This is the true story of how i turned my 9 year old cousin stephanie into a lifetime slut the night we lost our virginity to each other. This is a true story
I was 14 at the time...My mom had recently remarried and it was our first holiday as a new family. Christmas was just around the corner. My moms new husband (bill) had invited some of his family out to the west coast to spend our holiday with us. His sister Stacy came to visit with her nine year old daughter. My new cousins name was Stephanie..She was sorta a quiet girl who didn't say much but u could she was one of those girls that would grow into being a beautiful woman someday. She was a little over 4 feet tall couldn't have been over 80 pounds with nice long legs and curly brown hair to her ass. I tried to tell myself I shouldn't be undressing her with eyes like I was but I couldn't help it. she had a nice, thin body but also had begun to develop some curves already. I promised myself if I got a chance alone with her id try to make a move but that seemed unlikely to happen. but one day about a week into their visit, we did end up being alone together. everone else had gone to church that day except me and steph..after I realized we were alone I decided to go for it. I asked her if she wanted to watch a movie in my room with me and she said yes so I led my nine year old cousin into my room with no real plans on watching much of any movie :) ......So my room was small with no chairs and the was it arranged, the only way to see the tv was from the bed so of course she had no choice but to get into my bed with me. She got in first, closest to the wall and when I laid down next to her I causally grabbed a blanket off the floor and threw it over us...we started the movie and we both layed back against our pillows and started watching it...For about 10-15 minutes I lay there trying to decide what my next move should be. I was a little afraid if I tried anything she would freak out so I had to be smoothe...I moved my hand (under the blankets) over towards her and set it on her upper thigh..Her little leg felt good in my hand, I stared to get hard right then. over the next few minutes I slowly slid my hand farther and farther over until it was over her pussy and then slowly curled my fingers down and cupped her tiny camel toe, finally! When she didn't do anything to stop me I decided to push my luck with her and redoubled my intensity rubbing her pussy thru her pants soflty at first, and then bit more roughly..once I was rubbing hard enough to where the top of the blanket started moving, she rolled her head over towards me and politely asked me what I was doin...I just said I want to show you something and kept going. I asked her if she'd ever been touched there before and she said no. She asked me if id ever had sex before (which I hadn't) and told me about some kids from her school in her telling her they'd had sex..Just hearing this little girl talk about sex at all was turning me the fuck on. I asked her If she wanted to have sex and she said she didn't know maybe. I told her I could "show her" some things that were just like sex and if she wanted me to show her I would. She asked me, like what? I said let me show you and reached over top of her with my other hand and confidently unzipped her little pants. I slid my left hand under the small of her back and lifted her an inch or two so I use my other hand the slide her pants off...She didn't say anything or try to stop me she just looked at me with look of curiosity like she had no clue what I was really doing. I reached my left hand under stephs' little panties and briefly touched my first vagina when I remembered, oh shit! I forgot to lock the door! I jumped outta bed really quick and locked in and then got back in, ready for business. when we were back under the covers she innocently asked me in the sweetest voice, "Josh, are we about to have sex?" hearing those words come from that tiny beautiful mouth got me instantly rock hard. I told no, not unless she wanted me to...she didn't say anything so I reached my hand over onto her again, under her panties. I wasn't 100 percent exactly what to do but I had seen enough porn to have a general idea how to finger a girl. The only problem is she was so tiny. Her pussy felt much much smaller than what'd I seen on pornos. I pulled the blanket back to have a closer look. I could see where her lips met together and right above her pussy was a very small, light patch of brunette pubes. I slid my middle finger in between her lips, curled it slighty and begun to rub her up and first I was just pressing down while I ground my hand over my cousins snatch I started to feel a little wetness and on one rub the whole first section or my finger sunk into her and I heard her let out a little gasp. I looked up at her and she had her head arched all the way back with her eyes closed. I asked her if she was ok and she said yes. I asked her did she want me to stop and she no. I said sooooo u want me to keep going then?? she nodded her head and I told her "say it" she opened her eyes, looked into mine and said, " I don't want you to stop, keep going". Not wanting to disappoint my little cousin I said ok, I smiled, leaned over her and kissed her softly at first and then a second time with a little tongue ....she laughed and blushed and said "my first French kiss" with a little smile. I pecked her on the lips again leaned back again, simultaneously reachin over her, grabbed