This is a true story of a happy event when my first wife arranged for a swap party with a friend of hers from work and her husband. I am going for more crafted writing than the more direct but would welcome constructve feedback as this is my first time as an author
I was very recently married when this evening took place and whilst that may be shocking to consider for some, we had such an enthusiastic and adventurous sex life with each other that, with hindsight, the events of this evening seemed to be a natural extension, I say with hindsight as the whole experience was arranged as a surprise by my wife....

Annie is petite and dark haired with cascading brunette curls falling just beyond shoulder length, she has hazel eyes and a beautiful body with curves in all the right places, her waist is slender which only serves to enhance her figure, emphasising the delicious swell of her breasts and the peachy fullness of her bum.

She is very particular about her appearance taking time and trouble over her wardrobe and always dressing elegantly for work with just a hint, to my eyes, of the sensual warmth that lies under that professional exterior.

She works for a business travel agency at a company in Hertfordshire and they are a sociable bunch with regular nights out, both accompanied and staff only.

As a couple we hit it off with all her colleagues and in particular Tony and Chrissy. Tony plays Rugby like myself and Chrissy was a truly astounding blonde bombshell, hair in a tight bob, the biggest grin and the most astonishing décolletage, much bigger and fuller than Annie's and she was well aware of their impact on most unsuspecting males. Annie and I often speculated but eventually decided they had to be natural and somewhere around an F cup!

After about six months we were fast becoming close friends to the extent that we often spent large parts of any evening out talking to the others partner without any hint of jealousy or possessiveness.

Anyway, it was fast approaching Christmas when Annie suggested inviting Tony and Chrissy over for an evening at our place, some dinner and drinks and a stay over so they could relax and have a drink without worrying.

Call me naïve or thick but this just seemed like a sensible idea to me.

Came the night and Annie really went to town on getting ready, nails and hair? everything was buffed, polished and immaculate, her skin was lightly scented with her favourite light, warm, cocoa buttery cream lotion and she was dressed for a catwalk, sheer silky blouse, camisole, the sheerest stockings and the slenderest G-string that merely served to accentuate the curves. It was all I could do to keep my hands to myself but I knew better than to interrupt Annie whilst she was getting ready and tonight seemed to be important for her, judging from all the effort.

All of this sensuality was wrapped in a black skirt that wrapped around her like she was an extravagant present and she finally slipped on a favourite pair of heels.

'Not going for practical tonight then Annie, quite an effort just for Chrissy and Tony!'

She gave me an old fashioned look and said ' It's their first time in our house and I want them to feel like honoured guests, besides, you seem to appreciate my making the effort....! This last was followed by a very deliberate transfer of her gaze to my clear and obviously growing erection.

I laughed and promised that I would be more than happy to 'help her out' anytime.

Annie seemed to be excited and a little nervous waiting for our guests and between us we managed to dispose of the best part of a bottle of wine whilst we waited for them to arrive but when they did Annie sent me to the door.

Tony was parking the car so Chrissy was first to the door and she had clearly taken as much trouble with her outfit as Annie but leaning much more towards the voluptuous, her blonde hair was tousled, her lips were positively pillow-like with gorgeous warm pink shades and her outfit was a fantasy for anyone looking for a full-on Bo-Ho experience, smocky low cut top that showed off her bosom to full effect with a wrap and long peasant skirt and boots.

I did kind of stammer a quick hello and kissed her on the cheek which was hot and I picked up warm earthy scents of perfume that went straight to my senses and I started to get a tingly sensation and felt my heart rate quicken.

Hardly what I'd expected and I was quickly embarrassed and made a great fuss of welcoming Tony and sorting out the drinks.

We had drinks and dinner went well and with Chrissy sitting opposite I had every opportunity to let my eyes explore her beautiful body and as we got more and more relaxed took every opportunity to brush her hand with mine when passing things around, touching her leg with mine as we adjusted our positions and generally flirting. I confess I hardly paid attention to Annie but whenever I did she seemed to be ensconced in conversation with Tony which suited me perfectly.

Sexist I know but the girls had been dishing up all the dinner and popping out to the kitchen together and always coming back giggling at some shared joke.

