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Husband and wife have a secret ingredient in their Christmas cookies. That his mother is just dying to learn about.
Just wrote this today at work and decided to post it before I spend the next year checking for grammatical errors and then rewritting it and then never posting at all like I do with so many stories. So I apologize in advance for any problems with it. I am almost done with part 2 and it should be posted within the next few days. Enjoy.

"Carla, these cookies are just to die for. How in the world do you do it?" My mom said to my wife from across the room.

"Every year these cookies just seem to get better and better! You must give me the recipe." Mom insisted.

"Sorry Sarah, but a true artist can not reveal her secrets." My wife Carla replied while giving me a shifty look and a smirk.

"Ohhh Bah humbug. First you don't give me a grandchild and now you don't give me the recipe for these amazing cookies. What else are you going to keep away from this old lady?"

"Mom!!!! We've already talked about the grandchild thing. You know were just waiting until we can get out of this apartment and into a house." I said as I stared her down.

"Your father and I raised you and …"

I cut my mother off before she could get another word out, "It's Christmas Mom. For just today pleased do not bring this up!"

My mother gave me the kind of look that would make any child think they had overstepped their boundaries.

She let out a big sigh, "Fine, not today. But I will not give up so easily on the recipe for these cookies."

My father looked up from the couch were he sat with his own plate of cookies watching a movie, "Ahhh Sarah leave 'em the hell alone and just enjoy what you have." he said lifting a cookie in the air, "Anyway you'd probably fuck 'em up if you tried to make 'em."

"Ohhh Shush and go back to your movie" Mom yelled back at him.

"Well maybe if you get me good and liquored up I just may reveal the secret recipe." My wife said to my mother while giving me a wink. "Come on over and help me open up some wine."

With that my wife and my mother went back into the kitchen. I in the chair next to dad and snagged a cookie off of his plate.

"Hey! come on, go get your own plate." he sarcastically yelled at me.

I smiled and went back to munching on the cookie. I must have drifted off to sleep for a moment because the next thing I remember was my wife shaking me awake.

"I got something in my eye." she said with urgency. "I need you to come to the bathroom and help me get it out."

She grabbed my hand and dragged me down the short hallway to the bathroom and quickly shut and locked the door behind us.

"Ohh my god!!!! Watching them eat those cookies has me so fucking horny I need you right now." My wife whispered in my ear as she ravenously unzipped my pants.

"Hey, hey, wait!" I exclaimed in a hushed tone. "My dads not even 20 feet away on that couch"

But it was too late Carla was on her knees and already had my flaccid cock in her mouth and the feeling of her tongue swirling around my purple head was bringing me to full attention.

Deciding it better to give in than fight her on the topic while she had my dick so close to her teeth I let her do what she wanted for a little bit. But My wife and I like to play a little rough sometimes and I figured that if she was going to force me to do this with my parents in the next room I was going to force my cock down her throat. I grabbed handfuls of my her brown hair and shoved my cock deep into her throat causing her to gag ever so slightly. The sound of her gagging had always been a huge turn on for me and I couldn't resist doing it again even if my father could hear us. I tightened my grip on her hair and slammed my stiff rod into the back of her throat. She gagged hard this time making a sound I was sure the whole house could hear but I refused to let go while her throat was massaging my cock so well. I kept her head forced down on me until she punched my thigh which has always been our signal that she couldn't take it anymore. She gasped for air as she pulled her head off my dick I looked down and saw a nice ring of lipstick around the base of my cock and I smiled as I enjoyed the beauty of my wife's mascara running down her face.

As she regained her breath she slid up my body and wrapped her arms around my neck. Her cheek brushed against mine as she began to nibble on my ear lobe. She whispered, "That was amazing. I love the feeling of your cock in my throat but now I need that fat hard piece of meat inside of me. And we need to make it quick before your parents start to get suspicious."

I hiked up my wife's skirt and reached to pull down her panties. I lifted an eyebrow and looked in her eyes, "No panties today?"

"No, I wanted to be ready to go in case your grumpy old dad wanted to fuck me."

"Yuck. Thats gross. But, kinda hot. You know how much I like kinky girls."

My wife bit her bottom lip and hoisted herself on top of the bathroom sink. "I know all about you and your love for kinkiness now fuck me before I get your old man to do it for you."

"Dirty, dirty, dirty girl." I whispered as I lined my cock up with her pussy.

I grabbed her ass and slammed my dick all the way into her.

"UGHHHHHH…" She screamed.

I reached forward and clamped my hand over her mount to muffle her voice. "Shh they'll hear you."

She nodded her head in understanding and I moved my hand away from her mouth and grabbed her tit through her dress.

"Ohh my god your so wet. You've been wanting my cock for some time haven't you?" I asked as I started up a steady pounding rhythm.

"God yes." She moaned back. "Now fuck me harder and faster!!!!!"

I picked up the rhythm of pounding her pussy with my hard piston and in return she wrapped her arms around my neck and started moving in time with me.

"You feel so huge Jason" She said through gritted teeth. "Like your going to fucking rip me in half. And oh my god the way your cock keeps bottoming out in me feels so good. Oh shit I'm gonna come. Keep fucking me just like this and I'm gonna cum on that huge cock of yours."

Carla took her one arm away from my neck and bit down on her sleeve to muffle her moans as an orgasm started taking over her body. I could feel the walls of her pussy clamp down on my cock as if they were milking the cum out of me.

She took the sleeve out of her mouth and whispered. "I'm about to cum Jason, I'm about to cum and your parents are in the next room. This is so fucking hot."