her hip and pulled her right next me..i used my left hand to start getting her wet again while used my right hand to slid my basketball shorts off. at this point we had no blanket over us anymore so my 6.5 inch cock sprung right up, blatantly in view except for my boxers it was stretching. She'd reclosed her eyes in pure pleasure so she didn't see me take my pants off. I grabbed right hand, opened it and gently wrapped it around the base of my cock, still keeping my hand over hers. when she felt this it totally surprised her and I saw a flash of fear across her face. She was plainly staring at my dick in a look of awe. She finally managed to say, "but, if ur finger wont even go pass the top then how could that thing fit into me?" I thought to myself wow, she's seriously wanting to try to have sex. this is so crazy. I said "well, when that happens boys use their fingers to stretch out the girl a little bit so theres more room" she just said ok, so I stared workin her pussy again, ever harder but still only up the first digit of my middle finger. As I picked up my pace she began to moan softly over and over and I felt her arch her hips up towards my hand. I stopped fingering her for a sec to I could switch hands and use my left to help hold her up and the second I stopped hey eyes snapped open and she asked me with a tone of sadness, how come you stopped??? She was so innocent the way she asked me I felt a twinge of guiltiness. This was beyond taboo. I knew I should stop but that wasn't gonna happen. I decided if I was keep goin I was goin to make her tell me in her own words she liked it and she didn't want me to stop. I wanted her to ask me to do it, like several times, so that way when she got a little older and realized the extent of what happened that day, she would definitely remember that she'd asked me not to stop and I gave her many chances to stop. So I said "do u want me to stop?" she said no. I asked her why and she said because it feels good. I asked her how good. she grinned and really good Josh hearing her say my voice got me rock hard again. I kissed her, grabbed her tight ass and lifted her back into her arch she was in used reentered her wet hole once again. after a few moments she was fully wet again and her soft moans turned into whimpers. I took that as a good sign and shoved my finger down all the way to the knuckle and she let out violent shriek of ecstasy. Instinctively she used the insides of her thighs to squeeze my hands tighter to her, almost wrapping her legs around my wrist. at first i though I hurt her because she screamed so loud so I stopped but as soon as I stopped her eyes open again and she didn't even have to say it. The look in her eyes told me plainly "don't you dare fucking stop"! so of course I granted her wish..i did it for five minutes longer or so and finally stopped. I pulled my boxers off, grabbed her hand again and but it around the base of my shaft and this time, her small little fingers curled around my manhood on their own...It almost seemed like she knew wat to do but of course she didn't. She was just naturally a good slut I guess, idk. She gave me a questioning look, like she wasn't sure what to do next so I gave the guidance she craved. "i'll show you how, just like this baby" I put my hand over hers and began to guide her hand up and down my shaft. Head to base head to base head to base goin progressively faster. I was sure she could do it without my help now. I said to her "honey...just like that is PERFECT. Im gonna let you do it by yourself now so I can do what I was doing to you again, ok?" She smiled like a little whore and said ok. I sunk back into her knuckle deep and rotated my hand underneath her ass 90 degrees. This made to where I could reach of with my other middle finger and stick it in her from the bottom. I started with just the tip but quickly got all the way up to my knuckle just like my other hand..i leaned a little more sideways towards her for better angle and when I did her hand slipped off my dick and grasped onto my balls on accident. She quickly started to let go, thinking she'd done something wrong but I was fast to say, "no, don't, that feels so good" grab them with ur other and use both hand on me" She did as she was told. I was making her feel so good she didn't hesitate at all. All I had to do was keep finger fucking her and she under my control, she would do whatever I wanted. Her body couldn't refuse it. I asked her was she ready for the next step. She said, with a hint of being scared, "sex"? I giggled and said no not yet..i got out of bed walked around the front of the bed and grabbed both her ankles and spread her legs apart. The look on her face told me she had no clue what I was doin so I just told her don't worry, if u don't like it ill stop ok....I slid my left arm under her right leg, lifted it ,and rested it onto my shoulder still holding her leg. I used my thumb and pointer finger on my other hand to spread her lips open as far as I could (a half inch if that) and without warning plunged my tongue into her hot depths, tasting my first pussy. When I stuck my tongue in her she sat up a little in surprise. I said "lay down!" rather bossily and when she hesitated I used my left forearm to shove her back down on her back. She needed to understand I was the one in control and I was gonna do whatever I wanted to her and she couldn't really stop me. I started furisiously shoving more tongue into her virgin snatch while