At the end of the meal they had disappeared in to the kitchen so Tony and I sat on the sofas opposite each other and flicked on the box. Annie came in and said 'Oh no you don't, we want something on that we can both enjoy, find us a film or something more appealing to us girls after all our hard work!'

The selection was pretty dire but we eventually found something arty with a pretty French girl apparently abandoned by her boyfriend and stranded which seemed promising on several levels.

The girls came in and dropped on to the sofas next to us but Chrissy sat next to me and Annie next to Tony which made me sit up a bit but Chrissy settled close to me and I saw Annie do the same with Tony. We watched about ten minutes of the film and I started to relax. Chrissy was right up against me and as I relaxed I could feel her hips against mine, her shoulder was against my chest and I was getting strong hints of her heady perfume. She turned to me and said, I'm a bit chilly, can I snuggle in' and with that she lifted my arm and placed it round her shoulders and held my hand as it draped round her.

My mind started racing and I tensed a little as I could feel how close my fingertips were to her breasts.

She must have sensed this and smiled broadly at me as she told me to 'Relax, we are all having a nice time' and as she said that I glanced over at Annie to see that she was also making herself comfortable with her legs curled up on the sofa, shoes off and her head on Tony's shoulder.

As I watched Annie she took his fingers and seemingly almost subconsciously started to stroke and pull on them gently, all the while easing them lower and lower towards her.

I looked at Tony and he was apparently glued to the television but at just that point my attention was sharply drawn back to Chrissy. She had been holding my hand lightly but I felt her fingers tighten round mine and a definite tug towards her chest, I felt my fingertips brush her bare skin, lightly at first but then more firmly as she gently dragged them back and forth along her neckline.
I held my breath as I felt a sudden surge in my cock and the first stirrings of an erection began to press against my restrictive clothing. I turned towards Chrissy to see if she was consciously doing this and saw that her eyes were focused across the room.

I looked up again and saw Annie just undoing the top button of her blouse and as she did so she brought Tony's fingertips to the opening and started to slide them out of sight.

There was no way this could be misinterpreted and I tensed and started to pull back my own fingers but Chrissy took firmer hold and pulled them forward and down, this time slipping under her neckline and more firmly against her skin. She was still watching Anne and I saw that their eyes were now locked across the room. They held their gaze for a couple of seconds and then gave each other an imperceptible nod.

At this I watched Annie turn her head and whisper something Tony who looked over at me and then back at Annie who tilted back her head a little more and flicked the tip of her tongue between his lips.

Tony hesitated and then seemed to reach a decision, with a quick look at me he leaned forward and his lips slowly engaged with Annie's and I caught a glimpse of his tongue and hers slowly caressing as they kissed each other with a long slow and powerful motion.

Annie was arching her back and her breasts were pressing against her blouse so that Chrissy and I could see the hardened outline of her nipples emerging through the silk and crying out for attention, Tony's hand started to slowly caressed her through the blouse and at that point I heard a gasp from Chrissy and this caused me to come to my senses and realise where my hand was and how turned on I was, I had let my fingers brush Chrissy's nipples under blouse.

'How exciting is this' I whispered as I could sense the heat rising from Chrissy and the arousal in her skin 'So...Fucking...horny...' she breathed as she started to unlace the front of her blouse, 'Are you cool with this?' she asked looking straight at me as she unlaced the last line of lacing and her blouse fell open.

'So cool, you have no idea' and my fingers cupped her right breast and I leant forward as if to kiss her hardening nipple, I brushed this with my lips to moisten the tip then breathed lightly on the wetness causing her to give a little murmur of appreciation.

'Wait' she said, 'I want to enjoy this and I want to watch, lie down in front of me' I lay down along the sofa, on my back and with Chrissy behind me and up on her elbow, we were both turned towards the other sofa where we saw Annie sliding down so that her head was resting on Tony's lap. Her hand reached towards his trousers and her fingers seemed to describe the outline of Tony's cock. He was clearly well endowed and very hard and I could see that Annie was having to caress a longer cock with Tony than she was used to with me where girth is more of a feature with just 7" in length to cope with.

