ok, what do you want to see?”

“Fucking” she said proudly.

*** *** ***

Craig sat next to her on the couch and pulled up a movie on his laptop from a site he went to pretty regularly. It had longer movies that were filmed in HD and were pretty tastefully done. “Ok, Carrie, you’re not going to feel embarrassed watching this with your dad, are you.”

“Dad, after what we did yesterday, how could I be embarrassed about anything around you?”

“Well, if you don’t mind, I’m gonna get my dick out while I watch. It feels good to jerk off while I watch porn.” He pulled his sweats and boxers right off and tossed them next to him on the sofa. Carrie was still wearing her skirt and blouse from school. She pulled the blouse out of her waistband to get comfortable as Craig put the laptop on the coffee table in front of them and pressed play.

The guy and girl in the movie were both very good looking. He had an athletic body, trim like a swimmer, not overly muscled. The girl was as pretty as a Victoria’s Secret model and had dark brown hair and sexy dark eyes. Pleasant guitar music played in the background, the only other sound was their breathing as they began. They were both already in their underwear, boxer-briefs for him and a matching black bra and panty set for her. They knelt on the king-sized bed and kissed passionately for a minute or so, and then the girl leaned down and pulled his briefs down to grab his growing cock. She smiled at him and stroked it a few times before taking it into her mouth; she then began bobbing up and down over the head.

“Dad, it’s in her mouth!” Carrie exclaimed. “Is that normal? People do that?”

“Yeah Carrie, they do. It’s called a blow job, or oral sex. It’s pretty common, especially in porn movies. Some girls really like doing it, and I guess a lot of girls just pretend to like doing it because it feels so good for the guy.”

“Wow” was all she could say. “It’s getting bigger, daddy. His cock’s getting hard.”

“It sure is sweetheart, and so is mine.”

Carrie looked down in his lap and giggled. She was so close to his thingy today, much closer than yesterday. She could touch it if she wanted to . . . but daddy had said that they shouldn’t do that. She stood and unbuttoned her skirt, drawing the zipper down so that it could slip past her waist and stepped out of it. Her blouse followed and Craig was treated to the site of his girl in the bra he’d bought for her a few months back. It was white cotton with some pretty stitching around the A-sized cups.

“There, now I’m wearing what SHE’s wearing” she said as she settled back next to her dad; consciously sitting close enough so that their legs touched.

Craig was lightly toying with his cock as he continued to watch and felt the warmth of Carrie’s thigh against his. This was so erotic he knew he’d blow his load if he jerked himself with any vigor, so he restrained himself so that he could make it last.

The girl in the movie unclasped her bra and her wonderful, full, round tits spilled out into the man’s hands. His mouth was on her nipple within seconds, licking and sucking.

“He’s sucking her boobs like a baby would, why does he do that?”

“Because it feels good to her . . . and because guys love boobs, Carrie. They like to hold them and lick them and suck on them.”

Carrie popped open the front closure on her own bra and slipped the straps off her shoulders, keeping up with the girl on the screen. Her own nipples were pointing out hard from her modest swells. She rubbed them lightly with her fingers the way the girl in the movie did to the one not in the man’s mouth.

“Her boobs are a lot bigger than mine, dad. Do you think mine will be that big someday?”

“Your mom’s were only a B-cup dear, but they were fantastic looking and sexy, just like yours. If your boobs didn’t get ANY bigger than they are now, you’d still look hot as hell Carrie. Not every guy wants huge melons on his lady.”

Carrie hesitated before asking quietly. “Would it be, uh . . . incest? Daddy . . . if you, uh, sucked on my boobs?”

Craig felt his self-control crumbling as he looked into the pure, innocent face of his girl and down at the red stiffness of her nipples.

He found that he’d lost his voice; it was somewhere down his throat and couldn’t be retrieved right now. Instead he twisted in his seat and leaned his head down to pull Carrie’s left nipple in between his lips.

Carrie emitted a low moan as her father sucked on her tit. When he had twisted, her left hand ended up on his leg just above his knee. Some instinct made her move her hand the final inches to place her cool touch upon her father’s very warm member. He twitched at the touch, Carrie’s nipple popping out of his mouth, but then he leaned back in to suck on her right one.

“That DOES feel good daddy” she whispered in his ear, which was only inches from her mouth. “Your cock is so hard too . . . I love the way it feels.” She had just been lightly touching it, now she encircled it in a firmer grip and pulled her hand up and back down. The sensation of the skin moving up and down his shaft was so totally alien but also very erotic. She looked down at the laptop and saw that the man was peeling the girl’s panties off.

“Uh, back to the movie, dad. He’s taking off her underwear.”