bobbing my head up and down in rhythm . I felt her get noticeably wetter and loved that sweet taste. She bucked her hips upwards outnowhere causing me to sink my whole tongue into her and she actually reached down and grabbed a handful of hair and managed to push my head a little, choking me. But I didn't pull my head back I just twirled my tongue around in a circular motion deep inside her a few rotation when suddenely her loudest shriek yet and while she yelped, she came for her very first time filling my mouth with about a shots worth of my cousin cum...she went limp and laid back in silence clearly in awe. while I let her recover I laid down beside her again and started jacking myself off...I noticed her watching out of the corner of my eye and she had a total look of desire in her eyes. I almost came right there just from the intensely lustfull look she watched me jerk myself with...I said, k your turn, put my hands behind my head, and laid back..she started pumping my raging boner sitting with her back to me/...I slid my left hand under ass and shoved my pointer and middle finger all the way in her with one thrust. she wasnt expecting it and yelped. Her insides squeezed so tight around my two fingers I thought she might cut them off. This the most she'd ever taken and I almost had her stretched out enough to think about trying to fuck her. Filling her snatch up again made her go crazy and she started pumping me like a pro. I told her use both hand which she did on command. while she shoved her ass downwards and ground her mound on my hand it caused her to lean forward. Just the sight of seeing her use two hands to stroke my dick while wriggling like a whore on my hand was enough to make me feel myself getting close to bustin a nut. I sat up, keeping my fingers in her, and used my other hand to shove her face even further down just inches from the tip of my dick..i said quickly "close your eyes! close your eyes" she closed them just in time and I busted only the third nut of my life. I came so hard that I blasted my jizz all over her.. Some shot into her hair but most of it went on her forehead. she sorta sneezed and I watched my seed ooze out of each of her nostrils. as she opened her mouth a little some of the cum from her nose fell right on top of her tongue and at first she scrunched up her face in distaste but then seemed 2 accept her role and licked her lips and smiled...the first thing she said was "sooo...this is cum?" I smiled at her in acknowledgement and she said "that a lot of stuff...Is it normally that much that comes out? I told her I wasn't sure cuz it was only the third time it had happened to me but that this time there was more than the first two times. She seemed to like my answer. she said "sooooooo I did good then?" Seeing that cute smile covered with my sperm happily made my dick twitch a little and I responed "yes, u were a good girl" and leaned in for a kiss then another, then another..i pulled her shirt off her and used it to wipe up my cum...I still wonder years later what ever happened to that shirt I hope her mom didn't see it/..She had basically no breasts yet but she did have some nice, juicy nipples that stood firm at attention. I put one nipple in my mouth and sucked while I reached up and twisted the other one and that made her moan again and look she gave me was of complete animal lust...I knew right then that she was ready. The look in her eyes said everything. She was ready. She was ready for me to take her. I double checked all the doors again just in case and made sure they were locked and half ran back into my room, ready to become a man...she was sitting up, halfway redressed. she had her shirt back on and was pulling her pants back up. I let her finish buttoning them and gave her a sad look..she asked whats wrong and I said I thought we were gonna have sex? She told me she wanted to but maybe we should wait till next time. I was mad. There may never be a next time I told her. She was leaving ina few days...She sat there in silence, with her head down. I could tell she felt bad for saying no at the last second. She was just scared. So I decided to take control. I said rudely "well get off my bed and out of my room then, now!" this clearly shocked her and she mumbled okay and ran out of my room bursting into tears as she shut my door. As I lay there planning my next move I heard a soft knock on my door...I heard call my name softly "josshhh" I said what and she opened the door...She had clearly been balling and she came up to me, put her hand on my wrist and said Joshhh im sorry, im just scared! I said whatever turned away from her and muttered under my breathe yeah right. She insisted "josh I really am really sorry...Its just your...thing...its so big im afraid its gonna hurt me. A girl in my class told me her daddy made her have sex with him for her first time and his thing was big too and she said it made her bleed and it hurt really bad"/../I showed no sympathy on purpose, knowing id almost finished manipulating her to the point of giving it. i said fine i get.. it just go then...She started to leave again, made it to the door and stopped...Her head sank in defeat and she turned around and said "ok" i said ok what and she replied, ok, lets have sex, just please don't hurt me too bad. i promised her i wouldn't and if it hurt too much id stop...i fingered her again for a few minutes went down on her again and then made her spit in her hand and then rub it