'You are a lucky girl' I said to Chrissy, 'He's a big lad!' and she giggled
'He's especially big because he is finally close to fulfilling a major fantasy, he is always talking about Annie after a night out and I confess that I make him work off his guilt by giving me a really good hard seeing to every time!'
'Oh yeah, he has wanted to slip his cock in to your missus since the first time he met her, I even indulged him once by telling him that I fancied her too and describing how we could both seduce her, he came harder and faster than I have ever seen....yummy'
I looked over at this and saw that Annie's fingers were groping for Tony's zip and they slowly eased open his trousers, her fingers slipped inside and after a little adjustment she started to pull forth Tony's cock, I looked up to see a worried look on his face as he caught my eye but I smiled back at him and he relaxed as Annie slowly started to stroke his cock, her fingers surrounding his shaft as she squeezed and slowly massaged him. She eased his cock further out and leaning it towards me rested her head over the shaft as she looked over. Our eyes met and she slowly winked as she leaned forward and parted her lips, her tongue flicked out and brushed the top of his glans before she opened her mouth wider and slowly took his cock in to her mouth, all the time looking straight at me.

This was quite the most erotic thing I have ever seen and my pleasure was clearly apparent as Chrissy undid my belt and started playing with me.

Looking back over at Annie I could see now that her blouse was open and off her shoulder and her cami was pulled down to expose both her breasts to his attention. Her hand was stroking his shaft whilst her mouth enveloped his cock-head and her eyes were closed in pleasure as he teased and tweaked her nipples

I leaned back and my hands reached up to Chrissy's blonde bob, 'this is such a turn on' I said as my fingers entwined in her hair and I started to pull her head towards me. Her reaction was electric and she shivered as I pulled her hair and at the same time drew her lips towards mine.

'You are a dirty girl, but you know how to please, don't you?' I said as our lips closed and I forced my tongue in to her mouth, then pulling back and gently nibbling her lower lip with my teeth.

'Wait' she said and started to give me a commentary
'She has raised her leg and her skirt has fallen open, I can see her stocking tops and Tony's stroking her thigh, his fingers are trailing towards her...., oh my goodness, I can see her horny....his fingers are tracing her pussy lips through the material, he is easing her pants aside and oooh, her lips, he's caressing them and I can see his finger sliding them apart and fucking hell, he is finger fucking her...'

At this Chrissy moved quickly and slid out from round me and stood up, this caused Tony and Annie to pause and look up, with worried frowns but Chrissy just laughed and said,

'Enough of this subtlety, come here Jack and kiss me and this time I want Annie to pay attention!' I grinned and did as I was told and Chrissy started to kiss me and undress me, removing my shirt and easing my pants to the floor, my hands were equally busy and I lifted off her blouse to expose her magnificent boobs. At this, Annie stood up and started to remove her own clothing, when she was topless she sidled up to me, interrupted us and kissed me on the lips and then walked around us as we carried on caressing and kissing. She paused behind Chrissy 'hmmm, interesting...' and her arms encircled Chrissy to reach under her tits and lift them towards me, massaging towards the nipples and looking at me over Chrissy's shoulder, I leaned forward and kissed Annie with Chrissy pressed between us just as Chrissy's hands found my cock and started to stroke me.

Tony was sitting on the sofa behind me but Annie could see him and broke off to say
'Take your cock in hand Tony, let me see you wank over this, you know you want me and Chrissy and if you do as you're told I may grant you your wish, no wanking no fucking, that's the rule'.

I heard Tony mutter 'Jesus fuck' and then I heard the distinct sound of a wet cock head being rhythmically stroked.

'Good boy Tony' said Annie, then to Chrissy 'have you had my man's cock in your mouth yet, no? Well we best do something about that' and so saying she gently pushed Chrissy to the floor between us moving us to either side so Chrissy was at eye level with Tony and her mouth was level to my cock.

Annie reached round and took my cock in hand and with her other hand took hold of Chrissy by the hair and pushed her mouth on to my cock. 'Like this Tony? Like seeing your missus suck on Jack's cock, turn you on does it, thought so...well how does this look' she said as Tony started stroking harder 'slow down boy, don't waste all that tasty cum' and with that she pulled Chrissy's head from my cock and turned her towards her own crotch, parting the curtains of her skirt as she did so to reveal her naked hairless pussy.