The camera of course zoomed in on her crotch as she pulled her shapely leg out of her panties. Her mound was mostly shaven, leaving only a thin line of dark hair pointing to her snatch. He clit was rather large and Carrie was initially confused by what she was looking at, then the girl spread open her legs and the folds of her lips looked more normal, but they were definitely ‘puffed up’ as her dad would say. Carrie slid her panties down her legs and opened them fairly wide; feeling the air on her own excited tender spot.

The movie girl bent her knees up as the young man leaned in and brought his tongue up to meet her lower lips. “Oh, so guys use their mouths on girl’s privates too” Carrie observed as she rested her hand over her privates, letting her middle finger settle into her slit. “Do you think most guys just pretend to like it, dad, or is it fun for you too, like sucking boobs?”

“I can’t speak for everybody, Carrie, but I always really enjoyed licking your mom’s pussy. She loved the feel of it and would usually come that way before I’d put it inside her.”

“This guys gonna put his cock inside her too, right?”

Craig had personally seen this one before and knew what was next. “Yes, Carrie. He’s about to do it. In these movies things often happen about the same every time. Kissing, getting naked, oral sex, fucking, then done. Then they mix in other things too; kinky things that I don’t think you’re ready to see right now, Carrie . . . even though you’re not a little kid.” He reached out and stroked her silky red hair, losing himself in her adoring smile.

Carrie watched in fascination the close-up shot of the man’s penis pushing into the folds of the girl’s labia. It slid down low and found her entrance, pushing in several inches. The way the lips had to stretch around it looked like it must hurt, but the moaning noises that came from the video didn’t sound like they were painful.

“Oh, wow” Carrie breathed. She thought she knew what to expect, but seeing the act of penetration for the first time, close up, in high-definition, was still a bit shocking. It looked so naughty, like she shouldn’t be watching something so personal, but it also made her very excited. Her finger was inside her, she found, and she began to move it in and out as the man did the same on the video. Soon he was thrusting rapidly to the sound of their skin slapping against each other and the two of them grunting. He pulled out and grabbed her waist to turn her over, then pulled her up on her knees. The camera made sure to get the wide open picture of her pussy from behind, and the pucker of her asshole made Carrie self-conscious again. Kids her age definitely didn’t see stuff like this every day.

He entered her again and began working back into his rhythm. The slapping noises resumed as her ass cheeks whacked against his thighs. “That’s why they sometimes call it ‘banging’ Carrie” Craig said with a laugh. “That kind of sex is real common in the movies . . . guys pumping over and over again, going on for 10 or 15 minutes . . . but real sex usually isn’t like that.” He closed the laptop and turned toward his naked daughter, her finger still moving in and out of her cunt. “Guys in movies do things to desensitize themselves, so they won’t come quickly. Sometimes they don’t even get very hard, so their obviously not excited by their partner.” He pointed down to the flag pole sticking out of his lap, fluid visible at the tip of his pee-hole.

Carrie was concentrating on her own body and had barely heard him. “Dad, suck on my tits again, please? I can tell I’m close to coming and I want to feel you suck ‘em again.”

Craig granted his daughters wish, pulling her left nipple back into his mouth and grasping her right breast with his left hand, dragging his thumb back and forth over that protrusion.

Carrie found that she could press the side of her thumb against her clit while rolling her finger in and out of herself, and that combined with her dad on her boobs brought her to that climax he’d taught her about. Her body jerked involuntarily at the jolt of sexual electricity. She removed her finger and pressed it and her forefinger against her nub, one on either side as she was jolted twice more and closed up her legs.

*** *** ***

As soon as Carrie had come, Craig leaned back and it only took a few pulls for him to finish, watching his angelic daughter in ecstasy. Her pale form pulled up into a fetal position next to him as she settled back down. The smell of her pussy lingered in the air and it was so erotic, so dirty, so perfect.

He wrapped his arms around his girl and held her naked flesh against his chest. He could feel her rapid heartbeat, felt her warm breath on his chest and had never before been so close to her.

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I'm loving this taboo tale

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Ohkay, Carrie seems to be very mature for a girl of her age. Her character is so unreal.

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This Craig is a vulgar ignorant, talking about "beating off" and similar vulgarities to his horny little girl, instead of using a sweeter, more intimate language!

Does he love her and want to have an emotional and sexual relationship with her, or is he preparing her to be a whore?

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"Craig and Carrie, Chapter 2:" - Craig and Carrie - (Thirty-four Year Old Father and Eleven Year Old Daughter).

The writer, 'Lord Snow', has the knack for sensual, and tender, writing, which considering the character's ages and relationship those traits are necessary for a Solid and Caring writer to have! Pubescent almost twelve year old Carrie is rather smart and intelligent beyond her years, is inquisitive and has a maturity of much older females! She is going to make her father Craig a phenomenal lover, mate, and within the next couple years, concubine, "husband" and a new parent with her father!

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