all over my dick, explaining along the way how all of this would help it not hurt as much....Finally it was time. I pulled her by both ankles to edge of the bed so her legs dangled off. Then i bent both her legs back over her almost touching her ears, leaving her pinned down, giving me full reign on her tiny twat. i leaned down, spit on her clit, and then used the head of my dick to rub it all in and around her evenly making sure she was prepared..I asked her "you sure you want to do this?" and she said "only if u do...i know we're supposed to wait until we're married before we have sex. and im only nine but u made me feel things ive never felt today, you taught me so much, i owe you...I told her yes, she did. With that, i slid my head in and her eyes rolled back into her head and she grunted..i paused ten seconds or so, pulled out slightly and then made another pump gaining maybe a half inch. she grunted again and grabbed a handful of sheets with each hand...i stayed at that depth for ten more pumps or so trying to slowly open her up enough to take me in. getting impatient i roughly jammed ina another inch or two in one pump and this time she grunted in pain and i saw a small tear roll from each eye. I asked her if she wanted me to stop and she didn't respond so i sighed, then asked again..She said "yes, i do want you to stop because it hurts so bad" i gave a very saddened, defeated gesture and said fine with a frown...i began to pull out of her and she blurted out "fine just do it, just do it" i didn't need telling twice. I already have about half my 7 inch cock in and i decided id waited long enough. She was gonna take all of this dick. I gave her four or five more hard pumps , gaining almost an inch at a time until i finally bottomed out and grunted with pleasure. This was a million times better than i imagined. I rested for a sec, my whole throbbing boner deep inside my nine year cousin. i looked down at her and she was sobbing quietly. I kept my hard meat in her for a few minutes trying to stretch her out a little more...once she'd stopped crying as bad a few minutes later i asked her if she was ready to finish and her lack or response was good enough for me. She needed to be taught i was the boss/. i let her legs down pulled my dick out (which made her gasp again) and then before she knew what hit her id flipped her over on her stomach, pushed the back of her knees down pulled her around her waist with my other hand. This left her ass sticking up for me perfectly exposed and he head sideways against the bed..i could see enough of her face to see she looked scared. I think she knew i was about to fuck the shit out of her. I put a hand on her left ass cheek to steady her while i shoved my dick in her halfway in one thrust. She immediately grunted in pain followed by a louder moan of pleasure...I told her "don't fight it its gonna make it hurt more just take it" I buried my right hand into her curly black hair for better grip with the other still on her ass cheek and finally went to town. I fucked her as hard as i could at least a minute straight. I was bottoming out inside her repeatedly and the sounds of my thusts echoed thru the room "whap whap whap whap whap" i knew i was close to blowing another nut....i told her "im about to come, ok? if u don't wanna get pregnant u have to let me come in your mouth instead, k?? she nodded her head and few pumps later i yelled now and in one motion ripped out of her and whipped her around like a rag doll by her hair. my right hand found the back her head, my left hand her throat leavin her unable to move, at my mercy. i was about two seconds from coming and i yelled quick open your mouth! open your fuckin mouth! those sweet lips parted just in time for me to shove half my dick down her throat while i violently exploxed. I was shoving my dick up while forcing her head down as i came and the combination of the two left he no choice but swallow every last drop. I didn't put out to let her breathe until i was sure she had. I finally let go of head and let her took her a minute or two to catch or breathe. Then she finally asked "did i do it right" and i let her know it was perfect...Our family was home five minutes later and we never got another chance to do anything ever again we hardly even had time to talk to each before she had to leave a couple days later...Before they left i MADE her promise me no matter what she'd never tell anyone and don't ever forget she wanted me to do it she asked me to do it. I told her that she was to play with herself like i showed how to every night before she went to bed and to do what she did with me with at least a couple other guys soon. She promised me she'd do what i told her. My mom and bill divorced a year or two later and i never saw Stephanie again. But i know, somewhere she's out makin some dude very happy. She's out there bein the whore i broke her into being. She will never ever forget being taken by her older cousin. I know she wont

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delete and never post again your writing sucks.


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believe it or not, this is a true story..sorry my writing was so bad

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Fairly good story, even if it was the longest paragraph I have ever read. Break it up with some paragraphs and it will be way easier and more enjoyable to read.

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