Chrissy pulled back a little but Annie was insistent and Chrissy slowly eased forward and reached behind Annie to pull her forward on to her tongue. Little flicks to start with she got bolder and bolder until her fingers were holding Annie's lips apart and her tongue was buried in Annie's pussy. Annie started to feel weak at the knees after a few minutes of this attention and I saw her ease back towards the sofa..

She sat down and eased her legs open and beckoned Chrissy over 'Eat me Chrissy, I so want to cum on your tongue' I heard Tony moving around as I watched and he moved to the arm of the sofa beside Annie who reached out for his cock and started jacking him off.

Chrissy had her arse in the air at this point and I sank to my knees behind her, taking my cock in hand and slowly approaching her pussy lips with my cock-head, as the head brushed her lips she gave a little start and then pushed back until the head of my cock slid in to her pussy.

I started sliding my cock back and forward in her pussy and as I did so I heard Annie gasp as the pressure was felt through Chrissy pressing harder with her lips and tongue. 'Shut her up Tony will you' I said and Tony grinned at me as he eased forward and his cock disappeared in Annies mouth, 'Don't be so gentle Tony, fuck her mouth and coat it, she is s dirty little slut and loves to feel hot cum at the back of her throat' At this, Tony took Annie's hair and pulled her harder on his dick. 'We have a pair of dirty bitches here Jack' he said, 'reckon they planned this and I don't plan to be taken advantage of without getting my fantasy fulfilled'

I laughed and asked (although I knew) what his fantasy was?

'I want to fuck Annie' he said 'but ultimately I want to cum over the pair of them, what do you think?'

'We have all night but sounds like a plan to me....' and with that I pulled Chrissy to her knees and motioned for Annie to kneel beside her. 'Fuck them Tony, take it in turns and while he's doing that you two can suck my cock'.

Tony grinned and pushed the girls closer together while he slid his cock in to Annie for the first time, causing her to give a little cry when she felt his full length, 'So nice Tony' she sighed

I was sat on the sofa now with my legs apart and looking at two aroused faces, Chrissy was watching Annie's reaction with each stroke of Tony's cock and I could see that she was frigging herself while he did so.

'How is it Chrissy' I asked, 'Fucking amazing, you two are so horny, just like us and I am only sad that it has taken this long to find out!' and with that she leaned forward and took my cock in her mouth and slowly began to stroke me. after a few minutes of this I could feel the heat building in my balls, watching Annie getting shafted and with my cock in Chrissy's mouth, Chrissy's strokes started to get harder and the tension built as we all got quieter and more heated, I was sensing a building tension and knew that we were all getting close to cumming before Jack gave a little gasp and breathed 'I can't hold on much longer....' which made Annie open her eyes and say 'Wait, hold on, I want to share you' and she turned to Chrissy 'Can he cum over both of us, I want to share him with you'

Chrissy smiled and they both knelt up at the same time and we stood up between them. Tony started stroking his cock as Annie and Chrissy knelt breast to breast and then they slowly and sensuously started to kiss with their eyes flicking from my cock to Tony's as they did so and their hands stroking us and each other. This was getting too much for me and I started to wank harder and harder until finally I felt my cock twitch and the first hot strand of cum shot forth and landed right across Chrissy's face just as Tony did the same but whilst my cum was spilt Annie clamped her mouth round Tony's cock and took all he had in her mouth.

Some of it dribbled from her lips and I gave a little groan as I saw Chrissy lean forward and start to lick my wife clean before sliding her tongue in to her mouth and then sharing Tony's cum.

The girls continued to kiss as we both eased back, for now fully spent and ....well..... I may write more but not if this is all too boring for you, looking forward to some feedback and constructive criticism, this is my first effort at relating what I have been up to so be gentle!

With love

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2014-03-09 05:17:33
Good fucking filthy sluts !!!!

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2013-12-22 16:39:11
I for one found it boring, an not at all a turn on. But I'm not personally into dominate women, but I know there are submissive guys out there who are, so I'm sure they would probably enjoy this tale, its just not my personal style. I like where the partners are equal and honest with each other, or the women are just slightly submissive. Dishonesty or trickery is still always a turn off also. Again just why I was bored with this story personally. (PuppetMaster)

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