I've never had incest fantasies in my life but this talk was getting me horny, I started fucking her with wild abandon and an audible slapping could be heard as our groins collided with each thrust.

Then Carla let go of my neck leaned back against the vanity and screamed out at the top of her lungs. "I'm cuming!!!! Put it in my ass!!!! Put your huge cock in my fucking ass now!!!!!" without missing a beat I pulled out of her slick twat and slammed my soaking wet cock balls deep into her asshole. The tightness was overwhelming and I'm sure I would have cum immediately if not for my worry of how loud she was being.

"Ugghhhh, Ughhhh" she moaned as I quickly reached up and clamped my hand over her mouth. She spasmed on my dick for what seemed like an eternity. and I slowly kept pumping myself into her asshole as I watched her come down from her high.

Her eyes eventually opened and that lazy just been fucked smile came over her face. She said in a hushed voice. "That was amazing. We should fuck with your mom and dad in the next room more often."

I gave her a death stare because we both know that if my parents didn't know what we were doing in the bathroom they did after her verbal demands of having my dick in her ass.

"We should go. We've been in here too long" I said.

"And what leave without you getting your release? I should think not."

Carla got down on her knees again and quickly wiped my dick off with her hand. This was her way of cleaning my cock before doing some ass to mouth but we both knew it hardly cleaned anything that may have been on there. With the quick wiping of her now dirty hand onto her dress she brought my cock into her mouth and started with one of her amazing blow jobs that always ensured me cuming in a matter of minutes.

But right now I was so turned on watching this gorgeous wife of mine sucking my cock with such reckless abandon that I knew I wouldn't be cumin in a matter of minutes instead it would only be seconds.

Carla grabbed my balls and started lightly tugging and playing with them bringing me closer and closer to my orgasm with each bob of her head.

"I'm gonna cum." I whispered in shaky breath down to her.

She clamped her hand tighter around my balls and sucked harder on the head of my cock as if she could suck the cum out of me like a straw. My balls began to shoot the torrent of cum up my shaft and Carla quickly pulled her mouth off of me and started stroking my cock to its release.

The first rope of cum shot over her face and landed on the beautiful brown strands of hair just above her forehead. My second wad landed on her eyebrow and left a string of cum right down to her cheek where the mascara had run. My third load got her just above her lip and then she sucked me back into her mouth as I shot two more.

She stood up so we were face to face and with one of the sexiest looks I had ever seen in my life she pushed the two wads of cum out of her mouth and let them drip down her chin where they landed on her dress covered tits.

"How do I look?" she asked.

"You look sexy as hell." I said eyeing her up.

She turned to the mirror and looked her self over. "No I look like a wife who has been well taken care of."

She reached and pulled her skirt down over her bare ass and turned the handle to the bathroom door.

"Where the fuck are you going?" I whispered trying to shove my dwindling erection back into my pants before she opened the door and gave my parents a clear view of it.

Carla looked back at me nonchalantly and said, "To the bedroom, to change my dress." she opened the door just as I finished zipping up my pants.

She took one step out and spun back around and looked at me with jizz still plainly visible on her face and chest. "And maybe I'll tell your Mom that the secret ingredient in my cookies is a half a cup of your cum."

With that she walked down the short hallway to the living room where she turned to the couch, "Sarah, getting that piece of dust out of my eye was a little more painful than I thought it would be. Could you come to the bedroom with me and help me fix my make up."

I watched as my mom stood up adjusted her dress, wiped her mouth and followed my sexy wife into the bedroom.

I stood in the bathroom in complete astonishment over what I had just witnessed. My wife turned around in the doorway to the bedroom and gave me a loving smile then closed the door.

I walked out of the bathroom and into the living room and sat at the opposite end of the couch from my father feeling exhausted and scared to death. There was no way my parents didn't see her cum covered face, what would they do?

I looked over at my dad who was staring at me. "Hey." he said "If you keep fucking her like that your gonna have kids before you know it."

"DAD!!!!!" I yelled in astonishment.

We sat there in silence for a few more moments before my loud mouth vulgar father chimed in once more, "A little word of advice to you. When you try to get pregnant it helps if you cum in her pussy not all over her face."

"Dad!!! Shut the fuck up." I screamed.

"Ohh yea and next time take your time. I was getting an awesome blow job out here until you speedy Gonzalases opened that damn bathroom door."

My mouth dropped open as I contemplated what my father had just said. In my minds eye all I could do was picture my mother hunched over with my dads cock between her lips right here on this very couch where I sat. I looked down at my dads crotch and noticed a huge bulge going down his leg.

"Ha, ha." My dad laughed and pointed at my crotch, "Looks like the thought of your mother sucking me off has given you a boner too."

My face turned red and I knew I had been caught.

"Don't worry son, a woman's a woman. Doesn't matter if it's your mother, your wife or some little college girl wearing those Yoga pants. If you're a man its gonna get you horny and if it doesn't then that's a problem. You know I'd be lying if I didn't say that I think about your fine wife sometimes when I jerk off. God she's fucking hot as hell. I bet you everyman that has ever met her jerks off to her."

"Dad! SHUT UP ALREADY. This is getting real weird." I said forcing my eyes away from the spot where I knew my mom was just sucking cock.

"Sorry Jason. It's just your mom left me here with these blue balls and I know I'm gonna be horny as shit until I get to cum. Hey, you think if I went into that bedroom there I could get your wife to help me out." With that he let out a big boisterous laugh while I shook my head smiled and whispered to myself, "She probably would."
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